Nancy Pelosi tried to hide one horrible truth from the American people

Nancy Pelosi knows she is in trouble.

And the Speaker of the House is scrambling into damage control mode.

That’s because she is trying to hide this one horrible truth from the American people.

From the moment the news broke that a roving band of Trump supporters attacked black homosexual actor Jussie Smollett in one of the wealthiest and most liberal neighborhoods in Chicago, many Americans smelled a rat.

Smollett claimed Trump supporters attacked him at 2AM and put a noose around his neck while pouring bleach on him.

Pelosi was one of many liberals that raced to social media to praise Smollett and condemn Trump supporters.

But the story sounded too fantastical to be true.

And soon after the Chicago Police Department picked up two suspects, the story began to unravel.

Police questioned two Nigerian brothers who worked as extras on Smollett’s show “Empire” and they told the cops Smollett paid them to stage the attack and that the three of them rehearsed the event.

Pelosi ended up with egg on her face and quietly deleted her pro-Smollett tweet.

But The Daily Caller screen shotted it before she could take it down:

The media and the left fell for this hoax just weeks after another narrative-confirming story – the Covington Catholic students harassing an elderly Indian activist – completely fell apart.

Many Americans question why so many “journalists” and Democrats fall for these hoaxes and how the mistakes in rush to judgment always run in one direction.


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220 Responses

  1. helene says:

    too old and stupid, waste our money to pay for her to run the government.

  2. Glenn Gray says:

    Yes: America has many problems to address & solve — just read a dozen or two of the above comments. We must all work together and minimize immature comments. Please always remember what is printed on our money : IN GOD WE TRUST !!

  3. wayne 2019 says:

    i think it is time that there should be investigations on these democrats who seem to like investigations so much,lets see what in the closet,you know they have plenty to hide

    • reality check says:

      Wake up, Wayne, that has already transpired and failed.
      #1. the Whitewater investigation of the Clintons, found nothing on White Water, but special
      prosecutor kept working to find the affair of Bill and Monica. This shows where the claim that
      if they do not find anything on the initial probe, you are off, scot free.
      #2. The Bengazi investigation, led by Trey Gowdy – – got nothing on Hillary who took on the committee
      and beat them all.
      #3. investigations into the missing emails of Hillary Clinton.

      But is it wild how conservative scream like banshees when it occurs to one of their own! Trumpers have big chips on their shoulders and LOVE to play victims, even with their privileges.

      • The Real M says:

        reality check, Well if it’s not old demon Diane disguised as her fav pen name “reality check’! You may hide behind different names but you are always polluting with your same old liberal propaganda talking points! You are a broken cd, stuck in the same spot and you are pe–thetic!

      • CHUCK says:

        YES, I DONT RECALL, 1000 TIMES..

    • I could not wait to sign the petition listed below under Jim , February 24th. Look for it as you scroll. How much better can it get !

    • Peg says:

      What about all the Benghazi Hearings? Weren’t there 11 of them that the Republicans had and absolutely nothing was found? Didn’t Hillary testify for more than 12 hours and they could find no errors that she made? But she came to the committee and did her duty to the country. There was nothing we were hiding then and now. The president is the one hiding stuff.

  4. Gary says:

    Loser pelosi and Schumer the bum need to shut up and wait for all the facts on something like this. It only makes them look more inbred dense dumb and stupid then they already are. Especially Pelosi the loser

    • PORE LOSSER said that she wanted the lieing to stop!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Janet says:

        Which one? Hillary or Pelosi???

      • Edgar says:

        Found out by the conservative press that Pelosi was drinking vodka in church at 11am.She is a lush and needs to go detox.Her brain is pickled,I guess that’s why she does the crazy stuff she does!Definitely needs to be thrown out of Congress!

    • Lola says:

      If Nancy is such a “loser” then how come she lead the HUGE Blue Tsunami at the midterms and beat Trump over and over about his pathetic “wall”?!? I will predict this F-A-L-S-E national emergency gambit will fail in the courts also, because there IS NOT NATIONAL EMERGENCY!!! The only question is whether LOSER Trump will give away FURTHER concessions to Kim Jong Un as he did the last time when America got nothing from North Korea. Trump has too much dementia to negotiate at a garage sale!

      • The Real M says:

        Lola, And now we have demon Diane disguised as “lola”! You just never quit and we all know what you are doing, do-do!

      • R. Brandt says:

        If there is no emergency, come down to Arizona and see what problems you have near the border.You don’t have a clue about what really goes on here.

      • Go to the southern border loud mouth know nothing. Pay a visit then come back and open your big mouth.Women are being raped by these people ,Trump drugs coming in sicknesses that were dead now coming back. We the tax payers are paying for their care at the border. It’s got to stop.

        • Randall M says:

          I am with you , girl. My family is in San Diego county. Less than 5 miles from the border. This s**t has to end. People, PLEASE open your eyes to what is really going on, and quit listening to th lame stream media and what the Demoncrat’s are feeding you.

  5. Most frustrating is the war between the political parties created by hunger for power. Censorship of members of one party and MSM propaganda promote racism, hatred, national division and thus encourage people to violence and verbal abuse. No matter if it’s a politician, Hollywood star, or ordinary people.

  6. Karin says:

    Did not see one new “horrible truth”. Did not see anything that will become a catapult to send her from the House. Did not see anything about her being “contrite” because of rushing to judgment in reverse. How about if you just ignore the current stories and do some of your own. Like; How many kids does Nancy have, how rich are they, how did they get their riches? Bet that would be an eyeopener. How about Maxine Watters? What gets her on her high horse? How much has she actually invested in her own political campaigning and how much has she gotten from the leaches who stand around and buy big gimmies? You are supposed to be a conservative information center so give us some conservative info.

  7. Nancy Pelosi needs to start removing the hate she has first b/4 trying to get others to do the same.

    In case you are wondering why the Chicago police even considered this attack as a hokes is for one reason that has been a fact for years and it is simply this. For decades, years even as a child growing up in a suburb of Detroit it was agreed upon after the race riots in the late 40’s that there would be a safe haven in the down town areas of Chicago and Detroit where small crimes and criminals would not enter to commit a crime, like robbery, or making visitors uneasy from walking around without the fear of being attacked.

    You can believe it or not, that is your choice, but it is true to this day. Check out the facts for yourself. The crime rate in the inner cities is almost nothing, especially those like this one where it is a racial attack.

  8. howard buckley says:

    dumbacrats are trying to start a civil war so un gets involved america aern,t you getting a little sick of these dumbacrats=as_holes trying to give your country away,OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA BEFORE THESE AS_HOLES =DUMBACRATS GIVE YOUR COUNTRY TO A BUNCH OF INVADERS.

    • george says:

      look what the dem idiots have done since the clintons and obuma, introduced abortion murder, gave Iran 13 billion dollars which they used against us, voted in muslims in our govt. does not want our country protected from illegals coming in to our country and wanting to get on the free list, at every Turn the Republicans suggest, they complain, look how hilda beast complained about the Electoral college, because it did not go her way , she wanted it changed, they continue to bash Trump, but it was okay for willybilly to have doll out 8000 bucks for his escapades, and above all the idiot played hide the weenie in the oval office while being president, and married to hildabeast with a child, look at the idiot bernie wants to lead our countryd, they have to clean out these people of the Swamp.g

  9. Don says:

    This isn’t the ONLY thing Pelousy is trying to hide…just ask her daughter. She’s nothing but a senile, vile witch hungry for power….and more money.

  10. John J says:

    Liberals are truly that stupid, they are well known for jumping on the band wagon of liars, thieves, rapists and other complete fools, like that red lipped, banjo eyed spic of theirs who wants to eliminate airplanes!

  11. ncp-nate says:

    The Democrats will never learn. Stop jumping to conclusions before the facts are in. Hey Nancy, read your tweet, Smollett will heal just fine, especially if BUBBA uses vasaline instead of polly-grip.

  12. Tom Blackwell says:

    How do I get rid of this website they are censoring the truth. Please notify me of my cancellation ASAP.

  13. Sue says:

    I think Pelosi should suffer some form of punishment for her part in rushing with comments without verifying the facts. But she loves to spread hatred toward the Republicans. Every time she opens her mouth, she sounds and looks like an idiot. Who was responsible for allowing her to become speaker of the house? Who accepted her ‘deal’ where she would quit after this? They should be fired right along with her.

  14. Estell says:

    Bleach would have done severe damage to him.

  15. Bud says:

    The liberals want total domination. Isn’t in obvious, just listen to Pelosi and Schumer. All they want is control. Trump had a meeting the terrible two, and they offered him one dollar. The dominate party controls the purse string, and yet, the two of them go on junkets costing thousands of dollars Sad! It’s do as I say not as I do. The liberals go from strange to more strange. Tell Pelosi to show their Tax returns, I’ll bet the farm that will NEVER happen.

  16. Mike says:

    He should be in solitary confinement so he can be without sex for his prison time also.

    • Ron Sarson says:

      Disagree with solitary. Let him be some rough prisoner’s “special friend”.

    • Sulig says:

      He should get top punishment and Pelosi come on…..she needs to be impeached. She does not know what her job is. Leftist tend to jump on any false narrative against President Trump or his supporters. Even the young guy from Covington School. A respectable minor. Because he had a Trump hat on. Leftist went to destroy that young man who was a minor and his family. The leftist constant since the beginning of losing the election and even before that have done malicious behavior. We know who starts this crap, every one of them. Guess what people you are going down right at the right moment. Not so lucky with the military court. Y’all not as smart as you think you are.

  17. don says:

    i do not think that there should be a jail sentence. but the fine should be stiff enough to make the wealthy people cringe.

  18. Frank says:

    The media is NOT falling for hoaxes, they are helping to create an atmosphere that encourages them because they are as corrupt as the Democratic Party and look to frame the President as something they themselves are; Racists, bigots and enemies of America.

  19. Francisco Machado says:

    Insofar as Smollet’s stunt got his name in the headlines, it worked. Reports were voiced that he did it because his million plus salary wasn’t high enough for someone of his talent and importance. I see no relationship between the act and his salary. Does anyone get a raise for getting beat up? As far as “talent” goes, this stunt didn’t display even a hint of talent. It was outrageously stupid, poorly acted.

  20. daniel says:

    hell yeah use him as example put him in solitary confinement for 2 months he would never disrespect any race again.Then go after the democrats for treason for next protecting our country or our people and violating our constitution for allowing muslim’s in the office or even on the ballot.I hope and pray that everybody open there eyes an vote for Trump 2020 the only one that’s not killing us

  21. Jessica says:

    Not only should Smollet go to jail he should be required to reimburse the state the money they wasted investigating his fraudulent report. Also he needs to go to the same jail everyone else goes to. Not some fancy hotel jail for the rich.

    • Lewis Schrodt says:

      I totally agree. How many thousands of dollars worth of time and other resources was wasted / used to investigate his false claims ? How many thousands of dollars will be spent on the prosecution of him ? I also believe that he should be prosecuted on Federal charges of conspiracy to commit a hate crime. Rather the hate crime was actually committed or not, the conspiracy to commit one was committed. After he does his time in the state pen, send him to a Federal prison for a few more. He wanted the publicity, let him have the publicity as an example that conspiring to commit a hate crime is just as bad as actually doing it.

  22. ToxicThistle says:


  23. JIM says:





  24. Pat says:

    Smollett will never spend one night in jail and he will get super rich over this so his plan worked
    To kinds of law rich and poor
    TRUMP 2020 MAGA

    • JIM says:


      CALL TOLL FREE: 866-272-6622

  25. snark says:

    “EATING CROW” on the 47th Hr. ie
    Smollett’s Arrest.

  26. Jeff says:

    Let’s ALL hope and pray that the perpetrators of this HATE crime get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and that anyone who called for criminal retribution for this act WITHOUT knowing all the facts should be required to apologize to the American people for being so insensitive and UN-caring! YES Nancy, I’m Talking about YOU!

    • milvetjim Humphrey says:

      To apologize to Nancy simple means a fart in the wind. In a moment it is gone and all her supporters will act like there was never a smell.

  27. Kara says:

    Pelosi is as much a traitor as is all the DEMS supporting all her crimes.

  28. Glenn says:

    Hmmm, could AOC be Pelosi’s dark secret ? Did she jump the fence and had a daughter we did not know about ? Maybe that is what put her over the top. They both come up with the same kind of Bull 🙂

  29. Rickster says:

    Want to talk crimes on against Americans! Hillary and Obama and CIA are burried in it ass deep! Benghazi another gun running operation by Obama to support ISIS! Obama created ISIS and ISIL!! Ran weapons to them! American jets were told to stand down! Never fired a shot from our jets! That Benghazi building torched and killed Americans is on Hillary and Obama sorry ass!! Vegas!and School shootings! About time it all came out!! Quit listening to fake news! Do your homework!

  30. Rickster says:

    Reality check! You better find some ! Your so full of it you stink, your facts are 100% false! Straight from CNNs fake news your brainwashed ! Theres so much going on in goverment you dont come close to understanding and pass events Saudis have been involved in! Good and bad! The whole Vegas shooting was a CIA gun running operating and that prince was there at a meeting and they tried to take him out! The shooting was a distraction created by CIA! There pilot was Steven paddock! Sound familiar? what you didnt see at night was cia black hawk choppers firing on crowd! Cia behind sheriff when he gave statements! That journalist deserved it! He was a spy and a double agent! That prince also executed all the past corrupt princes who were involved in crimes on American soil! He done the right thing! Should be a target on all fake news journalists back! Maybe theyde quit lying to people . You dont know what’s really going on here! Go back to your other brainwashed democrap friends whos been brainwashed by CNN and Soros owned fake news! Do some real homework for a change!!

  31. Rickster says:

    Grow up Paul a d people like you!! Hes guilty of pulling stupid stunt! His buddys already admitted to it, was rehearsed and played out my him!! Whatever he was trying to do was stupid and he filed a false police report his ass should go to jail!! Maybe that’s what he wants!! Attention for his ass in jail!! Do the crime do the time !! Quit protecting crooks! You must be a democrap!

  32. Paul J Lambert says:

    you my friend are crazy. just give up already, he’s not guilty of any so called crimes. so get a life…

  33. reality check says:

    Covering up a lie can be damaging — so imagine Trump and Jared were just shown by whistle blowers to be covering up YET ANOTHER treasonous scandals of illegally trying to give Saudi Arabia nuclear secrets to profit from the sales of nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia! Clearly the Saudi have NO need for energy, with more oil than they could use . . . so it is reasonable they wanted the reactors to help develop the fuels for nuclear bombs. NO WONDER TRUMP GAVE THE SAUDI PRINCE A “PASS” ON THE BRUTAL MURDER OF AN AMERICAN JOURNALIST!! Jared and Donald and Flynn were involved in a conspiracy to violate the law for riches – – and that could have given nuclear weapons to the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism !!!

    When you see a president who has sworn to put US interests first, kowtowing to Putin and MBS, Saudi prince, it is clear that that president puts his and his family’s interests FIRST and the good of America’s interests behind that.

  34. Tom says:

    she should remember those same words the next time ole Maxi pad tells her supporters to harass Trump supporters where ever they are

  35. Gary Nichols says:

    Nancy needs to go down to the southern border and see what is going on down there. She needs to spend a week with are border guards. Go out with them and let her B/G’s have a week of. She was asked to down and see for her self. She was ask to come to TEXAS w/o her B/G’s because there is already people down there doing that. But she wont do that, because would have to work.

  36. Jim says:

    Queer in the pants Queer in the head.

  37. John J says:

    The anti American, fag and wet back loving pig should go to hell

  38. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Maybe the Liberals will come to realize what we Conservatives already know, that the main stream media are FAKE NEWS!

    • Timothy says:

      Wasn’t the media on this one – – they not only reported the earlier information on it, but then were very clear in reporting what appears to be a HOAX. The America media makes mistakes, but then are required to own up to them, like the errors years ago by Dan Rather. But Trump never admits to his lies, fake information and outright distortions. The MSM are DEFINITELY more reliable than corrupt and lying Trump.

  39. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Evil the 1st day she took the oath of office and now simply in the death throes of severe Dementia get rid of it.

  40. Valdez says:

    Thanks to the gestapo overseeing this site
    I have now had three comment censored and not printed

  41. Valdez says:

    I’m wondering who oversees this site that has resulted In several of my comments being censored and not printed

    • PROBABLY FACEBOOK or TWITTTER are deleting peoples posts. they are both with the left as far as I am concerned. My post right now probably won’t get posted . I had a few posts deleted and also on Facebook they got deleted and I got 30 days prison time that I was not allowed to do anything on Facebook…

    • The Real M says:

      Valdez, It is the very liberal Google, the operating system for this site. Lots of us are censored! Just don’t give up, change some words and phrases, try again!

  42. Lula B Broome says:

    There are many topics that we as American’s 1st and Republicans 2nd had better start speaking out about!!! People need to stop and think before everyone jumps on the band wagon about raising the taxes on the wealthy. Who do you think supplies a large portion of jobs in this country, in your state or in your city? Just might be taxing yourself right out of a job!!! Abortion??? Brutal murder!!!! Refusing to support the border wall??? What would even one of these Democrats think or how would they feel if it was one of their own family members that was brutally murdered by one of the illegal immigrants that they so profoundly support right now!!! I personally DO NOT want not one red cent of mine going to support any person that is coming into our country that we know are criminals. God gave us all a brain! Let’s begin to know how to use it!!!

  43. Thomas Neal Redmon says:

    Filling a false police report is a crime so yes no question ask he should spend time in JAIL. If this were the average American they would be sent immediately. As far as Nancy goes if she jumps on the band wagon she is just STUPID. What it does show the AMERICAN PEOPLE is that she has NO regard for the law and the process. That is the reason she has NO BUSINESS being Speaker of the House or even an elected official

  44. Ed says:

    The question at the end of the article asks, “Should Smollett spend some time in jail?” I guess he has to, because San Fran Nan demands he get justice.

  45. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Only one?

  46. Robert Wilkinson says:

    Pelosi is a disgrace to the Office she holds…Speaker of the House. She should be removed for conduct unbecoming of the office…not paying attention during SOTU,
    JUMPING TO UNSUPPORTED CONCLUSIONS on every matter that comes her way…

  47. Jim Fannin says:

    Pelosi is an insane scumbag that belongs in a cage..this lying sleaze ball is your typical dumocrat

    • reality check says:

      She is the worst nightmare for a radical-right Trump supporter – – she holds different values and has a spine, and will stand up to Trump’s bullying. Compare her to some republican Senators that speak out of both sides of their mouths, both against then for, the most corrupt president of ALL TIME.

  48. snooky6677 says:

    Nancy you can try and hide what you wrote about Smollett but you know what we all know that you wrote it so why are you trying to delete your words you are such a idiot and a mental case to boot

  49. Karin says:

    I don’t know about her and Schumer they are both so entrenched, they have no idea what they are for or against. She is either nuts or an alcoholic, and Shu-Ancy are joined at the hip.

    • VistaCharlie says:

      appreciate and approve our comment. However you should not have used “OR” she could be both. She could also be a pothead, hard drug user, etc.

    • Neill Griffith says:

      I think that she is in the early stages of senility.

      • Valdez says:

        Could be. In addition to lying, she often misspeaks and doesn’t even bother to correct her idiotic statements. Also stupid women seem to experience senility at a higher rate than most intelligent people .
        In addition just as with Ocasio-Cortez and Omar, her body language suggests a deranged mind.

      • Mark says:

        EARLY STAGES???

        • Ric B says:

          Yes, she is still somewhat functional and kicked Trump’s ass on the wall deal. Trump, in contrast, is in the latter stages of dementia, and rambles, repeats himself and undercuts his own arguments even in the same speech.

    • John the Deplorable says:

      Yes stupid is as stupid does. But in all it is funny to watch those two idiots. They make themselves look stupid Nancy is a drunk with alzheimer’s or dementia. Cry babe chuck is just a stupid idiot period. He just want his paycheck that’s all he cares nothing about this country he was the nerd in high school that probably got bullied. So he decided to become a Demorat and get into office so he could be the man he always wanted to be but he is still an asshole. The twofold them should get married they are two peas in a pod both treasonous traitors of America and the American people anyhow just sit back and enjoy these two clowns. Oh and have a happy thanksgiving

    • Tina M Hopkins says:

      On point! God Bless Us All We Need It!

  50. William Fulkerson says:

    No surprise here. The typical Democratic party patented MO. Ready, Fire, Aim. Then blame it on Trump.

    • Dora says:

      They don’t even know how to aim they just shoot. They don’t know what that thing on top of the gun is the site poor little evil nuts. They really are stupid they jump at anything that sound good for their deranged behavior.

    • Bob Mertz says:

      Basically most democrats have a one track mind and are easily led. They only see what they want to see. They are totally anti Trump and Republican.

  51. Vitaliy says:

    America’s Totalitarian Party in all Its beauty.

  52. G says:

    Nasty Nancy does have serious mental defects but, she has more serious problems, among them are a unquenchable thirst for power and control, a hatred for conservatism, obsessive hate of President Trump, and a obsessive need to have personal youth and beauty (no telling how much reconstructive surgery she has had and botex injected). It is almost certain she is taking adrenochrome and ambrosia. These are unholy drugs made from baby blood and tissue, other chemicals and Lord only knows what other nasty disgusting ingredients. These drugs are being taken by elitists (celebrities, politicians, wealthy, etc.) used as a fountain of youth. (What!!!) In addition she drinks like a fish. She cannot accept the fact she is a 78 year old woman and forget her ever aging gracefully!
    It is no wonder she has brain freezes, blank stares, forgets what she is saying, stumbles over words, slurs words, calls people by the wrong name, the overly dramatic hand gestures and the way she uses them demonstrates her frustration with the way she is performing.
    In closing I would like to say she is evil and the spawn of the devil!

    • William Fulkerson says:

      I find it difficult to believe you wasted so much of your own precious time with a nicely written comment about this unholy coven leader

      • John Last says:

        Lol, nicely put “G” ! Kudos !
        I’m positive, there’s NO WAY I could have been that civil, once I started….

      • G says:

        William Fulkerson, I know, I know! I just got started on Nasty Nancy, totally lost control and my comments ballooned into a first edition!
        She is such a disingenuous blowhard she literally makes my nauseous!

    • Randall M says:

      G. You hit it out of the park! Adrenaochrome, TDS, and the need for ultimate power have sickened these people beyond repair.

    • Dora says:

      Lets face she’s an alcoholic. I can’t wait when the day come and she turns red and the horns and tail start showing and she starts demonstrating her frustration that Trump has been elected for another 4 years. LOL LOL LOL

    • Tina M Hopkins says:

      Don’t forget she forgets what day is Thanksgiving! Lol God Love Us All!

  53. Sharon K Gonzales says:

    She is Nothing more then a she-devil along the side of evil hell ery.

    • Jeffery Kmann says:

      She looks like a perfect match for George Soros. They both are evil and they think alike. Chucky Boy is her #1 son

      • William Fulkerson says:

        Not only do they think alike, they look alike. Soros is just a touch less hideous in appearance. And as we all know, they transcend the law.

  54. Linda says:

    Hmm! Sounds to me Pelosi should practice what she is preaching!

  55. manuel says:

    Nancys name must be changed to Nazi Pelosi she hate Trump and the American people.

  56. leelee says:

    Now the ones who were quick to blame are saying we need to wait until this gets investigated. Too bad they didn’t say that when this first happened. Btw all of them are running in 2020

    • Jeffery kmann says:

      They only know how to investigate. IMDb anything wrong doing. They take their so than hide facts and get the right judge to hear the case. Pages from the Clinton play book

  57. Pedro says:

    He made a false acusation, and just because he is black and gay, does not exonerate him of his crime. Anyone that commit these false statement no matter their race, religion sexual preference or nationality should pay for their crime. This was premeditated by Mr. Smullet. Furthermore, he is a smart and studied individual, he should know the consequences of his actions. If he does not, tough luck. “ignorance of the law excuses no one.”

  58. Chris McDonnell says:

    How much more evidence do we need to impeach someone who is only out destroy this country she has only one agenda HERS we can not have a selfish dignatarian running this country

  59. Anthony Arico says:

    He lied just to boost his public profile. He also payed. The other 2. Is a hoax. Chicago police is going. To lock him up. And Hollywood fell for it. What a pos

  60. Ted Quirk says:

    Is Nancy STILL interested in seeing JUSTICE served because it will look different from what she assumed.

  61. Fast Eddy says:

    Nancy, Live by your own words.

    Stop the Hate!!

  62. Nancy S. says:

    “Many Americans question why so many “journalists” and Democrats fall for these hoaxes and how the mistakes in rush to judgment always run in one direction.”….. I don’t wonder. I KNOW that the Media is actively engaged in DOUBLE Standards”, when it comes to Scandals & whether the “perps” are Liberal or Conservative.

  63. BECK says:

    I think a couple white guys should hang him, and pour the bleach down his throat.

  64. Marc says:

    I can’t believe in his attempt to further his cause for Blacks and Gays how much this stunt sets that back. This one of the most outrageous things I’ve seen happen lately. I watch Empire and think he is talented, but he just signed his legacy. In 3 months we won’t here the name Smollett again.

  65. Mike says:

    This question shouldn’t have needed to be asked. Falsifying a criminal report is itself a crime & by law has penalties. Not applying the law uniformly grats license to wanton disregard of law and due process. Histories statistics establish that untill we get back to these basic premises lawlessness will only escalate!

    • Gayle Clay says:

      As pelosi states, the hate needs to be stopped now, so why not start with your own pelosi? Thai hate we see here is coming from smollet and your commentary which you couldn’t wait to jump on publically.

    • Bruce Lindsay says:

      in this country law only applies to those that regard such as of great importance, all other are law breakers. Not only the traitorous politicians believe they are outside the law, but tomorrow see how many refuse to follow traffic laws /common sense. Every day I witness these drivers place other drivers in danger

  66. Chuck says:

    If Speaker Pelosi got a brain, she would be dangerous. As it is, she is the Devil’s instrument and will meet her comeuppance in the end. He (the Devil) is already a loser. Pelosi is already a loser and knows who to follow.

  67. stephen says:

    this is Simple: smollet is a RACIST…he staged an incident to claim White People and Trump supporters attacked him…they didn’t, he hired to black actors to fake it, and the cried when nobody believed his lies…it was all an act…he filed a false police report which is a felony……what else is there to discuss?..because he’s black, he should be able to get away with it?…uh uh. do the crime, serve the time Pal.

  68. Gina Moss says:

    Ok, if this was reversed, the Democrats would be all over the news telling leftist to hang that Republican……….. always a different say for the left, always stirring the race card…inciting hate by their own power.. The left have a different rule book than the Republican party, and we the people need to hold them accountable for their actions…

    • Gayle Clay says:

      Right the democrats have all shown publically that they are hypocritical, they call republicans racist, but they have repeatedly and publically performed racial stunts, media lies, name calling, to make it look like the other guy. Come on…democrats aren’t that stupid. Pelosi and the rest of the hate pushers have spent so much time trying to fool their voters that they have forgotten that fact that some of them would rather make up their own minds instead of believing every word you say and echoing exactly what you say. It would be that easy for democrats to see political democrats for the spreaders of hate and one world elites that they are.

    • Bruce Lindsay says:

      Thank you

  69. Rodney says:

    Nasty is just another moron in the Dimwit party. Forever jumping on anything that may further their agenda of destroying the USA. As for Smollett, he needs to return to jail. Yes, I said RETURN. In 2007 he was convicted of giving false information to the police. He may be spending a lot more time this time around.

  70. Donna says:

    The killing of innocent, defenseless and helpless unborn babies is an offense to our humanity Pelosi.

  71. Swampy says:

    I have decided that Getty upset because the left doesn’t know how to be truthful and human the only thing I can do is pray that all sane people have the ability to to know what and who are truthful and pray that somehow all of us that are sane know what to do and how to react as we should.

    • Bruce Lindsay says:

      Nancy you are party to ever single innocent death by not taking a stand against such heinous practice. God will be your judge whether you chose to believe or not.

  72. Bill says:

    Liberals are hate..They need to be stoped human life means nothing to them.there pagens very unholy people .My God have mercy on america.God please look after Mr Trump

  73. Chris says:

    There’s too much hate in our country already, Smollett should be jailed for manufacturing more. Pelosi and the rest on the far left best learn to keep their mouths shut prior to learn the facts, by adding fuel to this story they’re no better. Attempts to divide our people serves no one.

  74. Bill says:

    Yes Nancy we need to stop this hate so why don’t you liberals begin by stop making up stories to make conservative Trump supporters look bad. This has gone on long enough. Now why don’t you stop hsting Trump because he beat Hillary, and dtart working for the good of America, and the American people. Hillary isn’t worth it.

    • Notalib says:

      I am so sick and tired of seeing her face on tv and watching her hand gestures which are totally out of sync with what she is saying that I mute the station or switch stations. She is insane!

      • Valli Neal-davis says:

        All of the American people are sick and tired of hearing that Obama was the first black president along with the treasonous dirty democrats with Nancy Pelosi and her cronies lies.

        • Jacque Prentiss says:

          Valli Neal-Davis he is mullato, a fraud. He is Kenyan & he hates America. He duped America & blacks still have their heads stuck up his butt. He is the one who caused the racial divide. He is the one who is racist. As are the demoncratic party.

      • Matt Stacy says:

        Pelosi needs to be checked in to a mental health facility. I’m dead serious – there is something very, very wrong with her, and not only is she not doing her JOB – representing American citizens – whatever she’s got going on seems to be infectious. We seriously need to look into forcing her to get a psych. eval. It’s been done before, and it’s obviously an appropriate first step here, in getting all of the hate- and fearmongering stopped. It started with Hillary, and now that she’s effectively out of the way, it’s time we start holding our representatives accountable for their actions. She is obviously not healthy.

        • Gayle Clay says:

          As pelosi states, the hate needs to be stopped now, so why not start with your own pelosi? Thai hate we see here is coming from smollet and your commentary which you couldn’t wait to jump on publically.

    • Jacque Prentiss says:

      Well said Bill👍 They do President Trump like this daily. Since his win they have at break neck pace did everything to disrespect President Trump. Hillary by the weak spineless Coney was given a pass. Really Coney. MuelLiar, obamanation the liberal hate machine. All because we got a true Commander in Chief. Hitlary has them all in her pantsuit pickets

  75. sanford says:

    if y dont stop the STUPID headlines im thru.

  76. john says:

    pelois should spend jail time and step down

  77. Donna M Kelley says:


  78. FrankC says:

    Nancy needs to share a cell with Smollett, she was inciting violence.

  79. Ronnie Smith says:

    Nazi Pelosi needs to step down , she wished every American Happy Thanksgiving on Valentine’s Day , it was just a few days ago . And she is our Speaker of the House ? to funny to me

  80. ncp-nate says:

    Why do they always jump to conclusion especially when the alledged victim claims it was a conservative/republican/Trump supporter? They’re just plain and simple assholes. They’re all lawyers of some type or another, in law school didn’t it teach you to wait for the facts? That’s right, its Nancy Pelosi, We’ve got to pass the bill before we can see what’s in it. Write me a blank check you stupid moron and you’ll see how much the check was written for when it gets returned.

  81. Rex says:

    Oh my Lord , Nancy got chocolate smeared all over her face again. What I mean about chocolate is (poo poo) which is more suited for the occasion. Give her a blood test her score for that would be 96% alcohol 6% blood. The Geico camel would come in saying guess what day it is today (buzzed day)!!!!

  82. Sharon Rebaya says:

    Here we go again, brain dead Nancy Pelois is doing stuff with out thinking again. Time to replace the old hag with someone who is aware of their brain cells, and these dumb ass Democrats gave her the gravel that’s scary…

    • Bruce Lindsay says:

      They are so damn stupid that if she could be removed her party would replace her with another sicker individual named Ilhan Omars. The Democratic party of which I once belonged to is a total mess

  83. David Forler says:

    When is NANCY GOING TO AFMIT THE LEFT, Hollywood left are the RACIST AND BIGOTS, Jussie and the left are BLACK SUPREMIST, by their words and actions. The press gives a free pass. For all you White folks out their on the left that HATE YOUR RACE, end your terrible racist selfs by taking a long walk on a short pier, walk off 1/2 dome in Yosemite, go stand in the middle of the 101 or 5 freeway. That way you will reduce the race you hate.

  84. Guenther says:

    This under handed none scene needs to stop. I wish all the democrats involved will resigned.
    Smollett needs to pay for his actions

  85. like i have said from 2016, all the democrates want is a one party government , a blind and dumb person can see that ..

  86. Robert M Hellen says:

    I have come to the conclusion after years of BS out of the Left that they are in fact NUTS! They should never be allowed to manage anyone or anything. We allow it at our own peril!

    • Carolina says:

      I believe we are close to war between nazi demonrats and republicans…I mean with guns. How many Maga people have been assaulted, vilified, and jailed because of nazi demonrats. Total control…What we eat, our healthcare, lwxyz want our males to have to date insane idiots

      • The Real M says:

        Carolina, Democrats attack Republicans in these ways because the problem begins with GOP Congressional leaders. The Dems are mean, angry, fear nobody or nothing and are bold. Republican leaders put forth good proposals and end up cowtowing to the Dems in everything and in all ways. Our side continues to conduct themselves the way both sides did years ago. Politics used to be a gentlemen’s “game”. Our side has not come to realize the Dems have changed everything to a whole new level. But, I digress…….. The problem we have starts at the top, Congress! Their leaders are “meaner” and more determined than ours and it trickles down to the foot soldiers. Plainly put, they are pushier and we have been pushovers in the past. DJT has given courage and a voice to us and we are speaking up for the first time, ever! I do not promote civil war but, we must make everyone understand, we are tired of their treatment and we’re not going to take it any longer!

        • Ric B says:

          wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a–a-a-a-a-a–a-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!! The “real” M is a real whiney about losing. The Truth is that there are more people who support Democratic positions, like the ACA and not doing the bidding of Putin, like Trump has.

          • The Real M says:

            Ric B, And now we have demon diane disguished as Ric B! My my my, you are like the energised bunny, you keep going and going and making a fool of yourself.
            As usual my comment was too complicated for your brain dead condition to comprehend and it flew right over your head. You liberals are not intelligent enough to understand the meaning of what conservatives are writing about so, poor you!
            Have I told you lately how childish and immature you are?

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