Never-Trumper Jeff Flake just embarrassed himself on National TV

Jeff Flake is a national embarrassment.

He was dressed down in an elevator by paid protesters during the Kavanaugh hearings and caved into their demands for another FBI investigation.

Now he made a shameful statement on national TV about his Kavanaugh vote.

Jeff Flake went on daytime talk show The View to talk about the Justice Kavanaugh hearings.

He seemed to express some regret for his vote to confirm.

Flake said, “I don’t know if I believe him” referring to Justice Kavanaugh’s testimony denying sexual misconduct allegations levied by Christine Blasey Ford.

He looked like he was about to cry when the women of The View berated him for voting for Justice Kavanaugh.

The Daily Wire reports:

Speaking on “The View” this week, Flake admitted to having doubts about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony regarding uncorroborated allegations of sexual assault from 36 years ago, but decided to vote “Yes” for his confirmation anyway.

Prior to the vote on Kavanaugh, Flake famously called for a delay on the Senate floor so that the FBI could investigate the allegations further; he admitted on “The View” that his decision stemmed from the Soros-funded protesters who cornered him in an elevator.

“I felt for them,” Flake said of women protesters. “You could tell that it was genuine, and I just want them to know we hear them.”

Flake also admitted on the show of not being sure if Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation against Kavanaugh was true or not, saying she was “very compelling.”

For some unknown reason Jeff Flake is continuing his self-flagellation tour on the liberal media circuit.

He thought he could appeal to the victimhood culture of the Left to jumpstart a primary challenge to President Trump in 2020.

But every time he appears on television he appears weaker and weaker.

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103 Responses

  1. donna says:

    Flake is an embarrassment to all of AZ & he should wander off to the desert & stay there!

  2. George V Rowe says:

    I think flakey Jeff Flake is beneath being embarrassed. He hasn’t the character.

  3. Ellie says:

    Flaky Flake was (is?), along with McCain, on George Soros payroll BEFORE the 2016 general election. Look up Jeff Flake/George Soros.

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