Nancy Pelosi shut down Joe Biden with this one brutal sentence

The bloom is off the rose.

Joe Biden’s tanking approval numbers have created a Civil War in the Democrat Party.

And Nancy Pelosi shut down Joe Biden with this one brutal sentence.

Gas prices surged to over $5 a gallon thanks to Joe Biden’s war on American energy and the Green New Deal agenda.

Biden restricted the production of American oil and natural gas by canceling new drilling permits and ending pipeline construction.

He then slapped an oil embargo on Russia, sending prices spiraling even further out of control.

In response, Biden tried a P.R. stunt.

Rather than pull back the regulations constraining American energy production, he proposed a three month gas tax holiday.

Economists Left, Right, and Center understand that suspending the $.18 per gallon federal gas tax provides almost no relief, as the cost savings never make it down to the consumers.

Even Democrats panned Biden’s proposal.

Nancy Pelosi coldly dismissed Biden’s gas tax stunt with one devastating sentence.

“We will see where the consensus lies on a path forward for the President’s proposal in the House and the Senate,” Pelosi told reporters.

Pelosi knows Republicans and Democrats will never go along with it, so this was her way of killing Biden’s proposal without expressly doing so.

Even Biden’s own team thinks it is a bad idea.

The Washington Post reported:

(T)he notion of a gas tax holiday was met with instant criticism — not only from members of both parties on Capitol Hill, but even from many officials within the administration who said privately that it would probably do little to significantly lower gas prices.

Top Treasury Department officials expressed doubts about the gas tax holiday, and at least two top White House economists also privately conveyed reservations, according to two people familiar with the internal deliberations who spoke on the condition of anonymity to disclose sensitive conversations.

And during the 2008 campaign, when gas prices first broke the $4 per gallon barrier, Barack Obama called the idea of a gas tax holiday a “gimmick.”

“But for us to suggest that 30 cents a day for three months is real relief, that that’s a real energy policy, means that we are not tackling the problem that has to be tackled,” Obama told a crowd.

“We are offering gimmicks when we’re offering the same thing that John McCain is offering on the cheap,” Obama added. “That means we’re not presenting a truthful response to the challenges that we face in America. We can do better than that this time.”

Joe Biden could bring gas prices down by ending his disastrous Green New Deal agenda, which was designed to drive gas prices higher in the hopes of pushing Americans towards more expensive and less efficient wind and solar power.

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