Never-Trumper Jeff Flake made a complete fool of himself with this speech

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is retiring this year because his poll numbers are in the tank.

Now he’s auditioning to be MSNBC’s favorite RINO.

And he made a complete fool of himself (again) for all the world to see.

Sen. Flake caved into Democrats demanding another FBI investigation into uncorroborated allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Fresh off that embarrassment, he appeared on stage with fellow Senate Judiciary Committee Member, Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) at the Global Citizen Music Festival.

Flake joked, “you can join me in an elevator any time.”

Flake has emboldened Leftists who subscribe to Maxine Waters’ campaign playbook.

Earlier this year, Waters called on her radical supporters to “confront” Republicans everywhere from restaurants to gas stations.

Jeff Flake was dressed down in an elevator by a radical Code Pink activist.

He folded like a cheap suit.

In the minds of radical Leftists, this despicable tactic worked.

Flake did vote Kavanaugh through the committee conditional on yet another FBI investigation.

Kavanaugh has already passed six FBI background checks with flying colors.

Flake has played right into the Democrats hands.

Their only play is to delay the confirmation vote on Kavanaugh as much as possible.

This new FBI investigation should be wrapped up within a few days.

But then the Democrats will simply say it wasn’t thorough enough and call for another investigation.

Flake is being used by the Democrats.

And he’s totally clueless.


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107 Responses

  1. Eyeball says:

    Chrissy and Jeffie…..Hmmmm?

  2. Gary says:

    One thing Jeff Flake needs to consider is that if he votes against Kavanaugh he will go down in history book’s for all his future offspring that wish to know something about him, first thing they will see is he was a traiter to his political party. That he deserting them at the last minute and going over to the democrats leaving the republicans without a chance to achieve their agenda.

    • Joseph says:

      Even more important than that they will see what a moron he was. He was used and abused by the Democrats. Every Democrat in the country could out witt this man. He has to the dumbest senator that has served this country. The only way he was elected was though endorsements from John McCain! John McCain like all of the Democrats knew he was an easy mark and could be controlled.

  3. Res Whitmer says:

    He’s not only an embarrassment to his nation, he’s also an embarrassment to his state, and likely his family. He was well founded in Conservative values until he decided to take John McCain on as his Idol. John McCain was never the hero he claimed to be, having for instance causing the death of a hundred and twenty three sailor and almost sinking the carrier he was on with what he thought was a big joke! those who served time with him in Vietnam with him didn’t have anything good to say about him. He came home from Vietnam and began hitting the bars and taking women, leaving his wife who had held the family together for the seven years he was imprisoned. She was in an auto accident and crippled, so he divorced her and went looking for money. He found her. He came to Arizona because his antics were know there. He sold himself as a hero, and Arizonans foolishly elected him as such. He served first as Representative, then when Carl Haden retired he went for the Senate! I tell people that he was not Arizona’s Senator, but Massachusetts’ third senator, because he never voted against his model and best friend Teddy Kennedy!

  4. Breaker 19 says:

    He did not cave in to the Democrats, It was a woman in the elevator doing what Maxine Waters told her to do. Did you see the look on his face, He was scared to death. He should have told her to shut her mouth and closed the elevator door, and leave her out in the hall screaming. He won’t vote for Kavanaugh. If he does, he knows since it worked for this woman, every woman following Maxine’s orders will be screaming at him every where he goes.

  5. Make a fool of himself? Did not to work too hard at that. He is a real flake.

  6. Mott says:

    He’s on his way out so he don’t care and looks to cause as much “Damage” as he can before he goes.

  7. el Dorko says:

    Obviously this moron did not make himself a fool, he was already a mega-fool. And he’s a US Senator. WE arein a very bad way with people like this, and most of the others, in the Senate. A very bad way indeed!

  8. tony winters says:

    Jeff Flake makes a fool of himself just by getting out of bed in the morning

  9. Rex Whitmer says:

    Flake is really an honorable man, or at least he was until he was elected to the Senate. There a dishonorable man took Flake under his wing.. From that time on it seemed as if he had no mind. The man who took him under his wing the senior senator from Arizona. John McCain was elected six time from AZ. He was supposed to be a conservative, but when it was voting time he always found a way to vote with the Democrats! Flake at this time was really too old to be senior worshiper. We don’t know what Mc
    Cain did or said to take him from being the most conservative member in the House to being a RINO in the Senate. I don’t know who in this state voted for Mc Cain, I’ve never seen an Arizonan who would admit the he or she did vote for him! He seems to lack the strength to resurrect himself, and it’s saddening. Now, apparently MSNBC has hired him. They’re anything but Conservative. We’ll have to wait so see!

    • TJ says:

      John McCain was very honorable…u haven’t got a clue. You all want to pick him apart but if you talk to ANY sitting senator on either side will tell you the same. It’s not a bad thing to have guys and do what you believe.

      • Tunamister says:


    • gary says:

      And what are you Americans prepared to do about this chaos called the corrupt swamp ? . Rely on voting which can be used by the unpatriotic democrats, rhinos tool the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES and fraudulent means of elections results to manipulate those that are the dumbed down blind masses called snowflakes and for fraudulent means of elections?! President Trump so far seems to have to get tough because they would and are on him! You Americans also cannot rely on todays American democracy because it is in chaos thank’s to liberals and unpatriotic democrats and rhinos gone amuck without true patriotic resistance!

  10. When Flake was being interviewed today by one of the major media outlets, he suggested that if he was going to run again for office, he would never have considered never mind contemplated, asking for the FBI investigation and the week long extension for the democrat dimwits. Goes to show you exactly what kind of man Jeff Flake really is.

  11. Charles says:

    Flake is a flake , dumbacrat ass kisser all he is .. he should have been a dumbasscrat ..he should quit if he thinks he’s a head ,but ahead of what though ……big MORON …

    • Dora says:

      Charles, he has join the Antifa (Soros) group we might even see him dressed in black so no one will know it’s him. They have to covered their face for fear they will be labeled. Join MSNBC at night and protest day rallies

      • gary says:

        What are you Americans prepared to do about the corruption tool for anti-American agendas of unpatriotic democrats George Soros HUH!

        • Raymond says:

          Nothing Gary,absolutely nothing..getting the conservatives,or republicans to do anything about anything.Is like pulling teeth.First of all they have to have the balls,and the courage.And I do not see anything happening to the Anti American groups.If there is no one to fight them back.They are winning with the Liberal Propaganda Machine (the Media)

  12. K says:

    Flake didn’t have to try hard to sound like a fool, IT COMES NATURALLY TO HIM.
    He is another AZ McCain, Republican in name only. So pleased he is out, very soon!

    • Dora says:

      He will be joining Maxine Waters encouraging violence toward conservatives, elementary kids mentality. One minute they are so happy with his around his friend the next minute he is pissed at his friend for playing with someone else.

  13. Dr. JD says:

    Brand new poll came out today from Strategic Research Associates that showed that the majority of Americans OPPOSED Kavanaugh as an SC judge (48% to 42% approve) and it is especially opposed by American women 55% to 37%. Kavanaugh started very low on approval — actually had negative approval even before the sexual assault allegations, but it has continued to decrease over time. Probably will be getting a lot of responses about how that is not true. especially from people or face real data.

    • Bob says:

      Here you are again Dr DJ, spreading lies. Surely, you do not believe polls, do you? Because if you do, it just supports your very liberalism. Remember, the polls had Hillary Clinton winning in 2016, and we all know the results of that erroneous and bias efforts.

  14. Andy R says:

    flske is a FLAKE. I feel sorry for his family ,That have to see him as a backstabber. But then he comes from clinton home state. With all the rest of Heros.

  15. al says:

    Go after Scummer, commie lowlife!

  16. Van says:

    Jeff Flake is a traitor just like John McCain. Just another American backstabbing criminal Rhino who needs to be hung.

  17. Herbert Woodbury says:

    Flakee is not clueless. He dam well knows EXACTLY what he is doing.
    He has been a RINO since his first election.
    The real fools here are the idiots that kept re-electing him.

  18. Shelba J. Holmes says:

    Flake is a flake who needs a good lengthy bunch of sessions with a good shrink. This man has a whole bunch of his marbles just rolling around with no rhyme or reason.

    • Charles Thurman says:

      Shelba, you are right and when the shrink gets through with him he needs to come to TEXAS and let a cowboy talk with him out by the barn, the ass whooping he so richly deserves would not wash off. I would bet his parents want to change their names and deny they ever knew the flake.

    • Charles Thurman says:

      Jeff Flake needs an old fashioned ass whooping, he is worse than the despicable DEMON CRATS, that have this weak minded rino on their string, I heard they caught him having sex with a chicken

  19. truthistruth says:

    Your question was “do you think Jeff Flake is a national embarrassment” – – my answer was “no” because the national embarrassment is many of these Trumpons who refuse to stop being cultist followers and recognize that Brett Kavanaugh has lied under oath several times and clearly has a problem with drinking too much and being a belligerent person when he drinks too much. All that seems to come from many of you is radical venom and irrationality.

    • Jean Forbes says:

      truthistruth. Just stay on your meds. It might help in a few years, but I doubt it.

      • Dora says:

        truthistruth, is a national embarrassment, let face some reality most college students done alot of drinking but what counts is what they do about their future after they graduate is the most important. truthistruth probably couldn’t get a job so ( whatever it claims it gender) went home to live the parents basement.

    • Dean says:

      Just one problem pal, you have NO evidence. Anyone can say anything about anybody. That does not make it fact. Can you even understand that in order to prove anyone guilty, you need evidence? Witnesses who can prove what they say is true. Physical evidence. She has NONE. What is so hard to understand here.

    • David A. Fogal says:

      Truthistruth?? Please change your name to falseisfalse!! I shouldn’t even respond to your stupidity.

    • Susanne Pann says:

      You are the dumb one there is no evidence the people she called to testify all said she was wrong! You did not watch the hearing! She lied she couldn’t remember anything, it was a farce the dems paid her! It was wrong to ever start the hearing, over 30 years ago the limitation time was over. She had enough money to take care of it when it happened if it did! So you are wrong and this farce is against his civil, constitutional rights and Bill of rights! Did you not go to school!

      • truthistruth says:

        No Susanne, she was not allowed to call her two witnesses. I watched the whole hearing and I am sure I am more educated than you. Three of that group just said they did not remember that gathering, not that she was wrong. See, you are WRONG about the statute of limitations – – there is none in Maryland where the sexual assault took place, There is not one right that was violated in his rights AND he violated the law several times by perjury.

        • Steff says:

          Saying you are more educated is not proven by your comments. THERE IS A STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON MISDEMEANORS IN MARYLAND. THERE IS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON RAPE. What two witnesses was she going to call? ALL OF HER WITNESSES SAID THEY HAVE NO RECOLLECTION OF THESE EVENTS. She refused to turn over her therapist notes. She lied about what led up to see a therapist. Her timing took four years to decide to see a therapist after she had her visions of the past. Her own husband in an interview indicated that his wife has always needed attention and felt it was due her. There are so many inconsistencies in her story(s). Shirk off the chains of the communists and think for yourself. I WILL VOTE FOR THE REPUBLICANS IN NOVEMBER…..MAGA!!

        • JANICE says:

          She couldn’t call the witness because they all said it was incorrect in her “memories”. Though I am sure something happened to her, but this story is too full of holes. I sincerely doubt that you are anywhere near more educated than the other responders. No one has said the statute of limitations has passed with these charges. Keep digging…..

    • Terri Newman says:

      you must be a bath house barry follower!

    • Bring it on says:

      truthistruth should just keep on being the Dumbocrats towel and waterboy.
      Dumborats seem to want to start a civil war with these antifa numbnuts, a lot of us are only glad to oblige them.

      • truthistruth says:

        see you PROVED what I said: “All that seems to come from many of you is radical venom and irrationality.”

        • Steff says:

          No! We are just sick and tired of all the lies, bigotry, racism, and thugs who are representative of the demonrats. Antifa and
          BLM are going face the wrath of the deplorables, and they will run like the cowards and bullies that they are.

    • Charles Thurman says:

      truthistruth, you would not hear the truth if GOD came down and spoke directly to you, I really feel sorry for you and people like you, you are doing exactly what you accuse others of, you are so blinded by the things that the demos tell blatant lies about, and then you tell blatant lies about this man lying when you know good and well that he did not lie. You are a coward and are no better that those corrupted senators on the left.

    • Lew says:

      Your answer is a true leftist, commie, America hating liberal. The radical venom is from democRAT low life liars such as yourself. Show me one lie that wasn’t started by classless scum,democRATS.

  20. john says:

    It is very likely that FLAKE saved the Kavanaugh appointment.

  21. Richard says:

    What a spineless POC !!
    Yes, Mr. Flip Flop Flake !!!
    He IS in the wrong party, and in the wrong capacity !!!

  22. Bill says:

    Flake’s name describes him perfectly. Tell the stinkin’ rino to bite it.

  23. Bruce House says:

    Flake is a coward! By his own admission he would have never what he’s doing to day! So he never was serious about his position as a senator or even being a true conservative! He never was never on board with Pres. Trump so he said he wasn’t going to run again and he basically took the Dem.’s resist and block anything POTUS put in front of the senate! Otherwise he became a Dem. for all parts and understandings! Like I said Jeff Flake is nothing but a coward!

  24. steve says:

    if you don’t think that elevator was a set then there is defiantly something wrong with your thinking. this greer guy that made a post REALLY did u even see ANY of the hearing an question to Kavanaugh damn man im glad u didn’t have my back…… SEMPER FE>>>>>>>71/75

    • Steff says:

      OOH RAH!! I’ll cover your back anytime and any place and so will all of my military friends and relatives. Just give me a call.- and we’ll come running! Semper Fi!!!!!!!

      • bob says:

        OOHRAH !!! Back to you and Semper-Fi , Do or Die Brother. I don’t think that they want to start a revolution as they sure as H— would be outnumbered. SgtMaj, USMC (RET)

  25. JimBo says:

    He’s (Flake) as crooked as his nose.

  26. Garth Croft says:

    Jeff Flake and John McCain ran on the Republican ticked but they were wolves in sheep’s clothing. They were and are in bed with the Democrats. He is clueless when it comes to what President Trump is doing and how he goes about it.
    He thinks he is educated, but he needs to take smart pills.

  27. N says:

    ‪Expose, boycott, prosecute all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump! Vote Republican in Nov to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrat rule. No RINOs, please!‬

    • Ric B says:

      You, and people like you, are the reason they make psych meds. Take some soon.

      • Steff says:

        You know I don’t remember any of the Trump fans yelling at the sky, crying for “safe spaces”, threatening to take their own lives, or planning to exterminate us. This shows who needs psych meds even though they are terminal.

  28. John Greer says:

    Flake is an embarrassment because he did not call for a COMPLETE
    INVESTIGATION of Kavanaugh, no matter where it might end up.
    Given Kavanaugh’s history, I fail to understand how anyone with a modicum of intelligence would support him being approved to the Supreme Court…
    EXCEPT those who would like to see this Country POLARIZED.
    Vietnam era veteran

    • Jim says:

      John, You are basing your determination on Judge Kavanaugh on a DEMOCRAP’s mentality! This man is, in my mind, being railroaded by the DEMOCRAPS 100%. Did you not watch the entire testimony??? I suggest that you look at this with a smidgeon of EMPATHY, and I am hopeful that you will at least leave room for the following—She has no accurate memory, she has NO witnesses, she has been USED by Ms. FEINSTEIN , and abused by her by not handling the letter as she promised she would do, She LEAKED the contents of the letter to the press, She did not inform Dr. Ford that they would fly to California to interview her,,,,,I absolutely cannot accept ANY of FEINSTEIN’s arguments or charges. AND FLAKE IS JUST LIKE HIS LAST NAME!!!!! FLAKE!!!!!
      Judge Kavanaugh has undergone 6 SIX FBI investigations over the past years, with absolutely ZERO ALLEGATIONS AGAINST HIM!!!! The CROOKED DEMOCRAPS are going to level more crap at the FBI and Judge Kavanaugh to get even with the Gorsich nomination and confirmation of his appointment to the COURT

    • angelo says:


    • Doc JD says:

      I agree John. Many of Kavanaugh’s classmates and all three accusers describe how he is a belligerent drunk. He lied numerous times under oath, one was he claimed they were “legal to drink” even though the drinking age was 21; and these gems: . ”Boofed” — Kavanaugh claimed this term referred to flatulence. It actually referred to anal sex. The quickness with which Kavanaugh came up with this response showed that it was a lie he had worked out in advance. Then ”Devil’s Triangle” — Kavanaugh claimed it was a drinking game. It was actually a sexual act involving two men and one woman.
      And , , , Kavanaugh claimed that his social group did not associate with girls from the private school Holton-Arms. Multiple members of Kavanaugh’s class at Georgetown Prep disputed this.

      • Tom Foolery says:

        …and the FBI missed all this…six times….!!!
        …as did every one he’s worked for….
        …your fascistcrat inDOCtrination is on display for all to see…

    • Steff says:

      Are you a true veteran or just another Sen. Richard Blumenthal? Unfortunately you may be suffering from PTSD because THIS COUNTRY HAS BECOME TOTALLY POLARIZED AS A RESULT OF THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER, BARRY ODUMMY. Vote Republican in November!!! MAGA!!!!!!!

  29. Wahotsdad says:

    Flake is such a self serving POS it makes me sick! A totally gutless unprincipled slug! Thankfully he’ll be gone from the senate in January!

  30. Karl Kittsteiner says:

    With a name like Flake I think that says it all. He is a total idiot who should be on the demoncrats side being on the wrong side of the isle. Good riddance to bad trash.

  31. Linda says:

    Ana Maria Archila, one of the women who confronted Jeff Flake on the elevator at the Capitol after he said he was voting for Brett Kavanaugh, is the co-executive director for the Center for Popular Democracy and the Center for Popular Democracy Action Fund.

    The Center For Popular Democracy is heavily funded by George Soros.

    Flake is manipulated by Soros.

  32. Keith D says:

    Their NEEDS to be a new RINO party just Demon Rat LIGHT!!!

  33. vernon lindblade says:

    This dude needs to be tarred and feathered and sent packing

  34. Hugh Turner says:

    At least his name matches his actions. Glad he is leaving. 2 Rino from AZ gone. Maybe as he leaves he will drag the rest of the Rino and demotards with him

  35. Arschloch says:

    The name Flake is perfect for one who acts as he does. The only job that he is qualified for is cleaning toilets with his tongue; under close supervision.

  36. Monica L Brown says:


  37. anonymous says:

    I am afraid that the words I would use to describe this FLAKE would be viewed by the left to be racist. I’ll just say FU you F…N Flake

  38. Lou says:

    You are right on baby

  39. r says:

    Flake spoke up and removed all doubt.

  40. Ginger says:

    As a woman, I saw this as a complete set up. They had he screaming women and cameras ready to catch spineless Jeff Flake. Flaky Flake knows that this is all a scheme for him to get friendly with the left before leaving office. One thing about the left, they seem to have plenty of money to throw around for the right sell out. Soon after leaving office, he will be on either CNN or MSNBC, he will have a book deal, and he will be running for president as a Democrat. How convenient.

    • AB55 says:

      This was a set up, why is this woman blaming him, why doesn’t she go after her attacker??
      Soros paid for all these women to stand by along w/ the Democrats, he pays good money I guess.

  41. Rick says:

    That sonofabitch wouldn’t walk out of that elevator !

  42. PJ says:

    No Thanks——-I’ll take the stairs-Not ride in an elevator with him

  43. James P Hutchins says:

    flake is a liberal clown who caters to the liberal scumbags.

  44. Gregg Ricker says:

    Wake up America before it is to late. Keep America Great. Protect the American citizens with security and jobs. Vote Republican for prosperity and security!

  45. Mike says:

    Jeff Flake is the type of person that should have not resigned. He has a conscience and is rational, something that is lacking on both sides of the aisle. It’s unfortunate that things have digressed to this state, but the republicans, especially Mitch McConnel has set this stage by blocking the Obama Supreme Court nominee for a year.

    • Cecil Simmons says:

      Fck Flake!!!

    • Rick says:

      Shut Up stupid !

    • Buddy says:

      No way Mike. James P. Hutchins has it right. Flake is a Flake with NO Balls.

    • bob jones says:

      vote for obama again and finish america off.

    • Barbara says:

      When are you folks gonna get it!! It was a rule set up by the democrats that a Supreme Court justice does not get to be appointed in a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION YEAR!! Obama got 2 Supreme Court justices approved during the mid-term election cycle!!! GOT IT NOW!!! So stop harping on Merrick Garland!!!

      • Ric B says:

        And truthistruth just said all you seem to have is anger, vitriol and irrationality! Why, just look at the calm and rational discourse of Barbara . . . do it soon because she may blow a gasket at any time.

    • Antonio Scalia just so happened to die at a very convenient time for Obama…sooooo convenient. I’m glad that appointment was held up. Don’t need activist judges on the panel….what you guys can’t get done thru illegal executive order, you’ve sent to the activist and RINO juduciary to get done. NO MORE!!!!! It’s high time for textual interpretation of the law….not legislation from the bench!!!!!

    • David says:

      And you hate Trump for beating your Hilldog like an old horse, right?

  46. Steff says:

    Flake is a total loser and he knows it. He is trying to make a name for himself by being subservient to the liberal communists in the Senate and MSM. He has lost the last iota of respect in his actions now. I would not be surprised to see him forced to leave Arizona. Maybe he should move to Venezuela.

    • tgw says:

      I live in Az , and Flake could not leave quick enough for me. Never voted for him

      • Bev says:

        Same here…… love Arizona…….. Despise Flake!!! Next to Trump he is the biggest loser fool in the entire country!!! California has more losers…… we have the biggest loser of all!!!! Haven’t voted for him once……. will NEVER vote for this egotistical loser!!!!!!!

  47. Linda says:

    What else do you expect out of a Democrat. I am not shocked at what any one associated with the Democratic party would do. All they are doing is showing their disloyalty to the american people and to our country. They have no credibility at all. WAKE UP AMERICA before its too late. Diane Fienstein should be ashamed of herself and others for what they have done to the Honorable Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Democrats in Washinton want to murder babies and destroy our freedom of religion ,etc. So, Why not destroy someone who works to give a voice to those who can’t speak. Jeff Flake is a coward.

  48. Russ Palmer says:

    Flake is just another Nazi Commie Liberal. Why would one be so good friends with Coons a Nazi Commie Liberal ?

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