Neil Gorsuch just handed down a ruling that Joe Biden is going to hate

Donald Trump remade the Supreme Court with three nominations.

That is bad news for the Left.

And now Neil Gorsuch just handed down a ruling that Joe Biden is going to hate.

The Supreme Court handed down a 5-3 decision – Amy Coney Barrett recused herself because she was not on the court when it heard oral arguments – ruling that illegal aliens bear the burden of proof when canceling their deportations.

In this case, illegal alien Clemente Pereida was arrested and convicted for using a fake social security number.

The Immigration and Nationality Act allows for illegal aliens to block their deportation if the crime they are arrested for does not involve “moral turpitude.”

The Blaze reports, “In this case, while his deportation proceedings were already underway, Pereida was convicted in Nebraska of using a fake Social Security card in order to obtain employment, a crime involving moral turpitude, and so the immigration judge ruled he was ineligible to seek cancelation. However, the specific Nebraska statute that Pereida violated listed several offenses, one of which — operating a business without a license — did not involve moral turpitude.”

Writing for the majority, Justice Neil Gorsuch ruled that the Immigration and Nationality Act stated that it was up to illegal aliens to prove their crime did not involve moral turpitude, unlike standard criminal cases where the burden of proof lies with the prosecution.

“The Immigration and Nationality Act expressly requires individuals seeking relief from lawful removal orders to prove all aspects of their eligibility. That includes proving they do not stand convicted of a disqualifying criminal offense,” Gorsuch wrote.

This ruling is a small victory against Joe Biden’s open borders recklessness.

Biden wants to create as many magnets for illegal immigration as possible so one day, when the Democrats can pass amnesty, it will create the maximum number of new Democrat voters possible.

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