Nancy Pelosi said one thing about the military that she instantly wanted to take back

Nancy Pelosi’s war on Donald Trump is spiraling out of control.

It’s leading many to question Pelosi’s loyalty.

And that’s because Nancy Pelosi said one thing about the military that she instantly wanted to take back.

Nancy Pelosi – like all Democrats and their handmaidens in the Fake News Media – was outraged that Donald Trump named Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell his acting Director of National Intelligence.

Pelosi believes the only qualifications necessary to oversee the intelligence community are, 1) hating Donald Trump; and, 2) leaking classified information or fabricating evidence to help the media continue the Russian collusion hoax.

In a statement after President Trump’s announcement Pelosi slammed the Grenell appointment and even stooped so low as to use the military as a political prop in her tirade.

“Our troops, the patriots of our intelligence community and the American people deserve a smart, strong national security policy. Sadly, President Trump has once again put his political interests ahead of America’s national security interests by appointing an Acting Director of National Intelligence whose sole qualification is his absolute loyalty to the President,” Pelosi began.

Even though Grenell and Trump both said the appointment was temporary until the President could pick a permanent nominee, Pelosi slammed the decision and demanded the President pick someone with the Deep State’s seal of approval to serve in this capacity.

“America needs an experienced, qualified and Senate-confirmed national security professional, particularly as the independence and credibility of the intelligence community have come under attack from the White House itself,” she continued.

Pelosi concluded her statement by outrageously claiming that the President using the powers granted to him under the Vacancies Act was somehow unconstitutional and un-American.

“Once again, the President has shown his contempt for our Constitution’s system of checks and balances by sidestepping the Senate’s constitutional authority of confirmation with the installation of another acting official who he knows cannot be confirmed even in a Republican-controlled Senate,” she concluded.

What Pelosi’s is really worried about is the fact that Donald Trump is replacing the seditious crew of liars, leakers, and saboteurs currently embedded within the intelligence community with patriots committed to presenting the President with their findings that are not infected by politics so the President can successful execute his duties as President.

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54 Responses

  1. mary says:

    lock her up for treason. ripping president trump the state of the union speech. she should be up for treason. and ill keep saying this until she is removed.amennancy god it listening and watching you everyday.

  2. mary says:

    lock her up for treason. ripping president trump the state of the union speech. she should be up for treason.

  3. Rodney says:

    Pelosi has no relevance. She’s like a playing card in a bicycle spoke; flap, flap, flap.

  4. Tony Bell says:

    God bless president Trump. I love how he trolls the democrats so easily. Being an outsider, it has taken some time to learn who the entrenched deep staters are, but as they continue to expose themselves they are remove from positions that have potential for adverse influence. Making America Great Again. KAG 2020

  5. J says:

    It’s interesting that whenever Trump does anything Paloozer and Schittless don’t like, (which is all the time) they start screaming that he is violating the Constitution. However, they were more than elated to stomp all over the Constitution and then use it to wipe their a$$e$ when they conducted their phony impeachment sham. They violated the first, fourth, fifth, sixth, and fourteenth amendment rights of many and didn’t even think twice about doing it.

  6. Diane says:

    She’s the biggest DEMWIT of all…wish Schiff a close second

  7. Daniel says:

    Im from California and i say [email protected]#k Pelosi and her governor nephew along with Adam schiff and throw in Nader and maxine hell the whole democratic party.

  8. NavVet says:

    If you took Nancy’s knowledge and put into numbers it come out as ” 0″. If IT had a brain it would be dangerous to it’s self. Common sense and brains are tow things she lacks 100%.

  9. e says:

    nancy should be committed to an insane asylum for the remainder of her miserable life

  10. Orrie says:

    Nancy Pelosi must resign or be forcefully removed from Congress. It is evident that the woman can no longer function with an unstable mind. She cannot control her emotions in public and example of that was her tearing up the President’s speech for the entire world to see.

  11. Sandra says:

    Nancy Pelosi should be the last person to have an opinion about who is fit to be Director of Intelligence. She and her party faithful constantly put Americans here and abroad in danger. Who can forget Bengazi. The wall is one of the hardest things to get done to keep Americans safe. Democrats are behind a number of exploits that have time and again put peoples lives in danger. This hag should really call it a day.

  12. Nancy Pelosi has lost it and should be put in a mental ward to get the help she needs. Then maybe she can get to the job she is being paid to do, working for the legal citizens of the United States and not the illegals. Nancy is so abscess with trying to impeach Trump that’s she has gone mad and needs help ASAP.

  13. James says:

    What would be best for America, Nancy, would be for you and the rest of the California and New York morons, to leave politics and never darken our country’s doors again. Your hatred of the country, the people, and the Constitution has become very obvious by the actions all of you have shown on the last 3 1/2 years. In the people’s eyes you have proven you do not represent the people or country that elected you. So step down, walk away and let the country heal from the Damage the Democratic Party has perpetrated in the American way of life.

  14. Ken says:

    There is no doubt that her supporters are rats. Every live interview she does there is only about 1 like for every hundred angers. So anyone supporting her must be a Traitor like she is,as any patriot would get the message and withdraw their support for a party that has absolutely no interest in the American people and their freedoms.

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