Nancy Pelosi said three words that had all hell breaking loose

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a surprise announcement.

That decision caused a massive problem.

And Nancy Pelosi said three words that had all hell breaking loose.

Over the weekend, Nancy Pelosi led a delegation to Ukraine to visit President Zelenksy and other leaders.

Pelosi kept the trip under wraps until after she landed.

But while Pelosi intended the trip to be an American show of support for Ukraine during Putin’s invasion, Pelosi’s message courted World War III and nuclear conflict with Russia.

Pelosi posted that America would stand with Ukraine until “victory is won.”

Pelosi’s comments reflect the growing consensus among American war hawks about escalating tensions with Russia from a purely defensive maneuver to an offensive operation.

But the idea of America pushing Ukraine to victory unnerved European allies, who explained that Pelosi’s comments fed into Russian President Vladimir Putin’s narrative that NATO is at war with Russia.

The New York Times reports:

There is a sense in Europe that “the US is dragging everyone into a different war”, said Professor François Heisbourg, a French defense analyst, citing similar comments by Mr Biden about “the butcher of Moscow” and how “Putin must go”. Some wonder what Washington is trying to say – or do.

“To help Ukraine prevail is not about waging war against Russia for reasons related to its governance,” Prof Heisbourg said. “Regime change may be a vision but not a war aim.”

He and others said that such talk from Washington plays perfectly into Mr Putin’s narrative that Nato is waging war against Russia, and that Russia is fighting a defensive war for its survival in Ukraine.

Putin and Russia believing the war is now against NATO and not Ukraine would be a dangerous development.

Russia adopting that tactic could lead Putin to order strikes against American military equipment being shipped into Ukraine.

That could mean a Russian attack on weapons in a NATO country.

At that point, it is actually World War III.

And nuclear war – where hundreds of millions would die in the first hours – is also on the table.

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