Nancy Pelosi will cry herself to sleep after a fellow Democrat revealed one truth she fears above all

Nancy Pelosi’s life is falling apart.

Despite impeaching President Trump, she is still far from having the support she needs to remove him.

And now she will cry herself to sleep after a fellow Democrat revealed a truth she fears above all.

Of all the Democrats running for President, there only seems to be one that isn’t completely insane on all the issues and that is Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (HI).

So naturally, Democrats despise, and even prevented, her from being in a unity video featuring all the Democrat candidates.

That’s certainly because she speaks the truth on many issues, like when she recently pointed out that Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment efforts are going to boost President Trump’s re-election chances and help House Republicans win back a majority.

Breitbart News reports:

2020 White House candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) predicted Monday that the House Democrats’ impeachment effort will boost President Donald Trump’s reelection chances and help House Republicans win back a majority.

“Unfortunately, the House impeachment of the president has greatly increased the likelihood Trump will remain the president for the next 5 years,” Gabbard said in a video shared to Twitter. “We all know that Trump is not going to be found guilty by the U.S. Senate.”

Gabbard’s video remarks come after she told ABC News that impeachment will energize Republican voters in 2020.

“I think impeachment, unfortunately, will only further embolden Donald Trump, increase his support and the likelihood that he’ll have a better shot at getting elected while also seeing the likelihood that the House will lose a lot of seats to Republicans,” the Hawaii Democrat told the news organization while taking a break from campaigning in Hudson, New Hampshire, on Saturday.

Earlier this month, Gabbard was the sole House Democrat to vote “present” on two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump over his contacts with Ukraine.

All the polling points towards Gabbard being correct on this point.

Trump’s approval is steadily climbing and with him being the biggest name on the ballot it will certainly mean good things for Republicans running for other positions.

But facts aren’t welcome in the Democrat Party anymore, which is why they hate Gabbard so much.

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