Never Trump senator just compared Trump to this dictator

jeff flake quitter

Last year Jeff Flake (R-AZ) announced he was quitting the senate because he couldn’t stand Trump.

Now he’s the darling of MSNBC and CNN who love to stroke his ego by pushing him as a “Republican” anti-Trump voice.

But he just leaked part of his upcoming floor speech and Flake compared President Trump to one of the worst dictators the world has ever known.

Jeff Flake has been fighting Trump’s America First agenda at every turn.

The economy is soaring and President Trump’s historic tax cuts are set to save the average American family about $2,000 per year.

So Flake is grasping at straws to attack Trump and set up his own 2020 presidential bid.

On Wednesday, Flake plans on taking to the U.S. Senate floor to go on a long anti-Trump rant.

Flake leaked his speech to MSNBC beforehand so they could glowingly report on his desperate attack, in which he compares Trump to Stalin.

Politico reports:

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said Sunday that President Donald Trump’s declaration that media is “the enemy of the people” is a throwback to Josef Stalin that should have no place in political discourse.

“I’m saying he borrowed that phrase,” Flake told MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt of Trump’s choice of words. “It was popularized by Josef Stalin, used by Mao as well — enemy of the people. It should be noted that Nikita Khrushchev who followed Stalin, forbade its use, saying that was too loaded and that it maligned a whole group or class of people, and it shouldn’t be done.

“I don’t think that we should be using a phrase that’s been rejected as too loaded by a Soviet dictator.”

Flake is trying to position himself as the anti-Trump “Republican” alternative for 2020.

But as Trump’s policies continue to improve the economy, Americans will continue to ignore Flake’s shrill cries.

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13 Responses

  1. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Yes it is; and we have another one coming along and seeking Flake’s seat in the Senate who is also a McCain/Flake clone: Mc Sally! Arpaio has said he’s dropping out of the race; but Kelli Ward is a real conservative and there’s a Dem running as well, Krysten Simema. If McSally divides the vote, Simema, a flaming leftist, could wind up winning and put us in worse shape.

  2. Stan L says:

    I agree with you, Sandra. Flake has been enabled by McCain’s blind dedication to political maverick status. Also, I believe that McCain “blew” his own presidential campaign by being as stupidly obstinate as he was. Then, someone comes along, not part of the “swamp” to which McCain belongs, and breaks the iron-clad “Swamp” formula for becoming President. What we see is McCain’s hate working overtime.

  3. Stan L says:

    Flake is working hard at creating as much notoriety as he can. There can be no doubt that he senses that his animosity toward the President makes him an MSM favorite. I doubt that he means to retire from politics, but just as a Republican in a Trump-led Republican Party. He will attempt being accepted in the Democrat Party, as that party would try to capitalize upon Flake’s hostility towards Trump. Flake could be a natural fit in that party, but I doubt he will add to Leftist chances to do well in Arizona.
    As for Stalin, Flake obviously knows very little about Stalin, except for the fact that Stalin is vilified in Russian homes as a scary, bloodthirsty, heartless bad man. That is a fact, I have family from former Soviet Union, and also some still there. We remain close and familial despite time differences and distance. Flake has no idea what he’s talking about, except that since he is ignorant of Stalin’s brutal history, he probably believes Americans share that ignorance. He is wrong, but expects to elicit compassion from “Never Trump” type people as being one of them. Of that, he has been successful, but if you have paid any attention to his personal animosity towards our President, it is obvious that Flake is so full of himself that he “cannot see the forest for the trees.”

  4. Dianne says:

    Flake is a Republican in name only, he is more of a liberal than most liberals. He can’t leave any to soon.

  5. Dianne says:

    Democrats live in their own little fantasy world. If you don’t believe exactly as they do or have the nerve to disagree with them, you are wrong and will be a accused of being everything from a racist to a fascist. It doesn’t mater that the facts prove them wrong, you can’t let the truth get in the way of their view of what they want the truth to be.

  6. Jan says:

    No demonrat along with a few republicans wants America great again.

  7. GRIZZ MANN says:

    If Trump were Stalin, Jeff would have been in Siberia.

  8. Richard says:

    Flake hates TRUMP because Trump wants to remove these ILLEGALS that FLAK’Y FLAKE needs for the family BUSINESS here in ARIZONA!

  9. frank ganschiniez says:


  10. Jim Erickson says:

    He is nothing but a jerk..

  11. Freedom Rules says:

    Jeff Flake Is Really A Communist DemonRat That Infiltrated The Republican Party, A Real Scumbag !!!!

  12. Sam says:

    This FOOL is not a team player and does not want to make America/USA GREAT AGAIN!!!!

  13. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    That McCain clone has no business in the WH!

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