Nancy Pelosi threatened Donald Trump with something that will leave you up in arms

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats finally went there.

Speaker Pelosi and her allies took their fight to Donald Trump to a place no one thought they would ever go.

And Nancy Pelosi just threatened Donald Trump with something that will leave you up in arms.

Democrats fumed as the Pentagon recently announced reprogramming $1.5 billion in funds to build Donald Trump’s border wall.

That enraged the left, and they retaliated against the Pentagon in a proposed defense spending bill which would gut the agency’s authority to move money around unless Congress grants them permission.

The Daily Caller reports:

House Democrats introduced legislation that would block the Pentagon from reallocating money to border wall construction, an attempt to undercut President Donald Trump’s trademark campaign goal.

A defense spending bill introduced Tuesday by Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee not only gives the Department of Defense far less money than it requested, but also limits its authority to shift funds within its budget. The legislation comes after Democrats have grown enraged at the Pentagon for diverting funds toward border wall construction without first asking permission from Congress.

“This bill rejects the Trump administration’s budgetary gimmicks and sleights of hand and instead provides the Defense Department with appropriate resources to address an evolving threat landscape and ensure the security of our nation and our allies,” House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey, a Democrat from New York, said in a prepared statement Tuesday.

If it wasn’t clear before, it should be obvious to all Americans now — Democrats want open borders.

They don’t support any limits on immigration and are willing to go so far as to attack the military’s ability to make spending decisions in order to preserve the open borders status quo.

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135 Responses

  1. Robert Perez-PEREZ says:

    @Darleen L Deed. You are a darling. GOD bless you.

  2. Robert Perez-PEREZ says:

    @ Tom B. . Relax. The wall is being built as he promised, 100 miles so far . 2020 is coming up. Remember Rome was not built in a day.

  3. Robert Perez-PEREZ says:

    @Tom B. Get the idiots out.

  4. Robert Perez-PEREZ says:

    @ George. I’ll be better off, leaving in Cuba.
    @Tom B. I concur.
    @Darlene L Deed. You are a darling.
    @Maxx. One step at a time partner. We need to keep the Border Patrol gainfully employed.

  5. Robert Perez-PEREZ says:

    @ George. I’ll be better off, leaving in Cuba.

  6. BEVERLY says:

    May GOD help us if Mentally unstable ever becomes President. She is totally out of touch, and with her as a president the born here Americans +. ones who have become legal the right way will be overcome with radical democrats. Peoples only cares about herself and her gavel. She has 3 homes and is a multi-million-air who could care less what happens as long as she thinks she can become “TOP GUN” of the Dem party. Our country, right now, if Trump hadn’t won would be well on our way to being over-run by Black Lives Matter and Antifa people dealing with corruption. The dems want our guns taken away because WE might Stand up for our rights. Between her, “MAD MAX”, Green, Cummings, Nadler, Durbin, Lee and the rest of the hateful democrats we will quickly become a 3rd world country with our ex-president having his 3rd term even the law says no. Our Supreme Court will be disposed of. WE, REPUBLICANS, HAVE GOT TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST THIS INSANITY.

  7. The Real Joe the Plumber says:

    Ladypro, you know nothing, certainly about history. If there is such a thing as an anti-Christ it is Donald J Trump. He is a serial sexual assaulter, that alone should make you not support him and that doesn’t include all the lying, stealing, bragging, whining, and ruining our institutions like the FBI and CIA while he kisses Putin’t butt.

  8. George says:

    God help us if that ever happened….

  9. Maxx says:

    I believe Will Rogers commented on that very thing. He said something like “when we should be sending are best and brightest to Congress to govern, it seems we are sending the worst we can find”.

  10. Maxx says:

    That may be true but it needs to be done “full bore”. There are dozens of companies down south willing and eager to get involved. Reinforced concrete panels could be constructed in many cities near the border ready for installation by the COE and military. Many miles a day is easily accomplished if the panels are being created in advance waiting to be delivered to the site.

  11. Maxx says:

    I don’t understand why Trump doesn’t just “suspend” all immigration until a wall is built. He has full authority to do it since his first responsibility is protect the American public. Rampant uncontrolled Immigration threatens the public safety.

  12. Maxx says:

    This bill will never pass so relax. Pelosi is just acting like the stupid liberal b*tch she has been for decades.

  13. Ron Marsh says:

    Yes we do, in Texas anyway. We have plenty of Mexican cartel sell and making meth here in Henderson, tx asshole

  14. David Allen says:

    Betty is quite the gutsnip, that about sums up the Dem. base. which is why the last section of wall will be built and President Trump will serve a second term. PISS ASS PIG ?? nobody better cut in the welfare line in front of her/

  15. David Allen says:

    Obama did get the money he requested to built, and built a longer section of wall then President Trump has proposed, he got more money for building a wall then actually got built.

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