The NFL just gave a big middle finger to Veterans with this action

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  1. Mark Olesnevich says:


  2. fred says:

    super bowl, what super bowl ? i don’t got to watch no stinkin super bowl!

  3. Stan L says:

    The NFL has finally attracted a great businessman who projects that he can build a new pro-football league. That man in Vince McMahon, the man who built pro-wrestling to a major success. McMahon has the money, also the access to other business financiers. The USA has approx. 325 million people in it. Surely, among all of these people are enough good athletes to fill new pro-football teams in the league McMahon proposes.
    The NFL players can blame it on themselves. They have opened a market for football players as the USFL once did. The USFL had some very good teams which exist today in an NFL-USFL unification some years ago. Everyone thought the NFL was too superior to the USFL, until the hottest NFL team was whipped by the USFL NY Jets, led by All-American Joe Namath. The kneelers of the NFL can thank themselves for following a QB who even before his political demonstrations was not a top QB in the NFL. Perhaps the money went to his head, I don’t know, but business builders see possibilities in a new pro league and it all started with disrespect for our flag and anthem.

  4. john says:

    We are not doing NEARLY enough to destroy these overpaid, anti American assholes!

  5. James Stamulis says:

    The NFL is a NWO puppet like virtually all the entertainment industry is and they worship a different God than most real Americans. Just look at their halftime shows with Madonna, Katy Perry etc They do not deserve a single penny of our money.

  6. ReaperHD says:

    Haven’t watched a game since the first week and I don’t miss it anymore. Will not watch another game nor will I buy from any sponsor who still backs them.

  7. william heard says:

    They should be known as the UNFL ( unamerican NFL )

  8. Sam Hammond says:

    I’m not watching the suckers bowl. I will not watch nfl until American citizens play the game.. You know people who love this great country..

  9. Parduc says:

    Boycott the fu%$#ng NFL!

  10. Nikita63 says:

    The NFL is full of unAmerican scum without the guts to put on a different uniform and provide for others, the freedoms at great risk veterans and the active military provide for them. They are a living affront and an INSULT to the memory of former NFL player Pat Tillman, remember him, BECAUSE IT IS OBVIOUS AS HELL , THEY SURE DO NOT, though he made the ultimate sacrifice doing JUST THAT for a bunch of self-serving, unpatriotic professional INGRATES; many of whom are disciplined often for abusing their wives or girlfriends, even their children and a variety of other dubious behaviors protected by Roger Goodell for the sake of his millionaires day to day contentment! Well, I am a 73 year old disabled Vietnam Veteran made so by Agent Orange, not ENEMY action,. However, I would do it AGAIN if we would but parse such trash from our society as they along with the leftist oriented Government of the lunatic Left have turned the country I grew up in into a den of depravity, degeneracy, and hatred for all Traditional American Values and Fiath , Morality and Common Sense. I WILL LIKELY BE CENSORED FOR STATING SO BUT: F**K ‘EM ALL, AND THIS ONCE BUT NO LONGER PROUD VETERAN WILL NEVER WATCH OR SUPPORT THE NFL IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER AND NEITHER SHOULD ANYONE CALLING THEMSELVES AN AMERICAN CITIZEN! The NFLis a NATIONAL DISGRACE, every owner and every player or any personnel dsrepecting the flag, anthem, pledge of alllegiance and the VETERANS and active military whose sacrifices allow them to be rectal cavities.are UNFIT to call thenselves “American!” God, THEY ALL MAKE ME SICK!

  11. Jarhead says:

    Boycott + Boycott + Boycott…………….keep up the Good Works……..include any suppliers/advertisers supporting the anti-American NFL. Hold bonfires to get rid of NFL merchandise/caps/shirts/etc. Return any catalogs to sender that offers NFL items.


  13. Jack says:

    of coarse the nfl will not allow anything positive to do with our Vets or pride for our flag or Country to be Aired during the super bowl because they are the one’s who have allowed and encourage the take a knee protest as they could have ended this as soon as it started for these players work for them, and if my boss told me to quit doing something that effected the company’s bottom line and I refused they normally hit you in the ass on the way out the door. Owners and player think they are untouchable.

  14. Carl says:

    No more NFL for me.

  15. James says:

    BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT And that includes those who buy ads during super bowl. I will not watch another No Fans Left Game again. These overpaid players do not understand what they are doing. They have killed the NFL.

  16. Joe Kempski says:

    I refuse to watch the NFL, no respect for veterans, no respect for the NFL. NFL can suck kapernicks dick. No NFL in my house

  17. Susan Dix says:

    Why is the still an NFL?
    Seriously, why are there any people in this nation still attending and
    watching them?

    • Rod says:

      Good question. I do like some of the individual players…like Marcus Mariotta and Russel Wilson, but I won’t support the NFL or watch any more games. Clean up or get out of town.

    • Charlton Kaneff says:

      I’m with you, I don’t understand it either!!!
      Unfortunately, it appears that some TV network is actually going to Air a show where one guy goes to various NFL games, interacts with the players, just so he can pick his next Fantasy League team!!!!

      I’m gonna stop watching programming on that network as well, as soon as I see another commercial about that show so that I know just which channel it is that thinks We The People are clueless as to what their end goal is with producing that show!

  18. ch says:

    They have been giving the Veterans, this country and flag and Americans the middle finger since krapernick first took a knee

  19. David says:


  20. Hazard Hawk says:

    I wonder how these gridiron giants would do in any other country that did not elevate them to “hero” status?
    To me, they seem nothing more than spoiled children.

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