Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to the Mueller report will leave you speechless

Nancy Pelosi waited for this day for two years.

Democrats counted on Robert Mueller delivering the smoking gun that would end Donald Trump for good.

But Pelosi’s reaction to what Mueller turned in will leave you speechless.

Mueller’s final report completely vindicated Donald Trump.

The Special Counsel reported that there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion and that there was no criminal conduct by the President with regards to obstruction of justice.

Democrats waited for Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to figure out how to proceed in this fight.

But Pelosi stunned observers by breathing a sigh of relief.

That’s because everyone knows a politically motivated impeachment fishing expedition would only strengthen Donald Trump’s re-election chances.

Politico reports:

The California Democrat has been warning for months that impeachment isn’t a magic wand to quickly remove President Donald Trump from office, especially if Republicans weren’t signing onto the effort. She‘s repeatedly urged her party to wait to see what special counsel Robert Mueller uncovers before deciding on next steps.

Now that the results from Mueller’s probe have been delivered to Capitol Hill — via a controversial summary from Attorney General William Barr — the pro-impeachment wing of the Democratic Caucus has taken a major blow. Suddenly Trump, who has spent the last two years bashing Mueller, has decided the results of the special counsel’s probe are completely credible, while many Democrats are crestfallen.

“I think her instincts were correct, that we’re putting way too much into the Mueller report, and what if it disappoints?” Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) said of Pelosi. “What did we really think Mueller was going to do?”

But this does not let Pelosi off the hook, and it was a clear loss for her caucus.

The report exonerating the President on Russian collusion lifts the cloud over his White House and allows Trump to run for re-election on his record.

All of the investigations the Democrats lined up now look like partisan hit jobs as opposed to fact-finding expeditions.

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