Obama just jumped back into politics with a campaign you won’t believe

After two years of being rather quiet, Barack Obama is now jumping back into the political arena.

With Donald Trump destroying his agenda piece by piece, he is furious.

So Obama just jumped back into politics with a campaign you won’t believe.

Once leaving office, former presidents generally stay quiet and allow their predecessor to do their job.

But Barack Obama doesn’t care about that.

And he announced that he is starting an initiative to influence redistricting efforts across the United States.

His initiative trains activists to influence the way political districts are drawn, because he believes this will “determine the course of progress on every issue” he cares about for decades.

Breitbart reports:

Former President Barack Obama on Monday unveiled a new initiative to influence redistricting efforts across the United States.

The initiative, Redistricting U, will send activists to provide free training and tools to volunteers involved in redistricting efforts and guide groups on how to “be leaders in the movement for fair maps.”

“Training is at the heart of organizing. It’s why I’ve always made it a priority – from my 2008 campaign until now,” Obama wrote in a tweet announcing Redistricting U, which is part of the All On The Line campaign.

In February, Obama’s Organizing For Action and former Attorney General Eric Holder’s National Redistricting Action Fund joined forces to create the All On The Line campaign — aimed at thwarting the use of so-called gerrymandering across the country.

“The movement for fair maps will determine the course of progress on every issue we care about for the next decade,” Obama said. “And we can’t wait to begin organizing when the redistricting process starts in 2021. We need to build this movement from the ground up – right now.”

Obama knows his time serving in public office is over.

But he still wants to promote his radical agenda however he can.

And apparently the best way to do that is by drawing the maps that will help decide who can win in specific districts.

He is clearly trying to change safe Republican Districts into Democrat Districts.

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144 Responses

  1. Eli says:

    Thank you for the facts about Obama’s destructive, political actions. Bad language and racial slurs aren’t helpful, but truth is. In 2008, Obama’s financial chairman helped to give a platform for Iran’s leader, Achmadinajad (pardon sp), in a New York Hotel, to speak destruction to Israel. Copies of the speech in 2008 were distributed, along with picture’s of Obama’s Kenya’s family. A movie documentary was also shown revealing their strategy. The billions, given to Iran, were given to destroy Israel, the root of Christianity. The goal is for world domination by Islam and the destruction of Biblical history, Christianity and the Christian heritage in American politics and history. With all the contrasting values of liberalism in the Democratic Party, I don’t understand how Christians could vote for a party with leaders, that are determined to destroy Christian values and Biblical principles. You can hear the “call to Allah” in Jewish Jerusalem as the Muslims continue their advancement to dominate. Something I don’t recall there, many years ago. If you listen to the Muslim people in congress, who are strong, idealistic democrats, you get a clear picture of their goal to destroy American politics and traditions. They are going about it in every possible way. President Trump deserves credit for helping to preserve America, Israel, and our military, as we have traditionally known them to be from the beginning. Obama did much to weaken each of these, if you reflect back. The economic destruction during the end of Bush’s presidency, was caused by some of Obama’s group, that started in Chicago, with false fundraising. Then they worked into large corporations, did some financial maneuvering, causing the economic tumble by taking large sums of money off the top. A couple of names were brought out at this time. Don’t underestimate the strategy by George Soros and the race card brought about by groups, who attacked computers in 2008. But we know that many fake votes counted at precincts in several states brought favor to Obama or the Democrat party. The diversion of attacks on President Trump and the Russian Collusion, really should be on the Clintons, the large funds they accepted, and Obama’s large, group associates. But it won’t, because they rule by intimidation and domination with the help of a paid media. Unless more Americans get courage and stand up for our American traditions and values, Biblically based, we will see the decline of a great nation . Those unknowing of the strategy, fall into line for power and recognition. The decline starts with open borders, which brings a different society in, to push their agenda, as revealed by this last campaign.

  2. MaryKay Moudry says:


  3. KeKe67r says:

    You’re so right. In Chicago there are absolutely no republicans that run for office, the last mayoral election was all demoRAT candidates loaded with nothing but affirmative action idiots like obama. When is this moron going to give it a rest, his 15 minutes o f fame is over already. Go back to Kenya already!

  4. DID YOU KNOW? …. Not one Republican Challenger ran against AOC, TLAIB, PRESSLEY, OMAR, KIETH ELLISON or AL GREEN in TEXAS. … We cannot take our Country back unless we have Conservative Constitutional Loving American’s running in EVERY DISTRICT! … It is YOUR JOB to Google YOUR DISTRICT and make sure we have a REPUBLICAN CHALLENGER running in EVERY RACE! … And if not? … Then”YOU” run for office. …Magnificent Pay. Amazing Benefits. You need ZERO Experience. … and I am Sure you will do a much better JOB! Go Look … And GO FOR IT!

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