NBA star LeBron James just hit Trump with this low blow

Millionaire professional athletes have become more vocal about their hatred and disrespect for President Trump.

LeBron James is chief among them.

And he just smeared Trump an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon.

LeBron James claims that President Trump is trying to divide the country. Below is part of the transcript from James’ interview on CNN:

Lebron James: “I believe our president is kind of trying to divide us.”

Don Lemon: “Kind of?”

James: [laughing] “Yeah. Is. Is. I don’t want to say ‘kinda.’ He’s dividing us.”

James campaigned for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election, even appearing at a speaking event with her in Ohio.

He is still upset that his stumping for Hillary Clinton did not work.

In an interview with ESPN earlier this year, James said Trump doesn’t “understand the people and really don’t give a f*** about the people.”

But when Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham criticized James’ comments she was taken to the woodshed by social justice warriors on Twitter and Facebook.

The left didn’t like the fact that Ingraham said millionaire athletes should stay out of politics and “shut up and dribble.”

Sports used to be one of the few refuges from politics in America.

But leftists have injected their ideology in everything from kneeling for the national anthem to using revenues to support pro-Black Lives Matter groups.

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