Never-Trumper Jeff Flake committed his ultimate betrayal with this ultimatum

Jeff Flake has tried to have it both ways.

But after announcing he’s quitting the Senate, he turned into a full-blown Democrat.

And he just stabbed Donald Trump in the back on the Senate floor.

During Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process, Jeff Flake sided with the Democrats in calling for yet another FBI investigation.

He was secretly hoping to find a smoking gun so he could vote against Trump’s nominee.

He ultimately voted for Kavanaugh, but now he’s vowing to hold up ALL of President Trump’s judicial nominees.

The only way he will vote for any Trump appointment is if his recently-introduced legislation is voted on by the Senate.

Flake teamed up with his best buddy Democrat Chris Coons to craft a bill to protect Robert Mueller’s job.

This is Flake’s way of getting at Trump while he has one foot out the door.

The Washington Post reports:

Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake said Wednesday that he would not vote for any more of President Trump’s judicial nominees until the Senate votes on a bill to prevent special counsel Robert S. Mueller III from being fired — a pledge that could complicate Republicans’ hope to confirm dozens of conservative judges before the end of the year.

Flake’s warning will likely force Republicans — who hold 51 seats in the Senate — to rely on Vice President Pence to confirm any of the 32 judicial nominees pending before the full Senate, as Democrats have little incentive to support those who Flake has committed to oppose. It also means that Republicans will likely have to go around the Senate Judiciary Committee, where Flake is a member and the GOP has only a one-seat majority, to advance any of the 21 nominees waiting for that panel’s endorsement. That also will require Pence’s tie-breaking vote.

Flake issued his threat after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) blocked Flake and Sen. Christopher A. Coons (D-Del.) from holding a vote on the bill, which would give any fired special counsel the ability to swiftly challenge their termination before a panel of three federal judges. Most Republicans — including co-authors Sens. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) and Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) — have argued that the bill is unnecessary because Trump would never dare fire Mueller, whose ongoing probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election has sought to learn whether anyone in Trump’s campaign conspired with those efforts.

Jeff Flake is a national embarrassment.

He’s quitting the Senate because he knew there was no way voters would re-elect him.

Many Trump supporters blame him for Democrat Kyrsten Sinema ultimately taking over his seat.

One of the major accomplishments of the Trump administration has been the confirmation of two Supreme Court justices as well as countless constitutionalist appointments to lower courts.

One of the major accomplishments of the Trump administration has been confirming strict constitutionalist judges including two Supreme Court justices.


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96 Responses

  1. Mark Dreik says:

    One more judas working hard for 30 coins…..Keep him accountable and never forget !

  2. Loren Clobes says:

    A FLAKE is a FLAKE is a FLAKE. So, what can one expect from a FLAKE?

  3. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi party at work here!FOX NEWS!GOP House of RINOs!Don’t forget the RINOs(McConnell,Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio,Romney,Sessions,Flakes, etc) to name a few!Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

    • Franco says:

      Let’s send that woman that works for Soros who demanded
      FLKE look at her when she yelled at him in that elevator to
      Flake’s house and scare him again!

      She made him go in his shorts!!!!

  4. Sylvia Bassford says:

    Those of us from Arizona know there are few like him other than Mendez from N.J. and of course his buddy Coons.
    It’s impossible to express our embarrassment and disgrace by an Arizona Senator other than the other one who didn’t cast the deciding vote to repeal Obamacare!
    Think carefully about the future in Arizona, because many of us know what the sweet revenge will be !

  5. ROBERT says:

    Flake Dandruff. What a POS. Just think. 40 more days and his new job will be shuffling crap out of a sewer tank.

    • Marleen Davis says:

      Yes, I hear they many many jobs cleaning up homeless crap from the streets in San Francisco. Sounds like a perfect job for SnowFlake hypocrite. How could be do what he did and let that muslim get in office. You are correct Robert he is less then a POS.

  6. Frank says:

    His name says it all!

  7. Don Williams says:

    He is a real flake! What are the people in Arizona drinking?

  8. William says:

    It’s PAST time to FLUSH FLAKE! I find it hard to believe that Arizona has enough STUPID VOTERS to elect this LOOSER to the Senate. These same STUPID VOTERS put McCain (TRADER) in office for 20 plus years. FLUSH FLAKE!

  9. Patriotsoul says:

    Folks, we’re getting rid of Flake and will have left-wing loon Sinema in his place, joined by idiot Romney from UT who will be a mirror image of Flakey boy.

    • Rich Knoch says:

      Get rid of one POS RINO (Flakey) and elect a Demented-Dem-Radical, like Sinema . . . . has Arizona moved out of America without leaving a note?

  10. al says:

    We all know what the Clintons would have done to him! He seems to be a plant for the Democrats. He comes up stinking when it involves them.

  11. Kavanaugh Critic’s Dark Past

    Flake has such a perfect name, his ugly tactics do such a good job of demonizing him for all of us…the real joke is that he thinks he will be the next president…
    Senator Chris Coons, a partner in crime with Flake was instrumental in delaying the Kavanaugh vote for a week, Coons has had his own high school past brought back to explode in his face. Big League Politics reports:

    Senator Chris Coons threw parties at which cocaine was present in addition to wild drinking and petty crime, according to two former classmates of the Delaware Democrat.
    Coons attended the wealthy Tower Hill prep school in Wilmington, Delaware, where he graduated with the class of 1981. Coons’ mother married the Gore-Tex waterproof clothing magnate. After moving into a massive ten-thousand square foot mansion, Coons’ mother and stepfather would head to Europe while Coons would host “wild ragers” with “booze kegs” and “white powder.”

    “Women were everywhere in bikinis,” recalled a former Tower Hill classmate of Coons.
    Coons gave an interview with the newspaper at his alma mater, and remembers: “Going to football training camp the summer before my freshman year was a harrowing experience—it was a new school, a new culture, a new group of guys—but some of my closest friends through high school, college and into today came out of that experience.”

  12. Floyd Hardee says:

    Flake is not a Republican or a Democrat. He is a turn coat, a traitor who is begging to be tried for treason.

    • Cindy says:

      I think he probably will be tried for treason! Someone told him bad news around midterms ,, it was like flake couldn’t retire quick enough! Now him & coons can have lunch after they cry together! ????

  13. michael says:

    flake is a rare honest and true republican!!

  14. James P Hutchins says:

    Flake needs to come out as a liberal scumbag who pretends to be a Republican flake you and macain are the same losers except macain is rotting in his grave.

  15. So flake is a flake and an asshole . Another dumbocrat is in bloom.l

  16. It is no wonder why fricking flake won’t ever run again-because of him AZ lost another GOP seat…Goldwater is turning over in his grave. Plenty of angry citizens gunning for this idiot in his home state.

  17. Dennis says:

    Flake has the right name for who he is. He reminds me of Snidely Whiplash in the cartoons. He had better watch out with that foot in the door for he could lose it! He has the brain of an amoeba!

  18. Jerry says:

    Mr. Flake, I did not believe it could be possible, but you are every bit as arrogant, narcissistic and self important as Barak O. Protect Mueller or no judges? Protect yourself, You need it.

  19. Huong Truong says:

    Exactly ! Jeff Flake is Mc Cain cousin and he a traitor. We hate him very much. Get out Flake. Drop him in desert.

  20. Frances Carlson says:

    Sadly, I voted for Flake, but I made my feelings clear to him when he started showing his true colors. In return I got a form letter. Ha. He betrayed those of us who put him in the Senate and he knows we’d never elect him again. What a coward. What a flake.

    • Janet says:

      Obviously a dem conspiracy to undermine America’s citizens from the rule of law! I’m glad he’s leaving! He’s very impressionable and has no original thoughts (or values) of his own!

    • marleen davis says:

      You are too much of a nice person to use the correct nouns to truly describe this ” ” fill in your own choice of words. I just abhor traitors and hypocrites.

  21. Truth HURTS says:

    Yahoo!!!!!!! A Republican standing up for democracy and the well being of our country. Flake a Democrat? If that were the case, Flake would have voted against Kavanaugh. Loyalty to a President? The president works the citizens of the USA, we are his boss. Loyalty is for the citizens of USA. Trump supporters seems to think Trump is not accountable for his actions. And……..stupid democratic women??????????? My mother was a Hispanic Democrat, graduated high school at age 16. Double graded in elementary school and retired from her career as an Air Traffic Controller. You think only white men are intelligent? It’s very sad we don’t have an intelligent white man running our country. Educate yourselves, Trump don’t give 1 iota about anyone but himself or the top 1% and Putin. All you Trump supporters better start praying, the citizens of the USA don’t have to learn the Russian language. Our country is in serious trouble under this dictatorship racist president. Orangutan was in reference to Cheeto, the person running our country. And………finally, a big thank you to the judge that ordered CNN get their White House pass back. Go Jim, your a fine journalist.

    • Kara Wright says:

      You would not know the truth if it stabbed it in the back. I hope you are proud of yourself and I hope your family knows the disgrace you bring to them. What kind of a man can write as you have done here and expect that people will ever see you as anything but a stupid disgusting outcast. You will find you are in no mans land and needs to keep a watch out for all the crazies out there that may just make you eat every word you wrote. I guess you made a deal with the devil and this is how it all end.

    • W Harris says:

      Senator Flake is a true patriotic American!

      • Kep says:

        Patriotic only if you are wanting a Marxist country. LIBERALS ARE COMMUNISTS AND TERRORISTS AND ARE NOT AMERICANS. ALL should be eradicated from America.

      • marleen davis says:

        You ever read the dictionary and understood it? Best look up the word Patriotic. You certainly used it in the wrong context.

    • Freddie says:

      So Jimmy boy acosta,is a fine journalist,eh,well I guess that makes you a much finer jackass!!

    • Steve Richards says:

      I would just add that YOU, having lived under a “rock of ignorance” for seemingly eons….only perpetuate the “communism of America”. YOUR haste to prostrate yourself to a communist ideal and proclaim it “what America needs”……YOU, are just completely self serving and selfish. Not to mention, completely deluded!
      Good luck with the rest of YOUR miserable life! Asshole!


  22. William says:

    Flake’s law is unconstitutional. Under Presidential powers he can fire whom ever he wants. So Flake cannot hold a law like this over Trumps head. Besides who needs Flake. Senate will have picked up 3 seat so his votes won’t matter. FLAKE GO BACK TO ARIZONA AND CHANGE YOUR PARTY AFFILIATION YOU LIBERAL LEFT WING ASS

  23. Fernando Hidal says:

    People should scream “Traitor” at him when entering or exiting elevators!

  24. Dale Wark says:

    Trump will have plenty of Senate support for his nominees in January. There is no need to feed Flake’s ego by making him seem more important than a snake.

    • Bob says:

      Agreed. There’s no need to hustle judicial nominees in before January when Flake can resume life as a private citizen, regrettably receiving his grotesque pension from the taxpayer-funded, pig trough in Washington DC. . Hopefully Arizona’s two, new (well Kyl really isn’t but…) senators will spend more time doing the People’s work and dealing with legislation rather than performing as grandstanding putzes on all of the media outlets.

      • trapperwv1 says:

        Flake did not serve the mandatory 9 years as a senator and he is not 62 he will not receive a senate pension. It is all in the federal register under pension rules for congress and senate. But he has scammed enough money that he won’t need it anyway.

  25. Anne says:

    Once you turn your coat to Progressive it does not take even a week to become an extortionist. He will be used by his commie pals to obstruct everything Trump wants done as long as he has left. If even one Republican speaks or associates when they are away from Congress he too should be shunned. He a weak and well named.

  26. Wendell Fountain says:

    This guy really is a creep! He should never be in an elected position again, what a moron!

  27. Michael O'Connor says:

    It is time that the RNC and the republicans in Jeff Flakes district step up to the plate and straighten him out. Either he is a Republican who supports our President or he isn’t. The people who elected him need to step up and tell him to play ball or move to replace him with someone who will. What he is doing is wrong.

  28. STEVE FLOWERS says:


  29. bagster53 says:

    who cares , you have about 5 people in congress that actually do any thing , the rest are just their to fill their pockets ,it’s not going to get any better since they elected a bunch of brain dead women democrats , remember how the british use to hang the scalps on indians on the wall , well congess will be lined with men’s *icks , the lesbians will be cutting them off

  30. EttaMae Svider says:

    He is a nothing & did nothing for our wonderful President. Good bye & good riddance & don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you.

  31. Peter Podolak says:

    Flake is flaky. No brain no pain. What you expect from guy like that? He’s McCain cousin. What else. Won’t be long for him. Thanks God.

  32. Roslynne Steinberg says:

    Funny that his name is Flake which suits him , but another word or synonym comes to mind that accurately describes him “SCHMUCK”

  33. TJ says:

    You go Jeff….make them accountable. Your the man..

  34. Margaret Sawyer says:

    What a miserable POS. Be so happy when he is gone. Could not be trusted as far as you can throw an elephant. Democrats take him we don’t want him …

  35. Mary Accardo says:

    McShame #2! After he is out of office, he will still be around causing trouble like all good Democrats do.

  36. Mike says:

    You do realize that the ONLY way the majority of the people, in this country, are going to believe Donald Trump is innocent, is if Robert Mueller finds him innocent. If Robert Mueller is stopped before this investigation is finished, the majority of the country is going to believe Donald Trump is guilty of collusion. Only the 30%, who rabidly support trump, believe he’s innocent. The majority of the country, don’t!!

    • Jan says:

      Mike, what news do you listen to? Obviously you haven’t followed what Obama, Clinton. Brennan, Clapper, Strzok and his mistress, Lisa Page, Comey and McCabe have been up to all this time?!!! In addition, many of Obama’s henchmen went to work for mainstream media and have convinced people like you! Now: If Hillary had won, their wrongdoing would forever be lost!

    • M.A.White says:

      You aren’t even close in your “facts” about 30% believe he’s innocent. Quit hanging out on lib sites & broaden your horizons. And after almost 2 years & millions of $$$ in taxpayer money, don’t you think that dirty cop Mueller would have come up w/something/anything to warrant this never-ending “investigation” which is just a cover-up for getting Trump out of office.

  37. Rick says:

    Stick your scripture where the sun doesn’t shine. Your only hope for salvation lies in supporting honorable men like john. M and. Jeff F.

  38. Betty says:

    What do any trump supporter knows except how to be a brain dead boot licker & butt kisser of that Oval Office Blond, Insane Orangutan Ape!

  39. Ken says:

    What is that white stuff dripping out of it’s mouth and down it’s chin? Oh, it is Demojism!! He Really is a flake!!

  40. Michael Markham says:

    You know he was voted in as a Republican and now he’s turning to a Democrat he should and they should have a new election because he changed his political party and that’s not what he was elected for he was elected as a republican so he should be put out again and there should be a special election and gone that way because that is actually fraud cuz that’s all he is nothing but a fraud

    • Jerry Todd says:

      Flake stabbed his voters in the back long before he decided to go after Trump. Ran as Tea Party, then told them to go to hell.

      • D.P. Allen says:

        Very true. He ran with Tea Party support so that he could join the career politicians and carve out his little kingdom in the Democrat run “New America”. Once elected he proved repeatedly that he had used the Tea Party and his supporters simply as a way to meet his desired goals.

        Then the worst thing happened. An honest, real patriot got elected by the people and suddenly all of his hopes for a high pay, with no work position in the Democrat “kingdom” collapsed. He has been an active worker for the Democrats since the 2016 campaigns, where his constituents realized what he really was. He is leaving ONLY because he knows that he was caught and by leaving voluntarily, he wouldn’t have to go through the embarrassment of being tossed out during the primaries! He , unlike McCain made no attempts to appear to be a supporter of the Republican platform.

  41. John says:

    Jeff Flake is just another vindictive evil little man like McCain. “A worm, and no man” this is the best description, right out of scripture.

  42. Sid A says:

    Start a poll counting out how many Americans want to call him a Jerk.

  43. Daniel Mount says:

    Jeff Flake is an Evil Democrat in Republican Clothing. He should be punished by the President for going against his own Party and the President.

  44. RK says:

    Traitor to our country and the American people who voted Trump into office… so we ALL need to take this BS personally…. Time to fight back against these shameful evil vile haters…. We don’t need to pay for these people with our taxes that disrespect us constantly….. Time to take back our country!

  45. Flake needs to be planted alongside John McCain.
    That being said, Flakey is and always has been an Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization.

  46. Mike says:

    Since Trump is innocent pass the bill to protect Mueller and let him complete the investigation, if we don’t we would be admitting there might be something to it!

    • Leslie says:

      Mike – How much more of nothing has to be found to admit there’s nothing? You know that if there was ANYTHING slightly to be able to charge Pres. Trump with collusion, it would have already been presented. It would have definitely already been leaked by Schiff-ty. I personally like my tax dollars spent on something worthwhile other than this “witch hunt”, which is exactly what it is. How much more time do you think should be allowed to “complete” the investigation? When do we know that it’s complete? By this time, trying to find dirt on Pres. Trump, there has been plenty that’s surfaced about Obummer admin. and Hitlery, including collusion with Russia and way worse. Where’s the justice there?

  47. mjack says:

    flake and coons; what a do-Si-do. I’d laugh but this is sick. No truth no honor amongst these 2 men. Following after McCain. They feel more comfortable with the democrats and their shady ways. That is where they belong.



  49. James P Hutchins says:

    Flake is a poor excuse for a politician and is never going to be elected again flake is disgrace to the Citizens of the Great State of Arizona.

  50. Dave Miedema says:

    Jeff Flake makes a rattlesnake look respectable.

  51. Margaret Heller says:

    Obviously, Flako did not get enough press time during his time (1 term) in the Senate. He learned at the miserable John McCain’s knee how to be a RINO, and to thwart anything TRUMP wants to do. He’s burning all his bridges as he leaves the Senate. What a dud!

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