Nancy Pelosi picked a fight with Joe Biden that no one could believe

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden worked hand-in-glove to muscle the most radical socialist agenda in American history through Congress.

But now Pelosi and Biden are at odds.

And Nancy Pelosi picked a fight with Joe Biden that no one could believe.

Nancy Pelosi planned a trip to visit Taiwan next month.

That move enraged communist China.

Back in 1949, the legitimate government of China fled to Taiwan when the communist revolutionaries seized power.

Ever since, the communist mainland has maintained that the breakaway province of Taiwan is actually part of mainland China.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is building up his military for an eventual invasion to try and reabsorb Taiwan back into the communist mainland.

Any Chinese invasion of Taiwan would likely begin with them bombing American bases in Japan and Guam and kicking off World War III.

After the communist Chinese raged about Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, Joe Biden acquiesced to the communist’s anger and publicly said the United States military wished the Speaker would not make the trip.

But House Republicans – in a rare move – praised Pelosi for showing solidarity with Taiwan, a democratic government holding firm in the face of communist aggression.

“We’re just saying, ‘You’re doing the right thing here. Make the trip, and don’t let the Biden administration stop you,’” Wisconsin Republican Congressman Tom Tiffany told Breitbart. “We may disagree with Nancy Pelosi and all the things that she stands for and does, but she certainly seems to be one tough bird, and I would sure hope that she’s going to follow through.”

Congressman Tiffany explained that Pelosi needed to follow through with her trip to maintain the separation of powers with the executive branch.

“I think, at this point, she has to [go to Taiwan],” Tiffany added. “Over the last decade or two, [Congress] has become a subordinate party to the executive branch, and for her to do this would really diminish Congress even further, and it would be a terrible message, even for somebody like Nancy Pelosi who stands up for Joe Biden all the time.”

Congressman Tiffany worried that Biden pressured Pelosi not to antagonize Xi Jinping because of his family ties to businesses in communist China.

“I sure hope [Pelosi] doesn’t give up more authority with deference to the Biden administration, especially with the Biden family’s ties to China and other foreign countries,” Tiffany concluded.

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