Obama and celebrities immediately rush to politicize a tragedy

Within hours of the slaughter at a church in Texas, the left was at it again.

Their rapid response team predictably rushed to blame guns and gun owners for the actions of a mad man.

But does anybody actually believe more gun control will help?

The shooter in Texas passed a background check.

Despite having been courtmartialed for domestic violence, which should’ve prevented him from “legally” purchasing the firearm.

USA TODAY cited an unnamed “defense official” who said “the Air Force failed to enter Kelley’s conviction into the National Crime Information database.” The paper added they would’ve been “required to provide the information to the database because Kelley was convicted of a domestic assault and would not have been able to purchase a gun legally.”

So if a government agency can’t even comply with their own gun control policies, how can anyone honestly believe more gun control would actually work?

Here are some celebrities and politicians who seem to think it would.

And of course, you can’t forget about the NRA/gun lobby bashing.

The liberal intelligentsia wants you to believe they believe gun control would prevent mass shootings.

But it’s a flimsy argument coming from people like Barack Obama, who’s admitted to using cocaine and smoking marijuana.

If drug laws didn’t stop them from getting illegal substances, how would it stop crazy people from getting illegal weapons?

Spoiler alert: It won’t.

I suspect they’re just not being very honest with themselves, or their reasons for trying to eliminate the Second Amendment.

But, if you’ve found their arguments more convincing than mine though, by all means, feel free to change your vote below.

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