New York City’s Mayor just got smacked with life-changing news from the last person he expected

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio continues to prove he is too incompetent to stop the riots rocking his city.

Things have gotten completely out of control in the once-great city.

And things just got worse for him after he got smacked with life-changing news from the last person he expected.

The two most powerful officials in New York is the state’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, and the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio.

While the two are often known to butt heads, things generally stay civil between the two far-left Democrats.

But with riots tearing the city apart, their relationship has become rockier than ever before.

Following the first day of major riots in New York City on Monday, Cuomo held a press conference to blast the city’s handling of the situation.

“The NYPD and New York City mayor did not do their job last night,” Cuomo said. “I think the mayor underestimates the scope of the problem and the duration of the problem. What happened in NYC was inexcusable.”

Not only did Cuomo attack de Blasio’s job performance, he goes on to state that he may end up taking over New York City to handle the problem himself with the support of the National Guard.

“My option is to displace the mayor of New York City and bring in the National Guard as the governor in an emergency and basically you would have to take over the mayor’s job,” Cuomo then explained.

“I don’t think we’re at the point,” he said, before adding the move would yield a “chaotic situation” that “wouldn’t make any sense.”

It isn’t shocking that the two New York officials are getting into it with each other.

They both have aspirations far above the positions they hold.

Bill de Blasio even ran for President in a very short-lived endeavor that was widely seen as an embarrassment.

And Cuomo recently found himself under fire for his nursing home scandal, where he was caught forcing nursing homes to take in patients with coronavirus, causing the virus to spread rapidly to those most vulnerable.

The two are doing everything to blame anybody but themselves for their state’s problems – and blaming each other is the easiest way.

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