Nikki Haley suffered this humiliating defeat that she will never recover from

South Carolina Governor Nikki R. Haley, Photo by PDM-owner, via Wikimedia, public domain

The establishment coalesced around Nikki Haley as their candidate to defeat Donald Trump.

Now the returns are in.

And Nikki Haley suffered this humiliating defeat that she will never recover from.

Former President Donald Trump blew out former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley in Iowa by 32 points.

The terrain shifted to New Hampshire where independent voters can cast a ballot in either party’s primary.

Haley’s team made a concerted effort to turn out leftists and Democrats calling themselves independents.

That plan worked as a majority of the New Hampshire GOP primary electorate consisted of independents and Democrats.

And thanks to Democrat megadonors like LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, Haley and her allied groups outspent Trump two to one in New Hampshire.

“Pro-Haley groups spent $30.4 million on advertisements supporting her candidacy, compared to just $15.7 million spent on ads supporting Trump, according to a report released by AdImpact on Monday. Americans for Prosperity Action, a super PAC established by the libertarian-leaning Koch network, did some major lifting for Haley in the lead-up to New Hampshire’s primary, spending $611,558 attacking Trump in the state since Jan. 16 and more than $1.5 million boosting Haley, according to records kept by the FEC,” the Daily Caller reports.

But despite spending more money and creating the most favorable electorate possible, Donald Trump blew Haley’s doors off winning 54 to 43.

Haley losing in a state that was tailor-made for her RINO persona and record led Fox News host Laura Ingraham to ask top Haley supporter Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) which state she could win going forward.

“This is nothing personal about Nikki Haley, but in pretty much every national survey — way beyond New Hampshire … If you can’t win big in New Hampshire, when you’re Nikki Haley with all the billionaires’ money you got and all the money you’re pouring in. If you can’t win in that state, then where are you going to win?” Ingraham wondered.  

Norman claimed this election was about the future of the party to which Ingraham asked why Haley would stay in the race only to “prolong the obvious.”

“And that — my, my point to Nikki Haley is, you should be part of the future of the party. There’s no reason she shouldn’t be. But she’s just prolonging the obvious when clearly the nation wants a substantial change,” Ingraham added.

This race is over.

The next contested state is South Carolina and the last internal poll released by Donald Trump’s affiliated Super PAC showed him up 39 points.

It’s never good for a politician to lose their home state.

It’s even worse to get blown out.

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