NBC was caught red-handed peddling fake news to destroy Trump

CNN is the king of fake news.

But now they have some competition.

NBC reported fake news in attempt to discredit President Trump and ended up with egg on their face.

NBC reported that according to anonymous sources, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen had been wiretapped by the FBI.

The fake news media took this report and ran with it because it played perfectly into their narrative to destroy Trump by pushing the Stormy Daniels non-story.

But just hours after blasting this nationwide, NBC was forced to issue a major correction.

Tom Winter, reporter from NBC “News” who initially broke the story tweeted:

Correction: Earlier today NBC News, and this reporter, said that Michael Cohen’s phone lines were wiretapped. 3 Senior U.S. Officials now dispute that, saying the monitoring was limited to a log of calls (pen register) not a wiretap of Cohen’s lines. We will continue to report.

Instead of listening to the content of all of Cohen’s calls, the FBI simply had a log of who he called and when.

President Trump fired back.

People make mistakes.

But major media outlets have let their bias against Trump cloud their judgment.

It may be plausible that this was just a simple mistake, but we never see “mistakes” that paint President Trump in a positive light.

The fake news industrial complex jumps at every chance it can get to “resist” President Trump.


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33 Responses

  1. clare says:

    I remember when Russian Premier Kruschov(?) said the US will DESTROY itself from within. WELL, THANKS TO THE MEDIA IT IS HAPPENING.

    • Jan says:

      The Fake News Media can not destroy the US… It shows in the Fake News Media Ratings…. They are in the crapper and Falling. The American People are way to smart to fall for their ignorant Fake News Lies and fabricated stories.

  2. Dolores says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if it’s that President Trump is NOT part of the establishment is the reason they are against him as they can’t control him.

  3. Floyd Lehman says:

    The democraps are the worst people on EARTH TODAY. The NAZI party killed over 15,000,000 PEOPLE. But the democrats have killed over 61,000,000 BABIES. So now you can see the democraps are the WORST PEOPLE ON EARTH

  4. Dolores says:

    You can’t trust NBC, CBS, or ABC. I believe and I could be wrong that George Soros is behind a lot of this. He is a pure evil person.

    • Bob L says:

      There was a time when the FCC would have stepped in and stopped this nonsense. Nothing but lies and BS trying to undermine a dully elected president over a fake document that everyone who has a teaspoon of intelligence knows is fake and written by the DNC and they act like that’s not a crime?

  5. Mr President. All true Americans know exactly what’s going on. I beg you. Please do not change or stop. I am a veteran,I am loyal to my country and you.

    • josephine says:

      Count me in, Gerald Echavarry! We have an EXTRAORDINARY President! I stand strong for God, for my family, and my President! But you can be sure that I didn’t feel this way in the previous administration ( felt like throwing up with that one)!

  6. Joyce says:

    Won’t watch their stations anymore. Get my news from Alex Jones. At least he tells the truth.

  7. “People make mistakes.”

    However, large media outlets like NBC have many people working for them. They should be fact-checking and back-checking every single word that is written. Every single word spoken should be double-checked and triple-checked so that the correspondents, the commentators and the corporation cannot be caught off guard and open themselves to ridicule and possible court action. So yes people “make mistakes”, but a large media corporation should not.

    • Jan says:

      The problem with Fake News Media is that they are in such a complete Nervous Frenzy to find something negative to bash President Trump. When they can’t find anything …They fabricate it… It’s TDC…Trump Derangement Syndrome… There’s no cure for it but whining, crying, protesting, sucking their thumbs, a blanky, and a puppy, will help them cope better with reality.

  8. Albedamned! says:

    They have just re-doubled their efforts. CNN was not getting the job done. This country has become a total communist cesspool!

  9. Rick says:

    I have names for the TV media #1 Communist news Network #2 America’s best Communist Network
    #3 No better Communist Network #4 Main Stream No better communist network. FCC should shutdown
    all and give operations to Putin and Co. OMG I left out one. Oops they are the real deal that’s right the
    one who left the hen house.

    • Michael says:

      Chuck Todd has taken over first place as NBC’s Slime Ball of the year, but Lester Holt is closing ground. Funny how they leave their own people alone, Matt Lauer and Tom Brokaw< hardly a peep and they NBC knew about these creeps. Savanah and Hoda said on the Today Show this week that they just don't believe Matty could do such a thing and they still support him. Poor President Trump would have a hard time keeping up with that pair and then through in Charlie Rose and you are off to the races with coach Clinton cheering them on.

  10. Jamie says:

    I don’t bother watching fake news anymore!

  11. Pam Dunn says:

    The FBI HAS ADMITTED that they also DO ILLEGALLY LISTEN IN on the “Pen Register” to conversations. Turns out they HAD NO WARRANT to justify OR permit the “pen register” nor to permit monitoring the conversations.
    The FBI acting as leftist thugs and dimocrap operatives once again.

  12. Grizz Mann says:

    Note to self: If the Report slams Trump, from the MSM, it’s fake news.

  13. Mikey says:

    OK, so NBC is the Queen of fake news…

  14. True Believer says:

    Whatever happened to law suits for slander and liable? I think that if more people sued the fake news people, maybe, just maybe we could get it cleaned up a bit. I hate it during elections with all the smear campaigns put on by the demoncraps that just ruin people like the fellow in Alabama who was running for the senate seat vacated by Sessions that they come up with some bimbo that supposedly he had slurred 40 years ago. I really feel sorry for the men when we don’t have to prove anything, just say the tried to rape me. What a way to earn a living.

    • Jake says:

      No, we should do it the way mexico is. They’re shooting the reporters! Yippee ki Yea!! Now that be fun to watch the fake news for. Just saying lol

      • Computer guy says:

        If we did that, then CNN wouldn’t have any employees at all! Then we could walk in and take over with TRUE news !!! CNN=Crap Not News network. Everyone already knows this one : CNN=Clinton News Network.
        They mention the word “Russia” so many times in a day that Putin must of told them he would pay them $300. or more each time they said the word ! CNN just should move their headquarters to Moscow so Putin could just sit in all day long and be the network director locally instead of from across the pond !

  15. Ellen Dale says:

    NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and CNN continue to make these so called errors sighting their “anonymous sources” are where they are getting this info… If I were them I would want double check my “anonymous sources”….They all keep getting bad info….Or is it just BAD JOURNALISM!!……

  16. Susan says:

    Why is it ok for these FAKE NEWS sites to print or report this crap without having sources to back it up? I think it’s way past time for these FAKE NEWS sites to be held accountable each and every time they do this!! Enough of this crap they are tearing the country apart!

    • Nonna says:

      I have no regard for the media…they are bias leftists who will stoop to anything to discredit Trump…I get my news from FOX who report truthfully n fairly….all that I ask is that President Trump be treated like Obama who was the worst corrupt President ever…what he n his corrupt administration did to the US will take generations to undo….all u stupid people who have big mouths n loud voices get behind Trump n help him make America great again !!!!! God Bless Donald Trump….

  17. Texas Belle says:

    A simple mistake?? No, most of the news media outlets don’t care if a story is true or not; if it shows Trump in a bad light they will run with it. People see it, hear it, and believe it; they usually don’t see the retraction.

  18. This reporters mouth looks like a camel’s vagina.

  19. True Believer says:

    To be a good journalist these days, you have to be able to tell a lie and not get caught especially if it is against any republican and wonderful if against or paints a bad picture of our wonderful president. Still I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t be surprised at the wire tap and if it did happen without a warrant then none of what was exposed could be used in court.

  20. Tom Martin says:

    I wonder what these “journalist “ families think of their mothers, fathers, siblings always being caught in lies. I guess the whole family are liars

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