NFL legend just destroyed the anthem protesters with one sentence

The NFL season kicks off in a matter of days.

Many players have publicly stated they will continue their protest of the national anthem.

But this NFL Hall of Famer just called them out in a big way.

Jim Brown is one of the greatest NFL players of all time.

When he speaks, people listen.

He recently appeared on Fox and Friends to speak about the NFL national anthem protest, where he stated, “We should never denigrate our flag and our national anthem.”

Jim Brown is no stranger to political activism.

He was very active in the civil rights movement. He even stood beside Muhammad Ali.

But since the left has only gotten more radical during the Trump era, Brown has seemingly decided enough is enough.

In a recent interview on the JT The Brick radio show he defended President Trump, saying:

“I should be criticizing Trump on every level because he does certain things that call for criticism, but when I look at television I see all these announcers become experts and they’re pointing the fingers and they’re not doing a doggone thing but pointing their fingers, I find myself really pulling for the president.

“Now, that would make me very unpopular in the black community, very unpopular with a lot of Americans … but I think that there are certain good things that are coming out of this presidency because we’ve never seen anything like it.”

This earned praise from President Trump.

But one sports magazine has accused him of being a race traitor.

The new left doesn’t allow any freedom of speech or thought.

If you aren’t with them 100% – whether it’s calling for open borders or saying millionaire NFL players should respect the flag – you’re nothing more than a fascist.

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90 Responses

  1. I will drink to that. As a Viet Nam Vet with a mom and uncle who served our great country, there is no need to denigrate the flag and Jimmy Brown hit the nail on the head. Find something else to pick apart. RVN 68-69

  2. Judy Farkas says:

    How about one of the arab countries.There they would be allowed to abuse woman which many have done. The arab countries need more human shields they would fit right in.They should kiss the ground that America gave them a opportunity to earn millions yet they abuse this because the getto in them has to make trouble , thr money has gone to their head where they think we will accept this. More and more people will stop watching this horrible sport that hurts their own health.

  3. CECIL SLIGH says:


  4. nm hoover says:

    how about Siberia?

  5. ron kasner says:

    Kapernut needs to be drafted and so do his “kneelers’ along
    side of him, draft or deport him, i don’t care which, just pick a
    country, how about russia?

  6. JPMC says:

    I love You. You go, Girl !!!

  7. John Doe says:

    “Which is something you obviously have a problem with.”
    I said a lot, what do I have a problem with? Be specific.
    ” Have you ever served your country except With negative tweets?”
    Yes, in the USAF. These aren’t tweets.
    “The word denigrate was properly used to describe the event. ”
    Yes I think you’re right, but I was pointing out that it’s kind of a redundant statement. All he is saying is that he thinks people who are kneeling don’t have good reasons to be critiquing our nation. The meat of this topic is #1 is there the systemic racism/brutality that the kneelers say there is and #2 is it ok to criticize the US? When is it not OK to criticize the US?

  8. Which is something you obviously have a problem with. Have you ever served your country except With negative tweets? The word denigrate was properly used to describe the event. What can you expect from government educated people? RVN 68-69

  9. John Doe says:

    “If you do not respect the flag, there are plenty of countries willing to take you.”
    Could you stop being such an idiot for just a brief moment? I’m not sure it’s possible for you.

    To anyone else reading this though, think about that statement. “If you do not respect the flag, there are plenty of countries willing to take you.”
    1. This guy’s a passive douchebag. “Thanks again for your service” twice while telling him to stand or get out.
    2. Why are NFL players kneeling in front of the flag? What do you think they mean when they kneel? Are they saying they hate their country when they kneel?
    3. Right to protest is essential for a democracy.
    4. Being a patriot is to want to improve the country you love. Being unpatriotic would be someone who doesn’t care what happens to the US, has no love for country.

    Jim Brown says we should never “denigrate our flag or our national anthem”. That’s a common sense statement that applies to anything. Denigrate means to criticize unfairly. UNFAIRLY keyword. The main issue here is that there is a disagreement over whether or not there is racism/police brutality greatly affecting the African American community. It is perfectly fine to disagree with this viewpoint. When NFL players kneel, they are supporting this viewpoint. When people don’t think they should kneel, they are disagreeing with this viewpoint. So Jim Brown thinks NFL players are criticizing the American Flag/Anthem unfairly. Is there a time when it can be criticized fairly? If there is a time, when? What if you were convinced tomorrow that there was a hidden epidemic of police brutality/racism that was systemic within the US government? Would you criticize the US? Do you now HATE the US because of this?

    Think people.

  10. gator1246 says:

    Who knows why , some things go to the wild blue yonder .

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