Nancy Pelosi used two words that had every Trump supporter fearing the worst

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats believe they will win back Congress.

So Pelosi is on a media tour previewing how they will govern.

And she used the two words that had every Trump supporter fearing the worst.

Pelosi spoke at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan.

Pelosi said Democrats were prepared to lay out an ambitious left wing agenda of homosexual marriage, abortion on demand, taking your guns away, and raising taxes to combat so-called “global warming.”

Breitbart reports:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told a gathering at the 92nd Street Y in New York on Sunday that there may have to be “collateral damage” to those Americans who do not agree with the Democratic Party agenda.

Pelosi was being interviewed onstage by Paul Krugman, the left-wing New York Timescolumnist and Nobel economic laureate who predicted, the day Donald Trump won the presidency, that Trump would trigger “a global recession, with no end in sight.”

In a long, rambling monologue, during which she stumbled on her words and appeared to lose her train of thought, Pelosi said:

We have to have total clarity about what we do, when it comes to everything — a woman’s right to choose, gay marriage … whether it’s about immigration, whether it’s about gun safety, whether it’s about climate … I think that we owe the American people to be there for them, for their financial security, respecting the dignity and worth of every person in our country, and if there’s some collateral damage for some others who do not share our view, well, so be it, but it shouldn’t be our original purpose

Democrats always try to hide how radical they really are.

In 2008, Obama concealed his socialism behind “hope and change.”

Democrats tried to do the same thing this year.

But now that Pelosi believes victory is within hand she is tearing off the mask.

And she is making it clear Trump supporters – and the Constitution – will be collateral damage in their left-wing revolution.

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118 Responses

  1. The 'Slapper' says:

    Carl. Squirrels? Hey, try ‘ground hogs’ aka ‘whistle pigs’
    digging foundation. __ Gak. & thnx for comment.
    > Good luck w/squirrels. Usually their nest are ‘high up’ in trees.
    Feed ‘black oil’ sunflower seeds’ Away from your abode. Maybe
    that will help. & you’ve probably done your DD. Good luck.

  2. Carl Smith says:

    I find it hard to believe that the IYI crowd is still pushing the “MAN MADE” Climate Change. Please don’t reply to me about this because I have more important things to consider, like the damage the Squirrels are doing to my cypress siding. But the mere Idea that Man Is now Omnipotent enough to CONTROL anything defies human logic. I have lived thru so many “Settled Science” crap shows I have lost count. When I was first introduced to Computers we were still using the punch cards and the GIGO term was coined. Even with the most high powered trillion terabyte machine when Garbage is input the Output is still Garbage. Grow up Children! Control something that is capable of being controlled and FOLLOW THE MONEY to see what all this chit is about.

  3. The 'Slapper' says:

    obama picked up a Nobel Prize, for what ???
    Left wing (in the ‘tank’)- NWO Globalist scientists = Opposition
    of Real Truth for Mega$$/politics & ‘the Agenda’.

  4. zee says:

    Joyce. The NWO Agenda ‘Time Frame’ Has Been Adjusted,
    / & >Interrupted georgia guidestones. Capish.

  5. zee says:

    ps. this ‘goop’ uptop’ took this ‘thread’
    WAY 0FF TOPIC. (uh- too much of a
    someting & ‘mind wandering’) lol. &
    as you, i took a ‘spiel’. GodBless/SAVEUSA.

  6. zee says:

    Well, Thank you Rick O.
    Some ppl Really DO ‘understand’,
    Guided by ‘Critical Thinking’ & ‘Common Sense’ of
    What IS Going 0n Here.
    > you know what Rick, ‘sometimes’ i get weary of
    ‘Suffering Fools’ – But Then, >Always READY to Inform
    ‘the Truth’ to ppl Willing to Listen & THINK !

  7. zee says:

    Gwenie. MICRO Pollution in our Lower Atmosphere IS a
    Totally Diff Subject matter than MACRO Solar SYSTEM
    ‘climate change.’ Study Vascor Ice Cores for Real Truth.
    >ALL the Large ‘Chem’co’s / Monsanto/Industrial/ Big Pharma et al
    WILL NEVER STOP what they are Doing.
    > There IS 0NLY 0NE Solution.
    i’ll make it ‘simple’ = AN Earth Event Happened 1000’s &
    1000’s & 1000’s of yrs ago. Capish,no?

  8. dave says:

    Good job and keep up the good work.

  9. dave says:

    I must say she is on target.

  10. zee says:

    Dave, the person you replied to above = WAY 0FF TOPIC. Nevertheless,
    Intelligent Research Likely provides Crucial Info ie. the Vostok/Vascor
    Ice Cores re Planet Earth. Here is a V good link to Study. The Info re
    the Ice Cores is Prolific.
    >Also, there IS No question that ‘some’ humans are Causing MICRO
    Damage to our Atmosphere & YES, chemtrails etc. Sponsored BY
    (i hope, you know who – will Not Mention here) Ahem, cough-cough___
    > MACRO Climate Change in our Solar System Has 0ccurred Since
    Planet Earths Inception INSIDE the Kuiper Belt.
    > The ‘lack of knowledge’ , Not to Mention Downright ‘Truth Denial’
    for MEGA $$/political Gain Is Astounding, Indeed. (ask al gore).
    >Glad you posted ‘chemtrail’ link. POTUS is Aware, but, what can
    he say. ( the ‘the Major League Agenda ‘perp’s. ) POTUS NEEDS
    to INFORM PPL re the Vascor Ice Cores. Then Separate the 2 Issues,
    in a ‘gentle way’ .
    But he Will Not – (if he wants to live)

  11. Rick O says:

    The earth’s climate has changed hundreds of times, there has been 5 mass extinctions. Humans have been studying weather for a couple hundred years and you believe these scientists who think climate change is completely our fault. I submit these panic stricken egg heads have no compelling evidence of this. I’m sure we could do better when it comes to pollution and cleaner energy, but I also have seen over the last 40 years a substantial reduction in pollution, rivers that were putrid now are inhabited by healthy fish. Energy initiatives have cleaned the air, conservation has saved and protects much of the natural world. There are people who think they understand everything and fill the world with gloom and doom. These people need another million years of studying climate change before they can claim with credibility with their gloomy forecasts. The world changes and some species adapt and some cease to exist and I’m sure humans have done some damage, but we have also thrived. We’ve overcame the cold and inclement natural occurrences. Now we’ve been hearing this alarmist talk ever since I can remember. We can find common sense solutions, we don’t need to be told how harmful we all are to the planet. Things change and we’ll either continue to adapt or we’ll disappear deal with it don’t try to impress us with awards and degrees because these scientists aren’t really sure of any long term consequences.

  12. Ric B says:

    O.M.G!!!! Your heads are SO filled with all that conspiracy BS and blaming some scapegoat for all the problems in the world. Not even Gates or the head of Amazon has that much affect in the world to do what you CLAIM about Soros!! Even if the richest person in the world TRIED, he/she would have groups of billionaires pulling in the opposite direction – -thereby mitigating everything the richest person would TRY to do. AND Soros is not even the richest person in the world.

    Try to examine this conspiracy BS being put out by Alex Jones, Hannity, Rush Limbaugh – – they do this to make themselves RICHER at your expense! Also don’t trust someone who is making a personal profit selling you junk like supplements or cures for obesity, diabetes, or even “the heartbreak of psoriosis” as they try to sell you this conspiracy Kool Aid.

  13. truthistruth says:

    Joyce makes a good point, and there are many pro-choice Catholics . . . have to realize there is creeds, and then there is how people live their lives. While we may try to simplify this issue to bumper sticker levels, some people can also be pro-life but recognize one cannot stop choices, especially of females facing that decision. Did you know the amount of abortions per year were about the same proportion before and after Roe v. Wade decision? The difference was that instead of back alley terminations, females had medical procedures done by trained experts, and so only maternal deaths went down 40%!

    There is a great deal of difference in idealistic points of view versus the choices made in the real world. Most people don’t want an abortion, but when a pregnancy determination is made, the woman involved has to face all the options and the effects to everyone’s lives involved.

  14. Dr. J.D. says:

    YES they can, Gwenie! The Nobel prize winning work, the foundation of the report provides a sensible solution that can be followed now – -and China has already started it. It is called a pricing for Carbon use, that polluters have to pay for the damage to the environment when they use carbon products (they don’t in USA but in some countries they do). What this does as far as economic decisions, it makes the less polluting sources of energy much more reasonable AND PROFITABLE choices, it corrects the flaw of the “Tragedy of Commons” effect.

    China has made great strides in reducing pollution, and is working diligently that the cars sold in their future will be electric cars, where they have invested heavily in industrial plants to make that happen. Yes, the US has done some things to reduce emissions BUT we are the one causing the MOST environmental damage. Trump makes it worse by bringing in corrupt Pruitt and others to dismantle the EPA rather than to get them making positive strides to helping reduce the damage for our kids and grandkids. Trump SAID he “does not want to spend any money on it” – – that is like saying the water and air are becoming polluted, but I don’t want to spend any money reducing it so our kids have better lives.

  15. Gwenie E Mugliston says:

    Do you honestly think Trump and our whole government can do anything about climate change? Why do you ignore China, Asia and India which are the worst polluters of all? As it stands right now, if you had read the article from the UN, the US has done more than any other nation in the whole damned world to mitigate emissions. Yes, your children and my grandkids will face this, but not because Trump ignored it and not because of anything we do on God’s green earth as it orbits the galactic center and has its own path around the sun…or perhaps you believe the sun orbits the earth.?

  16. zee says:

    To Joyce, the “to Whom” was a V. Sarcastic remark.
    The sentence posted below my remark should have
    indicated that I understood.
    > Am fully Aware of ‘The Agenda’.___& History.
    Am V. Upset re it Coming forth so Blatantly.
    > Dissenters here Refuse to Know the Truth, by
    Denial and/0r Ignorance, /Soul Take-0ver? i don’t know.
    Thnx for lengthy reply. Hope ‘others’ learned something.

  17. zee says:

    Joyce, the “to Whom” was a sarcastic remark.
    > Am fully Aware of ‘The Agenda’.

  18. zee says:

    Dave, also check out the ‘V’ Ice Cores.

  19. Michial Lawrence says:

    We do not fear Nancy Pelosi. We must fear what her henchmen will do at her biding. For a good example, look at Maxine Waters. She has repeatedly exhorted her followers to harass Republicans when they go out to eat, when they just go to gas up their family car, or if they go out with their families. This nothing but terroristic tactics. Why does Homeland Security not done anything about this? That is what I and the majority of people want to know. How can someone who advocates terrorizing individuals and families be allowed to walk the streets a free person?

  20. Michial Lawrence says:

    It sounds to me as if Nancy Pelosi, and the Democratic Party by extension, are willing to start killing Conservative Republicans should the DNC take control of both houses next month. Does she actually believe that all of her followers are willing to start a Civil War just because most Americans do not agree with her? Well I say if she wants to start another Civil War let’s go. I just hope that the majority of her followers do not heed her advice. BUT, we do know that thee are some who will blindly do as she says and/or hints at. Just look at what Maxine Waters has stirred up with her hateful rhetoric. She has people harassing Republicans while trying to have a peaceful dinner with their families. Maxine Waters is actually proud of how her minions have scared theses families with their deplorable behavior. Sham, shame on you Maxine.

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