The NFL just gave a big middle finger to Veterans with this action

The story of the NFL season has been the players’ national anthem protests.

This caused many patriotic Americans to turn off the NFL and TV ratings dropped nearly ten percent from last season.

But now the NFL just slapped our veterans in the face on the biggest possible stage.

AMVETS is a charity dedicated to improve the quality of life for America’s 20 million veterans.

They wanted to run an ad during the Super Bowl asking for charitable donations.

The patriotic ad featured veterans with the hashtag #PleaseStand, referencing the NFL players who knelt for the national anthem throughout the season.

But the NFL refused to let them run the ad.

Army Times reports:

AMVETS officials are decrying “corporate censorship” from the National Football League for their decision not to run an ad in their Super Bowl program which responds to league players’ decision to kneel for the national anthem in protest of national equality issues.

The ad, which would have cost the veterans organization $30,000, features the tag “#PleaseStand” with a picture of service members saluting the American flag and information on how to donate to the congressionally-chartered organization.

Group leaders said NFL officials refused to include the ad in their Super Bowl publication, but did not issue a reason why. In a statement, AMVETS National Commander Marion Polk said the issue is one of fairness and respect.

This comes on the heels of an announcement that Colin Kaepernick was named a finalist for the NFL Players’ Association’s Byron “Whizzer” White Community MVP award.

This award honors NFL players who perform community service in their team cities and hometowns.

Other nominees included Houston Texans’ defensive lineman J.J. Watt, who raised over $37 million for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts this year.

Is Kaepernick deserving of this recognition? Was the NFL right to ban AMVETS from running their patriotic ad?

Vote in our poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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31 Responses

  1. JOHN J. KAYE says:

    I have not watched a single NFL game since that jerk took a knee. I now enjoy watching college games more. I welcome the new league and hope they succeed.

  2. Sulig says:

    If these foolball players that make millions playing a game,I feel if they can’t get off the knee they need to report and doing their training then on the front line in war. Making what our service men make. One year of intense war, I bet you they will stand up straight to attention when the National Anthem is played. Stupid fools couldn’t do it. They can’t stand straight like a real man. Another American Fool.

  3. Boycott these overpaid, semi-literate braindamaged fools!

  4. Mark Olesnevich says:


  5. fred says:

    super bowl, what super bowl ? i don’t got to watch no stinkin super bowl!

  6. Stan L says:

    The American “Free Market” makes up for many inequities. Stand-by for action!

  7. Stan L says:

    The NFL has finally attracted a great businessman who projects that he can build a new pro-football league. That man in Vince McMahon, the man who built pro-wrestling to a major success. McMahon has the money, also the access to other business financiers. The USA has approx. 325 million people in it. Surely, among all of these people are enough good athletes to fill new pro-football teams in the league McMahon proposes.
    The NFL players can blame it on themselves. They have opened a market for football players as the USFL once did. The USFL had some very good teams which exist today in an NFL-USFL unification some years ago. Everyone thought the NFL was too superior to the USFL, until the hottest NFL team was whipped by the USFL NY Jets, led by All-American Joe Namath. The kneelers of the NFL can thank themselves for following a QB who even before his political demonstrations was not a top QB in the NFL. Perhaps the money went to his head, I don’t know, but business builders see possibilities in a new pro league and it all started with disrespect for our flag and anthem.

  8. john says:

    We are not doing NEARLY enough to destroy these overpaid, anti American assholes!

  9. James Stamulis says:

    The NFL is a NWO puppet like virtually all the entertainment industry is and they worship a different God than most real Americans. Just look at their halftime shows with Madonna, Katy Perry etc They do not deserve a single penny of our money.

  10. ReaperHD says:

    Haven’t watched a game since the first week and I don’t miss it anymore. Will not watch another game nor will I buy from any sponsor who still backs them.

  11. Charlton Kaneff says:

    I’m with you, I don’t understand it either!!!
    Unfortunately, it appears that some TV network is actually going to Air a show where one guy goes to various NFL games, interacts with the players, just so he can pick his next Fantasy League team!!!!

    I’m gonna stop watching programming on that network as well, as soon as I see another commercial about that show so that I know just which channel it is that thinks We The People are clueless as to what their end goal is with producing that show!

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