NBC thought they had Trump cornered, but they forgot this one key fact

The Never-Trump national media failed to stop Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

So they’ve returned to pushing the never-ending Trump-Russia collusion hoax, despite zero evidence.

And NBC got egg on their face when they tried to call out Trump.

During a campaign-style rally in Pennsylvania, President Trump called Hillary Clinton to the carpet.

He said: “there was collusion between Hillary, the Democrats and Russia.”

President Trump is right.

Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party paid opposition research firm Fusion GPS for the Christopher Steele dossier.

This phony dossier was cobbled together with so-called “intelligence” from Russian spies.

In turn, the Obama administration used the dossier as a basis to spy on the Trump campaign.

If that’s not collusion, what is?

Meanwhile, NBC had the gall to attack President Trump for laying out the facts.

The Never-Trump media is desperate.

Their ceaseless attacks have failed to stop President Trump from making America great again.

The most recent Rasmussen polls have President Trump’s approval rating hovering around 50 percent.

And heading into the Midterm elections, that could be bad news for the media’s favorite candidates.

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70 Responses

  1. Joseph Glaser says:

    Mike, I bid all of a dollar for that bridge!

  2. Al Mallette says:

    I think all the Democrats, who were part of or supported the Russian Hoax should be impeached. Even they say ” Nobody’s above the Law”.

  3. Yep, My favorite saying by John Wayne, couldn’t have said it better.


  5. Maureen Hannon says:

    agree th what you sad about Mary. It’s o good to see a young person who hasn’t drunken the Kool Aid

  6. Dick P. says:

    Ignorance can be fixed with education
    But y’all are so right.
    You can’t fix stupid. No matter how much Information you show them.
    No matter how many times you hit them, or how hard you hit them..
    You just can’t fix stupid.
    All you do is make it worse until you have to find somewhere to bury the broken stupidity. And sadly the Democratic party is just plain stupid.
    Even if we all go vote and get a red sunami we will still have to find somewhere to bury all the stupid.

    Because you just can’t fix stupid.

  7. Alan says:

    Only OAN, FOX, NEWSMAX and infowars tell the truth. The left is trying to eliminate them.


    Your statement is absolutely correct. And they give a larger and more in depth reporting on the various regions of the world that you do not get from any of the US networks.

  9. John Flynn says:

    Ditto on your comment about Mary!

  10. Teragram says:

    Good for you Mary! It is gratifying to see that there are young people like yourself that really get it. God Bless you and your precious family.

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