Nancy Pelosi’s career is over after the last person she expected turned on her in a public way

Nancy Pelosi is working overtime to remove President Trump from office.

But things aren’t going her way now that they need to go to the Senate.

And now Nancy Pelosi’s career is over after the last person she expected turned on her in a public way.

There are few allies Nancy Pelosi has relied on as long as Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

Being from the same state has made them extremely close.

But after news that Pelosi is holding onto the articles of impeachment against President Trump, Feinstein turned on her in a shocking turn of events.

Feinstein told her that “she should send them over,” and that she doesn’t “see what good delay does.”

This is directly opposed to the plan Pelosi is trying to implement in order to rig the trial against Trump.

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) on Wednesday suggested that it is time for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to transmit the articles of impeachment against the president to the Senate, remarking, “I don’t see what good delay does.”

The prominent Democrat addressed Pelosi’s refusal to transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate, essentially questioning the point of her delay.

“If we’re going to do it, she should send them over,” Feinstein said, according to Bloomberg. “I don’t see what good delay does.”

While Pelosi has yet to signal when she will send the articles to the upper chamber, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) defended her decision, contending that she wanted to “see the arena in which she was playing” and suggesting that she successfully prevented a quick acquittal of the president.

“She wanted to see the arena in which she was playing when it came to a trial so she could appoint impeachment managers,” Schumer stated.

“Now it’s becoming clear that Mitch McConnell will do whatever he can to avoid a fair trial, so she has some idea of what’s happening,” he continued.

To Democrats, a “fair trial” is one that they can rig to ensure they get the result they want.

They need to remove President Trump, because if they don’t, their Party may never recover after four more years of Trump.

Trump has already done irreversible damage to the Democrat Party, and they may never fully recover if he is re-elected.

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84 Responses

  1. Elsa says:

    Nancy Pelosi should have never been elected as speaker of the house. She is a racist; fraudulent, corrupted woman whose interest is to only enrich herself & family.
    “PRESIDENT TRUMP PLEASE, PLEASE FIRE HER NOW” before she and her circle of mafia friends do worst damage to the U.S.A.

  2. Zaw Soe says:

    All Dems Donkeys and Media Crying Mourning of Death Terrorists. These Animals Lunency Dems are out off there minds. They don’t represent American Peoples. Only Alliances Eligal and Refugees and Muder,Rapes,etc. God Bless U.S.A.

  3. Nancy Pelosi did a lot of damage in Congress and California

  4. Denn says:

    Democrat heads will roll in November

  5. Joe Masefield says:

    Still to be resolved and answered is the legality of what Pelosi and company have done. Will she and her gang be held legally responsible and accountable for their actions, or will they go they way of the always unknown reasons of the many sudden deaths of those who have crossed the Clintons?

  6. provobis says:

    I’ve often wondered what form Satan would take on earth if he wanted to for any reason. I now know. It’s name is Nancy Pelosi

  7. Eric Johnson says:

    See Her Face in the Photo…That’s Parkinson’s !!! Even Note How Her Right Hand and Fingers Aren’t In a Normal Position ? Or How She Always Have to Hold On to The Podium With Her Left Hand ?

    Symptoms Are…
    Tremor…A tremor, or shaking, usually begins in a limb, often your hand or fingers. You may a rub your thumb and forefinger back-and-forth, known as a pill-rolling tremor. Your hand may tremor when it’s at rest.
    Slowed movement (bradykinesia)… Over time, Parkinson’s disease may slow your movement, making simple tasks difficult and time-consuming. Your steps may become shorter when you walk. It may be difficult to get out of a chair. You may drag your feet as you try to walk.
    Rigid muscles… Muscle stiffness may occur in any part of your body. The stiff muscles can be painful and limit your range of motion.
    Impaired posture and balance… Your posture may become stooped, or you may have balance problems as a result of Parkinson’s disease.
    Loss of automatic movements… You may have a decreased ability to perform unconscious movements, including blinking, smiling or swinging your arms when you walk.
    Speech changes… You may speak softly, quickly, slur or hesitate before talking. Your speech may be more of a monotone rather than with the usual inflections.
    Writing changes… It may become hard to write, and your writing may appear small.

  8. IrishEyes2C says:

    The reason for the delay is because she’s hoping the Supreme Court will vote their way on the three cases on Trump’s taxes and finances. They wouldn’t find anything there anyway. Trump has been playing them for the fools they are, like waving a carrot in front of a jackass. She’s hoping the democrats in the senate can find 8 republicans to vote with them by blackmailing them and she will fail on both of these issues. The American public isn’t buying their reason for impeachment and they can scream and whine all they want, but the public isn’t behind their impeachment narrative and they have proved nothing other than being sore losers.

  9. Cg says:

    Teeth what teeth i thought they were clam shells!

  10. Pierre says:


  11. Kevin says:

    Facing REALITY is exactly what you need to do.
    For you are BLIND. What was your name (smartie)

  12. I’ll bet the witch does that weird hand movement when she wants the sails to turn. She is a mess.

  13. jreb57 says:

    I don’t think that even 10% of the so-called progressives understand what happened to the Democrat Party since the decade of the sixties ended.

  14. homer e Songer says:

    glad to see here ship sailingt o the bay maybe it will sink

  15. homer songer says:

    the old bag needs to go

  16. Frances Weingarten says:

    Nanci Pelosi won’t be at all missed should she be removed (or left out) of congress! She was actually wrong for the position and it will be best if she’s removed!

  17. Linda Carlson says:

    Oh yes! He’s a P.O.S. That tells it all!

  18. CHENZ says:


  19. dwight says:

    Anybody out there agree beady eyes adam’ schiff’s last name is spelled wrong?

  20. URopinion NE Myfacts says:

    I guess you like that we’re all still paying for the Iraqi war….as will our children. No transparency and real facts given. We’ll be paying in many other ways in the future from this recent assassination…as we have always screwed up in Iran’s politics.

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