Nancy Pelosi’s life is over after voters gave her insane news

In just three years, President Donald Trump has done more than Barack Obama was able to do in eight.

That fact has been soul crushing for Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrat Party.

And now things are even worse and Pelosi’s political life is over after voters gave her insane news.

Despite presiding over the most rapidly improving economy in decades, Democrats want nothing more than rip President Donald Trump from the White House.

They were willing to lead a fruitless impeachment scam to try to achieve that.

And even after losing, with Trump being fully acquitted, Democrats are still moving forward with their viciously anti-Trump agenda.

There is talk of an eventual third article of impeachment and attempts to arrest Trump over his rightful firing of Lt. Col Alexander Vindman.

But in the meantime, Democrats are working to try to remove Trump by defeating him in November.

Their campaigns are ramping up, with socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg appearing to be the two front-runners.

But no matter who ends up winning the Democrat nomination, it’s becoming clearer every day they won’t be able to compete with President Trump.

A new poll from Monmouth University taken between February 6 and 9 shows the majority of voters believe President Trump will be re-elected in November.

66 percent believe he will “definitely” or “probably” win, while only 28 percent of those polled believe he will lose.

The poll also shows that while Republicans are confident Trump will win re-election, Democrats are unsure of if who they nominate will be able to beat Trump.

“On the other side of the coin, 38% of Democrats actually think it is more likely than not that Trump will win a second term. Just 4% of Republicans think Trump will lose to the Democrat,” Monmouth reported.

This goes in line with the massive levels of support that Trump has within the Republican Party.

Some polls have showed him with upwards of 95% approval in the Republican Party, a feat that no other Republican President in modern history has been able to do, at least on a consistent basis.

This shouldn’t be surprising considering just how great the economy is doing, and how President Trump is able to implement his agenda, despite historic opposition from Democrats.

Voters clearly believe that Trump deserves another four years in office.

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