No one is happy with what Chuck Schumer just said on the Senate floor

Conservatives are furious.

Establishment Republicans in Congress agreed to a $1.3 trillion dollar spending bill.

But it’s what Chuck Schumer said on the Senate floor that left everyone up in arms.

Speaker Ryan and Mitch McConnell flailed away as they tried to sell the deal as funding President Trump’s priorities.

But Schumer knew otherwise.

He spiked the football and performed an end zone dance with his speech on the Senate floor.

Grabien reports:

“Overall, we Democrats are very happy with what we have been able to accomplish on a number of very important priorities to the middle class in America,” Schumer said. “Infrastructure, education, opioid treatment, mental health, child care. For nearly a decade, the middle class in this country has suffered from a needless and self-imposed austerity, limiting investment of all of the things that create good-paying jobs and improve the working conditions of Americans, improve the lives of Americans.”

“This spending bill, this spending agreement brings that era of austerity to an unceremonious end and represents one of the most significant investments in the middle class in decades,” Schumer went on. “So again, that era of austerity which so hurt middle-class Americans is coming to an unceremonious end because this bill represents one of the most significant investments in the middle class in decades. For these reasons, I’m confident that this agreement will pass both houses of Congress, hopefully with comfortable margins, hopefully in a bipartisan way.”

The Democratic leader said he was intimately involved in crafting the spending package.

“I’m pleased to say that the four congressional leaders have reached an agreement on the omnibus spending bill,” Schumer said. “It didn’t happen until last night. It took a long time. Painstaking weeks of negotiations. More than a few of which went past the midnight hour.”

Schumer thanked Republican leaders for their support getting the spending package assembled. “I want to thank Leader McConnell, Speaker Ryan, and their staffs, leader Pelosi and her team, Chairman Cochran, Vice Chairman Leahy and the appropriations committee staff and many others for all the hard work that went into this bill.”

The bill also included language that expands the national gun registration database and reinstates an Obama-era gun ban.

The legislation now heads to the Senate.

UPDATE: As of March 23, this Omnibus bill has passed the Senate by a vote of 65-32.


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122 Responses

  1. Schummer is a creep and an as-hole. One day soon he will get his.

  2. JJ says:

    Did you know that Obama passed the bill that lead to manufacturing “bump stocks” for consumer purchasing, isn’t that a devious underhanded dart in his supposedly wonderful 8 years!

  3. Don says:

    Old Scummy Schumer gained nothing as he’ll find out.

    • zee says:

      Correct Don, Schmuck Chuck will never get 900 BILLION!!! POTUS CAN ‘slow walk’ Funds All Day Long to his Discretion per ‘BILL’ vs. ‘Budget’.
      >Spread the’word’.

  4. zee says:

    > BILL POTUS can ‘shift’ Allocations > Anywhere., to His Preference.
    > Let Us ‘hope’ Potus does Rite in ‘shifting’ Allocated Funds.& NOT According to his (personal) Advisors, ( of which are not so pro USA) Ahem. Capish.

    • zee says:

      post altered. I SAID: BILL vs BUDGET. POTUS ‘Signed’ BILL, Not a Budget. Big Diff. > BILL< Allows POTUS to 'shift' /re-allocate $ to various 'other' venues.

  5. Anthony Manzo says:

    Wow ! chudky just admitted the obama administration neglected the middle class. Hmm, He was in congress during this period, was he asleep, or is admitting we needed a Republican in office to get this done.

  6. Richard Hennessy says:

    I feel NO sympathy for the Republicans. The truth hurts, and for once, Schumer told the truth. The Republican establishment gave Schumer the victory, and Republicans, including Trump, bought it. It reminds me of the old saying about “making your bed”.

    • Will says:

      Excuse me but during Obama’s tenure when he controlled the house, if he had made it look like he was cooperating he may have gained more support in the Senate. Schumer is now a leader in pork barrel spending with his $$billions of dollars project that was passed in this travesty.
      Those Republicans that supported & wrote this crap of a spending bill will surely pay for it.
      ALL of these people are spending way too long in office and shouldnt be there longer than 12 years, 2 terms for Senate and & 3 terms, 6 years for the house.

  7. Mead Carlson says:

    What he didn’t say but he was doing the victory dance as Trump shredded the 2nd amendment. 50 million for an anti gun group established in2012, funding fro an anti gun “research” program that had been terminated, a national gun registry. Trump favore raising the age to 21 for a rifle(how they going to get in the military) and banning bump stocks. He probably could not identify one if he saw it. Those of us who voted for him remember him saying “the 2nd amendment is safe with me” Well he stabbed all of us in the back. I am truly disappointed.

  8. MARK says:


    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      That was how it always was in the US military, from GW’s army forward ’til DADT, and how it SHOULD have remained. From DADT on, the spike in same sex sexual assaults, with blame and penalties placed on the VICTIMS has been horrendous!

    • Anastasia says:

      I agree that Schumer and Pelosi should look at themselves critically that they need to take retirement. They have lost direction leaning to the far end.
      They are despicable.

  9. Lisa says:

    So doubling H2B foreign work visas, adding to the debt, running trillion $$ deficits, funding Planned Parenthood & sanctuary cities “helps” the middle class, how so??

  10. President Trump couldn’t veto this bill because congress is on vacation for the next 2 wks., the government would be shut down, so the military wouldn’t get paid but congress would, makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? One of the main reasons he signed the bill is the money was there for the military to rebuild, after Mattis reminded him of that he signed. We can’t blame him for that. The Demorats and Rino’s are so evil, mo one had a chance to read the whole bill, because it was a rush thru deal. I wrote him and gave him a couple of ideas on how to get rid of some of them. So we’ll see!

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      He could’ve vetoed it and told them no vacation ’til it’s done right, And withheld their pay ’til it was done right as well!

      • Vigilant Sheepdog says:

        Unfortunately the 27th Amendment states, in a nutshell, Congress will ALWAYS get paid. No matter What. The exact wording is “No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.” This BS was originally proposed September 25, 1789 but wasn’t Ratified until May 7, 1992.

    • zee says:

      Vacation??? WTF. Are you kidding me. Please.
      >some say Military gets backpay – Some say no.
      >In Any Case ie Gov BS ‘shutdown’ – Would INCLUDE ANY
      Miltary ‘backpay’. the ‘remaining’ Congress etc Can GO
      Straight to you ‘know where’ . ___
      > i have Military fam. * Proud of it. __ & Do Not Want them ‘Abused’
      Under Any Circumstance. Thank you.
      > Gov. “shut down” IS a Load of BULL.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        Military would get back pay, but that doesn’t help a lot when they’re living check to check and it’s late. I not only have military in my family, going back to GW’s army in the 1770s, but also served myself.

        • zee says:

          MY ‘sis’ DOD, Said no back pay. Huh? well, in some cases,
          better ‘budget your bucks’ period. She Is 0k 0n this matter & quite ‘well’ $ – also includes my awesome niece/ nephews. They are Doing WELL Serving USA, 1 in Qatar Repairing Hydrolics on Ground, as we speak.

        • zee says:

          Sis is 2 mo retired . I will speak w/her another day re this issue. We Already ‘blasted ‘ djt ‘signing ‘ yesterday.
          > Perhaps tomorrow (sun) . she is 200 mi away,

    • Marla MacDougall says:

      I come from a family full of Military and for Pelosi and that thing Schumer should be ashamed, but I am sure they are NOT. I am also not supportive of Planned Parenthood, the group of baby butchers.
      President Trump will work it out, just have faith.

    • Will says:

      The president has full power to recall them to work on a bill like this. I also told him how terrible this thing was. Just wanting to fund the military is a bad excuse for pushing this through. I support him and am a vet. so don’t think I’m a lib disagreeing

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        Will, I’m also a vet, and I agree with you, that was no excuse for signing such a disastrous excuse for a bill that almost no one read any of or had a clue what he was voting on!

  11. Wyatt says:

    Chuck “the SCHMUCK” Schumer is a sore on Americas behind . He is as despicable as his niece Amy is ridiculous and both are ill suited to their chosen proffesion . His claims of austerity are correct but only in the fact that Americans have been forced to endure the austerity while Democrats and Rhinos have enjoyed their privileges (exemption from the draconian mandatory healthcare rules) and the rubberstamping of almost anything they chose to ram through . In the meantime our military has suffered by being forced to fight terrorist aggression with one hand tied behind their back. Leftist obstructionist like Shumer and Pelosi combined with weaklings like Ryan and McConnell are destroying this nation . Time to get rid of these people

  12. Irwin Allen says:

    Not just republican, but all American citizens should be concerned when Schumer is happy or approves of anything.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Should be, yes; unfortunately, FAR too many living here as US citizens NEVER acquired the Spirit of 1776, and became AMERICANS; they think just like Schmucky!

    • Schumer like the Democrat he is never tells the truth, everywhere The Dems go all they want to do is LIE LIE LIE becauer The democrats are the party of lies and liars and will end up at the White Throne JUDGMENT in front of God and then be put in the lake of fire exactly where Democrats belong.

  13. Dianne says:

    Flood Speaker Ryan on twitter and McConnell on twitter with your comments, they need to hear how people feel about what they have done.

    • KAZ says:

      Hopefully that will work, but isn’t there a problem with censoring? I know McConnell and Ryan haven’t listened to the American citizens for YEARS. Only those who can “enrich” their pockets, and their wives pockets too.

      Both of them NEED to go, but that’s up to the States they are supposed to represent. Sucks, doesn’t it. Term limits would be a great way, but then again you need someone with BRASS to pass that, along with making it ILLEGAL to enrich themselves on OUR tax dollars, but then again THERE IS A LAW.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        They tweet, as does Trump, but I don’t think any of them read tweets to them; I may be wrong about that, but it doesn’t seem as if any of them does so. Of course, SOME of the tweets are so vile, and/or infantile, I can understand why they don’t especially when something just flood a thread with such hate spewing tweets, just to hate, not offer any useful critique of actions or plans!

  14. Toni says:

    This jackdaw has the nerve to call the last 10 years AUSTERITY! The Democraps have refused and prevented the passage of a real budget, when that is one of the main duties of Congress as enumerated in the Constitution!

  15. Why are u not posting my comments when I mention demoRATS

  16. Ur full ofcraP Mike Trump haS his own money and He’s been straight up with us.His problem is the rhinos siding. WITH demoRATS

  17. Ed says:

    We need a removal of both parties . George Washington was right when you have a government has become a tyrant it is time to change the entire government/ We have been stuffed by Government for over Forty years by both parties and judiciary . removal of Bible reading and prayer in our educational system means that our young people have no understanding of moral responsibility , respect of right and wrong behavior. Abortion is a total rebellion against God . All children belong to God in the womb and out of the womb . The book of Amos in the Old Testament shows what happens to a nation that kills unborn children and those that are born . Israel offered live children to the Idol Mollock nations had killed women who were pregnant . God poured out his wrath and total destroyed the nation that had killed pregnant mothers. He had also allowed Israel to be taken captive and did not allow it to be restored as a nation for over 2000 years. Christ gives a warning in Matthew concerning Children . He says if you harm one of these little ones of mine it were better if a millstone were placed around your neck and you be cast into the deepest sea. This shows us that we are guilty as an after the fact type of involvement. We have never taken into the account that Scripture tells us that our body is not our own it has been bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ . Our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and is not to be defiled. Christ tells us that he will not judge us but His word will judge us . That Means all Old and New Testament shall be the book that shall judge all of us. Sexual immorality is a condemning sin . That means anything that is in Leviticus , 1 Timothy , Galatians and Ephesians show Christ will judge this nation . Its politician s, Its judiciary , Its leaders, Its religious leaders . We need to be aware of the consequences that God has put in His word. All Scripture is inspired by God and since God does not change His mind and can not lie . We are in terrible danger in this country of judgment unless there is total repentance. The writer of the book of Romans New Testament warns us should we continue in sin that God’s grace may abound God forbid. When we read these warning we need to note that sexual sins is the only one that mentions that this type of sin destroy s the body.

  18. Corey says:

    If Chucky is happy that means we’re all getting screwed, AGAIN! We need term limits, NOW!!! Most of these swamp rats have been in congress too long and do nothing but take care of themselves. Take away the gravy train and we’ll get true patriots to run for office that have the best interest of the country in mind. Oh, and after they term limit out, no lobbying for at least 6 years.

  19. DonRS says:

    As painful to hear as Sen. Schumer’s speech was, HE IS CORRECT. The Democrats Sen. “Surrender Monkey” McConnell and the UTTERLY INCOMPETENT Speaker Ryan, led the RINOs to a DISASTER for America.

    Trump should NEVER have signed this Democrat/RINO wish list! Everything about the bill is the essence of the Democrat agenda, with the very high price of additional funding for the military!

  20. Jen says:

    I blame MCConnell and Ryan for wanting the status quo. I praise Trump for putting the Military ahead of everything else.

    • Bone101 says:

      Exactly, McConnell and Ryan are as much a part of the swamp as is any Democrat. For this reason alone, both must lose their respective jobs this year. Vote Ryan out of office and vote enough conservatives to the Senate to remove McConnell.

  21. Russ Hunter says:

    Well the Dems win again. I think I’ll switch, The Dems are winners. All the time.

    • KAZ says:

      Not me. It’s upsetting but I’m not trading my American values, nor selling out my Constitution just to win.

      Will sit and watch, see what plays out, but WILL ALWAYS defend what’s mine. As it is MY RIGHT to do.


      • larry says:

        spot on but we need to cut up there credit cards these ass hole just shown that they are no better than the rats the to party look the same all most it is sad

        • KAZ says:

          So true, regarding cutting up their credit cards. Also those who are involved with Globalist money laundering, illegal drugs, gun running, tech stealing, “baby killing” business and human trafficing, need to be put in front of a judge, then put in jail, with all their assets sold and put back towards the debt incurred because of these practices.

          Sad about no difference in party, as the Dems have been crooks for years, and the Republicans feel that they need to compromise to get a bit of the illegal actions I noted above.

          I did read President Trump’s tweet regarding needing a “line item” veto, but until we have a Congress, WITH TERM LIMITS, it’s going to be hard. After the shock (glad OUR Military will get what they need) and a good nights sleep, This “pork filled” omnibus, I truly feel will come back to haunt the Dems and those Republicans (McConnell and Ryan) who forgot which Country they are to represent. True Globalists, worrying about the safety of the enemy, NOT the American citizens safety or OUR needs.

          Deep State has had a long run, and entrenched. President Trump is just one man. It’s truly up to US to make that change. Still support and don’t regret voting for President Trump. This is just a Dem/Rino temporary fix and truly think they will be out of money before September, as they have LOTS of pay backs to make. Just will sit back and watch and wait for November.

  22. Rivahmitch says:

    IMHO, by signing this bill, the President has just given the Democommies additional Representatives and Senators after the election this fall. The Republicrats in the House and Senate have shown themselves to be gutless and worthless.

    • Tim Shepperson says:

      I agree with you and this may cause the lying weak kneed republicans to lose the senate and the house.

      • Bone101 says:

        You are correct. When the voters see what the Repubocrats have done with their cave to the corrupt Party, they will either not show up at the polls in November, or they will vote Democrat. Either way McConnell and Ryan will be happy because they do not like or want to be the lead Party. All they want is to keep their high paying job as leader of the House and Senate. Believe me, they will keep their jobs because there are way too many Republicans who are cowards like them and will not vote them out of their positions.

      • Bone101 says:

        The Republocrats will lose their majority in the House and Senate this year, not only because the minority Party always gains seats in the mid-term election, but because of this budget cave to the Democrats. President Trump added to this by not vetoing this very bad bill and making Paul Ryan go back and write a better bill. That rat face Ryan is just like a rat by giving the Democrat everything they wanted. I predict he will announce next month that he is not going to run for re-election because he knows this was his death warrant. There are way too many liberals in the Republican Party and until they are defeated or die, the Republican Party is dead. Many people have ready said they will not vote for a Republican this fall.

        • KAZ says:

          That was McConnell’s plan, and all the Republicans bailing out by not running. I thought Ryan already said he was leaving the Swamp as well? There hasn’t been a Republican Party in years. And a third party will always be beaten down because the Dems and Rinos have a “compromise” to stop any third party, until that third party is infiltrated by a “compromising” troll. Libertarian Party is not like it used to be. Wish President Trump had gone third party, but truly think he knew of that “compromise” so went Conservative. President Trump’s election was BY THE PEOPLE. Something that hasn’t happen in a long time.

          After really thinking about it, and knowing the anger outside our Country and inside our Country, and the push to eradicate Christians, President Trump felt he HAD to sign the “pork filled” omnibus BECAUSE of the decimation of OUR Military. We need more OUTSIDERS coming into the Republican, MORE Conservatives, MORE Independent thinkers who hold the Judeo-Christian values this GREAT Country was founded on. Whatever happens in November, or even in the future, I truly know that I will not lay down and allow MY RIGHTS to be taken away. I’ve been a thorn in the side of Dems and Rinos here in New Jersey for years. Many GREAT Men and Women fought and died for MY RIGHTS, and are continuing to do so under OUR FLAG. I honor and cherish all of them for their bravery. Elections are a our rights, but also the 1st and 2nd Amendments are as well. Whatever happens , happens. But I will never lay down and just accept.


    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Yes and the WH in2020. And there will never be another right leaners elected there, or Congressional majority, again! Too many of us are dying off daily , and the ones under 50 are too heavily indoctrinated!

  23. Paul says:

    Dems have bent Trump over a barrel. If he really wanted the wall he wouuld have vetoed the bill, and stuck to his guns about it. Schumer is a poor excuse for a human on this earth.

  24. KAZ says:

    Well, President Trump signed. I understand it’s needed for the Military as Bush’s private “missionary” armies got the lion share in the past and then Obama gutted the Military even more, with not supplying up-to-date equipment, and only supplying transgender operations, which Mattis seems to think is ok as he’s still allowing them into our Military.

    It was really nice to have that extra money from the December Tax Reform, but it will now be sucked up to build Schumer’s Tunnel, because in New Jersey no federal money really goes to what it’s intended for. And being the lapdog for New York funds, like the Sandy money is stolen by reps who walk away with no ramification. Wow and the “baby killing” business will boom again, along with the illegal drug business.

    Definitely doesn’t feel like “winning” today. But the globalists did. Nice to know the Middle East is getting a wall.

    Temporary until September, when the DACA/illegals will get what they want because the voting base will need to vote for these Globalist representatives again. Especially here in New Jersey. And more of our hard earned money will be needed.

  25. Bob Hunt says:

    I sincerely hope the President veto’s the omnibus bill and personally I think Schumer is a schmuk!

  26. Gideon Rockwell says:

    This is a Schmucky Schumer-Crazy Eyes Pelosi crap sandwich. Trump gave them their wish list and the Demotards are all laughing about how they just won the mid terms.

  27. schumer got what he wanted, the tunnel. The Military got what it wanted and needed. President Trump did NOT get our wall. CRUMBS is what the wall got. Let the government close down until they agree to $25 billion for the wall. Simple, actually!

  28. Lawrence OBrien says:

    Talk about a “cave in” — I can’t believe the republican House/Senate went along with this fiasco (madness). Wide open ‘social’ spending with NO recognition of the desires of the Trump supporters. GET RID of everything except entitlements, military, immigration and WALL. We want to SEE change — NOT business as usual.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:


      • zee says:

        Sandra, Military is tied to some degree to PPH. They need ‘recycled babie’ for Transgenders /LGBQTRX (whatever) HORMONE shots & More Vacc’s. I can’t help to not think that, knowing what i know.
        I’m sick.

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          Trannies in need of medical or surgical intervention are out, and big Pharma makes all vaccines, not the military. But they don:’t “need” PPhood or aborted babies to do that either; they CHOOSE to use them, 1 of many reasons I choose to not take vaccines!

          • zee says:

            Sandra, ‘Choice’ has NothingYes, i know djt comes out today re ‘trannies’ – what ‘aload’ of _ you fill in the blanks. djt DID NOT VETO- Forcing ‘line item’ etc 1/2 BILLION
            to Luciferian/Satanic PPH = IS NOT, NOR WILL
            EVER be Acceptable. (in my world or ‘dimension’)
            0u – this gets deep. I would like to ‘face’ Mattis.
            &&& have Military in my ‘family’ & Proud of it.

          • zee says:

            post slightly altered. hope u read thru the lines

    • Bill Wilson says:

      The Democrats just reamed the Republicans a new one. After this fiasco, I can’t understand why there is a Republican party. If all they are going to do is pass bills the Democrats want then we should just elect Democrats. I am sorely disappointed with that bellowing herd of ‘Republicans’ in Congress. They promise much and deliver little to nothing.

  29. Sharon says:

    MR. SCHUMER – if the middle class has suffered over the past decade (actually it’s been much longer), it has been under liberal democratic leadership. POTUS -Build the wall AND deport the illegals. The illegals have been and continue to be a huge drain on our economy. The number of them should actually be termed an invasion. Making America great again must start from within. CONGRESS – PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THE CITIZENS WANT. You are supposed to be the representatives of the citizenry, not of your special interests and not of your political parties or your political ambitions. Stop pandering to certain groups for votes. Your job description is in the Constitution. READ IT. Many of you would get a poor rating on job performance. Stop making empty promises and GET TO WORK !!( That’s what you get paid for) Work together and stop playing your political games. CITIZENS – participate in your primaries and get us some great candidates. Many of us are tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. We want a choice of The Best of the Best. Get out and vote in these special elections and mid-terms. We need to help drain the swamp.

  30. Mead Carlson says:

    A horrible bill. written by and for Democrat liberals. No border wall, a gun grabbing alteration to the NICS system, billions for Schumer’s tunnel under the Hudson. Nothing for Republicans except for a little money for the military. Trump and the Republicans were elected to get a wall built close the border, rebuild the military, and stop attacks on the 2nd amendment and stop the gungrabbers for illegal confiscation

  31. STEVE FLOWERS says:

    DO NOT T R U S T T H E D E M O C – R A T S !

  32. Michael Hughes says:

    When the Democrats are in power they spend money on whatever whim or fancy strikes them regardless of whether or not there exists any money to pay for their extravagances (there usually doesn’t exist any money to pay for them). When the Republicans are in power they “compromise” with the Democrats by giving them everything they want.

    That’s why the national debt is 21 trillion and STILL climbing!

    The DEEP STATE wins another round!

  33. ARJAY says:

    Interesting that he just admitted that oblamo and the democRATS did NOT help the middle class. clinton did NOT help the middle class. I will admit that the bushes did NOT help the middle class!

    So basically the congress critters are NO HELP to the MIDDLE class!!

    So what is his point, that the leftist libTURD democRATS are NO HELP to the middle class. All the left wants to do is to SUPPORT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT INVADERS at the EXPENSE of the MIDDLE CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can only wonder if the russians were sending as many ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT INVADERS as the mexicans, our ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT INVADER problem would be solved. Because if it were the RUSSIANS invading, THAT would be considered an ACT of WAR!! Which our southern INVASION really IS!

    Go ahead and ADMIT that chuckie boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Schumer is vile snake and Trump MUST VETO THIS BILL PERIOD.

    • Trump supporter says:

      Schumer is a liar and a sleepy democrate….Trump MUST veto this ridiculous spending bill…the democrats must not get their way n by passing this bill would follow in the footprints of Clinton n Obama

  35. Stan L says:

    Schumer may not wish President Trump well, but as a Conservative myself, I must admit that despite Schumer’s crowing, the crux of his comment is the revelation that both McConnell and Ryan are working against the President. They begrudge the President any success in keeping his word to the American people. President Trump must neutralize both of these “establishment” (read “Swamp”) politicians. They are more intent upon getting the President blamed for their failures as leaders of Senate and House of Reps, in their obvious belief that duly elected “outsiders” threaten the securities of career politicians, even though the safety and security of this nation are Trump’s agenda. McConnell and Ryan must be neutralized or the U.S.A.’s problems will continue to be unsolved. To allow them their powers is a negative for our nation.

  36. Mike says:

    What is wrong with the freaking RINOS?? We all know if Chuck the Smuck likes any bill that it’s not good for the country.
    Mitch McConnell needs to be replaced pronto!! I’m so ashamed of these people.
    They don’t deserve to be in office one more day.

  37. Well , people, i have been telling you all just what shummer is and what he will do to get what he wants, he said it himself he was the only one who initiated and constructed his bill, shummer will do what ever he needs to do to get what he wants regardless of what his dc people think, this new tunnal to new jersey ?? what for, new york city and all of its suberbs have more than enough taxes to pay for this tunnal that isnt needed, new york city isn’t a seperate city of new york, even thought the mayor would let you believe it isnt, how do i know,,, i have lived in rochester ny up and western ny, and pay it’s taxes, i can not see taking funds away from securiting our borders to pay family parenthood who do free abortions, my city gives some funds to have planed parenthood to help young ladies from getting pregnet, and if so how they could own up to it haveing unsafe sex, and if to late , what their options could be. when it first started , when i first got married at 22, with my childhood girlfriend , helped us grow into being a parent, not to give free abortions , as a matter of fact in the 70s abortion was a word no one heard in our planed parenthood classes, now i would like you to thake these words and think just what they mean,, PLANED PARENTHOOD. where in those words do you see abortion??, we went to classes to prepare us to be parents. and we did had 2 beautiful kids. and we ,or i loved every minute . no tunnel to ne jersey, no safe house states build the wall to protet us who have lived her all our lives and become citiens legally, to vote i had to prove i was a citizen and registured to vote in the state i was registured living in. to join the service i had to prove i was a citizen of america .. now how does a non citizen be able to vote for a president or in ones state not being a legal citizen or .. if your not a citizen you can not vote or join an armored service to our country. get rid of schummer that dumb old broad who said you have to pass the bill to read it, what the hell was that. do you sign a contract without reading it first before you sign the dotted line. oh yeah, even without working she has more money than you me or friends all together, she has bought everything , does anyone really know how much schumer is worth?? nuff said thanks

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      You couldn’t be more correct! I grew up on LI, within 50 miles of NYC, and am aware of the taxes out there too. My Dad used to have to pay city taxes for the privilege of filing his flight plans to fly out of Idlewild/JFK, as a pilot, even though he lived in Suffolk County, where he also paid county and state taxes. They want that tunnel, then NY and NJ can cough up the funds for it, or do without!
      As for the rest of that obscenity, it needs to GO too! Let the gov’t shut down ‘ til they come up with a bill that serves AMERICA; not leftists’ pet projects that don’t! This is on CONGRESS, not either party, but the whole lot of time!

  38. Mike Baumgartner says:

    Why isn’t it a spending bill to MAGA? It seems like its everything but that.

  39. lenny g. says:

    I am soooo tired of the RINOS in our government. If Trump signs this boondoggle the republicans are toast.

  40. D Ray East says:

    They should all be so lucky as Trump

  41. D. Veselenak says:

    He MUST but he WON’T, so kiss your asses goodbye America! We had been granted a reprieve by the Almighty One who is most responsible for D. Trump to have defeated the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist candidate; that being the ole, ugly commie political whore Killory and her former pimp the Muslim-Marxist jihadist Obaa-baa-maa, the pied piper of his sheeple. This demonic psychopath, leader of the NWO-FBI/CIA/Deep State that he is controlling from his luxurious “bunker” just several blocks from the White House with G. Soros’ money.
    My prediction is that if the (P)ernicious (P)redators of God’s precious souls are not defunded (NPR MUST be too) then AMERIKA will experience the wrath of a just God for having turned it’s back on Him just as Israel had experienced back in the Old Testament – enemies were allowed to take over their nation! R.I.P. USA, you stiff-necked people are about to suffer the consequences, guaranteed!

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Sadly, I believe you’re correct; indeed we’ve been seeing a foretasteof judgment for some time, and leftists are blaming it on “global warming” rather than it’s true cause!

  42. Joseph says:

    Schumer is a lying, pandering putz! Trump is going to go down as one of our better presidents and that lump we just got rid of should be in jail!

  43. Don says:

    Scummy Schumer is a pathological liar, period. The austerity of the past was caused by Obozo and Democrats and we all know it. This ploy of a funding bill is nothing more than a political game by both the RINOs and Democrats to push Trump in a corner where he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t by setting up funding for Dem projects of pandering and wasting taxpayers monies on those who don’t deserve it, and Republicans led by losers do nothing about it because they don’t like Trump either simply because he’s licking the red off their candy. Most of them should face a rope for treason.

  44. Stan L says:

    Recognize one very salient fact, Schumer is all about politics and nothing else. His own character has been disfigured long ago, and that is the reason he is the Senate Minority Leader. There is no morality in his title, crowing of his inadvertent “conquests” is all he knows.,and deception is his replacement for morality.
    He is not the only one in that Senate so afflicted, the decent types are all overshadowed by the political cut throats! And, they are not only Democrats or only Republicans, they are denizens of “the swamp” we have heard of so much. These swamp creatures exist! We, the people, must understand what it will take to end their dishonorable careers. How long are we going to shrug off the reality we know exists that has fouled government and has so mortally wounded government as it has?

  45. tom says:

    get rid of the government.

  46. Marla MacDougall says:

    I just posted on my Facebook page that there is NO WAY that President Trump should sign this awful bill. Anything that makes Pelosi and the rest of her nasty gang happy is NOT GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY.

  47. Schumer is truly an ass!!! What happen to your sanctimonious BS about the DACA people?!!! What they matter only to use as a political wedge!!! President Trump please VETO this budget and make sure that money is provided for “THE WALL”!!!!

  48. KAZ says:

    VETO! Excuse me Mr. Schumer, who are you really investing in?

    Thank you Senator Rand Paul for TRYING to read the whole mess and VOTING NO! Here’s some of Senator Paul’s tweets (Thanks Daily Caller)

    $12m for Scholarships for Lebanon o $20m for Middle East Partnership Initiative Scholarship Program o $12m in military funding for Vietnam o $3.5m in nutrition assistance to Laos o $15m in Developmental assistance to China o $10m for Women LEOs in Afghanista

    $1m for the World Meteorological Organization
    o $218m for Promoting Democracy Development in Europe (yep..the birthplace of democracy needs promoting)
    o $25m for International Religious Freedom
    o $10m for disadvantaged Egyptian Students

    Page 376 of terrible, rotten, no-good budget busting bill:

    I found it! I found it! Border security, what President Trump wanted!

    no . . .wait a minute section says Defense can spend what funds it determines to enhance the border security of Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia

    And a Tunnel for New York/New Jersey, which is your PET PROJECT.

    Nope nothing about REAL American citizens, and all for your Global agenda.



    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Agreed! VETO! Gosar (R-AZ) read enough to vote against & sent out a notice to his constituents so stating, with why, last evening! Both he & Rand are correct! That obscene monstrosity ONLY ceded for the military, while funding every leftist pet fund they could find! 33 miles of wall, in CA where it will be torn down before it’s up, is NOTHING, AGAIN, on the wall promised 32 years ago! The whole thing is UNACCEPTABLE! And SO is the fact that the WH is NOT taking calls today!

  49. Gail says:

    Well as usual Americans are left with the spineless gutless pandering to the democrat wussie republicans .I for one have had enough . I will fight to my last breath for my freedoms .If anybody believes there will be a wall then I have swamp land to sell . They did the same thing to Reagan.They conned him into 2 million illegals getting amnesty and it was nearly 5 million . No deportations Then and only a handful today of only people with criminal records .They are all illegal felons . Deportations ASAP . He too was suppose to have a wall . There will never be a wall because they will use the lawless judicial judges to stop any advancement. The only answer is to destroy both parties because they are really one . Americans don’t need them . The republicans just handed the communists democrats everything they wanted and damned Americans . They think they are our rulers .Think again . It appears with their incessive constant hate based rhetoric they have now placed this nation on a path to the bloodiest war imaginable. It’s coming and anybody with half a brain can see what is about to take place . They have surly gone too far .

  50. jrhunt says:

    Veto this monstrosity,and then tell Schumer to stick it up his kester,if Schumer wants it veto it,that all he has coming or deserves.

  51. ernaldo says:

    Trump should veto this pig bill based on what the pro pervert, leftist dermotard, bomb tossing globalist schmuck Schumer said on the Senate floor….Also Mr President, there is NO provision to build that wall!!!

  52. I think if the President is the negotiator he says he is, he’ll return the bill to have anything regarding gun control removed. It’s time for the Republicans in both houses to stop dithering and obfuscating, get behind your President and get your job done. The voters are becoming tired of the same old antics. We elected you, you didn’t elect us. Remember voters are fickle.

  53. Mike says:

    The only thing Trump is making great is his and his families bank account at the expense of hard working loyal patriotic citizens. Cliff your off the cliff with all the other lemmings!!!!

    • cliff says:

      Go away democommunist you are just another “poor little snowflake” that cannot stand a REAL POTUS doing REAL things for a change instead of LYING through his teeth like OSCUMBAG, HITLERY, chuck-you schumer and all the other LIBTARD. “swamp creatures”

    • ernaldo says:

      You probably have crusted over 0bamaSpore on your buttCrack and chin. Have your well needed nap, your lonely brain cell depends on it….

  54. cliff says:

    Anything that chuck-you schumer agrees with is WRONG for America. PERIOD. He is just another washed up DEMOCOMMUNIST “swamp creature” that need to be “eliminated” as he serves NO PURPOSE other than OBSTRUCTING.

  55. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    All this bill funds that serves ERICAis the military! The REST funds programs we NEED shut down permanently, which hurt America! The “token” 33miles of wall in CA will be wortless in that sanctuary stat which that bill FUNDS again, and the wall fordtates that want it will NEVER appear, just as it has not done since ’86! WTF is WRONG with so called “Repubs”??? How STUPID are y’all???

  56. James P Hutchins says:

    All the dems are liars and need to get over them selves.

  57. MARK says:


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