Nancy Pelosi used one word about coronavirus that left Trump red with rage

Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats believe in never letting a crisis go to waste.

With the spread of the Chinese coronavirus Democrats are dusting off the ugliest playbook in American politics.

And now Nancy Pelosi used one word about coronavirus that left Trump red with rage.

During his Wednesday press conference, President Trump pledge to work with Congress on emergency funding to combat the potential spread of the coronavirus.

Congressional Republicans made it clear they were willing to do their part to pass a funding bill to help protect the American people.

But in her weekly Thursday press conference, Pelosi made it clear her goal is score political points to damage the President’s re-election chances.

In her remarks to the press, Pelosi falsely described the administration’s response as “chaotic.”

“Up until now, the Trump administration has offered an opaque and chaotic response to this outbreak. They left critical positions vacant in charge of handling pandemics at the national security council also on the Department of Homeland Security. They left them vacant. They dismissed the people and never filled the spots. They were there from previous administrations,” Pelosi ranted.

Pelosi also falsely claimed that the President’s budget cut the proposed funding for programs to combat potential pandemics like the coronavirus.

“The Trump budget calls for slashing almost seven hundred million dollars from the Centers for Diseases Control.

And this was the budget which came out after we knew about the coronavirus threat,” Pelosi added.

This was simply not true.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar testified before the House of Representatives that programs dedicated to the spread of infectious diseases increased by more than $100 million.

Pelosi spread misinformation to create panic all for partisan political gain.

This is not a typical Washington, D.C. food fight.

Lives are at stake.

But Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care about the potential economic or human toll her lies cause so long as they increase the Democrats chances of winning in 2020.

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54 Responses

  1. George F says:

    Its time to stop treating this as politics, this is not politics but treason and that’s the only way this will stop. It is the legislatures job of funding programs, only they have the authority to provide funds. They should do their job and provide the funding that they believe is needed. 2.5 billion or 8 billion or more, its the legislature jobs, quit complaining and get it done.

  2. Lisa says:

    Opaque and chaotic pretty much describes the entire 8 years of that pos Obama.

  3. John says:

    Nancy Pelosi is a clown ,should go home to her mansion behind walls ,that’s where she belongs . Behind very high walls .

  4. Pretty Texas says:

    Omg, Smartest, You are correct about the strays dogs and cats roaming the street in China and Asia. I will not ever to do that with my animals. This is soooo sickening to hear that. You are sooo rightfully. Nancy Pelosi is crazy drunken woman. I am all for Trump. He has done everything for our American country.

  5. Sandra says:

    I have just one opinion of Pelosi , Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, and I guess the rest of these liberal scabs. They all are nothing but ” SLIMY PIGS “. Anyone who would vote for any one of these
    despicable cretins is a disgrace and anti-American. Pelosi is continuing to prove what a rotten excuse for a human being she really is. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Mafia all the way.

  6. Smartest says:

    Coronavirus is a deadly disease. It’s in China and Asia’. Maybe they will stop killing strays dogs and cats that roaming around the street. They are responsible for their actions. Plus, so many sick dogs and cats on the street alive are getting kill and giving foods to the crazy people. Nancy is the worst problem I’ve ever seen what she’s doing. I am sure she seen it before, she is purest sick evil woman. She needs to be thrown in prison for her actions. I am all for Trump.

  7. Jerry Moore says:

    Nancy is a alcoholic along with drug addict saggy skin loose teeth real sagging boobs
    Another words she is going down with a crash
    She needs to sleep in the streets with her trash bags

  8. James 75th Regiment says:

    One way to break up some protest and bring down the trade deal, release some biological warfare. Unconventional warfare can be used in many forms, and the doctor from Harvard selling bio secrets to Chinese military officers. Well exactly what was the virus he was selling for $1 Million???

  9. Jan Bourassa says:

    I am all set with Nancy Peloski and the rest of them. As it is with their open border policies and allowing anybody in here we are already at risk for disease and crime. So they need to work on doing their jobs like the President is and stop all the drama hate and blame that they spread which is what is tearing our people apart. We don’t need enemies because we have them.. If I want drama and chaos I do have a TV. Enough is enough and I have many friends and acquaintences that feel the same.

  10. James Jackson says:

    Someone needs to explain to Ronsch that Coronavirus came from China, not the United States. President Trump didn’t create it. It originated in China and has spread to other countries in the world.

  11. Kathe says:

    President Trump is doing what can be done to not allow the American public to panic as to the Cor-19 virus. America is also experiencing the Normal Flu Season which is still going full blast which people are forgetting about. President Trump and his Administration know full well this virus can cause problems and even deaths, just as the Flu which is on-going can and has caused deaths. He has attempted to try to keep the virus outside of our Nation by banning flights to and fro from China, and other Nations who are having a real problem with the virus. Congress, dear Democrat Congress as well as some RINOS have fought the President and his Administration as to the Southern Borfer, first not funding then under funding the Borfer Wall, then the Ninth District Court ties the President ‘s hands that is trying to keep illegal immigrants in the U.S., sending them back to Mexico to await their dispositions; now can enter the U.S. and so it goes, Instead of Working Together the Democrats have chosen not to, have chosen to continue to criticize, just as Ronsch has done in his opinion. We certainly will have more cor19 virus patients and some will die, that is the way viruses have a way of doing, as we have witnessed in the Past under Obama, and I am sure practically every President has encountered during his Administration. The thing is, our government is doing its best to keep people from panic as well as safe as possible under the circumstances.

  12. Ernest Warner says:

    Perspective: CDC: 80,000 people died of flu last winter in U.S. (2018), highest death toll in 40 years.

  13. Nancy Pelosi is a lying, Evil person, She needs to be put out of office, NOW.

  14. Alan W says:

    “…left Trump red with rage.”

    The only person I’ve seen lately who’s “…red with rage.”, is Pelosi! And everyone knows why! Well, except for herself.

  15. Larry Gaines says:

    Pelosi is a Alcoholic Bit-h that needs a good old ARSE whipping

  16. John Redman says:

    Ronsch, like piglousy, is a lying communist operative. Poop-between-her-ears is not qualified to make rational statements. At the suggestions of that progcommie from HI, her “co-workers” should have her involuntarily committed – to an alligator farm in Florida – at feeding time. She’d be safe for being among her kind.

  17. Carbine Williams says:

    Keep praying the good Lord calls her home soon,soon to free up our oxygen

  18. H Manuel Montes says:

    A typical talking words comment by control seekers. President Trump comes out in public and make his statements, you folks with no knowledge make your COMMENTS, well your comments mean nothing since they haven’t changed in almost 4 years?? Wake up.

  19. Allen Morgan says:

    The Wicked Witch of the West, vodka-pickled and filled with hatred and vitriol as well as 4th degree TDS, cannot even think rationally. Either retire her via America’s vote or a sanitarium.

  20. Ronsch says:

    Trump eliminated a special division in HHS that had been set up for pandemics like this one by Obama. Now he’s having to re-create it but it’s going to be too late to prevent some serious consequences. Trump’s initial reaction was to try to protect himself by going after the media which was correctly describing the dangers. He forbid the head of NIH from appearing on television today. Instead of putting the Secretary of the HHS in charge he puts Pence in charge whose job is to keep things quiet rather than inform us. Trump declared that any information had to be approved by Pence instead of letting the experts, the doctors at the CDC, HHS, and NIH from speaking in public. Trump’s first goal was to keep things from making him look bad.

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