Nancy Pelosi stabbed Trump in the back on Iran with this shameful announcement

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s patriotism is once again in question.

Iran has been escalating tensions with America and Donald Trump enforced a red line on Iran killing American citizens.

But then Nancy Pelosi stabbed Trump in the back on Iran with this shameful announcement.

Iran reacted to the drone strike that took out General Qasem Soleimani by staging a symbolic response where they fired some missiles at empty areas of two air forces bases in Iraq.

The aggressor in this entire affair was Iran and its terrorist proxies.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could not even side with her own country as a hostile foreign power fired ballistic missiles at U.S. military bases.

In a Tweet, Pelosi blamed Trump for Iran’s missile attack.

Politics used to stop at the water’s edge.

And politicians of all stripes used to rally around the U.S. Military when it was in harm’s way.

But not Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats.

They mourned Soleimani’s death even though Soleimani had the blood of over 600 American soldiers on his hands.

The Democrats hate Donald Trump so much their leaders now resort to blaming American and supporting Iran.

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110 Responses

  1. Robert Miller says:

    When you sweep away all the liberal sh-t , it comes down to this, Democrats are the party that hates anything wholesome, they are the party of baby-murderers, homo abominations, treason, anti-Christian/Semitism, the death of American sovereignty, complete misrepresentation of facts and issues, they are obvious Satanists, full of every evil Satan can conjure, they are determined to take away every freedom that makes America great, esp. 2nd Amendment rights, religious rights. They would invade this nation with MS-13 and every vile perversion from south of the border, endangering the lives of every American and allowing unrestricted passage of any deadly plague from anywhere in the world. They cause our great cities to be befouled with filth of which they themselves are the worst filth, they have hatred for our veterans who gave their lives to keep this country free. They import en masse the enemies of our nation from every muslim country. They would transform America into a third world Hell hole of poverty disease and misery. They sponsor education which perverts the innocent souls of our children. AND WHY?? So they can reign as elite over a land of communist slaves. They are despicable beyond belief and evil beyond boundary, they are the party of THE ANTI-CHRIST. AND WILL DRIVE AS MANY SOULS INTO HELL AS POSSIBLE. THEY ARE SPIRITUALLY DEAD ALREADY, THEY ARMIES OF CHRISTIAN PATRIOTS NEED ONLY KILL THEIR BODIES to send their hellish souls into a damned eternity. Any Questions?? COME TO YOUR SENSES! FOOLS!

  2. Robert Miller says:

    None of what you say really matters, the truth is dems are not true Americans and really should be exterminated. If you don’t like that, I’ll beat you senseless with my IQ, Wake up and get a life.

  3. Robert Miller says:

    How about just removing her head? Works for me.

  4. Robert Miller says:

    I really feel sorry for you man, I am no white supremecist, I have Jewish and Native Am blood. The Dems have betrayed your people and mine, they will destroy us all if they get the chance. Yo, I am a super-genius, like Trump, please join a winner for a change and enjoy prosperity along with your people, I love your people because they usually treat me better than many whites. I wish you well man, I understand your bitterness.

  5. TimSmith says:

    William Barr needs to send an exploratory Atty team to Florence Super Max and obtain verifiable criminal behavior on the part of any national elected official from the state of california. Whether out right bribes, gifts, or even foreign donorship of campaign money from Guzman and other cartels in Mexico and South America. I would even support making his sentence less then life in prison for verifiable/prosecutable evidence. The US War on Drugs failed because of the likes of Schumer and Pelosi. Pelosi is dirty all the US DOJ needs to do is prove it and prosecute her.

  6. Robert Miller says:

    I really like that Oz! Bob is a squirrel!

  7. Robert Miller says:

    You are a brain-numbed nit-wit, so I won’t waste any time on you, I have an IQ of 180 and well, you don’t, apparently you no longer have the capacity for actual thought-processes so I’ll wish you Hell.

  8. I have ran out of vile epithets to call democrats, please some body share some really nasty ones so I can re-double my efforts. perhaps the worst one, which would encompass the entire spectrum of their obscene, homo-sleaziness would just to call them “democrats” or “craps”. When the patriot purge finally happens, let us not forget the God-cursed communist professors or their nauseating counterparts in public schools. the short, fat, lesbo dikes that teach your kids to be gay. If you ever fully realize how much destruction these sleaze-buckets have done to the children of this nation, ,,you will be ready to do the right thing!

  9. Thank you! The whole miserable bunch of sh-t heads should be turned into fertilizer and sent to Russia and Iran, FREE!

  10. Robert Miller says:

    The communist House should be disbanded and charged with treason, marched out and shot. Trials are highly over-rated when the proof has been before everyone’s eyes for three years now. Trump is the only real president I’ve seen in my 70 yrs. with the possible exception of Reagan. Strike while the iron is hot!

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