Nancy Pelosi’s “crumbs” gaffe is coming back to bite her

Nancy Pelosi is out of touch.

After Trump’s tax plan was passed, she called many of the $1,000 bonuses American families were getting, “crumbs.”

Now one legislator is making Pelosi eat her own words.

Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) is set to unveil a new bill that would make bonuses doled out as a result of the massive tax cut 100% tax-free.

Fox News reports:

Rep. Todd Rokita, R-Ind., has dubbed his bill the “Creating Relief and Useful Middle-Class Benefits and Savings” — or “CRUMBS” Act. Pelosi, D-Calif., famously referred to the bonuses as “crumbs” in criticizing the tax plan last month.

“Americans are receiving thousands of dollars in bonuses and more money in their paychecks thanks to President Trump’s tax reform, but out-of-touch Democratic leaders believe they only amount to crumbs,” Rokita said in a statement. “The CRUMBS Act will let Americans keep more of the money they receive as a result of President Trump’s tax reform, and allow them, not the government, to choose how best to spend their bonuses

Rokita’s bill would make bonuses received by workers in 2018 tax-free up to $2,500. Since tax reform was signed into law this past December, multiple companies have given out bonuses and pay raises in anticipation of increased tax savings.

Pelosi’s “crumbs” comment has taken on a life of its own.

And it could cost her a chance at regaining the Speaker’s Gavel in November.

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16 Responses

  1. Bryan Hansen says:

    II love how the Republicans slap the democrats in the face with their own stupidity.

  2. MARTY GANNON says:

    I hope they put her in same rest home w/Odumbo so they can snack off one another’s crumbs!! I vonder if she’ll get used to chocolate?
    da’ kid from dublin,da’ Gannini

  3. If those tax cuts bonuses are “crumbs” and Nancy Pelosi voted against the tax cuts, why did she use those tax cuts to get tax breaks for two of her manions’??? I see they were not “crumbs to her personally”!!!…

  4. Judy S. says:

    Jen, some people are BORN with dementia! There is no cure for that!

  5. Jen says:

    When people have dementia they have no control over what they say.

  6. I have a new # for twitter: #VOTEYESTOCRUMBS!

  7. karen zawack says:

    Nah, then all the other Treasonous ilk from both parties will pass a law saying that you can get out of “gitmo” free calling it ” the “no intent” mental disease”, and they will be sent to a country club with their pensions. So all the funds will go there. The real problem with mental illness, will just get pills, and when threat of innocent life are made be ignored by the FBI. Like the FBI ignored Hilliary’s “no intent” server.

  8. Bob Hunt says:

    I believe Pelosi should be institutionalized!

  9. karen zawack says:

    Couldn’t agree more Wildman. Also stop the Global Poverty Act. We pay the UN to help poverty. As we taxpayers, slide to that third world status, due to the Former Kenya President Obama, Clinton, and the Regress, will we be able to benefit from this? Or we just had to have all these illegals (DACA, VISA, ETC) give them our social security, welfare, medicare, medicaid, change our education to common core, and let’s not forget the BIG ILLEGAL tax of Obamacare, because we need to apologize for being successful in the past? Crumbs there Nancy? Is this “remaking of America”? Thanks for bringing down this GREAT Nation. No wonder you and your ilk want to STOP President Trump Making America Great Again.

  10. Martha B Venable says:

    Those “crumbs” she refers to are windfall dollars to the average working American citizen! (Note, I said citizens, not illegals!) She has been in congress way too long and is time for her to go! Rep. Rokita has a great idea for his version of. “CRUMBS” and those funds being tax free up to $2500. Thank you ‘rep. Rokita.

  11. Wildmann says:

    The Illegal Beaners send most of the Free $$ they get to Mexico!! Helping Mexico’s Economy, not Ours! Non-Citizen NO Damned Welfare, Food Stamps NADA!

  12. Martin says:

    If Nancy Pelosi wants to start writing me a monthly check till SHE decides, what’s CRUMBS and what’s not CRUMBS I’ll be more thank happy to cash those checks. I do not own a Pelosi dictionary, but if I did then maybe after all these years I could finally discover the definition of “IS” reference Bill Clinton another fine up standing Democrat. This lady lives in her own reality. And anyone that voted for her, I would not want to meet you either. Waste of time.

  13. DENNIS says:


  14. karen zawack says:

    Excellent bill, for ACTUAL Americans. And regarding Nancy Pelosi’s “crumbs”, they are HER illegals.

    Just think, once those illegals are OUT OF HERE, and OUR Money is used for REAL Americans, JUST WATCH US THRIVE!!!!!

    Rick, I think ole Nancy and her broom should be in the Plantation called “Gitmo”.

  15. Crazy elf says:

    I do believe I’ll have to agree with “Rick” on his comment!
    Only I’ll add there’s a bunch more reprobates out there who need to be voted out of office as well! Especially, those like Maxi-pad Waters and Wia-liar Warren to name a few!

  16. Rick says:

    The real “crumbs act” will occur when the democrats are voted out along with selected Rhinos. Will someone tell ole Nancy that
    her broom has been double parked way to long.

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