Nancy Pelosi’s gun control bill just passed a major hurdle that is bad news for gun owners

Gun-grabbers are more emboldened than ever.

Some Democrats have even called for the outright repeal of the Second Amendment.

And now a gun control bill is on the move and that could result in outright confiscation.

H.R. 8, the so-called “Universal Background Checks” Bill, passed the U.S. House Judiciary Committee this week.

The bill will inevitably pass when it comes up to a vote in the full House.

H.R. 8 would mandate background checks on all firearms purchases. This is code for National Gun Registration.

Not only that, but any attorney general or local official could increase the price of a background check to effectively price Americans out of buying a firearm.

Imagine if you had to pay for a $5,000 background check before you purchased a firearm.

The left is attempting to make gun ownership unaffordable.

The Daily Caller reports:

WASHINGTON — The House Judiciary Committee passed legislation known as the Bipartisan Background Check Act Thursday that would mandate background checks on all gun sale transactions and most transfers in the United States.

“This is a bill that will expand criminal background checks to close the gun show loophole and close the Internet sale loophole,” Democrat Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries said of the bill.

With the support of five committee Republicans and after nine hours of debate, the bill passed 21 to 14. Republicans on the Committee attempted to amend the bill.

Democrats, however, voted down one such amendment that would notify ICE authorities when an illegal alien fails a background check to purchase a firearm.

Nancy Pelosi is eager to vote on gun control.

The big question is if Republicans will fall for it.

The left has previously used mental health screenings and backgrounds checks as back door schemes to implement gun control.

Now they’re feeling more emboldened after taking back the House.

If Second Amendment supporters aren’t careful, self-proclaimed “pro-gun” politicians won’t hesitate to stab them in the back.

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202 Responses

  1. Kenny says:

    Crazy Nancy is not only crazy she is stupid also.
    Look at the cities in the United States like Detroit. Detroit has the toughest gun laws in the country and the highest gun related crimes in the US.
    Also look at the countries where the guns are outlawed. More gun related crimes then anywhere else. We have the right to defend ourselves

  2. Kingrat says:

    Greetngs everyone, i have Trumpy urging me to join. In reality. Its not worth to join neither party. Im totally disappointed at what our country is doing to her people. There are communist that are implanted in our government. So as for the American citizens of this nation. The ball is in your court. I know what I must do to protect my grounds. I protected American with Nuclear Weapons. Worked hard to keep them always ready to be fired and keep them on targets for many years. And now i face this attack on our 2nd Amendment and American and now – I cant even protector her in her needs.

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