Nancy Pelosi realized it was all over when the one person she never suspected exposed her as a racist

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is facing the biggest scandal of her career.

And this time Pelosi may never recover.

That’s why Nancy Pelosi knew it was all over when the one person she never suspected just revealed she was a racist.

Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are feuding.

The two haven’t spoken in months, and Ocasio-Cortez led a failed rebellion against Pelosi passing Donald Trump’s request for $4.5 billion in humanitarian aid to deal with the crisis at the southern border.

But that simmering Cold War broke out into open conflict after Pelosi held a meeting with the Democrat caucus where she begged leftists like Ocasio-Cortez to stop attacking Democrats in districts Trump won for voting with the President.

That enraged Ocasio-Cortez, who slammed Pelosi for being a racist.

The Washington Post reports:

The four are struggling with the speaker’s moves to isolate them in recent weeks, according to interviews with the lawmakers, congressional aides and allies. Pelosi has made at least half a dozen remarks dismissing the group or their far-left proposals on the environment and health care. More recently she scorned their lonely opposition to the party’s emergency border bill last month.

And she defended those comments Wednesday, saying, “I have no regrets about anything. Regrets is not what I do,” doubling down on her claim that the group has little power in the House.

“When these comments first started, I kind of thought that she was keeping the progressive flank at more of an arm’s distance in order to protect more moderate members, which I understood,” Ocasio-Cortez told The Washington Post. “But the persistent singling out . . . it got to a point where it was just outright disrespectful . . . the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color.”

The four women are trying to figure out how to respond, texting one another and weighing whether to confront Pelosi to ask her to stop. But for now, they are focused on their congressional duties, even as they defend their votes in the House that have drawn Pelosi’s ire.

This is a fight Pelosi cannot win.

Ocasio-Cortez speaks for the Democrat Party base.

And, once you get called a racist, there is no coming back from that.


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75 Responses

  1. StaLe says:

    AOC Is a Racist! She hates white people and anybody else that doesn’t agree with stupid statements and her so called “religion” which is the most racist group on earth!



  4. Debra Lambert says:

    Here’s PP using taxpayers money for infantasies selling baby parts sic people.PP also gives our tax money to Democrat party for reelection.Follow money.Sic people.

  5. Tom says:


  6. Fred says:

    Ms. or Mrs. AOC IS THE BIGOTED ANTI-CHRISTIAN RACIST, NOT The Usually Drunk Mrs. Pelosi!

  7. Michael says:

    What we are seeing today in Congress and our government are our elected reps. following the media genie. They act and say only things that will make them look great in the spotlight while failing the country. They now work only to serve themselves not the Congress or the public. The media is manipulating politicians in harmful and excessive manner. No one in public life disagree with the liberal press today or you will be ruined. There is nothing they won’t say if you try to oppose their liberal agenda. How tragic.

  8. Michael says:

    I recall a time when few women served in Congress. Today we have quite a few, but some of them have no sense of humility, conscience, or integrity. AOC seems to live only to be a media star. I pray she serves only one term and never returns. Nancy Pelosi is very wealthy ie. over 100 million–she has no place in public life anymore. Please step down Nancy–thanks.

  9. Renee says:

    AOC DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT A DISPOSAL WAS ? Now there is something wrong with that idiot. Even a 5 yr. old knows what a disposal is. I have never seen anyone as dumb as AOC.

  10. RENEE says:

    They are ALL racists. AOC hates whites, Pelosi and other democrats hates all races for one reason or another. Democrats hate blacks and hispanic but they use them to try to blame Republicans to be racists. Theyare all crazy and use everything for political reasons. I believe Republicans that they are not racists. Republicans fought the war to free the slaves. Republics passed the womans rights to vote and for Blacks to vote. REPUBLICANS ARE NOT RACISTS !

  11. clyde gulley says:

    My bet is Ocasio Cortez Won’t get re-elected when her term is up.

  12. VN says:

    That bitch, oac, her IQ as small as a gnat, all she wants is to be in the center of attention.

  13. Dalila Arrow says:

    I don’t believe that our sweet Nancy is rasist. She is against President Trump, following somebody orders. I do not know that she think what is going to happen to her, if she will not be able to drive the president crazy! Honestly, I don’t care.
    But, I strongly believe that ms. Cortez is at least 100% (!) crazy. Poor woman she believe is very smart and is very clear for everybody her target is to be in top. Well, I got news for her: she is not . However calling Nancy Pelosi rasist, is a big mistake. Sad is how she was “dropped” in USA Congress. I hope she will be kicked our as soon as possible!

  14. Moses says:

    Even your golden calf, Trump said that Pelosi is not a racist, but can you believe that carnival barker, liar, sexual assaulting mobster?

  15. Connie says:

    Hey Nancy, How’s it feel to be on this side of the race card for a change? Get control of your children.

  16. Laurel says:

    AOC is an attention whore with diarrhea of the mouth and the brains of a gnat. Being a bartender is an honorable living. However SHE is not an honorable person.Her nasty mouth should have been silenced long ago, as well as that of her nasty, hateful, racist “squad”. I hope people of their districts will realize the danger and make better choices. I hope patriots of those districts grow a pair and vote.

  17. Mary Johnson says:

    A racist calling another a racist that is good.

    • George says:

      Dumbo Rats created “Use the Race Card when your backed in a corner & there’s no other way out” Its only fitting the Rats use it on each other. DemoRats are used to throwing each other under the bus..
      I say make some popcorn & and grab your favorite beverage & watch the cat fight..

  18. David Carlisle says:

    Nancy Pelosi is PRO-Choice (aka pro-MURDER since abortion stops a LIVE BABY from being born) and therefore supports the RACIST SCHEME of killing minorities IN THE WOMB (by PP own statistics the majority of women suffering an ‘abortion’ are minority race persons)

    • Moses says:

      You are so stupid. If your mother was raped, or daughter, or wife, or sister, or niece, or granddaughter would you be cruel to the point you wouldn’t support her if she wanted an abortion. You anti-abortion nuts should help the children around the world who are abandoned and help them but you are crazed about that Christian B.S. No woman wants an abortion, many regret it, many don’t but it is thugs like you who get them pregnant. Shame on you Carlisle.

      • Phyllis says:

        You seem to have the issue confused. The objection is not in the case of rape or even severe fetal disabilities, but the fact that many women have been and still are using abortion as a form of birth control, versus using a more acceptable form of birth control, so abortion wouldn’t be necessary in most cases. The other objection is that taxpayers, many of whom have never had an abortion, being forced to pay for those that use it recklessly. Lastly we object to abortion until time of birth. It’s just plain wrong. It is murder of a living breathing infant. People get the death penalty, or life in prison for murder, but the same people making those laws , say it’s Ok to murder an infant. Would you take a newborn out an drown it? I would hope not, but what is the difference in drowning the baby and starving it to death, or dismembering it as it’s being born. It’s all murder, and it is the same no matter what nationality or color you are.

        • Moses says:

          Phyllis,. you are wrong in part, virtually every Republican in the Senate and Congress want to abortions for any reason. Yes most get abortions because they carelessly get pregnant but Republicans are always trying to stop birth control in welfare and insurance policies including the Catholic Church and hospitals. Also, the Republicans don’t want sex education at any schools, they want to control women’s bodies, labor, and minds, without question. They won’t even sign the equal pay for equal work law.

    • Ken says:

      These are two separate issues. While it is true that abortion affects a greater percentage of minority women, being pro-choice does not make one racist.

  19. Mona says:

    I don’t know if she is a racist but she is stupid as all Democrats are. I don’t see why people keep bowing to people that calls them a racist. Who cares what they say. Biden and others that have been trying to help the Black people are treated like dirt over some stupid little incident. You can’t help anyone that has the attitude that the world owes them something. I do not know how Pelosi, Biden and other so called Christians can go to Church and say they love God and then support killing babies. They are big hypocrites. If you vote Democratic you are support the killing of innocent babies.

  20. AOC has a credit score of “430” which means the moron could not qualify to buy a scooter and she is now sitting on the Finance Committee…let that sink in! Are we fu*king nuts to allow such a creature to be making decisions on how to run this nation? Sorry Folks, the answer is YES! Pelosi reveals she is out of control as Speaker to allow this freak show on any committee…

  21. Robert Morrow says:

    It appears to me that the liberal left Rats are turning on each other. The ship is sinking and they are all fighting each other for a life line.

  22. Randall Pfannenstiel says:

    This woman is a cancer on this country and in “my opinion ” she’s a stage “10???

  23. bagster53 says:

    well when our government starts holding blacks and latino’s accountable for their racist comments about whites , we miught see a change , as it is they can run their filthy mouths all day about us whites and get away with it

  24. Shirley L Shaffer says:

    Pelosi is calling out those 4 junior Congress persons because of their actions and antics. Race has nothing to do with it.

    • NickP says:

      These Dems are so clueless they think illegal is a race! Nancy babbles about making America White again! last time I checked we were over 67% White. And what non White race does AOC think she is?

    • David says:

      Oh no they will make it out to have a lot to do with it, this is the new norm .if you don’t like someone what they stand for what they believe just give them a label spread it around and there you go.even if you have to lie about it it’s freedom of speech you can’t get in trouble for it. This disrespect and new form of violence need to be stoped.hell look at what they have done to Trump and anyone else that they hate,you don’t have to do anything wrong just leave it all to them there you go.

  25. FedUp says:

    Ocasio is to ignorant to have regrets! She is to ignorant to know she is ignorant. God is letting all know how bad the dems or liberals are. You have to be ignorant not to see it.

    • David says:

      I have switched party’s the demorats are out to kill America and I want no part in it .I was raised to Respect the president and people in authority the comiedemorats are showing a already disrespectful generation that this is alright. May GOD help us all

  26. Paul Boudreau says:

    Hey AOC!!! I Guess I Should include myself in the Person of Color Situation!!! I’m WHITE!! That’s a”COLOR”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Sue Barr says:

    Those young tunnel visioned women are so narcissistic and self-centered that they can’t even fathom that their actions are totally detrimental to the Democratic Party. As a conservative I believe they are getting some of what they deserve from the Speaker. And I think they need to be ostracized even more by the American people, they are not only detrimental to the Democratic Party but also to America. I do not think that Speaker Pelosi is racist, but she has every responsibility to chastise House Representatives who act way out of bounds and make themselves appear selfish and self-centered and anti-American. I think they should be punished for the crimes they have thus far committed and censured by Congress, and removed from their committee assignments if not expelled from Congress! Their actions border on Treason at the very least and just because they are “women of color” does not make Nancy Pelosi racist but instead makes her a person they should listen to and learn from. With Pelosi’s tenure and as Speaker of the House, she has enough experience to identify these loose cannons for what they are and not because they are pleading we poor women of color BS!

    • Charliie says:

      Can”t anyone see just by listening and looking at AOC that she is a lying dimwit?!! That little girl has some real mental problems that every potential employer saw forcing the immature fool to becoming a bar tender.

      • David says:

        I think it should be law that you have to be a legal 4th generation American citizen to even get elected to a government position

    • Lee Cross says:

      I agree…how do we present our case to the legitimate Democratic leaders?

    • John Galt says:

      AOC should keep talking. She is a gift that keeps on giving – to the Republicans.

  28. Alvin Baldwin says:

    FAKE HEADLINES! Just read the list of headlines in your email. I hereby UNSUBSCRIBE from your list.

  29. Paul Fishman says:

    Speaker Nancy Bigmouth is the Elder of the House and has the responsibility and the authority to shut up and dismiss Representative An Outrageous Child AOC@. She must tell that child to stop her tantrums or will be removed permanently from the Whitehouse and political career.

  30. Expat Tom says:

    If you are looking for enemies of America just look at the demo-ratic party. If you voted for a demo-rat you are either an acknowledged enemy of the USA or an unwitting dupe.

    I am loving every minute of watching the demo-rats eat each other.

  31. Randall clark says:


  32. gm says:

    We need every democrat and some republicans names of corruption leading up to and since Jan/2017 of contribution to and have revel in sedition, treason and subversion as evidence by news media and street declarations across this country to be charged to its fullest measure of the law as displayed by many democrats and republicans circus performance openly captured by media past three years, These politicians and their families and associates set to defame their implications and depth they have gone to attack innocent parties to crime and brought false charges they committed on a daily basis lead to divisions across the states with willful intent to cause harm and character assassination of their opponents to face the law and victimize them with fear and political threats and challenge their adversaries unjustly, to browbeat those less fortunate and target all those who oppose their ideologies have themselves not practiced what they preach are themselves break the law to their whims and fancies to cover their corruption and greed are threatened by, not working for the people who elected them to do their dutiful day to day business except milk the cow 24/7 tax payers loss.

  33. Barbara says:


  34. Richard Daugherty says:

    Nancy is a Satanic B!! Nancy and Chuckie boy Schumer are tied up in the Epstein scandal right along with Alan Dershowitz.

  35. Joanbeth Segal says:

    I may disagree with the speaker of the house, but I do not feel she is a racist. I guess the 4 have no other way to attack the speaker.
    Our motto as an American Citizen is IN GOD WE TRUST. Why have some people felt to dishonor OUR COUNTRY by not placing their hand on the bible when taking their oath of office.

    • Richard Daugherty says:

      The so-called speaker of the house is a racist. Not only that she is a traitor to our country. What does America do with traitors??

    • canam884 says:

      I don’t really care for Nancey, but this is one time I have to agree with her. I agree with MS. Segal comments. AOC and her ratpack are in trouble for their actions and racist comments. Look at the “facts”. The two Arab ladies have made racist comments about the Jews, white men and a few others, and AOC sides with them and defends them. The “three little rats” are as racist as they come and do not belong in the governing body of this country. After listening to comments about our country, our President, and our allies, from the two Arabs, I feel that neither of the Arab ladies belong in this country and should be investigated.
      The reason that I use Arab to describe the ladies is because that is what they are, Muslim is a religion that encompasses many nationalities and races, but should not be used to identify a person. Remember the separation between church and state, so please describe them as what their race or country of origin was.

      • Mary says:

        amen, you are so correct, AOC does not have the brains of an earthworm, and anyone who feels her behaviors are appropriate have no brains or ethics either.

  36. Robert powell says:

    democraps are inherant racists, they think that they are the god-given genius’s for any political problem. WHEN IN REALITY they are nothing but political hacks out for their own enrichment. SCREW ALL OF THE OTHERS,THE MONEY AND POWER IS MINE IS THEIR MANTRA. the biggest bunch of looser/communist goof-balls that ever stood up rite.

    • James Samuel Scaggs says:

      Yes they are they really believe that Blacks, Hispanics etc.cannot achieve anything on their own,or they are afraid that they might and realize hey liberalism was holding me back and keeping me in poverty all these years let’s try conservatism.

  37. Ted says:

    Every democrat politician and voter should be destroyed like the insane vermin they are. Along with every filthy muslim and illegal freeloader. Period, end of story.

  38. mrp1 says:

    Nancy and AOC deserve each other. Let them at each other and they will destroy themselves. Nancy, the Mafia daughter and AOC the self-proclaimed leader of the party. Instead of doing the job she was elected to do for her district, she is promoting herself nationally to accommodate her ambitions for which she is totally unqualified.

  39. Delbert Morris says:

    It’s too late for Pelosi. She has allowed the 4 little pigs change her party into “THE TAIL WAGGING THE DOG PARTY”, there is nothing she can do about, Nancy started the whole racist
    thing when she always referred to President Trump as a racist, She has lost all respect of the
    house, the President and now the voters, she’s done go home and cry in your wine.

  40. vinnie says:

    There is a thin Line between Freedom of Speech and Slander and the difference should be observed in dealing within “Civilized” boundaries by all those that consider themselves “Civilized” Accusations are nothing but accusations and people that hurl them at people that they disagree with do so because they attempt to Distract or Misdirect from their own Faults !

  41. Dan skelton says:

    AOC is the racist moron. Pelosi needs to
    put the idiot four in their place.

  42. Edna Berniece Evans says:


  43. Carl says:

    All democratic politicians are racist. They have the ability to con minority’s to vote for them but once elected the minority’s are pushed aside. One great example of this is Chicago, Chicago has been run by democrats for 70 years and minority’s are no better of today that they were 70 years ago, yet they continue you vote for democrats, there’s no logic here just stupidly.

    • Shell says:

      It is a mystery why the Jews still vote for Democrats, as well.

      • PJ says:

        Shell,I am Jewish and the mindset of the liberal Jew amazes me! You are correct, it is truly a mystery, but I am betting that many of these liberal democrat Jews will start to vote Republican after all the crap the 4 newbies have thrust up their rectums!

  44. Ronnie Smith says:

    I hope they KILL each other , would do the world a Favor !

  45. Robert B says:

    Anybody the leftists call “Racist!” are not. They lie like a rug, and should not be believed at all.

    • derf says:

      aoc dreams up lies so she can get in the news and all her fake crying she is a great actor she really doesn’t care about anyone but herself

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