Nancy Pelosi tried to hide one horrible truth from the American people

Nancy Pelosi knows she is in trouble.

And the Speaker of the House is scrambling into damage control mode.

That’s because she is trying to hide this one horrible truth from the American people.

From the moment the news broke that a roving band of Trump supporters attacked black homosexual actor Jussie Smollett in one of the wealthiest and most liberal neighborhoods in Chicago, many Americans smelled a rat.

Smollett claimed Trump supporters attacked him at 2AM and put a noose around his neck while pouring bleach on him.

Pelosi was one of many liberals that raced to social media to praise Smollett and condemn Trump supporters.

But the story sounded too fantastical to be true.

And soon after the Chicago Police Department picked up two suspects, the story began to unravel.

Police questioned two Nigerian brothers who worked as extras on Smollett’s show “Empire” and they told the cops Smollett paid them to stage the attack and that the three of them rehearsed the event.

Pelosi ended up with egg on her face and quietly deleted her pro-Smollett tweet.

But The Daily Caller screen shotted it before she could take it down:

The media and the left fell for this hoax just weeks after another narrative-confirming story – the Covington Catholic students harassing an elderly Indian activist – completely fell apart.

Many Americans question why so many “journalists” and Democrats fall for these hoaxes and how the mistakes in rush to judgment always run in one direction.

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220 Responses

  1. Charles Enders says:


  2. Estela Hinke says:

    Who cares about the height of a platform? When getting on or off a train my only concern is the height difference between the platform and the carriage exit. Steps are a pest and dangerous. (I read somewhere that after car accidents, steps are the main cause of accidental death.) EU standards to minimise the ‘jump distance’ would a benefit for all of us.

  3. Peg says:

    What about all the Benghazi Hearings? Weren’t there 11 of them that the Republicans had and absolutely nothing was found? Didn’t Hillary testify for more than 12 hours and they could find no errors that she made? But she came to the committee and did her duty to the country. There was nothing we were hiding then and now. The president is the one hiding stuff.

  4. helene says:

    too old and stupid, waste our money to pay for her to run the government.

  5. Edgar says:

    Found out by the conservative press that Pelosi was drinking vodka in church at 11am.She is a lush and needs to go detox.Her brain is pickled,I guess that’s why she does the crazy stuff she does!Definitely needs to be thrown out of Congress!

  6. Glenn Gray says:

    Yes: America has many problems to address & solve — just read a dozen or two of the above comments. We must all work together and minimize immature comments. Please always remember what is printed on our money : IN GOD WE TRUST !!

  7. Randall M says:

    I am with you , girl. My family is in San Diego county. Less than 5 miles from the border. This s**t has to end. People, PLEASE open your eyes to what is really going on, and quit listening to th lame stream media and what the Demoncrat’s are feeding you.

  8. Go to the southern border loud mouth know nothing. Pay a visit then come back and open your big mouth.Women are being raped by these people ,Trump drugs coming in sicknesses that were dead now coming back. We the tax payers are paying for their care at the border. It’s got to stop.

  9. I could not wait to sign the petition listed below under Jim , February 24th. Look for it as you scroll. How much better can it get !

  10. Janet says:

    Which one? Hillary or Pelosi???

  11. linda says:


  12. CHUCK says:


  13. R. Brandt says:

    If there is no emergency, come down to Arizona and see what problems you have near the border.You don’t have a clue about what really goes on here.

  14. The Real M says:

    Ric B, And now we have demon diane disguished as Ric B! My my my, you are like the energised bunny, you keep going and going and making a fool of yourself.
    As usual my comment was too complicated for your brain dead condition to comprehend and it flew right over your head. You liberals are not intelligent enough to understand the meaning of what conservatives are writing about so, poor you!
    Have I told you lately how childish and immature you are?

  15. The Real M says:

    Lola, And now we have demon Diane disguised as “lola”! You just never quit and we all know what you are doing, do-do!

  16. The Real M says:

    reality check, Well if it’s not old demon Diane disguised as her fav pen name “reality check’! You may hide behind different names but you are always polluting with your same old liberal propaganda talking points! You are a broken cd, stuck in the same spot and you are pe–thetic!

  17. Ric B says:

    wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a–a-a-a-a-a–a-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!! The “real” M is a real whiney about losing. The Truth is that there are more people who support Democratic positions, like the ACA and not doing the bidding of Putin, like Trump has.

  18. Lola says:

    If Nancy is such a “loser” then how come she lead the HUGE Blue Tsunami at the midterms and beat Trump over and over about his pathetic “wall”?!? I will predict this F-A-L-S-E national emergency gambit will fail in the courts also, because there IS NOT NATIONAL EMERGENCY!!! The only question is whether LOSER Trump will give away FURTHER concessions to Kim Jong Un as he did the last time when America got nothing from North Korea. Trump has too much dementia to negotiate at a garage sale!

  19. reality check says:

    Wake up, Wayne, that has already transpired and failed.
    #1. the Whitewater investigation of the Clintons, found nothing on White Water, but special
    prosecutor kept working to find the affair of Bill and Monica. This shows where the claim that
    if they do not find anything on the initial probe, you are off, scot free.
    #2. The Bengazi investigation, led by Trey Gowdy – – got nothing on Hillary who took on the committee
    and beat them all.
    #3. investigations into the missing emails of Hillary Clinton.

    But is it wild how conservative scream like banshees when it occurs to one of their own! Trumpers have big chips on their shoulders and LOVE to play victims, even with their privileges.

  20. wayne 2019 says:

    i think it is time that there should be investigations on these democrats who seem to like investigations so much,lets see what in the closet,you know they have plenty to hide

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