Nancy Pelosi made this one speech that could prove to be her undoing

On Sunday, Nancy Pelosi was elected to be Speaker of the House by one of the narrowest margins in history.

It immediately became clear Pelosi’s career is living on borrowed time.

And now Nancy Pelosi made this one speech that could prove to be her undoing.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addressed members of the House of Representatives on Monday that they must obey the strict coronavirus social distancing protocols and mask mandates.

“With a sense of urgency, I write about respecting proper health and safety guidelines on the Floor, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Pelosi stated.

“As we go forward, please note with respect the guidance set forth by the Office of the Attending Physician and the Sergeant at Arms. When staff urge you to leave the Floor, it is not a suggestion,” Pelosi added.

The speech came one day after Pelosi looked the other way as Florida Congresswoman Gwen Moore flew to Washington, D.C. to cast a vote for Pelosi in the Speaker election despite the fact that Moore tested positive for coronavirus six days ago and was in clear violation of CDC guidelines.

“Rep. Gwen Moore WILL BE attending the House swearing-in and Speaker vote in person today. She announced on Monday (six days ago) that she had tested positive for COVID-19,” CNN’s Kristin Wilson reported.

But since Nancy Pelosi needed her vote, the rules no longer applied.

This is the second time Pelosi found herself in the middle of a coronavirus hypocrisy scandal.

Last year, Pelosi was seen on video violating California’s lockdown by going inside for a haircut and not wearing a mask.

Democrats mock Republicans for not taking the coronavirus seriously, but Republicans see Pelosi allowing a sick member to fly in to cast a vote or Pelosi not observing the rules when she thinks no one is looking and ask who are the ones not taking the coronavirus seriously?

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