The NFL’s ratings disaster just reached a whole new level

The NFL regular season is over and it’s one Roger Goodell can’t wait to put in the rear view.

The national anthem protests were the story of the season.

Now the final TV ratings numbers are in and the NFL’s worst nightmare has come true.

When NFL players decided to kneel for the national anthem, the Leftwing national media applauded them.

But their anti-America protest backfired big time and now the NFL is bleeding viewers. reports:

NFL television ratings fell 9.7 percent during the 2017 regular season, according to numbers registered by Nielsen.

A typical game was watched by 1.6 million fewer people this season as compared to last season (14.9 million versus 16.5 million).

The last week of the season the NFL opted to cut its loses and not even show a Sunday night primetime game, which is usually the highest rated game each week.

This sharp decline could cut deep into the NFL’s pocketbook.

TV contracts are ending in the near future and the major networks will not get duped into signing a massive deal that would tie their hands in a declining product.

Did you stop watching the NFL due to the national anthem protests?

Vote in the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    The N(no account) F(foul mouth) L(lard heads) ARE NOT allowed in my house
    or anywhere on my property, they need to be sent out of THE UNITED STATES
    OF AMERICA AND NEVER BE ALLOWED TO RETURN, hopefully they will be
    made to play for the commies and if they make a mistake when they are playing
    they get their heads cut off so they don’t make a mistake again…

  2. Michael says:

    That’s a big YES…I stopped watching those over paid, over rated, prima donnas as soon as I saw Kyle KRAPernick start his BS…accepting wayyyyy to much “AMERICAN” money to crap all over the National Anthem

  3. Stan L says:

    The NFL popularity loss was a case of athletes, most of whom have concentrated their lives in developing their football skills, and knowing much less concerning human behavior and deep American patriotism. On one hand, it is wonderful and reassuring that American fans would so rally to the respect their great nation deserves. Throughout this world, there is one special nation, the United States, and I thank my creator for it.
    As for the NFL athletes, they should heed the American public reaction, which by now is very solidified and proven. They, the players, made the mistake of taking the venue of a packed football stadium, in order to launch their protest of America. It was stupid, these players have the financial resources to protest at places other than game-day stadiums. Not only do they have the financial resources, but I’m sure they can find the time for anything so seemingly important to them.

  4. Terry Hoffman says:

    Voted “no”. Why? I ditched the crybaby millionaires years ago.

  5. Fred says:

    The foolish players are making the wrong statement, instead of worrying about if a policeman who may be a white person in a black neighborhood, where he is to go and protect the citizens of that neighborhood, and meets a black person in an area of where a crime is being or has been committed, comes across a person who may be in the area of the criminal act, and is black and who may or may not have weapon, but refuses to cooperate at the commands of the police officer. Then the altercation causes the police officer to make a split second decision which may cause an injury or loss of life. Which may happen in one or more instances. Why don’t the “Spoiled Millionaire Players” look into the facts that “Black on Black” crime causes the loss of life to “Black Citizens in Black neighborhoods to over 15,000 Black people each and every year since 2000 based on National Crime Reports released by the FBI. If they want to protest then why don’t they protest that “Black on Black” crime is outrageous and that they should do something about that, rather than make a disgusting ignorance of what the United States of American stands for. Look at our founding documents, read them, this is the only country that ever fought a Civil War for equality. Remember those who were Slaves in our early years, were rounded up and captured in Africa, by whom, other Blacks who sold those people to the white European Slave Traders, not to Americans. Our Colonial days were represented by what nations, those who were Colonial Powers, who made Slaves in and of every country they colonialized, they were all not black. There were Slaves in this nation of all backgrounds including Native Americans, Japan, China, Russia, and many nations in South America, to you the “Spoiled Millionaire Players” who supposedly have a “College Degree”, why don’t you read up and get the facts before you demonstrate your ignorance to the people of these the United States of America.

  6. Ramon says:

    I would not run anyone down because of their race but their attitude tells me all I need to know about them. Disrespect of our flag and military caused me to decide I will never watch another game. I had much better family time with the TV turned off.

  7. Junior Peterson says:

    I am done with them. They are a bunch of Jerks. My brother gave his life in the war , and miss him terribly.

  8. Betsy says:

    I stopped watching every game when the players started celebrating over every little thing they did on the field. Really stopped all games when getting up for the anthem and the flag was too much work.

  9. Marie says:

    When NFZl folds wonder what these players will do. They certainly won’t have a salary as they have had. Serves them right!!!!!

  10. ben says:

    Befitting that at the bottom of this report about the NFL trash, would be reports about more trash (Clinton, Peloski, and Obama). All belong in the same trash can.

  11. Daniel says:


    I say put a rifle in the dead beat no account S.O.B’S hand ship them to the front lines, but don’t give them any ammo. Tell them when they learn to respect ALL OF THE VETS AND OUR FLAG OF THE U.S.A. THEN WE WILL TELL THE DEAD BEAT BASTARDS WHERE THE AMMO IS, —— MAYBE.

  12. Janet Cornell says:

    Years past we never missed a game seen on regular channels and satellite tv. Thus season we haven’t watched one single game. Learning we don’t miss it. Lots other to watch. We do follow college football . The Collage that we especially follow is BSU (Boise State Universaty) they are our team .

  13. Terri says:

    The nfl players are a bunch of sissies who need to have they attitudes adjusted. Have been done with football for quite awhile now and DO NOT MISS IT!!!!

  14. Cherie Davis says:

    I do not feel sorry for them. Anyone making all that money should have had enough sense to respect our great Country and the people who were making those generous salaries possible! They may have displayed brute and brawn on the football field…, but their lack of common sense is mind-blowing when you consider they literally decided to bite off the hands that were feeding them!!

  15. BILL says:

    the NFL can kiss my asshole I will never watch a Browns game again i am done with the N-igger F-ootball L-eague

  16. Steve Bloecher says:

    When all of the NFL stood an let the Few tear down this Great Country and its Military and Officers I will not ever watch such a Program

  17. Jarhead says:

    Also burned NFL shirts and caps. And BOYCOTT any/all supporters/suppliers of the NFL.

  18. Jack says:

    when NFL lost their respect for our flag and Military I lost my respect for them and turned them off. DO NOT watch the super bowl if you really want to put the big hurt on these jerks, as the super bowl is like the Oscars are for Holly Wood. NFL gets BIG BIG Bucks from their sponsors for the super bowl and if we don’t watch then they don’t advertise and team owners lose lots of money

  1. March 16, 2018

    […] of the matter is the NFL is a business. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); As Patriot Pulse reported, NFL ratings fell by 9.7% during the 2017 regular season and average viewership dropped by 1.6 […]

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