Never-Trumper Jeff Flake just proved he’s a sore loser with this attack on Trump supporters

Jeff Flake is the leading voice for the few Never-Trump Republicans left in office.

He’s a constant fixture on mainstream media shows.

And he just stooped to a new low with this insult to Trump supporters.

Flake is claiming that the Republican Party is doomed despite the fact that he’s one that is being forced to retire because no one likes him.

But he’s pointing the finger at Trump’s supporters.

The Hill reports:

Retiring Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said in a new interview that the Republican Party has been inured to the danger of President Trump’s continued criticism of special counsel Robert Mueller.

“It’s like the party is a frog slowly boiling in water, being conditioned to not be worried, to not think too hard about what’s happening around them,” Flake told The Washington Post.

“They feel at a loss about what to do because it’s the president’s party, without any doubt,” he said. “So, there’s a lot of whistling by the graveyard these days.”

Flake, who has been a longtime critic of Trump’s, is in a standoff with other Senate Republicans over Trump’s judicial nominees.

President Trump has a 90 percent approval rating among Republicans.

He swooped in promising to drain the swamp and the Republican base is rewarding him.

Jeff Flake’s failure was siding with the establishment wing of the party, which has done nothing but stab grassroots conservatives in the back.

In fact he’s even threatening to block all of Trump’s judicial nominees during the lame duck session of Congress.

But Flake and other never-Trumpers like John Kasich are trying to position themselves for a 2020 primary challenge.

The media would be cheering them on all the way.

But Jeff Flake’s influence is waning and he will soon be a distant memory.

The only question that remains is how much trouble will Flake give Trump on his way out?

And will he challenge the President in a 2020 primary?


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109 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    Now that Flake is no longer sucking on a government tit, finding a paying job for an unskilled looser is difficult. But wait, he should apply to CNN, MSNBC, and other Hate Trump media where he could spew his venom and hate and get paid for it.

  2. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Fluck Fake.

  3. Robert Wilkinson says:

    Who would want a ‘flake’ in the Whitehouse? We have had Navy men…Kennedy, George H.W. Bush, a playboy…Clinton, a man who gave American’s money away (150 billion) for nothing….Obama; however we’ve never had a flake! At present we have an astute businessman who renegotiated NAFTA, put a stop to Korean nuclear testing by taking a tough line approach, speaking for the entire free world, which got the Korean dictator’s attention! Unemployment is at an all-time low, numbers of new jobs are skyrocketing!!
    Who would want a ‘flake’ in the Whitehouse’? Really? Let’s give Trump 4 MORE YEARS and see what he can do!!! The man’s productivity is off the charts! He’s draining the swamp to get things done and KEEPING his campaign promises. For Heaven’s sake, let him build a wall with American money instead of giving it away and let him change out the 4″ PVC drain line he is currently using to do the draining, and install a concrete main drain……Then we’ll really be set to undertake making America great again!

  4. krystiques says:

    Flake is one person who truly lived up to his name! And I believe he is delusional enough to actually believe he could run for the Presidency.

  5. Poor Mr. Snowflake, no one loves him anymore. Wah, wah, wah.

  6. gary b vogt says:

    America will be better off with Flake gone. He is not the only worthless son-of-a-bitch RINO . Arizona either cheats their candidates in or sends incompetents like Flake and McCain. Both were/are spiteful bastards.

  7. Hey Little flake, just a little rain on your parade, ask your Mommy the name of your real Father.
    OK, changed my mind, your real Father is your Grandfather.

    • Happy One says:

      What was this news about the Flake family taking care of dogs ???? for another family last Summer? I think the Flakes let the animal get too hot!

  8. Monkey says:

    If this crooked nose faced pseudo liberal thinks he would ever get any kind of nomination, he is sicker than anyone knows……just like all Democrats……..he is a Shame to the Republican Party. He better think of saving all his millions he made in office for his future, as he will probably not even make it on a CNN network speaker…….no one would listen to his lies. Just like Paul Ryan….also a never Trumper who has hurt our lawmaking since he became speaker….he is just like old lying Boehner and now Pelosi………let them all get together and have a frenzy of why they are nobody’s ………………ha ha ha ha hga

    • I agree with you Monkey. In fact, I can’t imagine Flake ever getting any votes from his State now that they have all seen what he is all about and an embarrassment to them and their state. He was voted in as a Republican from Republicans and his votes are with democrats. You know those people were sorry to give him their votes and no doubt would never ever vote for him again for anything.

  9. trapperwv1 says:

    Flake said one thing correct, it is President Trumps party not the republicans or democrats . If the republicans don’t wake up and get on board and embrace the dems from the walkaway movement the dems will win in 2020 and that would be a complete disaster for our country. We need to eradicate both party’s and get people with integrity into our elected offices and rid our country of lying pandering politicians. This is why President Trump is successful he is not a politician and the rest of them can’t handle it.

  10. Glenn says:

    I wish Flake would melt away and be done with it. He has no good points .

  11. Marcia says:

    Apparently Jeff Flake will say and do anything to win media favor. He becomes more disgusting each time he pontificates. He is like a spoiled child in mid-tantrum. He represents only himself.

  12. Bill says:

    Goes to show – Jeff Flaky Flake, is a 100% genuine real flake. Notice, he was not a candidate for reelection in AZ, which just about says it all – doesn’t it? Well Flaky Flake as usual after being forced into retirement, by the AZ Voters, as usual landed on his a$$, as all losers do, with his head stuck so far up his butt his vision is now clouded in a murky brown color! It is no wonder, that Flaky Flake, flaked out on us, because he is really a left wing filthy, mentally ill, homosexual with a propensity and addiction for child molestation, i.e., based according to what I was told by informed, reliable sources who wish to continue to remain anonymous since they don’t have permission to talk on this subject. I can not confirm or deny what I’ve been told, you’ll have to decide for yourself about Flaky Flake being a stinking mentally ill homosexual child molester! If you ask me, I can say, without fear of contradiction, that more likely then not any day Flaky Flake will come out of the closet and confess his deep emotional illness of his homosexuality and child molester addiction, but we’ll have to wait for it to be exposed by him or someone else, we’ll see. 🙂

  13. Bill says:

    Jeff Flake is nothing more then a far left wing homosexual, child molesting, Democrat hiding out in Republican clothing, I say to Hell with this son-of-a-bitch, kick him out of the Party and revoke his U.S. Citizenship and send his body parts to every country on earth except here! Of course we might consider trying the bastard for Treason.

  14. Kara Wright says:

    He can now put on his resume Traitor and all around whiny.

  15. Rich says:

    What’s with the political water supply in Arizona?

    We got the Maverick, McLame who voted against many Republican initiatives, then we suffered while Flakey Flake was in office and finally, the honorable lady who should have won the Senate battle, lost to another, even weirder Flake.

    Something must be in the political water supply?

    • Bob says:

      Nothing wrong with the initial supply – more likely it’s the recycled water which has been flushed through all of the Californicated homes in Tucson and Phoenix/Maricopa County. Not good enough to ruin their own idiotic state – let the illegals take that over (and not pay the ridiculous tax rates) while carpetbagging into Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Texas, Georgia, etc. and pollute / poison our states as well. Oh course, Hollyweird and big-money Sillycon execs have all of the answers over we rubes in flyover country (yes, I’m being cynical…).

  16. Tom says:

    Flake is why Republicans should never let a Libertarian run as a Republican.

  17. Norman says:

    Poor flake. He is wrong again. He is mistaking the whistling by the graveyard for frustration by the citizens but it is actually a celebration because it is for joy that his political career is lying in that graveyard. The republican voters are overjoyed because another rhino bites the dust. When Kasich leaves the governorship his career will be buried there also. The swamp will have lost two more when January! Good riddance!!!!

  18. Don says:

    Flake is aptly named and nothing but a whiny, childish punk who’s aprents failed him.

  19. Bill Cash says:

    Flake, definitely the right name, won’t try a presidential election attempt. He knows that the party won’t even consider him. But he can get money from the other side if he will try to muddy the water. He’s much like the Biden bid. Try to take money out of the campaign and then about half way through bail out, and throw what support he may have to another candidate. He really is a FLAKE.

  20. Jane C. Dewberry says:

    At present, Flake may be planning to jump into the presidential race in 2020, but by that time he will have totally faded into the woodwork. Is he really so demented he thinks the folks he’s constantly denigrating for voting for Trump, will suddenly have a change of heart and vote for him instead? I mean, as a senator he professed to be a Republican, but betrayed his party and his constituents with almost every vote. Does he really expect those betrayed voters to forget what he’s done? Perhaps, he thinks he’ll have a better chance if he switches party and tells everyone he’s really a Democrat. Regardless of what he chooses to do with the rest of his life, he’ll be always be remembered as a traitor to the folks who put him in office and to the entire country. He will have to live with the fact that no one will ever trust or respect him again. Does he know the definition of “pariah”?

  21. Pedro says:

    If Jeff “The Flake” runs for President in 2020, he will be like Killary. A LOOSER. Why don’t you stay at home and enjoy your family and the great retirement package and medical insurance thanks to us, the TAX Payers.

    • brenda says:

      jeff flake was forced to retire, seems his name came up on weiners laptop, one of many blackmailed by hillary and bill with hillary criminal child crimes nope flake will not dare run for his crimes will be exposed

  22. Stephen says:

    Almost every Jack Wagon that goes to D.C. is gonna “DO SOMETHING” and comes out smelling like the Swamp and sounding like they have turned into a swamp creature. The problem With Flakey Jeff is he doesn’t seem to know that he has turned into a Swamp Creature; and all Swamp Creatures think that they are smarter than YOU. They also think that anybody outside their swampy existence couldn’t possible have a clue and that must be the average Trump Supporter. Well, let’s just let Flakey Jeff go on believing that he is SMARTER than a Trump Voter, raise his money for a 2020 Presidential Bid and get slaughtered at the starting line. THAT my Friends is sweet revenge.

    • Inkpad says:

      He also doesn’t pay attention to the muller crap because cliton has been outed as the only one colluding with Russia.

    • J. W. says:

      Jeff “SNOWFLAKE” Flake will run for POTUS in 2020, along with 50 Demokratz. He won’t go any place and his running will dilute the SWAMP. Stephen says that the FLAKE will get slaughtered at the starting line. I hope he lasts a while; because POTUS Trump will beat him like an UGLY stepchild!

  23. Richard says:

    Jeff the flake go to hell you worthless piece of crap .

  24. R.F. HORKA says:

    Arizona, as many western states, has been invaded by the commie/crats from calif. who have destroyed it, just like they destroyed calif.. the red states need immigration laws to restrict migration of these commie/crats from the blue states like ny, mass. wa. ore. nj. & etc.. God save our country from the godless communists.

  25. Steve says:

    Goodbye Flake and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!! You need to go join the demo’s because this is our party now. Working class Americans,whom all you elitist forgot about! Don’t go away mad,just go away! You don’t represent us our our values! Guess Arizona replaced you with somebody that admits they are a demo,not one that says he is a Republican and then votes against us. All RINO’S need to blow away along with all the commies. Let’s just see how it plays out and then we can all judge for ourselves who is right and who isn’t. Divided nations can never stand and we need to come together to save what we have left before elite politicians like you give the rest of the country away! Old AFvet that just calls it the way I see it! God bless and heal our great land!

    • vicky Huss says:

      Even, the Citizens, in Arizona, DISMISSED, ‘Flake”! HE, should, ‘Just “SLINK BACK’, into his CAVE-COZ HIS “FUTURE’, is OVER!

      • kathy says:


  26. Terry says:

    Flake Trump supporters are NOT mislead, we just watched 8 year’s of people being mislead by a man that nobody ever questioned and the Country suffered horribly under his rein. So now we are paying very close attention, don’t think we aren’t. We’re watching all of you DEM’s now, even though you say you’re Republican, you are NOT.

  27. Ted says:

    jeff the flake is a classic POS!

  28. Sissy says:

    Grammer. Police strikes again. Typical leftie with rude remarks. And they say the right are losers with their comnents. At least the right doesn’t have idiots like Maxine, Chuck, Clintons, and YOU.

  29. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi party at work here!FOX NEWS!GOP House of RINOs!Don’t forget the RINOs(Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio,Romney,Sessions,Flakes, Roberts, etc) to name a few!Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  30. vernon lindblade says:

    Flake is just another bag of crap someone set on the Whitehouse’s front porch and set on fire… Just a reeking bag of crap!!!! TURNCOAT!!!!

  31. Jeanni says:

    Flake is an undercover democrat in the republican party and he is not the only one. Democrats will do anything to destroy conservatives voices including voter fraud, lying, cheating and stealing. Not to mention they are two faced and will make you believe they stand for one thing but when they get into office then their true colors appear. Our government is corrupt in all departments. If President Trump can expose the truth it will be a miracle.

  32. Dave says:

    Jeff Flake has an attitude that does not belong in the Republican party. He lacks discernment needed in our troubled situation today. He is definitely part of the problem, not the solution.

    The sooner that he is not in the public view, the better off we will be. How he ever got elected in the first place is beyond me.

  33. STEVE FLOWERS says:


  34. Audie Jordan says:

    What has happened to Arizona? Elected Flake in the first place, kept McCain for years, & just elected a woman who called all citizens of Arizona idiots , the state a meth lab.

    I guess Flake took a lesson from McCain, your personal right to be vindictive is more important than the duty you swore to up hold.

    I can’t believe the people of Arizona chose a social twit over an A-10 driver. For the uniformed, A-10 Warhogs are not super fighter aircraft fighting other super fighter aircraft they can’t see. A-10’s are ground support, a prayer answered for troops in trouble. An A-10 driver is today’s equivalent of the pilots of George H.W. Bush’s war.

  35. Don Jensen says:

    Instead of asking if Forgetable Flake will run in 2020, why not ask if he’s relevant. NOPE!

  36. Katee says:

    I would say that Flake is sooooooooooooooo deep state its sad!

  37. a fool says:

    Yes, you havet got it!

  38. milvetjim Humphrey says:

    If his (Flake) head was to cut open for a brain search, all that would be found would smell like a dog’s hot poop, and boy does that ever stink.

  39. Eric Granberg says:

    Fairly shortly, Trump will be gone. Whether he goes to jail or not is up in the air. What is certain is that the GOP will very quickly pretend that Trump never happened, because that is the only way they can even begin to regain the trust of the majority of Americans.

    • Jerry says:

      Oh Wow, you’re right, he will be gone in 2024. I sure will miss him! Love that guy!

    • Marlene says:

      Eric, don’t hold your breath till that happens, The Democrats party is self destructing.

    • Bob says:

      your on drugs.

    • Karin says:

      Granberg; You are a leftist. So don’t try to hide in the Conservative movement. If nothing else, Flake and his ilk have forced the spines of the existing GOP reps to stand a bit taller and to begin to get the drift from all of us who continue to call them at their house or senate jobs, their local offices and show up at their town meetings. Even though they had to hide out for a while because the foul mouths (waters, etc) had to rile up the Left to shout them down or have them be fearful of having a town meeting where some nut case will come in with a machine gun and shoot up the republican base. This is what the Left has done.

  40. Gail says:

    This is truly an example of a man with no concience . He must have not been able to steal as much as he wanted . An embarrassment to our country and our people . He worked for the democrats and did their what they wanted . All while he was on our dime and worked totally against America and its people . Drop him off in a dessert in the middle of Mexico

    • David says:

      The reason Trump won’t give in, and the reason we, won’t give in, are one in the same. We are right and they are wrong. This is not a concept that is at all understood by the left. They have been raised , taught, lectured and rewarded for being malleable for their handlers. You and I, we have been raised to question authority, and if it’s found wanting, to call it out, cull it out, castrate it so it cannot breed , and then hasten it’s demise, with pretty lights, grand parties and if that fails, CNN and MSNBC, ships of fools on a head long course to their destiny.

  41. Robin Cooke says:

    I am ashamed of you Jeff Flake! Gotta clean the swamp. Bubbye

  42. Linda says:

    Why don’t you just drop dead idiot. You are such a loser.

  43. Ron says:

    What a sad, sad loser this moron has become. He thinks he is doing harm to Trump but idiots like him have made Trump supporters realize there are too many just like him in Washington and they need to go. It is always OK to disagree but not be disagreeable. A true democracy is all the ideas are put out there for discussion but when all is said and done you should support the person in charge and if it doesn’t work out, elect some else.

  44. Jacque says:


    • Randall Clark says:

      Hey Jeff, get the flake out, already!!

    • TJ says:

      How can you be taken seriously with the grammar and spelling in your post. You and the Dumpster must have gone to the same school. I hope Flake gives him hell until he goes onto better things

      • Gail says:

        I am very disappointed in you . You are not doing your fair share . They will be at your door next week to get your keys to your house and your car . Since you support those who are the thieves at the top who want you work harder and share what you worked for wilth people who are nothing more than mooches . And you support people like Shumer who is the epitome of what a racist is . He once called a black senator from Maryland the n word . He was sued and the black American senator won an undisclosed amount . Chuckies answer was ! All is fair in politics . He slept with his daughters 16 year old friend got her pregnant made her get an abortion . The next week she killed herself .And let’s not forget the virtuous woman Pelosi who wants illegals . Because they work in every Hotel her husband owns . And lets not forget she makes money off of the child trafficking which you approve of by supporting the democrats. All while they are enjoying the little children they are performing their sick sex acts upon . Know who who support before you condem Trump . His whole life was led out in the media . But you know nothing of those you support . Trumps supporters were not misled it is you that is being used for their sick agendas.

        • Wondering Woman says:

          Wow! Can you share your source on Schumer? Knew he was trash & scummy, but after hearing someone on line saying that one of those pizzagate identified pedophiles among the 6 incumbent congressional members was Weiner’s mentor, whoever that might be – curious I typed the question in my search window and guess whose name came back and it further stated he was Weiner’s long time mentor!
          As for Flake, he is P’d off at President Trump for refusing to endorse him or campaign for him is why!
          Suspect the reason he refused to endorse him is because he is another of those incumbent pedophiles implicated by pizzagate.

      • Sissy says:

        Grammer. Police strikes again. Typical leftie with rude remarks. And they say the right are losers with their comnents. At least the right doesn’t have idiots like Maxine, Chuck, Clintons, and YOU.

      • Celia says:

        You people who try to elevate yourselves by always commenting on others spelling, education, class, etc. crack me up. No matter who you think you are, there is always someone better.

      • Stephen Serafin says:

        It’s easy. It’s called “fat finger syndrome” and that was the cause of a stock market crash after a Hugh sell off was because of the slip of a finger on the wrong key at The Stock Market. Another reason is the brain is working faster than the ability to type. Who gives a flying EF as most everybody but you can figure out what is being said and what the intent of the message is.

  45. Old Pionert says:

    Flake was once a good guy who could think for himself and for those who voted him onto office. Since then he has become a total liberal a$$hole who thinks only of himself, his pocketbook and has seriously dumped on the AZ voters and All American Citizens! Good Riddance of a useless washed up Turncoat Twit!!!

  46. The Real M says:

    Two more weeks, Flake, Ryan, and Corker, along with some others, will be a bad memory. I am holding my breath waiting to see what these new folks are bringing to us!
    New Congress members, be intelligent, fair minded, hard working, and for goodness sake work with President Trump. This will make your constituents happy and you should be able to keep your seat!

  47. OLD VET says:

    flake is so stupid he does not know when to shut up .he digs the whole deeper he always has that stupid look on his face when he speaks .he is so jealous of The don.

  48. Steve Pike says:

    Senator Flake must have had his surname changed from Fake to Flake. He is an embarrassment to the GOP. If he runs, he should run as a Democrat,

  49. JOSEPH SAM says:

    flake is so stupid he does not know when to shut up .he digs the whole deeper he always has that stupid look on his face when he speaks .he is so jealous of The don.

  50. MY2Cents says:

    He left because he knew he wouldn’t be re-elected what makes him think we’ll vote for him for president?
    He had TDS ,now he’s just DELUSIONAL.

  51. Marlene Saad says:

    Flake is a weakling “politician”!
    Americans have been fed up with professional politicians running our government for profit for too long. That is why the country voted for an OUT SIDER for president. Flake , never Trumpers and lifelong Democrats are fighting everything Trump does. They are afraid they will lose their power.
    Flake is weak. Trump is strong

  52. TJ says:

    Guess what Flakey there were republicans
    long before trump even became old enough
    to vote !

  53. messup says:

    Many instances of Jeff Flake telling lies. His candidacy for US Senate seat, was center-right. In office, with John McCain, both went center-left. During immigration legislation development in both US House and US Senate, united with Gutierrez (“Kill The Gringos”), Grijalva to cobble out the “Dreamer Act.” Jeff Flake, in Arizona, knew about his son’s culpability in the deaths of 122 animals confined in a residence without air conditioning while temperatures rose to over 100 degrees…Flake did everything to hush-up and dismiss the occurance. Years later, Flake’s son was charged with a misdemeanor. Flake, a true turn-coat. Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. Psalm 128

  54. Patrick Henry says:

    Jeff Flake is 100 percent A$$HOLE and DUMBA$$!!!!! Completely Mentally Retarded and just plain STUPID and IGNORANT!!!!

  55. RTC says:

    He’s such a flake & so r the liberals & Democrats. They don’t care about our country as Trump does. In 2006, Democrat wanted wall built but now they don’t want to for political agenda cuz Trump wanted to have it done. Dems & libs have already been bad influence to our schools & they’re always pulling the race card & hates into these b.s.

  56. Dave Lubrano says:

    Flake is just that, a Flake. If he had been a decent Republican, he could have assisted in a Republican Senator being elected in November, however, true to type, he did not. He is a lousy person.

  57. Daniel Mount says:

    Jeff Flake must be a real FLAKE? For him to go against the Republican President while he himself is a Republican just shows that Flake is a dirty rotten Uncle Tom and traitor.

  58. Magoo says:

    Well said.

  59. Cowgirl Diva says:

    Jeff Flake doesn’t know his elbow from his you know what…!!

  60. Sonny Meyers says:

    Trump sure has cleaned the swamp and filled the void with some interesting creatures. They are going to look so good in orange jump suits. I understand Trump’s will be tailored.

  61. Apache says:

    I’d love to have 1 minute with flake to beat him to a pulp.

    • George Wood says:

      I would encourage you to not worry about it I believe God pretty much took care of that already, after all look at the last name he saw fit to allow him to end up with. Very appropriate if you ask me!

  62. Jane Jackson says:

    Flake: a poor delusional man. So sad for him????????????????????????????Dying with laughter!

  63. skiltz1 says:

    Flake is no more a traitor than the rest of the establishment Republican Party. The old country club Republican establishment is rotten and self-serving to the core and hate Trump because he has shaken the smug, cozy bed they were lying in at the expense of working Americans. Arizona used to be more conservative than Alabama, however, a large demographic of college educated, wealthy millenials moving into the Southwest and the Southern states, has changed the politics of these states toward liberalism. Flake represents this demographic of new, rich, smug libs, ironically under the banner of the Republican Party, because in Arizona, you still need to be Republican to secure all the favors of being in the political establishment. And this is precisely why Trump was elected. His assault was as much against the Republican elites as it was against the Democratic Party elites. Look at the manner in which both political elites have mounted a coup against Trump. After his election the handwriting was on the wall for all to see and understand. If America and Europe, as we knew these places, from history and their great achievements are to survive, the Right needs to create a new party – much farther to the political right and purged of slipper-wearing careerists like Flake, McCain, McConnel, Corker, etc.

  64. Barbara Cook says:

    Honestly, I am glad that Senator Flake is re-tiring, because, he has been nothing , but trouble since candidate now President Trump came into office from day 1.

    Senator Flake should be ashamed of himself for holding President Trump’s nominee’s in limbo for these highly well deserved position’s on these court’s.

    Senator Flake is afraid that with President Trump nominating a new full-time Attorney General, Flake is afraid that once the new AG gets in place, then that new AG will close down Muller’s investigation, and the new AG should do just that, because, there was never no collusion between candidate now President Trump and his campaign, now his administration with Russia.

    Once Senator Flake is out of office, I am hoping and praying that I never ever here his name ever again, because, right now, I have no respect for Senator Flake, and I would never give him my vote to become President of the United States of America either.

    Senator Flake, just needs to go on and leave the Republican Party now instead of waiting until the end of the year.

  65. James P Hutchins says:

    Flake is a liberal clown puppet who is irrelevant to the American people.

  66. Truckman says:

    before he evens thinks about running the first thing he needs to do is change parties because nobody that has ever liked Trump would vote for him and the democrats knows hes a backstabbing rat

  67. Retired Marine says:

    Well he is a flake after all. He is and always a demoncrat in the guise of a Republican. Go away flake.

  68. Jeanette says:

    Why don’t these jack asses who are leaving office leave now and not wait till the end of the year. They are all worthless and have been taking our tax payers money for the past two years and not doing anything for this country. I think all of the worthless never Trump politicians should quit at the end of the year also. They are no good to the American people and never have been. Drop dead worthless.

    • Retired Marine says:

      Because they lack relevance, and being ego centrists, that is like poison. So they lash out like petulant children, but their petulance is dangerous and harmful for the country.

      • pilot84 says:

        I am also Retired Marine so semper fi brother. As for flaky flake, he is on his way out but I think his triple ego will make him at least look at running. I don’t think he could find anyone that would support him with any money so he won’t make it but he will look.
        It is interesting how many south end or a horse looking north people we have in the Republican party like him but hopefully someday they will all be gone.

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