No one is happy with what Chuck Schumer just said on the Senate floor

Conservatives are furious.

Establishment Republicans in Congress agreed to a $1.3 trillion dollar spending bill.

But it’s what Chuck Schumer said on the Senate floor that left everyone up in arms.

Speaker Ryan and Mitch McConnell flailed away as they tried to sell the deal as funding President Trump’s priorities.

But Schumer knew otherwise.

He spiked the football and performed an end zone dance with his speech on the Senate floor.

Grabien reports:

“Overall, we Democrats are very happy with what we have been able to accomplish on a number of very important priorities to the middle class in America,” Schumer said. “Infrastructure, education, opioid treatment, mental health, child care. For nearly a decade, the middle class in this country has suffered from a needless and self-imposed austerity, limiting investment of all of the things that create good-paying jobs and improve the working conditions of Americans, improve the lives of Americans.”

“This spending bill, this spending agreement brings that era of austerity to an unceremonious end and represents one of the most significant investments in the middle class in decades,” Schumer went on. “So again, that era of austerity which so hurt middle-class Americans is coming to an unceremonious end because this bill represents one of the most significant investments in the middle class in decades. For these reasons, I’m confident that this agreement will pass both houses of Congress, hopefully with comfortable margins, hopefully in a bipartisan way.”

The Democratic leader said he was intimately involved in crafting the spending package.

“I’m pleased to say that the four congressional leaders have reached an agreement on the omnibus spending bill,” Schumer said. “It didn’t happen until last night. It took a long time. Painstaking weeks of negotiations. More than a few of which went past the midnight hour.”

Schumer thanked Republican leaders for their support getting the spending package assembled. “I want to thank Leader McConnell, Speaker Ryan, and their staffs, leader Pelosi and her team, Chairman Cochran, Vice Chairman Leahy and the appropriations committee staff and many others for all the hard work that went into this bill.”

The bill also included language that expands the national gun registration database and reinstates an Obama-era gun ban.

The legislation now heads to the Senate.

UPDATE: As of March 23, this Omnibus bill has passed the Senate by a vote of 65-32.

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  2. Schummer is a creep and an as-hole. One day soon he will get his.

  3. zee says:

    Correct Don, Schmuck Chuck will never get 900 BILLION!!! POTUS CAN ‘slow walk’ Funds All Day Long to his Discretion per ‘BILL’ vs. ‘Budget’.
    >Spread the’word’.

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