Nancy Pelosi was put on the spot with two election legal challenges that will make you see red

2020 did not work out the way many Democrats hoped.

Now they are paying the price.

And Nancy Pelosi was put on the spot with two election legal challenges that will make you see red.

Democrats are claiming Donald Trump is attacking democracy and undermining faith in elections by challenging the results in several states where his campaign presented evidence of massive voter fraud.

But it turns out, once again, Democrats are doing the very thing they accuse Trump of doing.

In Iowa’s Second Congressional District, Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks was certified the winner over Democrat incumbent Rita Hart by a grand total of six votes.

Democrats plan to use the Federal Contested Elections Act to instead seat Hart by a majority vote if Pelosi allows the vote to take place.

In New York, Republican Claudia Tenney leads Democrat Anthony Brindisi by 12 votes and he plans a legal challenge to that result as well.

Both Hart and Brindisi are represented by Perkins Coie attorney Mark Elias.

POLITICO reports:

Brindisi and Hart have both retained counsel from Perkins Coie, the premier Democratic election law firm — a sign they are gearing up for a lengthy legal process. The head of Perkins Coie’s election law practice, Marc Elias, is a recount expert who successfully led Democrat Al Franken’s efforts in Minnesota’s 2008 Senate race. Franken trailed about around 200 votes after the initial count but overtook then-Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) in a recount.

Elias is the Perkins Coie attorney the Clinton campaign used as a cutout to hire ex-British intelligence officer Christopher Steele to put together the Russian collusion hoax dossier.

So Elias is well versed in the dark arts of election and campaign finance law.

That should have Republicans worried about the outcome of these two races.

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