The National Anthem was banned by this high school for one absurd reason

Colin Kaepernick set off a firestorm when he knelt in protest for the National Anthem before an NFL game.

Kneeling for the anthem spread across the NFL and all the way down to high school athletes.

But now this California high school took these protests one step further with this move.

A high school in San Ramon, California is banning the National Anthem from being played at pep rallies.

Fox News reports:

The Star Spangled Banner will no longer be played at rallies at California High School in San Ramon after student leaders determined the song is racially insensitive.

“It was brought to our attention that the national anthem’s third verse is outdated and racially offensive, wrote the president of the school’s Associated Study Body. “We had nothing but good intentions by removing the song so that we could be fully inclusive to our student body.”

“This verse translated, finds joy in the killing of African-Americans,” the student government president alleged. “To think that our nation’s anthem once had the word slave and ‘land of the free’ in the same sentence leaves me speechless.”

Kaepernick’s initial protests led to a decline in NFL ratings.

But now his anti-America sentiment is infiltrating high schools across the country and the effects could be much more damaging.

This is a disaster for everyone who cherishes the values our country was founded on.

And it could lead to even more disrespect of our military veterans.

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