Never-Trump RINOs are raking in millions from this left-wing billionaire

As Democrat plot their next impeachment attempt, the Never-Trump grifter crowd is thinking up ways to spend money.

They are preparing to launch a series of TV ads attacking the President and Republican Members of Congress.

And Never-Trump RINOs are raking in tens of millions of dollars from this left-wing billionaire to run them.

Recently there was a book party to launch yet another anti-Trump book sponsored by Democracy Fund, a liberal nonprofit backed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

Since hitting the political scene in 2016, Omidyar has dumped tens of millions of dollars into projects to sabotage President Trump, promote socialist candidates and causes and defeat Republican candidates.

So, of course, who was in attendance at this socialist gathering, none other than Bill Kristol, the self-appointed leader of the Never-Trump movement.

It was no surprise to see Kristol there of course.

Ever since the election of Donald Trump, these Washington, D.C. insiders and self-described Republicans have finally shown the world what some have known all along: they are Never-Conservatives, Never-Republicans, and always liberals.

They have spent much of their time groveling at the feet of left-wing billionaires like Omidyar and George Soros to try and scrape together the money to get paid and run a few ads so they can puff up their chests and claim to be “principled.”

The truth is, of course, they are anything but.

That is why they have been successful raising money from the left-wing billionaire and others like him.

According to InfluenceWatch, which tracks political interest groups and their funding, “Omidyar has given $213 million to various causes, many of which are active in left-wing politics.”
In fact, as most conservatives know, Omidyar’s name is often tied in with other socialist or left-wing billionaires like Tom Steyer, George Soros, and Michael Bloomberg.

And, it turns out Kristol and his merry band of miscreants have lived off Omidyar’s generous donations since 2018.

That’s when Kristol shut down the neocon rag The Weekly Standard, and started a new one called The Bulwark.

This new operation is funded by Kristol’s group, Defending Democracy Together. In 2018 alone , an Omidyar nonprofit donated $1.6 million to Defending Democracy Together.

There’s no telling how much Kristol received from Omidyar, Soros and other left-wing billionaires in 2019, but you can bet it was even more.

Kristol and the Washington, D.C. consultant class who make up the Never-Trump movement have long been accused of burning through other people’s money on a public campaign against Donald Trump, after they pay themselves of course.

Take for example Republicans for the Rule of Law, another Kristol project, which bought some pricey TV and radio air time, purchased internet ads, and sponsored billboards in an attempt to bully vulnerable Republican Senators into voting guilty in the impeachment case against Donald Trump.

This project of course failed miserably, but you can be sure Kristol and his consultants were paid handsomely for their efforts.

According to ABC News, Republicans for the Rule of Law spent $1 million on impeachment-related TV ads on cable news and broadcast networks in six states.

The results. Not one of their targeted senators voted for new witnesses or voted guilty.

In most industries this would be considered a huge failure. But in Kristol world, it’s business as usual.

Expect even more ads this spring and fall as Kristol and his network of Never-Trumpers continue to spend left-wing money to defeat real Republicans.

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