Never-Trumper Jeff Flake’s final move as a U.S. Senator was his worst yet

Jeff Flake’s days in the spotlight are numbered.

He’s revealed his true colors.

And his final act in the U.S. Senate was his worst yet.

Jeff Flake joined his pal Democrat Senator Chris Coons to introduce a carbon tax bill.

The bill would impose a new tax of $15 per ton of carbon dioxide beginning in 2019.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Sens. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., and Chris Coons, D-Del., on Wednesday introduced a carbon tax bill to combat climate change, just days before the end of the current session of Congress.

The bill is similar to bipartisan legislation introduced in the House last month that would tax carbon emissions and return the proceeds to American households as a dividend.

The House version was the first bipartisan carbon tax legislation introduced in nearly a decade.

That bill has eight co-sponsors, including Republican Reps. Francis Rooney of Florida, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, and Dave Trott of Michigan, along with Rep. Ted Deutch of Florida, the Democratic co-chair of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus.

Both the House and Senate bills would impose a tax of $15 per ton of carbon dioxide in 2019, increasing $10 each year, rising to nearly $100 per ton by 2030.

The legislation distributes all of the proceeds from the tax as a flat monthly rebate to American households.

This tax – like any other tax – would inevitably crush businesses and cost much more than just the actual amount of the tax.

It would add to the bloated bureaucracy and end up driving energy prices higher for Americans.

By introducing the Carbon Tax, Flake is taking his cues from Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Ocasio-Cortez is peddling her so-called “Green New Deal.”

Her plan reads as a list of wants and there are no solid cost estimates or implementation plans.

Flake’s Carbon Tax could be the first step toward government command over the energy sector.

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128 Responses

  1. tom matthews says:

    Flake is in my prayers everyday. I pray for the God in the OLD Testament to take care of “flake ” !

    • gbar says:

      Mormon Flake along with Mormon spit Romney will get theirs eventually. Soon I hope.

      Not only are their beliefs a blasphemy to our Lord, they are Mormons before all else, not Americans.
      People need to do the research. Then they will see clearly that Mormons are not Americans, they are Mormons. Be careful America. A violent theocracy as bad as any Nazi regime.

      Their history is as disgusting as their current status : Colorado city Az, or HIldale Utah.

  2. HAWK/HAMMER* says:

    Carbon Tax = NO GO for USA.
    See/Remember Recent Events in
    Paris Burning, When PPl ‘woke up’
    to LIES of ‘Carbon Tax’.

  3. Thomas Arnold Haisten says:

    Jeff’s last name is spot on, because he certainly is one.

    • Franco says:

      Flake the Sissy Mary better be careful!!!!!

      I will get that Soros’ Operative who yelled at him on the elevator!
      He pissed in his pants in fear.

      That aggressive woman got a BONUS from George Soros
      for scaring the SISSY MARY in front of the world and showing him up!

  4. snark says:

    Flake & Coons must have missed Paris burning
    w/ revolt When the ppl realized they were lied to
    re Carbon Tax etc.

  5. Carl Smith says:

    if a Military person can be court martialed and even sentenced to Life in Prison and Death SHOULD WE the People not have a Law to allow prosecution for IGNORING the Oath of Office they SWORE to uphold?

  6. Bonnie L. says:

    The best thing Senator Flake could do for our state of Arizona and our country of America would be to walk out the door and melt!

    • Paula says:


  7. Rich says:

    What’s with the water supply in Arizona?

    First, we had the Butthead, Maverick McLame, who opposed most Conservative initiatives, then Flakey Flake following closely in his footsteps and now Simena, a mistake for a free nation who somehow found the votes after the polls closed . . . to win over the true Patriot, McSally.

    It must the political water supply?

    • SD of AZ says:

      Nope, it is the traitors that pretend to be GOP but are really dem wits. They lie and they definitely cheat as your post exposed the after polls closed new votes for the dem wit SIN. This was Florida in AZ only no one challenged them.

      • Carl Smith says:

        As a standing member of the Vocabulary & Spelling Police I need to correct your descriptive word concerning Democratic Politicians. The Proper description is Dim Wit’s. as in DIM BULBS. Thanks for your compliance.

    • Denis says:

      Yes! Why not simply DECLARE an OXYGEN TAX given that the real purpose of these malevolent laws is to reduce and then eliminate what the elites term: “useless eaters”; “masses of pulsating maggots”; and “gobbets of meat protruding from wombs.”

    • RicB says:

      Yes, they are thoughtful in Arizona, which Stepford Tru,pers hate. Trumpers like simple and ignorant slogans.

    • Bonnie L. says:

      McSally was just put in John McCains place by our governor to finish out the term.

  8. Old Pioneer says:

    Don’t come back to AZ you freaking Turncoat, you will be Boo’d and picketed out on a rail!! The DemocRAT’s don’t even want you Flakey Jeff Flake!! You are a TOTAL Embarrassment to our State as well as our Nation!!!

    • SD of AZ says:

      OH, We would love to see him in AZ for those Big Mouth moments for the little weasel. Of course he nor his son can ever serve again even as a dog catcher since the family kills animals in their care.

    • KATHY says:


  9. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Whatever happened to Congress working FOR the people? This bill does nothing FOR the people except that WE will end up paying for any tax because that is the way it always works. Businesses get taxed, they pass that along to the consumer! Flake could care less about a “carbon tax” it is his way to stick it to the people because we made it clear we didn’t want him anymore. With a bill like that, can you blame us?

    • Phil in TX says:

      Yup. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. We will need that rebate just so we can pay our electric/gas bills and fill our vehicles with fuel. My bet, though, is that IF this passes and somehow Trump is forced to sign it the people will never see even one quarter of the “tax money” collected. The rest will go to line the pockets of weasel politicians like Flake.

      Phil in TX

      • Jim says:

        Phil, you are dead right. Not one dime will for long or ever reach the ordinary working American. Flake’s “Hit and Run act is confirmation of the coward he is.

  10. Ann says:

    They tried the carbon tax in Australia, it was a nightmare for the people, the expense for everything was prohibitive. Jeff Flake has the perfect name for him. He is not only a flake he’s a disgrace.

  11. Ray says:

    Probably the worst individual in history to serve as a senator!

  12. Daniel Mount says:

    So why doesn’t President Trump veto the Flake and Coones Carbon Dioxide Bill?

  13. lisalles says:

    Hey Flake, take a look at whats happening in France….that is what happens when you try to tax air. What a nut. Do you think the people will forget who is trying to tax it here?

  14. Freddy says:

    Democrat operative in the republican party Jeff Flake once again demonstrated his hatred of America.

    • Gary says:

      Exactly, why waste time penalizing existing fuel sources when money can be spent finding more efficient forms. I no longer use charcoal for my BBQ as I’m sure others don’t as well

  15. Chuck says:

    Every consumer, homeowner and driver will pay the tail end of those taxes, you stupid cunt!!

  16. Rick Thornton says:

    Jeff snake simply put SUCKS!

  17. Jen says:

    This ass is a phoney with unethical and hateful resentment for his poor choices of his office.
    He dislikes TRUMP and is just a cause of don’t give a damn because he is leaving the post. He goes off to pasture with his free medical and high pension and screw the people.
    He don’t need votes any longer,the idiot bum, so let’s leave the office and make crazy bill .
    Pure stupidity thank god he is leaving. MORON.

  18. yank says:

    The Flickering Flake of a Flake is nearly gone. Hey, Flake…” Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!” Your loalty to this country and the American people is as pale as your skin!

  19. Karin says:

    How the heck can anyone put a tax on a gas that is needed by the entire world for life on this earth. We breathe out carbon and the foliates live on it and help create Oxygen so WE can live on the earth. What kind of scale to they have that measures the Carbon tax? I thought carbon was the first word in “dating” so people who find old stuff buried in the earth could find out when it was used. This is one of those things that I really do not understand. Can someone explain?

  20. James Rust says:

    The demonstrations in France by the “yellow jackets” is a response to France’s carbon tax. This tax crushes the poor and is like being attacked by a flea to the rich.

  21. Katee says:

    With any luck, they will drum his sorry butt out of his home state! Worthless creep!

    • Debra Tanner says:

      Katee………….. U R a mind reader… bless you……. my thoughts exactly. Hope he never steps into Texas……. a true RHINO. God bless our POTUS…….. and MAGA ☻

  22. TJ says:

    You hold Senator Flake….give them hell…will miss you but I think we’ll see you again…

  23. John says:

    Certainly lives up to his name.

  24. Madame0 says:

    Bravo to the bill. Crush those thieving coal mine owners and the big oil S-bags

  25. Tom says:

    He has a good name because he is Flakey……

  26. Ed says:

    I think we all need to think about Washington the first President of this country said . A good government is one that keeps its nose out of every ones business , a bad government is one that has its nose in every ones business. A good politician is one that wants to do what is right for the nation. A bad politician is one that only does what will gain him the spot light or give him or her more power and more political authority. Think of this and see what you have for the political field from both sides.

  27. Tom says:

    This is what a Rino does.

  28. Navy PO2 says:

    Jeff Flake is as weak as water!

  29. David says:

    A better tax would be tax stupidity at 100% of income also tax liberal leftist ideology leaning at 50%

    • Jerry says:

      The best thing we can do for liberals is require them to give ALL of their money to the government and to force them to live in public housing only where they have to share their property with all races, and each race represented by the percentage of blacks 22.8%, Latinos 28.3 %, Asians 4%, whites 42.5%. They can only work in a place with the exact same racial makeup, and must have only babies with the exact same racial makeup. And they must apply to the government for everything. If they want a new car, they can only buy it from a car manufacturer with the same racial makeup. And no one gets a dollar more than anyone else. If you have a special needs child, too bad! If you have 14 kids, you get the same size car as anyone else. The government controls everything, including what channels you can watch on TV. You are never, ever, allowed to watch anything on TV except what the government says you can watch. You are never allowed to watch anything with religious references. You cannot celebrate any religious holidays, and you can only be an atheist. You have to educate your children in a government run school with no gender specific restrooms, and you are allowed to kill your babies at anytime. If you wish you can have the neighbors decide for you. If your child acts up, it should be their choice whether your kid lives or dies. Sounds like a LIBERAL WORLD to me!

      • Scott27 says:

        That’s a perfect example, Jerry, of the alternate, made-up fact-challenged universe in which you apparently live.

        • Hammer* says:

          You,jd,granberg,betty et al Are very weak-minded.
          you ‘geeks’ ‘ride off the backs’ of
          True Americans. If you get your wish, you will have
          No More Backs to ‘ride’. We Save 0ur 0wn 1st.

  30. Dave churbuck says:

    There are many in government who are useless eaters who only value your vote, nothing more.
    They know they can stay there for life, become rich selling you and the country country out to the highest bidder. And in the end , say I tried.
    It is impossible to repair this country with a divided government constantly at war with itself with a
    divided population in all things which only works to the benifit of the government.

    IF, you went to church and there was on stage, a baptist minister and a catholic priest for the service,
    Who would win at the service ? Ans. only the the two on stage.
    The congretion woul d lose their money and hate each other and the kids would be molested,
    Mentally and physically.
    That is basically a description of government. Just change the players and the place.
    IF, you want your country back, take it and run it without a government as a team.
    Or exist only enslaved in misery with no self respect.
    If you want it bad enough you will figure out how to do it.
    Part of the answer is in how it got this way.
    The Hi School kids could do it in a month on a computer, Peacefully 3.5 million of them.
    Nobody told them how much power they really have, but when they find out, They will use it,
    because the future is theirs to create. Add in 7 million parents and you have a 10 million person army,
    on a single mission,
    You see, The ultimate Boss of any company or government is the customer.

  31. Robert Higginbotham says:

    Flaky Flake proved what he is a long time ago. That is why he knew he couldn’t get enough votes in AZ to even look respectable. He is completely insane and as such out to do as much damage to our country as he can. This so-called carbon tax has one major flaw. Trying to calculate how much, if any, carbon is put into the air is so damn stupid it is ridiculous. CO2 is the life blood of this planet and one volcano puts more into the air blowing it’s top once than every car and generating plant in the country. A carbon tax is just as phony as the climate change/global warming hoax.

    • MARY says:


  32. James C Green says:

    We may not like things he has done, but we still need to be appreciative that he was willing to serve. Let’s try putting a little civility back in politics. The comments on this post appear to be from low-life, rude folks, who need to tone it down a bit. I disagreed with many of Flake’s positions, too, but I won’t call him names because of it. Come on people…!

    • sissy says:

      You call what he was doing “serving?” I don’t. I call it being hateful, spiteful, possibly even jealous and a big RINO. Will be glad when he’s gone, gone, gone. Being a hateful partisan is not something we need. We had one in John McCain (read a little about him), and apparently FLAKE was trying to take his place. Good riddance!

    • Karen M says:

      If he had been civil on his way out, it would have been nice. Glad he gone and won’t miss him at all!

    • william couch says:

      !! STFU !! You’re an idiot!! You don’t even live in AZ.. You don’t have a “F”ING CLUE about him!! He’s a bottom feeder!! You’re asswipe like him!!!!

      • Scott27 says:

        Nice, William. You sound like a real brainiac and empathetic human. Do you teach your children to speak like that? James was spot on. This nation is surely doomed by such utter ignorance. If that’s all you’ve got, maybe just be quiet.

        • Dr. JD says:

          William is a true vulgarian. When Trumpians or rightwingnuts have no thoughts, they just become insulting and/ or vulgar.

          • Judy says:

            Talking about you and your lefty buddies aren’t you Dr.Jd, Scott 27 and James green? You sanctimonious “high brows”(in your minds) forget when this hatred started didn’t you?? Jan 21st 2016. Trashing the Right in every way shape and form folks like you, flake, mccain and other self-serving ..Who started this sentiment? who started the name calling? who started the harassment? who started the burning/ trashing of budinesses, shooting Senator Scalise?, physically assaulting Ryan?? We will be calling you names until you realize we don’t burn your cars, beat you up, picket your homes and terrify your kids accost you in restaurants, your politicisns Want you to harrass Repubs and confront us because we believe in fairness and decency.. Go look at yourselves in a deserve name calling..And people like flake mccain and your other politicians should be accountable for your HUBRIS!!

          • Judy says:

            You sanctimonious “high brows”(in your minds) forget when this hatred started didn’t you?? Jan 21st 2016. Trashing the Right in every way shape and form folks like flake, mccain and other self-servers ..Who started this sentiment? who started the name calling? who started the harassment? who started the burning/ trashing of businesses, shooting Senator Scalise?, physically assaulting Ryan?? We will be calling names until you realize we don’t burn your cars, beat you up, picket your homes and terrify your kids,accost you in restaurants, politicians Want you to harrass Repubs and confront us because we believe in fairness and decency.. ..And people like flake mccain and other politicians should be accountable for yours and their hubris! Words are our only defense …shame you guys aren’t out there asking the kindly flakes and mccains and their deliberate screwing of us and America because they aren’t sane enough to realize they aren’t gods.. and noone really cares what they think or do until it hurts the people of America! Yeah, lets give them a pass. And be cool and enjoy the damage they think is funny to do to us.

          • Hammer* says:

            YES ! Judy, TELL ‘IT’ . We have ‘sanctimonious’ Wannabe’s
            0n this site. They want USA to go down & ‘preach’
            their ‘hatred’ , then place blame Elsewhere. A Marxist ‘tactic’.

    • Charles says:

      Sit on it, h brought on his self. Green its called freedom of speech.

    • Tom says:

      He served the people??? What a joke! He ran for office to gain power and enrich himself and his friends. End if story!

  33. James C Green says:

    He’ll be gone soon… thankfully.

  34. Nancy Berry says:

    Flake is truly a **FLAKE**. adios Flake bye bye!!

  35. Gypsy says:

    Jeff “FLAKE” is particularly well named. Never did anything for the GOP, California and apparently for himself. This blowhard turncoat will not be long missed.

    • SweetOlBob says:

      BOONDOGGLEVILLE revisited ! These anus clones would take the money from American industry, thereby raising the cost to the consumer. and hire legions of democRAT voting bureaucrats to use the money in costs and salaries, and then, if anything was left, trumpet their good intentions by passing maybe three or four cents out of every dollar on to a select few taxpayers.
      If you don’t make enough money to pay any taxes, how are they going to find you to give you this great amount of money ?
      Like I said; BOONDOGGLEVILLE ! But Flakey & company will still expect thunderous applause !

    • sissy says:

      Two #METOO, hysterical, partisan women, who probably would never be sexually harassed in their lives, apparently could buffalo him easily, (with Coons by his side). Think perhaps that was a made-up deal What a wimp!

  36. Rivahmitch says:

    Hopefully, if Flake returns to Arizona, it won’y survive long.

  37. RightWriter says:

    Jeff Flake will NOT be missed — except possibly by some of his pals on the DEMOCRAT side of the aisle (he and Chris Coons of Delaware seem to have a bromance going that could be hard to break up!). Flake DOES take the record, though, as the MOST APTLY NAMED SENATOR, possibly EVER. “Flake the Flake” — how can you top THAT?
    Thank GOD the good folks of Arizona had the sense to tell him, early in 2016, that HIS SERVICES WERE NO LONGER WANTED, and to PLEASE LEAVE QUIETLY. Then, unfortunately, they picked Krysten Sinema (D, very liberal) to “replace” Flake, and only when the Governor appointed Martha McSally to John McCain’s seat did we actually get a clear conservative voice in what was ONCE the MOST conservative state in the nation! But at least JEFF FLAKE THE BIG FLAKE is GONE!!!! 🙂

  38. Gail says:

    Flake needs to be in prison . He didn’t do that to Trump . Trump will return to life . He did that to Americans . Everywhere this bum goes he needs to be harassed . He needs to be dropped in the desert where he could never come back and hurt Americans again . Corker should be done like Gore was in Tennessee . He also needs to be dropped in a desert and never allowed to return . And he too needs to be ridiculed and hart added everyday of his life’s as well . Then when both men stand before God and the blood of our most innocent and of the Americans that will die and be raped and the diseases that they are killing us with because of these two . What shall you say ?

  39. Richard says:

    Jeff Flake. You are a useless human being. You serve NO purpose whatsoever. Go back to the RAT hole you crawled out of and stay there. You will NOT be missed.

  40. pete kennedy says:

    Flake was leashed like a dog to coons (small letter for a small unprincipled politician).
    Their are/were principled patriots that would make the ultimate sacrifice for this country.
    Flake represents the selfish “child” of today that lives in a world of “ME”.
    A person seeking significance but unable to find it. May God have mercy on his soul.

  41. Dr. JD says:

    This is exactly the recommendation of the Nobel laurete economist as a solution to climate change damages. Fighting climate change solutions only passes MORE problems on to our children and grandchildren. Our past generations made sacrifices for us; it is time we showed that same courage. It is alqays better to err of the side if caution even if you doubt.

  42. Les says:

    COnservatives keep flushing the Flake toilet but the bowl isn’t quite empty yet . . . Hope this truly DEMONRAT resigns as a Republican and joins his friends with similar thinking!!! GOod ridance to bad rubbish as the old saying goes!,,,

    • Dora says:

      The only reason he ran as a Republican because he knew like Songbird John as a demo crap he would not get election that little bas—d.

  43. Martin says:

    The people of Arizona should not allow Flake to even live in Arizona. He proved agin he dose not love America or the American people or the people of Arizona.

  44. Rob says:

    John McCain and flake vote was for the hate of President Trump not for this country to me they are not Americans you supposed to vote for what’s good for this country not spite work and hatred of

  45. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Fluck Fake. He needs to stop breathing, along with the rest of the RINO and neocon scum.
    And yes. I know what a neocon actually is.

  46. JC says:

    Flake was well named all right! He has been a flop since his election. He is not a Republican, he is a traitor.

  47. James L Moore says:

    As far as I’m concerned he should’ve been thrown in the hole with McCain. What a couple of jealous punks

  48. Tom Edwards says:

    Yes there is Carbon Dioxide gas! I am not sure how it is possible to weight. The biggest problem with it it made Al Gore rich. (Like Mueller off Hillary’s Dosier making him and Hillary millions) California says it is cow farts doing it there.
    One Volcano erupting spew’s more Carbon Dioxide Gas than the Humans have put on earth in History! Some where on this earth there is a Volcano spewing almost every day. Ya! Give it back to the People! Never happens.

  49. Ralph says:

    Seneter Flake is a anti-American leftist overpaid GOON! A true dork…thanks alot creepo

    • JanetW says:

      Chris Coons seems to have an ironic control over Jeff Flake. Now what could it be? Jeff Flake hasn’t had an original thought in his mind since Chris Coons pulls his strings like a puppet, and Jeff responds! Good bye, Jeff! Don’t let the door kick you in the asp!

    • Dora says:

      He is a GOON alright.

  50. Valli Neal-davis says:

    McCain achieved his statues only because of his dad’s status because he certainly wasn’t a hero for the people he represented and was only concerned with his own agenda.

  51. Patrick Holland says:

    Just one word. Idiot.

  52. Phil says:

    Flack is a schmuck.

  53. Judy Stinger says:

    It doesn’t take a stretch to understand why the people of Arizona withdtew their support of Flake. He had less than 18% approval rating of his own constituents and that’s why he didn’t run for reelection because he would never have won. It’s only claim to fame now is that he’s an obstructionist who is against President Trump at all costs. Regardless of how detrimental it is to this country and the American people Flake will do anything he can to try to gain attention. Hus legacy is just how anti-American he is and how much he is against the American people. A total loser.

  54. Hey Little Flake, remember pay backs are a bitch. I hope you receive everything that’s coming to you, TRAITOR. Please join your lover McCain.
    God Bless America and President Donald J. Trump. MAGA

  55. Rw says:

    Nothing worse than a flaky cooon.

  56. Frank says:

    And like anything else the Government does, whoever it taxes will pay X Dollars and the government will dole out X- 2%X dollars to the proposed recipients, keeping the difference for costs, mailing and administration fees. Jeff Flake should be found in a dark alley with his D**K in his mouth.

  57. Phil says:

    And this stupid idiot thinks he can actually be a serious candidate for the Presidency come 2020. Oh well, ya just can’t fix STUPID, but lets hope it just goes away!

  58. Stephen Tanner says:

    Instead of “leaving” the Senate, he NEEDS to be run out of town on a rail as a warning all other Traitors on the Hill.

  59. Rodney says:

    I am not any way as smart as flake or anyone else that is apolitical dip stick!!!!!! But can some one please tell me how to measure a ton of gas of any kind!!!!!! I know that you can measure a liquid, in both weight and gallons, but most gases are measured by volume, which means you have to know how much the container will hold!!!!!! How would you measure a ton of carbon dioxide???????

    • Linda says:

      It’s all a huge lie. And there would not be a dividend to households. The tax would cause our utilities and everything else to go up sky high. As usual these bad actors are looking for more money to misuse.

      Maybe we need yellow vest riots here too if something like this passes. In the mean time, hold these guys up to ridicule in public and accuse them of trying to make US citizens suffer..

    • Dave churbuck says:

      You compress it until it becomes a liquid, as with most gasses.
      Google the gas and the process. lots to learn.
      You can ask the compuer anything including why flake is a flake and a putz and the enemy of America.
      The formula is simple, If, you are not helping, you are hurting and you will get back what you give.
      Love for love and pain for pain. Smile, it increases the value of your face. All The Best.

  60. mjack says:

    Flake has something wrong with head. It isn’t carbon dioxide; maybe to much weed, drugs , alcohol, or too much democrat ass.

  61. Sandee Anderson says:

    I agree. FLAKE IS A FLAKE!!

  62. William R Thompson Jr says:

    Flake should volunteer to wear a CO2 monitor on his mouth, to demonstrate how much CO2 an individual creates, and how much tax they should pay for doing it. After all, every animal breaths out CO2 as waste, so why shouldn’t they be taxed too? Or, is CO2 just part of a natural cycle, after all, and not a pollutant that causes “global warming”, since life couldn’t exist without the CO2/O2 cycle?

  63. christine says:

    I lived in Arizona for 6 years in the 70’s. I am glad I wised up and left when I did and moved to the northwest Washington ( on the Puget Sound). Wish I had never left there to come back East.

  64. Ralph Erik Schnackenberg says:

    Perhaps someone should inform Flake, how appropriate, that Macron’s carbon taxes and other globalist decrees were some of the reasons given for the current upheaval in France !

  65. Art Ward, Jr. says:

    Jeff Flake is aptly named … a Flake! His career was very average, he is very average, and most of America still sees him as very average. I am guessing that most Americans are pleased that he is going to find another career somewhere else. It seems to me that many of our elected or selected Representatives are very average with matching backgrounds! In fact, most politicians would have to admit that the Government job they have (or had) is likely the very best job they ever held … Ouch! My working background included 20+ years in IBM and Exxon … you either performed or you were quickly dismissed! Following that, I was self employed for 25 years. I quickly learned to survive and thrive and was able to enjoy a great lifestyle and plenty of great rewards.

  66. Harold Blankenship says:

    I can’t believe AZ ever elected a idot like flake

  67. Timothy Toroian says:

    The dumb SOB IS living up to his name. Anybody with the last name of Flake should never consider running for president.

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