Nancy Pelosi said five words that Donald Trump did not want to hear

Nancy Pelosi is gearing up for her next fight with President Trump.

After suffering defeat after defeat on the previous rounds of negotiations Pelosi is determined to pull out a victory.

And Nancy Pelosi said five words that Donald Trump did not want to hear.

Democrats are gearing up for another round of negotiations on coronavirus relief legislation.

In the past three bills, Republicans blocked Democrats from including welfare handouts, “Green New Deal” provisions, and funding for a “cheat by mail” voter fraud scheme.

But with another bill on the horizon Pelosi is telling Democrats “we have to think big.”

POLITICO exclusively reports:

On a private call with members Monday afternoon, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her deputies sketched the outline of a trillion-dollar-plus package that would deliver aid to state and local governments — some on the brink of public service cuts — while shoring up safety-net programs for the nation’s most vulnerable.

“We have to think big,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) told her members several times on the call.

Pelosi is pushing committee chairs to finalize their portions by close of business Monday with hopes of pulling together a final package by week’s end, according to multiple Democratic lawmakers and aides. The bill could reach the floor for a vote as soon as next week, although several top Democrats are skeptical of that timeline given the scope of the legislation and uncertainty over when House members will return to Washington.

This next round of coronavirus spending will focus on bailing out blue state budgets.

Democrats want Republicans to fund bailouts for bloated public employee pension funds that Democrat Governors refused to fund for years.

Speaker Pelosi already floated a one trillion dollar price tag.

Pelosi and her allies think they can threaten the President with images of laid off first responders in the middle of a pandemic to get the GOP to accept this blue state bailout.

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52 Responses

  1. Sharon Jenkins says:

    Why doesn’t Nancy look at her own district? These people (your constituents) are hurting… they need jobs, homes, food, clothing, medical, etc….. They don’t need politics. They need a feeling of someone who represents them to care about them and their needs. Does Nancy ever converse with these people? Why doesn’t the Democrats care about their constituents and represent them. There are plenty of workable solutions without continuous increased government funding bills introduced into Congress. Serve your constituents or retire.

  2. sharon says:

    Hey Joseph-and who pays for Obama’s wonderful healthcare plan? We were 63 when the idiot put that plan thru our plan went from $755 a month with a $7500 deductible to $1400 a month with an $11,000 deductible. Our kids are now paying almost $2000 a month with $1500 deductible. Affordable for whom. Those that don’t work? And they’re raising families. We went to a Medishare plan-cost us $450 a month with a $7500 deductible. He went in cahoots with the big insurance companies. People should not get everything without putting some effort into unless they are disabled. We are an owner/operator property maintenance business-the idiot’s economy almost killed our business and construction workers and etc. As for the Bishops-do you really think they know what the average ev ery day working person with a family has for costs? Their bennies are signed, sealed, and delivered by the parishes and Archdiceses. They don’t have a clue.

  3. sharon says:

    Question is-was she slurring her words?

  4. I hate politic and most politicans. All they do is lie and stab others in the back especially around voting time. Trump is the worst. His entire family were crooks, so he doesn’t know any different (not that it matters ) This election is going to be the most important of our life time. IT WILL TAKE THE VOTERS TO GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE.

  5. Eric says:

    The way she has slapped him around she can easily say, “My foot’s up Trump’s ass.”


  6. Eric says:

    Also Joseph, the Obummers clearly weren’t Christians as evident by how they tried to crap on our country for 8 years!! And you and others of Liberal ilk, that race card baiting via the Obummer Era doesn’t “fly” with me either, Snowflake!!

  7. Eric says:

    Joseph, about the only thing Obummer did good for the country on his watch was finally taking out Bin Laden, via our military, for which Obummer didn’t revere very much! If you’ll recall his coffee cup “salute” acknowledgement of that Marine as he boarded his helicopter. His Obama”care” plan has been MORE of DISASTER for many than of help over all!!

    I suggest you do some extensive studying on the Quran and on the life of Muhammad, his madness and the evil warped cult-ure he started many centuries ago! I don’t have anything against Jews, Mexicans and African Americans. In fact I admire even more so those of all ethnicities who have woken the hell up and seen how radically off balance the Demoncrat Party has become since the time George Soros has taken the reins of that party!

    Candace Owens, Sec Dr Ben Carson, Col Allen West, Condoleeza Rice, Sen Tim Scott, Rep John James to name a few! 🙂

    So stop drinking that danged Kool Aid and get your head out of your a$$, Joseph!

  8. Glenn says:

    This click bait title should be “Piglosi admits to treasonous plans with the CoronaVirus relief bill”

  9. William Rook says:

    Let’s face facts. No matter what comes up democrats with a “cry-baby” attitude will always fight a losing battle to “get the upper hand” over President Trump… Yes, she has been in office many, many years. There are some pieces missing: 1. she is a master crooked politician. Trump on the other hand is a master of everyday life, the honest way. 2. The democrats don’t think with a clear head their thoughts are one of anger, crying, retaliation (they have been caught rigging an election that was bought and paid for Hillary to win) When your mind is filled with rage and such you cant think straight. 3. democrats always think too big, too much at one time. That will “put a nail in their coffin” every time” 4. What they “shoot for” they already know they won’t get, (ie: assistance for Planned Parenthood, won’t work– Americans won’t go for it, giving illegal immigrants the rights of citizens, ain’t gonna happen, citizens won’t go for it, etc) 5. Fighting for mail in voting– They want that so they can rig the votes easier. Very dangerous move! Do democrats forget that there are MANY Veterans who fought for, gave up for, came home to be treated lower than illegal immigrants. Do democrats forget that this great Nation, from coast to coast, has Veterans that, if the case arrives, those Veterans, as well as the American Patriots, will arise and take back control of OUR Great Country? That is exactly what I mean by a “cloudy mind!

  10. Shelba says:

    Why Should taxpayers money go to bail out democRATS screw ups, the democRATS have mismanaged their states that they control for years and have put their state run finances in the red in order to either line their own pockets or spend the money on the illegals living in their states, don’t bail them out let them dig themselves out of their own holes

  11. JusticeforTrump says:

    The way she has slapped him around she can easily say, “My foot’s up Trump’s ass.”

  12. Eric please show proof of what you say. FACTS: Obama was raised by his maternal grandparents who are Christian, he attends a Christian church, he fought against terrorism and was the one who ordered the raid on Bin Laden. He also introduced universal health care for over 32 million Americans and this act was supported by the Catholic Conference of Bishops who stated that access to medical care is a right.
    Your hate and racist attitude only causes violence as we have seen of the Jews, Mexicans and Afro-Americans by Neo-Nazi hate group members who support trump
    I would highly suggest you take some haldol for your paranoia and also you will have to answer to Jesus for your hate and racism.

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