Obama is red with rage at Trump after these huge poll results came in

President Trump is the worst thing that ever happened to Barack Obama.

He is destroying Obama’s legacy piece by piece.

And now Obama is red with rage at Trump all because of one massive poll that just came out.

In one of the first polls taken after the conclusion of the Mueller witch hunt, President Trump’s approval rating is near his highest levels.

The latest Rasmussen poll shows that President Trump is at a 50% approval rating among likely voters.

Along with 50% overall approval, 37% of likely voters highly approve of his performance.

This is horrible news for the legacy of Barack Obama, considering that at the same point in his presidency he was facing a 47% approval rating.

You can be sure that Obama is furious, as it is now becoming apparent that the people stand with President Trump, despite the intense media assault against him.

Since taking office, President Trump has been facing a full-throttled assault by the mainstream media.

They spent the first two years of his presidency promoting a fake Russia collusion conspiracy theory to try to discredit him.

Robert Mueller’s investigation was nothing more than a shield used to avoid covering the massive economic growth under President Trump.

Millions of jobs are being created, unemployment is hitting historic lows, and the economic outlook is better than it ever was during the Presidency of Barack Obama.

But because of Mueller’s investigation, people weren’t being told about this in the mainstream media.

That is, until recent days, when Mueller was forced to admit that collusion is nothing more than a hoax, and that President Trump is innocent.

Following this announcement, President Trump took a victory lap, and is now fully vindicated following a two-year-long campaign of lies against him.

It tells a lot about his presidency that he can maintain strong support despite every mainstream institution working to tear him down.

A lot of this has to do with Trump being able to communicate directly to his supporters, without the filter of the mainstream media, through social networks like Twitter.

If Trump is able to continue to communicate with his supporters, he will have an easy time winning re-election in 2020.

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204 Responses

  1. Kenneth Presby says:

    While I don’t have a problem with ex-President, Jerusha, you make a good point! In establishing our Republic, our forefathers concluded that anyone who ran for public office was a citizen politician! He or she was intended to assume public office and be compensated for their service! At the conclusion of their term, they would return to their private lives and positions! No kind of severance pay or further compensation (pension) was ever discussed or intended! This was started by future greedy politicians and is in violation of the rules and conduct established for public service! This naturally included and addressed term limits!

  2. Jeffrey says:

    I agree with you’ve I’ve always said that why their still called President is beyond me.

  3. Rod says:

    I agree but first VH would have to go to the proctologist to have her brain pulled out of her butt !! Poor bird one really butt backwards brain and it will stink to boot!!! Just thank God the poor bird will be able to SEE where it has been ………

  4. Mike says:

    Oh I strongly disagree…I voted for Carter, The peanut farmer was definately the worst President up to that time, but at least he was Christian and actually loved this Country, he just truly believed his ways would work… He was wrong!
    Obama however not born in this Country (I heard a BBC radio broadcast after his nomination that wiped out any doubt) tried to destroy our constitution, wanted and tried to Fundamentally Change this Country from it’s Foundation, and on and on… Jimmy Carter was a Saint in comparison.

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