Never-Trumper Jeff Flake was just embarrassed on the Senate floor for everyone to see

Jeff Flake is auditioning for his post-Senate career as a fake Republican MSNBC analyst.

He joined with Democrats to push a bill to keep the Mueller witch hunt going.

But he was just made a fool on the Senate floor.

Flake tried to bend the rules to garner a vote on the Robert Mueller protection bill.

But conservative Utah Senator Mike Lee shot him down.

Fox News reports:

Outgoing Arizona GOP Sen. Jeff Flake joined with several Democrats on Wednesday in a failed attempt to force a vote on legislation to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller from inappropriate removal or political pressure.

Flake, along with Delaware Democratic Sen. Chris Coons and New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker, tried to use a parliamentary maneuver to pave the way for a vote on the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act.

Flake asked for unanimous consent to vote on the bill, but Utah Sen. Mike Lee objected, blocking the effort.

The three lawmakers expressed concern over comments made by President Trump, who has called the Mueller probe a “phony witch hunt,” as well as Trump’s ousting of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Flake is trying to hold the Senate hostage.

He has threatened to block all of President Trump’s judicial nominees during the lame duck session until the Mueller protection bill is voted on.

Meanwhile, as reported on Renewed Right, Mueller’s investigation has been exposed for what it is: a politically motivated hit job.

And Jeff Flake is simply playing into the Democrats’ hands.


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152 Responses

  1. cavy says:

    He is a fag and should be removed.

    • M says:

      cavy, We just lost the House of Representatives in the midterms. We need to win it back, hold the Senate and Whitehouse in 2020. I said that to ask you to stop using crude gay terms as well as any racist terms in your comments. The Dems out voted us by a large margin. Please, we don’t want to run off ANY votes and in fact need to broaden our base and get out the vote in every election.
      Thank you for helping us, Republicans, win elections so we can continue to move our Country in the right direction!

  2. Carlos says:

    GOP needs to F**K the Senate lame duck session! We’ll have a 53-47 lead in 2019 and they’ll be totally unable to stop Trump’s nominees of any kind. If you have a turd that won’t flush (Flake) you stop flushing and get the plunger!!

  3. Michael Hayes says:

    I do believe we should start treating these people that want to destroy this country as enemies and start treating them as such. It is a war and the enemy needs to be destroyed. Put them in prison or kill them, period.

  4. ahem tonto says:

    Flake is nothing more than senator Chris Coons parrot a naive pawn of the left’s attack dogs in the U.S. Senate. Flake is incapable of serious analysis on anything above mundane issues.

  5. Is there really anything to say about this clown. He’s an embarrassment to all good conservatives in Arizona. Sadly we don’t really have a good track record.

  6. BigJoe says:

    How about proposing a bill that stops Flake from torturing puppies? Or stops him from beating his wife? Or stops him from exposing himself to little girls?
    He may say he’s not going to do these things but how do we know? Better to be safe than sorry.
    This makes as much sense as what he and the other fruitcakes are proposing.

    • gary says:

      If you Americans Stop letting the medias propping them up as better than those that voted for them by believing their LIES and Stop the liberal lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all! Beware the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES as well as the rhinos, and especially the anti-American democrats!

      • Richard R. Pope says:

        Would you please rewrite this so that it makes sense?
        America: Love it or Leave it!
        GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  7. Philip Simon says:

    Senator Flake ,go out and catch some snow, throw it it in your own face. Go freeze up and go home and leave.

  8. zee* says:

    >>> FLAKE IS an Exposed ‘dissident’ ( IN 0ffice)
    &&& an 0bvious NON USA PATRIOT.

  9. flake is acting like a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum because he is not getting his way.

    • Frank says:

      Have him taken out now

      • Bonnie L Dillenbeck says:

        Yes, he needs to go. But something disturbs me more. I’ve heard it being said before from the democrats and I have to question about them holding office.
        They say they will not vote for any appt’ed people that the President nominates. Or, vote for any bills they come across from him. First of all, that’s blackmail. But more important is, they don’t know if the people or the bills are good for the country, they will vote No!
        So to hell what’s good, they don’t care. I believe anyone that makes their mind up BEFORE they know who or what it is should be voted out of office, or impeached. That’s wrong and they’re not there to blackmail the country. Does anyone else see this as a big problem?

  10. Martin says:

    The people of Arizona should tell Flake he is no longer welcome in Arizona and tell him to move to Delaware so he can hang out with his buddy Coons.

  11. merridee says:

    Your done Flake, you certainly own up to your name, you area flake, to bad it wasn’t snowflake then you could just melt away and not return. The Mueller witch Hunt you speak of has been going on for 2 years and cost the American tax payers a bundle of money with not collusion with Russia curing Trumps campaign. Mueller like all democrats is a poor looser and feels he has to find something to feel successful, when in reality he was a winner and proved it to be false accusations. (we know it was created by democrats and paid for by Hillary), yet he is still allowed lto continue this. Flake open your eyes are you that blind. The witch hunt is expensive and, Ridiculous. Mueller found nothing then started to in desperation stray off course and began investigating people at random for non related charges, when this began HE should have been STOPPED PERIOD. He should also be made to pay back a large portion of the money he has been paid for this witch hunt, he has mentioned ore then once he has found no collusion, if this is case why continue, END IT NOW Because of this I would disbar him and each of his team members as they know there was no collusion and did nothing to stop.

  12. Observant_One says:

    A Flake if there ever was one. Your time on the stage is now over. Adios loser.

  13. PHIL TRIMMER says:

    FLAKE. What an appropriate name. Should change his first name to SNOW. What an ass.

  14. Carole ANNE Quinn says:




  15. Mike says:

    Gees two senators with BRAIN CANCER in the same state in the same year …. What are the odds?

  16. Mott says:

    They have had OVER 2 years to find something, They have found Zip! Stop wasting my money and stop all ready!

  17. Jon Exner says:

    Let’s begin from the point of discussion that President Trump has already stated he was not going to fire mueller but wanted this to move along to an end.
    jeff flake was born with the appropriate last name HE IS a flake and an opportunist. He is using every opportunity to attack President Trump. He puts this bill forward knowing that it is an Unconstitutional bill.
    But I would like to see them pass this bill so that President Trump can veto it on the basis that it is Unconstitutional. Let them override the veto so it can be taken to the supreme court to show how politically motivated these people are in Congress.
    If they don’t override the veto then President Trump can prove that he will not fire mueller making Congress look even more stupid and petty than most people believe them to be.

  18. Paul says:

    Jeff Flake is such an easy target. Jeff, Flake Republican. Jeff Fake Republican Fake. I bet he was the squirrely kid that everyone disliked and bullies picked on. Personally, if there weren’t soo many Rino’s in the Senate, I’d say sure, vote on it, vote it down and put an end to it, but, it’s probably best if the thing is just handled via pocket veto. It is unprincipled and dangerous to set a precedent for an unaccountable prosecutor armed with the full resources of the government and law. It is my conviction that this present special counsel was wrongly appointed, in violation of both the constitution and the appointments act. He was basically told to go find a crime. What we see is the presumption of guilt and an effort to create proof of it. We are not given a statement of, here is a violation of such and such laws chapter and verse, all we have is innuendo and rumor which was created by the very actors that have been crying foul.

  19. Clyde says:

    God gave him a very appropriate surname

  20. Leon says:

    Flake needs to learn who the POTUS is, it is President Donald J. Trump who appointed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, so if President Trump has the power to appoint someone to an office, he also has the power to remove that person from office if he feels they are not doing their job(s). Too bad that President Trump can’t remove The Flake from office and send him home!

  21. Babbo says:

    AZ so lucky to finally be getting rid of the flake fake

    AZ so lucky to finally almost being rid of flakey fake Flake, a terrible disappointment ‘/.and fraud to the voters. Hopefully he won”t be in government again; we don’t need such a load on the taxpayers and President Trump doesn’t need this phony to try to stall his agenda.

  22. JKH says:

    By voting no on all nominees, regardless of their qualifications, Senator Flake is telling America he is NOT going to do the job he swore to do unless a bill is passed to violate the US Constitution’s balance of power provisions. Any congress-member that supports this unconstitutional bill is clearly violating their sworn oath to “support and defend” the US Constitution. It is their duty to recognize that simple legislation is NOT enough to amend the Constitution.

  23. Raymond Martucci says:

    The Senate should have had flake removed from his seat since he is not for the Republicans or for this country. Treat flake as a traitor and get rid of him flake is trying to be another Mccain a total ass fire him before he retires

  24. Bill says:

    Jeff Flake couldn’t possibly have a better last name, because his is nothing but one huge stinky Flaky Dude!

  25. Jerry says:

    The senate should just remove him from the committee for his unbecoming activities. In January he is gone anyway, so just expel him now. He has proven that he is incapable of fair jurisprudence and is willing to walk all over all nominees in order to extort votes from people. We call that BLACKMAIL and EXTORTION.

  26. Robert J Earl says:

    Rino Sen Flake does not seem to support any Republican principles and he thinks in lockstep with Dem Sen Coons. His Dem replacement will probably do less damage to the GOP than Sen Flake did. Please go away!

  27. Rick says:

    Flake is being played by his bed partner Senator Coons. Coons knows the bill won’t receive traction. He’s just using dumb-ass Flake as a pawn to delay judicial nominations/confirmations. I can’t believe how ignorant Flake can be. One would think, he’d want to go out on a favorable note instead of riding on a jackass!

    • M says:

      Rick, Amen, Flake is leaving the Senate riding a jackass! He is so low intelligence he has let them play him for a fool, for years! His decision to block judicial appointments will be a permanent black mark on his record.
      He was a disgrace to patriots, his State and his family during the Justice Kavanaugh hearing!
      He is not very bright, the GOP will be better off and the Dems will be worse off when their stooge is gone! Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  28. lisalles says:

    Flake is an embarrassment to Arizona. Actually, he is an embarrassment to Republicans. Geeze. He just needs to go away….forever.

  29. Jan says:

    What a loser is this Jeff Flake who happens to be aptly named!!!

  30. Gail says:

    Keep it up ! You are doing this to me all the time now . And I haven’t made duplicate copies . I don’t need you

  31. Gail says:

    What a disgrace this man has been to his state . This not a never Trumper . What he is , is. Never America or it’s people . He’s leaving office with terrible record .Flake was a democrat ran on a Republican ticket because he would have never got into office if he hadn’t . Now as we have seen Arizona is another state that allows voter fraud

  32. Rick says:

    Oh truther! Deep state is very real! 12 billionaires! From here to England! Rothchilds, Soros,bloomburg, you name it that’s been around since 50’s,, luckily one died in helicopter crash in England last year, news didnt report! So 11of them now! They been controlling governments since they murdered JFK. all president since then have been controls by them, all they are is speakers under deep state control! They own 80% of worlds money and banks! There exposed now and Trumps fighting them, Clintons and Obama’s, Bushes all part of it! Trump is the only hope we have! Why you think fake Muller and dems, Soros is fighting him so hard! They all could go to Gitmo!

    • Gretchen says:

      Flake and his demo creeps got what they deserve, what jokes they are. Lets get something done about fisa, bengazi, emails, doj and fbi, jail timefor some Mueller included.

  33. Bonnie says:

    Why keep this witch hunt going when it is all Democrat lawyers doing this. Where is the persecution of Clinton and the FICA plus the Clinton getting all these donations from foreign companies for “goodies” in return?

  34. Rick says:

    No prosecution for Hillery! If more people would stand up and demand answers and send petitions to Congress, they have to do something! Keep it going and keep her ass in court! Yeah she protected by deep state and CIA! Congress has to keep pushing for it! Shes as nasty and guilty as it get on multiple levels of crime from stealing kids to murder! She needs to be convicted and sentanced to death for treason,along with obama and sotos! Cia been involved since bill was governor and hauling his drugs with transport planes out of mena airport! Would have been easier back then to eliminate to idiots named Clinton than to know now how many people died cause of them! Lives ruined, so be still in jail! Got to get Clinton’s away from our goverment!!! Heard the bitch is looking at a parliament job in Canada with crime family Trudeau! What a joke she is! Cant stand to look at the nasty bitch!! No wonder bill was dipping his cigar in Monica’s you know what!

  35. Hey Little Flake, ask your Mommy the name of your real Daddy.

  36. truthistruth says:

    The Deep State is a made up conspiracy from the Alex “nutcase, scam” Jones wingnut group. If you look at Corsi’s books, as I have, you will see a JOKE fantasy that appears to be written by a teenager. It was Corsi who came up with the birther nonsense that even Trump has admitted is false.

    • Kep says:

      You commie vermin really do live in a fantasy world. The Kenyan communist interloper was a Manchurian candidate instilled into power by liberal communists. He had no more right to be in this country as do the illegal invaders that are trying to invade our borders. You communist creatures deserve less consideration than a cockroach. You are more akin to locusts that devour everything it it’s path and leaves a wasteland behind. EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU COMMUNIST LIBERAL VERMIN NEED TO BE ERADICATED FROM AMERICAN SOCIETY AND HUNTED TO EXTINCTION.

    • Hussein Obama specifically wrote in his college application s that he was born in Kenya. American media has chosen not to investigate. Sad time in America.

  37. Wrenchman says:

    These scabs, there’s nothing in the Constitution that allows such a vote, then again leftists couldn’t care less about the Constitution. Despicable people in our Govt

  38. Mike W says:

    I guess Flake – Coons and Mr. Potatohead – I mean “Sparticus” 😉 – must have missed Bruce Ohr’s testimony. Ohr has already testified that he kept certain people “in the loop” in regards to the Steele dossier being a fake in 2016. Two of those he named were Peter Strzok and Andrew Weissmann – two of Mueller’s henchmen. If they knew it was fake in 2016 you can bet the farm Mueller knew it too – long before he started his over $21,000,000 taxpayer funded farce. Mueller lied to the FISA courts to obtain warrants with this false document and should be held accountable. He should also be forced to pay restitution to the taxpayers. Further in 2016 Strzok was still working for Comey – so Comey knew it too. Now follow it up the chain of command – Comey – Lynch – Holder – Obama – they ALL knew. The Clintons and DNC paid for the damned thing so they knew. Further proof that the democrats are willing to LIE – CHEAT and STEAL to get what they want. How can anyone trust anything they say? Not just here but globally. Hell – how can they even trust each other

  39. Rick says:

    Flake name says it all!! Hes a flake! Hes more of a mormon democrap thsn a Republican, obviously money in his pocket from Soros got to his little brain! Another useless McCain. Investigate his job,,obviously corrupt! People who act like that or that stupid have something to hide! Funny how many democraps infiltrate Republican party to cause problems! Not hard to see them surface and come out of the woodwork! Another Flake!! Sure need to clean house!

  40. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    What happens when GOP nominates Communists pretending to be patriots in the old Soviet Union they were referred to as comrades.

    • Gini says:

      The only politician I ever heard describe a government worker or politician as a comrade was former President Barrack Obama. You need to think about that.

  41. John Evans says:

    I had heard that Jeff Flake was a RINO and that was confirmed during the Kavanaugh hearing. And this CLOWN has visions of RUNNING for President? Are you kidding me? What planet does he live on? He can’t even get enough seats from his constituents in Arizona to keep his Senate seat!! Who in hell is going to vote for him for President?

  42. Russ H says:

    Flake has got Optical Rectamitis .

  43. Charles says:

    You cannot make him look like something that he already is. His name says it all, because he is a flake. He also seems impressed with his own importance. Jeff Flake truly is a poor excuse for a human being.

    • Nicholas Kasper says:

      Ya got that right Charles! Every time I hear his name I think, Yep if he slipped and fell he’d float to the F’ING Ground!!!

    • Pete kennedy says:

      And he is on a lease controlled by his delware slave owner

    • Jerry Walker says:

      Jeff Flake should resign; go home.
      To protect his, and Mitt Romney’s, polygamy colonies in Mexico; they want open borders to continue human TRAFFICKING, drug TRAFFICKING, money laundering . They need to explain in detail, all their collaborators, and agendas to the American SOCIETY.

  44. Alan Lindenberg says:

    This jerk cannot be humiliated!

  45. LANI says:

    Flake the Flake & Ryan need to go away ALREADY. Both r a HUGE DISGRACE????

  46. mike stead says:

    keep him away from republicans we dont like him hes another antifica goon

  47. This is hard to believe that Jake the Flake can get away with what he is doing.
    Actually, it seems you can get away with any thing.

  48. Jan13 says:

    I voted “no” but if they do something to protect Mueller, it better include if and when he goes after Hillary & the DNC. It would also have to protect any other investigators that may go after the DNC, Hillary or any other person involved in dirty dealing against then candidate Trump.

  49. OLD VET says:

    how about we vote to get rid of the flake .he is a disgrace to himself and the country . nothing but traqsh .

    • Jan13 says:

      They did in Arizona, but elected a woman that looks to be a bigger flake than Flake was.
      Good that the GOP has a 6 seat Senate majority, but I don’t know if we can count on Collins, Romney, Sasse or Murkowski.

      • MARY says:


    • Joe says:

      He’ll be gone in a month

    • gibsg00 says:

      Don’t vote.Just pick the jackass up and throw his democrat hindtail out the door

  50. Navy PO2 says:

    How did Arizona ever elect this sissified puke?

    • me says:

      The same way Michigan keeps voting in stabintheback, lies, BS and union money wether members agree or not.

    • MARY says:


  51. Almos Berry says:

    Everything I hear is that the so called “Mueller Investigation” is unconstitutional since it was initiated in contrast to constitutional requirements to be in response to a criminal act. I have heard many “experts” comment about this. So why is it being allowed to continue in violation of the constitution?

    Also, since Obama’s DACA deal is unconstitutional, why are these so called “dreamers” not being deported?

    • truthistruth says:

      Are you way off base. The Whitewater investigation went on for 6 (SIX!) years and was not in response to a criminal act. In fact, they did not even find a misdemeanor on it – – but kept going for years and finally tripped up Clinton on a perjury trap. Second, this investigation is CLEARLY in response to the criminal act of Russia interfering in OUT 2016 election. When you think of the original purpose of seeing Russia’s involvement, then one has to ask why, if Trump were really innocent, would he be continually IMPEDING and OBSTRUCTING the investigation of Russia’s interference in OUR election? Trump is clearly guilty as can be and fighting it to protect his own ass.

      • Pete says:

        Maybe instead of bald generalizatons truthistruth could enumerate specific acts President Trump has taken TIT believes to have been illegal. FYI, collusion is not a crime listed in any federal criminal code. And if I recall correctly, when Mueller was appointed it was widely reported that he was to be just an investigator, not the prosecutor he has morphed into.

        • he was set up by rosenstein and comey to oust trump… look at the fbi shenigans.. it should of never been.

        • M says:

          Pete, Don’r we just love those dumber than dirt liberal TROLLS like TIT?

        • truthistruth says:

          Be happy to, Pete! The actual crime is called “conspiracy to defraud” and we know for sure that Don Jr. Jared and Manafort did it in regards to the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016 – – Trump sank his own family by a tweet on this. Second, numerous charges of “obstruction of justice’ starting with telling Comey to “lay off” Flynn (now plead guilty) and the probe, and when Comey would not, Trump, BY HIS OWN WORDS said Comey was fired “for the Russia probe.” Third, Cohen already plead guilty to campaign law violations that he did “at the direction of the president”. Fourth, in regards to payoffs of mistresses, he violated both federal and state tax laws along with campaign law violations. And, my best guess on the Russia probe report, is that Mueller has collected numerous incidents of money laundering and financial frauds.

          However, there may be more because no one if leaking from the Mueller team.

      • sally says:

        Not too sure where you are getting your information. And are you looking at everything. If Russia was the reason trump is in the white house, then I need to send a thank you card. This is the only person that I can think of that has done anything for this country in such a short time and keeping his word.

        If you are for illegal people coming in, please look around you and see how much it costs us tax payers. Please look around you and see senior citizens, who has given much to our community, be force to sell their homes because of increase taxes. Majority of our taxes goes to pay for social programs.

        But back to the russian probe. If this is clearly in response to the criminal act of Russia interfering, it was shared way before Trump came in that Obama do nothing should be looking into it. What do you say about russia and our democrates. Look a little deeper. who was involved with all the uranium deal…. I believe it was shared that muller was involved with the group.

        Please stop being a walking dead and look deeper than what is being shared with you because they —deep state—are banking on people who are spoon fed this stuff.

        • truthistruth says:

          The Deep State is a made up conspiracy from the Alex “nutcase, scam” Jones wingnut group. If you look at Corsi’s books, as I have, you will see a JOKE fantasy that appears to be written by a teenager. It was Corsi who came up with the birther nonsense that even Trump has admitted is false.

          • M says:

            tit, have you seen the video of a speech BHO made in which he says he is a Kenyan, born in Kenya, how did he get admitted to school as a foreign exchange student, so many questions about his unknown background. I saw the video he made.

          • zee says:

            Here ya go ‘tit’ 59 sec’s worth.
            >edumacate yourself.

          • Realzee says:

            M. Actually hussein ‘o’ did Not make that vid.
            > A Some0ne IN ‘that’ room taped & let it ‘loose’.
            & Now we have it. ___ FOR ALL TO SEE for ‘themselves’.
            > Hawks Really Are E’Where.

      • Charles Thurman says:

        truthistruth, to use an old slang response, you would not know the truth if it hit you in the face, so just go drink some more of the democrap tea that you are so high on, your optic nerve has got entwined in your small intestines giving you very bad vision of what the truth is

      • Sharon Lee says:

        Are you kidding right now? You must be or you’re brain is fried from smokin’ too much weed! I did not vote for Trump, but I also did not vote for Killary! I supported the independent candidate. That said, I have not observed ANY attempt on the part of Trump to IMPEDE or OBSTRUCT the SO-CALLED (phony) investigation of Russia’s interference in our election. Even your stupid muslim President Obummer knew before the election that Russia was trying to interfere, and DID NOTHING ABOUT IT!! So you go ahead with your uninformed drivel and see how many you can convince about your take on this!

      • Kadok says:

        lets see did trump sell uranium to Russians, hmm nope, but Clinton did and Obama approved it.
        Did trump lose 6 billion dollars while in office, hmmm nope, but Clinton did and was never held accountable for it. Did trump drop 400 million dollars in unmarked, untraceable currency over Iran at midnight, hmm nope but Obama did. Did trump use the IRS to harass non profit conservative organizations, hmmm nope but Obama did. Did trump spy on American citizens purely because they did not support Obama, hmmm nope but Obama did. Did trump leave 4 American citizens to die in Benghazi, hmmm nope but Clinton and Obama did. Did the boarder Patrol fire tear gas at illegal immigrants under trump administration, yep one time,, under Obama it was 79 times tear gas was used on illegal immigrants…. Funny how the left is so eager to tell us the evils of trump and yet they FORGOT ALL ABOUT THEIR OWN EVILS, that have still not been answered for….. Hypocrisy MUCH…

        • M says:

          Kadok, GREAAAAAT COMMENT! Hypocrisy of the left is an insult to humanity as they seem to forget there is audio or video or ink on everything they have ever said or done in modern history! No matter how many times they are proven wrong they continue to misrepresent truth and facts. This doesn’t make us look unintelligent, it makes them unintelligent liars!

  52. Dorothy says:

    In this traitor thinks he is going to run for President. Probably so, as a DemoRat since that is exactly what he really is. But even the Dems won’t vote for a traitor like him. As for Coons, it’s funny, Coons and Flake what a combination of traitors and idiots. They deserve everything bad that happens to them.

  53. Mork Jungle says:

    Flake is a mpron so good riddance. I wish jom the most awful luck in life the dumbass.

  54. Daniel Mount says:

    Actually, Jeff Flake is a very stupid and ignorant person. That should not hold the position of Senator or any other seat in Government except maybe Janitor.

    • David Lipsius says:

      He is not good enough to be a janitor. Many of them are very good people who give an honest days work for a days pay. Do not demean janitors.

  55. Rich says:

    What’s the problem with the “Political Water Supply” in Arizona?

    First we got McLame, the self-professed “Maverick”, now its Flakey Flake leaving a bowel deposit on the Senate floor and just how did a Democrat-Wacko, who hates Arizona, beat a respected military veteran in the recent Senate Race.

    Something stinks in AZ!

    • Jackie says:

      Copy that. Arizona is wired-wrong. They are straight up nuts in that state.

    • Arlie says:

      I know I live here and I can smell it too.

    • JDK says:

      I live there and I agree but AZ has been infiltrated by libs from CA & Midwest. They flee those states for better climate and business and then bring their liberal nonsense with them. Also the Dems have pouring billions into our state elections. The Sinema win had to be fraudulent because the Repub gov won by almost 300k votes but some how most of them split their ballots?

    • Ric B says:

      The problem in Arizona, as stated is that many liberals and other educated people now lived there and they are just too smart to be cult thinkers like the Trumpers. The sickness here is that the radicals have taken over the GOP and like Bulls in China shops, are causing chaos and attacking other, more intelligent members of their own party. People like Flake, Kasich, and Corker and others will have to rebuild the GOP from the most corrupt president since Nixon.

      • M says:

        Ric B, Totally stupid brain dead lying liberal. You have the common sense of a dead leaf and couldn’t find your rear end in the dark using both hands. Ric B, you are a disgrace and embarassment to patriotic Americans. You think you are so intelligent but everytime you write a degrading, bullying comment you prove your only real strength is exercising meanness and hatefulness. You are an evil tool of all that is unholy! As Jeremiah Wright said, “your chickens will come home to roost”. You deserve whatever they bring!
        But, you have a lovely evening, you jerk!

      • Celia says:

        Your comments always let us know that you are a pompous ass. Every comment includes remarks about others intellect. Why is that? Do you feel inferior to others? Even if you have an education it appears it didn’t raise your IQ to the level you would like it to be. For five generations my family has attended college and received multiple degrees, the last generation now at MIT. We do not act self important, why do you? Maybe you are not capable of thinking outside of the box, like Trump is. Pat yourself on the back because nobody else will. Self praise stinks is something my father (Clemson) always said.

  56. John Centonze says:

    This snake in the grass and now Sinema! Arizona, Arizona, when did you lose your mind?

  57. Daniel Mount says:

    Jeff Flake is a flake.

  58. LARRY says:

    Flake did not run again for Senator because his 16% popularity doomed him to defeat. won because CA sent their election fraud experts to steal the election for him. If we do not stop this election fraud, our whole country will become CA, which has the lowest quality of life in the US.

  59. Fr Tom Martin says:

    There is a Dan Rather out there somewhere is tired of waiting for the big time spot. He will decide to gamble and come out first with a story that weill lead to the truth. He will not know if he is right but will take a chancege is,”THE PRESID DEAD” not yet but Rather got lucky within minutes he was.

    The truth will come out by a screw up!

  60. STEVE FLOWERS says:


  61. Chris says:

    If Trump is innocent there shouldn’t be a problem with protecting the Mueller investigation and letting it come to a conclusion. Obviously there’s fear that the investigation will lead to impeachment. Looks like a Flake can now block any of Trump’s Federal judge appointments.

    • M says:

      Chris, If there was fear of the Mueller investigation leading to impeachment, DJT would have shut it down long ago, it has “only” been going on almost two years. These yahoos just want their bill passed to poke President Trump in the eye.
      As for “Flake” Flake blocking judge appointments, he probably would have voted against them anyway.
      Flake is a Trump Hater, and usually doesn’t need an excuse to vote against him, so what else is new?

    • Patsy says:

      I consider Flake a traitor, and a fool , He is so jealous of Trump its pathetic . I do not understand how we just keep paying Mueller a salary for nothing . There is a reason behind all of this crap ,they are hiding from The American People .

    • Jan says:

      chris… The witch Hunt you speak of has been going on for 2 years, which is, in itself, Rediculous…They can not be allowed to continue their nitpicking and going after just anyone because they couldn’t get Trump on the bogus collusion. The reason it is a witch hunt is because they couldn’t get anything on trump and collusion, so in desperation they strayed way off course and started investigating random people for non related charges… That is the definition of a Witch Hunt. It’s a SHAM CIRCUS and should be Stopped NOW.

  62. Dave S says:

    Again Arizona proves it is the new land of flakes. First Flake and now Sinema. It looks like a bunch of flakes from CA have invaded AZ. Yet they kept McCain when it was obvious he was challenged mentally when he voted for obummercare.

    • DON says:

      mccain was a dem in a rep. suit if you followed him he sided with the dems most of the time he was a ZERO and not a HERO way back then and will always be remembered as a ZERO!!!!!!

  63. truckman says:

    Flake is true to his name for he is a true flake and should not ever be allowed to hold more important than a dog catcher

  64. a fool says:

    No, the President did not reitres him! He did it all by himself for being MINDLESS!

    • zee says:

      Mark wisdom people, many Republicans are waiting for the Trump political fiasco to implode, as it is starting to right now. And when that happens, these Republicans, generally the more educated ones, will step in and rebuild their party from the mess created by the Trumper cult followers. 60% of America now disapproves of Trump and the Democrats votes in midterms was close to NINE million more than votes for Republicans. Trump will be lucky to protect his own freedom and keep out of jail.

      • M says:

        fake phony zee, fake phony zee!


        • Realzee says:

          that is correct M. ANY TIME you see ‘smack’ ink – it is Not
          the Real me. zee. I was at work place Today !!!
          The fake moronic ink Cannot hurt me. haha. PPL that
          have read my posts for Many months, KNOW I AM a PATRIOT
          & DEFEND USA & POTUS.

      • glowy says:

        the following people should be behind bars{ obambam, comey, Rosenstein,brennan,Mueller and his band of Clinton followers, jarret,clapper,Clinton and the list goes on

  65. James P Hutchins says:

    Flake is a liberal clown puppet who is irrelevant to the American people and the Great State of Arizona happy Retirement flake remember President Donald Trump retired you.

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