Nancy Pelosi regretted sending this letter the second she mailed it

Democrats are panicking.

All indications point to President Trump releasing the Nunes memo which outlines the FBI’s abuse of power in spying on his Presidential campaign.

Nancy Pelosi fired off a letter opposing the release of the memo, but it backfired on her in a big way.

The House Intelligence Committee memo on the FBI using FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign arrived at the White House on Thursday.

After reading the memo, reports indicate Trump will declassify it so the public has the opportunity to read the document for themselves.

In response to this breaking news, Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to Speaker Paul Ryan demanding Devin Nunes be removed as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Pelosi’s letter is a last ditch gambit to undercut the credibility of the memo.

The only questions her letter raise are: why are the Democrats so desperate to cover up the memo’s findings and just how big is the scandal Chairman Nunes uncovered?

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23 Responses

  1. Jan says:


  2. Kara Wright says:

    She needs to have to spend the rest of her life on this earth using all the aliens she let into this country to take care of her, she won’t last long. She is the poorest excuse for a human I have ever known . She will have a day when she better hope she doesn’t have to live with the devil.

  3. Bwa Ha says:

    We need TERM LIMITS! NOW!!!

  4. Lois says:

    She is a poor excuse of a human being!!! Whiner and moaner cuz the dems didn’t get their way!!! Trying to cover up all the evil things they have done and done want us Americans to know what they really are all about…. Want to pin it all on Trump!!! Wel, well, mMs Pelosi, put your big girl panties on and suck it up buttercup, cuz you are just as EVIL as the rest of the dems and we know it!!! Just go back to the black hole you crawled out of and stay there!!!

  5. JW says:

    2018 will be a landslide bloodbath IF pics of the Dems @ the SOTU are put up outside polling places this fall as a reminder of their lack of respect, along with a list of those who refused to attend. As a veteran it is so sad to see what I served to protect has turned into.

    • Jeanette says:

      I hope they do this. It is time to take the communist democrats down. Nancy Pelosi looks as bad as Soros. Why doesn’t she use some of her money to fix her ugly puss. Also I hope they get beat up really bad n there elections for 2018. Lets get rid of the democratic party once and for all.

  6. john says:

    Nan, needs to get back to her regular AA meetings and a lot of demorats need to go to prison!

  7. Jack says:

    Guilty. Guilty. Could not happen to a better group of liberal dems. Always good when corruption, fraud, lying, cheating is caught. This goes to the American public after these same representatives disrespected our President and nation this week. Maybe their looks at the speech were those of receiving a last meal; certainly filled with hatred and contempt for America and our President! Let us hope it filters and implicates to our former president and Secretary of State (and don’t lovable J. Kerry to).

  8. This Nancy Pelosi letter proves she should be removed from office as an obstructionist of law! She obviously is by sending this trying to cover up serious crimes committed within our government, the law in the USA obviously no longer has any bearing on the Crooked Democratic Party. I will re-register as Independent as the Dems are cheaters, liers, and are trying to sabotage our nation!

  9. Susan Dix says:

    How do they know the memo is false and contains errors or misinformation?
    Most of the Democrats refused to read it in the first place.
    Now, suddenly, they are begging for it not to be released to the public.
    Dear Nan, Where were the House rules when Freakstein released the dossier without
    anyone’s authorization? Nan, whose cover-up campaign? Where is the outrage for the
    DOJ and FBI cover-up for Obama and Hillary and their crimes?
    President Trump has done nothing wrong, so release the memo! The only reason to
    hold it back is to further deceive the American public! The longer you delay, the
    more guilty you nay-sayers look! People are not fooled and they are growing angrier
    by the day! RELEASE THAT MEMO< NOW!!! We the people DEMAND answers!

    • Marolyn Rittenhouse says:

      We not only need Term Limits, we need another Amendment to the Constitution requiring every congress person to be present during the complete reading of each and every bill before they can vote on the bill. (They can not vote on the bill if they are not there for the completee reading of the bill) each time it comes up for a vote.) It will cut down on the length of the rediculous bills being passed and sneaking other issues into a bill just to get their pets passed.
      Another Amendment would be to require a bill to print where in the Constitution the authority for each point in the bill comes from, to help them remember their oath of office to SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITION. This would also tell us exactly where every dollar bringing spent and cut down on secret hush funds and pet projects they do not want us to know.

  10. Wil says:

    TRAITORS andCRIMINALS blaming the victims for their HIGH CRIMES AND TREASONS. . . . .

  11. Mr. Huseman says:

    Low Life, and Heartless to this Great Country !!!

  12. Francisco Machado says:

    The letter’s a fake. A fraud. Listen to anything Pelosi has said. Listen to her for one minute and tell me that letter sounds anything remotely like Pelosi. Nunes altered the memo? So insist the original be released. Without the changes that the FBI and the Democrats wanted. Disqualified for being unethical and dishonest? How about Hillary – who bought the nomination? Or the rest of the Obama/Clinton Cabal that bought the Russian dossier? Every damning word applies more to the Democrats than the Republicans.

  13. ecbound says:

    I can’t help it, but I’ve always felt bad for people when their lives are falling apart, even when they’ve caused it themselves by doing things that are very wrong. But, in this case, I think of the children being trafficked by these people, and the way they are trying to intentionally destroy America and it’s citizens to help put their globalist agenda in place, and then I’m very happy they’re falling apart.

  14. Sam says:

    When the democrats start crying foul , you know something is wrong , and they are about to be caught .

  15. I love the last line: “The integrity of the House is a stake.” If Pelosi or any of the DemocRATs actually cared about integrity, they would resign immediately and confess to their many lies and crimes!

  16. Larry OBrien says:

    It’s painfully obvious that the kiddies want to run home and change their panties. The game was A-OK when they were slinging all the mud BUT now?? Mommy, they’re not playing fair and they’ve got the bat and ball !!! What’s that old saw — “when you’re a crook, the truth can be very bad”

  17. Donna says:

    The democrats have been caught with their pants down. What goes around comes back around. It is called consequences to every thing we do, good or bad. Trump owes every American the right to know all the under handed, deceptive practices, lie,schemes and behind our backs tactics the brazen democrats have done to remove Trump from office. They should be punished to the full extent of the law and not like what has been done with Menendez who has gotten away with his crimes. This is sad that the Federal goverment has been bought off again from doing their duty to preserve and protect.

  18. annoynous says:

    Look at that face of Poopsie! What an ugly old bad that’s out of touch with American people. She’s just in it for the power.

  19. SFENGR says:

    Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats will have to scurry for the cracks in the wall, just like the cockroaches that they mimic. The truth is out there, and it ain’t pretty….too bad that we don’t have the inquisition where those found guilty are scourged (whipped) in public.

  20. Cp123 says:

    How many of these traitors are going to meet at the airport or will they all take private planes?

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