Nancy Pelosi never knew what hit her when Trump sent this letter on impeachment

The Democrats are about to hold their vote on sham articles of impeachment.

Everyone in Washington, D.C. thinks they know how this story will end.

But Nancy Pelosi never knew what hit her when Trump sent this letter on impeachment.

Donald Trump made sure the Democrats wouldn’t be able to set the terms of the narrative on impeachment.

Instead of letting Nancy Pelosi hop the media spotlight with her impeachment hoax, the President fired off a fiery six page letter accusing Pelosi of running a rigged show trial.

President Trump even went so far as to say those accused in the Salem Witch Trials received more due process than he did.

Breitbart reports:

“I write to express my strongest and most powerful protest against the partisan impeachment crusade being pursued by Democrats in the House of Representatives,” Trump wrote in his six-page letter to Pelosi.

The president argued that the impeachment process was “an unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse of power” from Democrats, criticizing the articles of impeachment for failing to match the Constitutional standard of high crimes and misdemeanors.

“You have cheapened the importance of the very ugly word, impeachment!” Trump wrote.

Trump accused Democrats of violating their oath of office and going against the Constitution. He also attacked Pelosi personally for a “false display of solemnity” during the partisan process.

The President will also have the opportunity to counterprogram the Democrats’ impeachment vote when he holds a rally Wednesday night in Michigan.

Fake News Media reporters will hype up the Democrats’ partisan impeachment vote.

But the American people know how absurd this spectacle is.

That’s why polls show the President’s approval ratings and poll numbers against his 2020 Democrat challengers rising as the support for impeachment recedes.

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93 Responses

  1. Loren Clobes says:

    I really think that it is HIGH TIME for the VOTERS to GET RID Nancy PEEDLOUSY, since it seems that she does NOT HAVE A CLUE as to what is really going on.

  2. Roy says:

    I’m in and it’s about time, we can’t be fearful of thugs or gangs, it’s the big cities that want complete control, Hence Electoral , put in place by our forefathers because of this situation, all you have to do is look at California Governor , Net York Governor to see what is going on.

  3. Will Penny says:

    Djea3 your right , , the DemonRats are in for a VERY Rude Awakening , Courteous of The RED WHITE and BLUE . STAND FAST , FOR WE THE PEOPLE WILL PREVAIL , OVER THE COMMUNIIST LIBERAL SQUAD OF TREASONOUS TRAITORS !!

  4. Will Penny says:

    Yes Mary , Nancy is the Queen of the Broom Rider’s Squad . The Wicked Witch Of The West Nancy , may her Old Broom Crash n Burn , She’ll not be Missed !!

  5. Djea3 says:

    I am hearing more and more people even in coffee shops talk of the fact that it may be time for an uprising for justice against the Dem Party. They have stolen, abused, used, corrupted and in general stolen the control of this country from the PEOPLE. They want POWER ..ultimate power without being held responsible for their acts.
    In other words the BOOT of the Democrat Party is on the NECK of honest and true citizens. It is a SHADOW government (along with its partner the media). The Founding Fathers warned us to be ever vigilant against this and be ready to rise up and overthrow any such abusers.
    Why do you think that the FIRST agenda of the Dems is to STEAL legally owned fire arms and to alienate us all from out Constitutional RIGHT to bear arms…at the time of its writing this meant ALL arms of WAR, not knives, pistols and rifles, but cannon, mortar and virtually any arm the government has.

  6. Djea3 says:

    No, the solution is to arrest them when they commit a crime, try them and be sure that they spend time in a regular prison with the worst of humanity just as any other criminal.
    The issue is that there is selective prosecution and there are ultra powerful that are exempt from all laws. This is not said about Donald Trump but instead about almost the entirety of the Dem party and its bureaucratic plants.

  7. Djea3 says:

    If 0ne charts several items in any country of historical importance we find these similarities when they are powerful and stable:
    1. LOW taxes. Total taxation 17.5% or less (yes there is historical record, in fact the most common ancient records are TAX records).
    2. Government does not spend money on the arts, that is the job of the WEALTHY and POWERFUL
    3. Locally controlled government centers that are autonomous from the (for lack of another word) federal government.
    4. The federal government does LITTLE to interfere locally, and instead recognizes local authorities under its umbrella. No one knows its people better than a city or region. As long as they do not exceed the things on this list they are fine, leave them alone.
    5. The umbrella of the federal government is PROTECTION of the localities and a SMALL cost to them and providing armies to defend them.
    6. Government plans for food storage and infrastructure for trade.
    7. Corruption rooted out everywhere possible.
    8. Religion that does not attempt to usurp government authority is recognized, otherwise forbidden and rooted out.
    9. Swift adjudication and eradication of those that riot for causes other than justice (in other words Antifa members would be arrested and tried and hanged or worse instantly).
    10. In other words a LEAN government system.

    On the other hand the FIRST indicator that a country is about to fail is when its taxes exceed 17.5% in total. (We surpassed that decades ago!! Remember this is TOTAL taxation local and federal. Literally this number signals the DEATH TOLL for any government historically.
    2. lack of ability to defend its subjects from foreign powers comes third.
    3. lack of ability to store food and create/maintain infrastructure for trade is next. Remember that storage of food is not about having 2 months supply but 3 years supply for the entirety of a population!!!! When has the US government stored more than a week and only for the powerful and elected officials?

    4. Hart, you may be correct because the last issue that I know of is believe it or not, sexual impropriety. Every country eventually allows sexual perversions and that is usually the final indicator that a country is about to fold. It proves a lack of moral compass and acceptance of literally everything and anything that anyone wishes. It is Chaos. Chaos ends the ability of a government to rule in a lean manner and ends the ability to root out corruption as corruption becomes normal.

    These are not my rules, these are the rules of the EARTH when it comes to Humanity and Government. I only state what others have observed.

  8. Howard says:

    Amen to that X 1,000,000! yes, million factoral!

  9. Uncle Hoppy says:

    Who cares if Pelosi can keep her cool. She is a habitual liar.
    Pelosi said nobody comes to congress to impeach – LIAR!
    Pelosi said there will be no bipartisan impeachment – LIAR!
    Everything that comes out of her mouth is a LIE. Period!

  10. Uncle Hoppy says:

    People may hate Trump but they will still vote for him because the alternative is NOT acceptable.
    Do you really think a majority of Americans want open borders and free healthcare for illegals and social -ism Doc? I don’t really like Trump much myself because he’s a thin skinned jackass but I will still vote for him because I like most of the things he’s done.
    The democrats, on the other hand, are sick evil people that want to radically transform this nation into something else by ANY means necessary.

  11. Mike says:

    You are soooo full of SH**!

  12. Mike says:

    HEY TOM! F**K Y*U! We are not listening to You DEMONcrats any more. Get out of the way before you get run OVER. Now “STFU”

  13. Mike says:

    Go Gurls! LOL

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