Nancy Pelosi made this impeachment mistake that instantly blew up in the Democrats faces

Democrats are quickly realizing they bit off more than they can chew on impeachment.

Each day makes it more clear that House Speaker Pelosi and her allies miscalculated the fallout from deciding to try and remove Donald Trump from office.

And Nancy Pelosi made this impeachment mistake that instantly blew up in the Democrats faces.

The unintended consequences of impeachment continue to pile up for the Democrats.

Democrats are not expected to vote on articles of impeachment until December or even early next year.

That would put a Senate trial in January in the crucial weeks leading up to the February 3 Iowa Caucuses.

And that spells big trouble for the six Senators running for President including frontrunner Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders.

The two Senators would be stuck in Washington as jurors in a doomed impeachment trial while their rivals Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg are free to campaign in Iowa.

This is not sitting well with the campaigns.

Politico reports:

Sen. John Kennedy, a Louisiana Republican, speculated this week that House Democrats had expressly designed the impeachment timeline to give Biden a leg up on his competition. A Senate trial that begins in January, he said, advances Biden’s interests above all.

“What does that mean if we get [the articles of impeachment] in January? You know who gets screwed? Every senator running for president of the United States because they’re going to be here — have to be here — every day at 12:30, six days a week, with the primary starting in January,” Kennedy said.

“I’m telling you it happened real fast and my first thought was, ‘Who does this help and who does it hurt?’” Kennedy said, later answering that he believed it was designed to help Biden.
Throwing the Democrat primary into chaos with accusations that the establishment rigged the process for its handpicked candidate will bring back nightmares for the Democrats of what happened in 2016.

In the 2016 Democratic primaries, party power brokers rigged the contest for Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders.

That led to hard feelings that fractured the party without sufficient time for repair before the General Election.

And that schism between Sanders supporters and the Democrat Party helped Donald Trump win the White House.


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114 Responses

  1. Bernice says:

    The crooked lieing Democrats will pay dearly for this impeachment scam. Exspecially crooked lieing Shifty schiff and deminted nancy Pelosie ALso lying Nadler. And crooked lieing Chuckie Schumer.

  2. Don says:

    Grill every demo and all their aid on the crimes committed by the demoparty, everything that was done unconstitutionally by the demoparty. Pull in the whistleblower and grill him and the rest for days especially every one of them that openly pushes or made anti-American commits against the President and the American people. And that is every demo in congress and everyone who sided with them.

  3. Myron says:

    Carl Bujan I agree. The Impeachment will last for 12 months as the Dems Scheme to Impeach Trump! Trump has spent lots of his work time on the FALSE IMPEACHMENT OF TRUMP! Pelosi is destructive and is not working on solving the major Problems of USA! Hillary has many wrong actions that she has done, but nothing was done to stop her. Obama is a Muslin that tried to destroy the USA.

  4. Zaw Soe says:

    Pisslosy is mentally I’ll and her All DemoRats Monkeys are all Kissed Borat Hussein Ass and never enough. Borat Hussein need to Investigated for Moneys Laundering from Taxpayers Moneys. Go figures you DemoRats Monkeys.

  5. The RedMan says:

    Their young bodies were warm and the bodily fluids intermingled together so half-breeds came forth upon us. What comes with the rain comes for us all.
    Peace be upon them. In Allah’s name we pray Amen.

  6. Eileen Trent says:

    At last night’s rally in Kentucky , all the people were wearing shirts that stated, Read the transcript!

    Eric Ciaramella should read the transcript, since he never heard the phone call!!

    Schiff is desperately trying to hide his identity, even though everyone knows who it is——not a whistleblower—–DEEP STATE RAT!!!

    Placed in the White House to be a activated at the time they needed him, except their plan fell apart when the Trump NSC got rid of him before the phone call with Ukraine!

    They couldn’t find anyone else close enough to the Pres. after that to pull off their scam, so they changed the first-hand whistleblower rule requirement and backdated it!!

    These people are stupid!!

    Pres. Trump was aware of it all …….

    The more u know…..

    Enjoy the show and thanx for playing!

    TRUMP 2Q2Q W W G 1 W G A!!!

    • Mama says:

      &&& ‘they’ Are “FECKLESS” / ‘scrambling’ __
      ‘WE’ Shan’t Fall to ‘Globalism’ thru Dem /Rino/
      Establishment Policy.
      wwg1wga .

  7. Hart Isaacs says:

    Poor Mrs. Pelosi shows singn of senile dementia dementia. Don’t you think it is time to retire before any more harm is done?

    P.S. When does evil Hilary go on trial for treason to the U.S.? What’s holding this up?

    • Ghost says:

      Totally agree with your comments. I call it Made Cow disease.. Unfortunately most of the House has it too.

    • Eileen Trent says:

      Miltary trials anyone?!!

      Maybe we have already been seeing them and don’t know…..

      Elijah Cummings, John Conyers, and Kay Hagan all died within weeks of each other and all died suddenly and unexpectedly…..WHAT THE HECK?!!

      Then there was McCain and GHWB too??

      McCain and GHWB were traitors—-just saYYYYin….

      Hillary is much more than treason…..think children!!!!

      W W G 1 W G A!!

      • Jonathan Conover says:

        McCain died of brain cancer, Cummings from ongoing illness, GHWB was older than dirt and had just lost the love of his life. Don’t know about Hagan but Conyers was elderly and probably had his skull caved in several times during the 60’s. I don’t see any conspiracy at work but you always know best Eileen.

        • Eileen Trent says:

          Are u sure?!!!

          Kasich in an interview said, “It’s been less than 24 hours since they put John McCain to death”

          Who put John McCain to death?!!

          U just said he died from brain cancer……who knows best?!!

          Megan McCain talking about her father on the View said, My father, whatever, can’t kill him again…..Whaaaat????

          Who killed her father??

          GHWB was a traitor……we all know that!!

          More to come……..

          W W GV1 W G A!!!

          • Jonathan Conover says:

            McCain and Daddy Bush were both combat aviators and their bravery is unquestionable. Trump, with his phony bone spurs was intimidated by McCain and like the child he is could only fight him with name calling. McCain is a hero, Trump is a zero.

          • Jonathan Conover says:

            I feel ya Eileen. I remember my first acid trip too.

          • Eileen Trent says:

            Jonathan I told u before. Come on now. I have NEVER smoked, NEVER drank, ( don’t even know what wine tastes like!), and NEVER touched an illegal drug in my LIFE!! Not even marijuana!!!

            ROTFLOL…..I WIN!!!

            Can u say same?!!!

            W W G 1 W G A!!!

          • Mama says:

            Kasich statement WAS ‘Remarkable/ & REVEALING___ &&& ‘WideSpread’.
            > Con-0ver, YOU ‘MISSED’ that one, Big Time. & No Ability to ‘Connect dots’ ____
            ‘bone up’ ‘Spurs’ in your mouth/ maybe Brief your ‘brain’ Before you speak ___

          • Paul Aldredge says:

            @Jonathan Conover, Just because someone is decorated, it doesn’t mean they are heroes nor does it truly indicate they won’t turn. You love McCain? Look up the fact he was totally despised by his fellow POWs! His nickname is Songbird because of all his traitorous actions in Vietnam. Look it up before you start your lies!

        • Bryan Perkins. says:

          Who killed Epstein? Any thoughts?

          • Eileen Trent says:

            search: SERIALBRAIN2

            This is from whence I get my info. e.g., Bolton firing, SCIFarranged meeting by Hussein, whistleblower-spy plan……

            W W G 1 W G A!!!!

        • Ms. Munchkin says:

          Jonathan, why would two people who have never met, don’t know each other, and will probably never meet be telling the exact same stories if there wasn’t truth behind them? Can you explain that? I have never met Eileen Trent, probably never will, but I KNOW, NOT BELIEVE, KNOW that everything she has said is truth! I have deciphered codes myself, witnessed Megan McCain AND John Kasich both claim McCain was ” PUT TO DEATH” or “KILLED”.

  8. John J says:

    Senators who were elected to represent people SHOULD always be there; if they want to run for president; or any other office, they should be resigned, otherwise they are reneging on their duty to the people and are accepting pay and NOT doing the job

    • Jan says:

      President Trump donates his salary…every time it comes…to a different charity he feels could use the extra money! President Trump has done wonders for America!!! Go Trump 2020…America is counting on you!

  9. Mama says:

    A ‘dark royal ‘ Debacle for Dem Senators as
    Presidential candidates. ___ Nancy / Schumer etc knows…
    WHY Continue ??? W/ ‘FALSE Impeach KrAAp ???

    • Roger says:

      The corruption charade that took place in the democrat primary before the 2016 election didn’t help Donald Trump! Donald Trump won the 2016 election because he was and is far more intelligent and a much better campaigner than crooked Hillary could even dream of! Hillary’s IQ 140! Trump’s IQ 156!

    • Chenz says:

      Mama the why? Is to use the large left media to capture votes from the weak minded voters. Who might believe their
      Its finally expanding but what we need is. a larger left truth -n-news. Conservitive
      Media! Till then I plan on using thier,
      Tactic ” In Thief Face” with. Fact based truth!!

      • Mama says:

        i know the “why” Chenz. Just putting it out there,
        in a ‘q’ form ___ Hang Tuff ___ Save USA from
        ‘Globalist’ TAKE0VER. God Bless___

  10. Eileen Trent says:

    We know who the whistleblower-spy is.

    I told u in many posts already that Pres. Trump knew about the whistleblower plot at its conception.

    He is a CIA analyst, assigned to the Hussein White House, before the 2016 election. He was detailed by the NSC to the Ukraine desk and worked with the never-Trumpers in Ukraine.

    The Trump NSC sent him packing before the Ukraine call—he heard nothing!

    Pres. Trump knows who the plant of the DEEP STATE is—Eric Ciarmella.

    That is the “Charlie” mentioned in the Page-Strzok texts.

    Then they surrepticiously changed the first-hand knowledge rules for whistleblowers and bqck-dated it.

    The whole thing has been a scam, but Pres. Trump was aware of their plan cuz of Hussein’s SCIF meeting he called and Pelosi attended.

    I also told u that Hussein attempted to evade surveillance…….Epic Fail!!!

    Evidence is still availqble…..can u say NSA?!!

    BTW Pelosi and Shumer were in Syria on Oct. 20 ,21. Wonder if they hopped over to see their mercinary leader of the DEEP STATE, Baghdadi??

    I also heard that DNA was collected at the Baghdadi Compound…..u don’t think they weren’ being trqcked?!!

    That should be very interesting.

    Pes. Trump has control over EVERYTHING!!!!

    TRUMP 2Q2Q W W G 1 W G A!!!

    • Jack Handy says:

      &&& Former CIA Brennan ‘seems To Be the ‘mastermind’ ___
      ‘They’ counted on him et al. The True ‘bust/ & Truth IS Known …
      > POTUS KNOWS ___

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      Eileen, you and Rush know who the whistleblower is so one of you tell the President so he can have him silenced before it’s too late.

      • Ms. Munchkin says:

        Jonathan, Trump already knows who he is.

        • Eileen Trent says:

          Jonathan, everyone knows who he is…….

          That’s why his attorney is threatening everyone…….LOL

          • Jonathan Conover says:

            Why was Lil Rand Paul telling the crowd at Rupp Arena that the Press needs to print his/her name if everyone already knows? Rand Paul’s neighbor might have to stomp Lil Rand again.

          • Eileen Trent says:

            Covfefe!! Research it Jonathan! I told u the mispellings have a meaning.

            Pres. Trump uses code words to confound the FAKE NEWS.

            But many of us researched Covfefe!!—we know what it means….

            The end won’t be for everyone!!

          • Ms. Munchkin says:

            Perhaps, what we should say is, to those that understand, NOTHING Trump does or says is without meaning. You just have to know what to look for and where to look. As Eileen said, the misspellings have meaning. Watch him, follow his feeds, you will begin to understand.

          • Eileen Trent says:

            Pres. Trump also is an expert in “gematria”…….

            We also know how to decipher that!!

            I should have put “mispellings” in quotes to emphasize his misspellings…….LOL!

          • Mama says:

            Eileen. Sooo – POTUS ? 0r is it S. Miller/scavino/melania etc ie. ‘gematria’ … wee hoo. kellyanne ? Whatever – doesn’t matter. Reagan w/ Jeane Dixon.

        • Mama says:

          To Jonathan, Your ‘mind’ IS ‘struggling’ for the
          TRUTH. ___ Let ‘it’ Happen.
          > Truth Is Ugly, Jonathon. I Went thru it, &
          NOW i Know. & Glad of It. Takes some ‘Deep
          Thought’ & Info.____ Welll, & WHEN ‘that’ Happens, you will be glad. THEN, SAVE Your
          Country from ‘Globalists’, ( that Will Change your Life forever. ) & Believe me, You/Yours WILL NOT Be ‘Happy Campers’. Capish?

          • Eileen Trent says:

            COVFEFE: Military term meaning, IN THE END WE WIN!!

            Our military plays a major role in the TRUMP administration…..

            Can u say Admiral Rodgers????

            Enjoy the show and thanx for playing!!

            W W G 1 W G A!!

          • Mama says:

            Welll —- Eileen.
            > ‘They’ Better Do their damn Job,
            “Enjoy the show and thanx for playing!!”
            ??? What’s up w/that remark ___
            Beware pomposity ? hmmm.

  11. 32eagle says:

    PugLoosely has checkmated herself into a deadend canyon with nowhere to hide-sometimes being weird just makes things more difficult to attack someone that gives a damn and is proud of flippant speedy relies off the cuff even in full public view-yes Trump knows a lot more than all the democrats in congress

  12. Janis Johnson says:

    Reason # 2091 why I’ll NEVER vote for another Democrat.

  13. WilliamBub says:

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  14. Deplorable Lanie says:

    First I don’t think that the Senators who are running for President should be allowed to participate in the Impeachment trial. It would be a clear conflict of interest. If they want to participate they have to withdraw from the Presidential election, plain and simple. Second I think when this whole thing is over and it comes out exactly how far out of bounds that Nanny Pelosi and Adam Schiff and Nadler and Schumer have gone, with the lies and lack of basic due process for the President, they will be all be out of politics for good. You can not take away a person’s rights because you don’t like him! It flies in the face of everything we stand for. Every President in HISTORY has been afforded basic due process. Why would they not realize that their impeachment will be tainted and history will forever show the Democrats has the party of corruption and unfairness!

  15. Karol Hancock says:

    In the prophecy God gave to Mark Taylor in 2012 God said. ” Donald Trump is My Man, he will be a two term President, some will scream impeach, impeach, but NAY it will not happen. Trump will serve two terms,” and in 2007, God gave a prophecy to Prophet Kim Clement, in which God said, “Trump will become a trumpet, he will be the President for My America and he will serve two terms and MY people will pray for him daily.” In both prophesies God told of the great things President Trump will do for America and the people, and the President has already accomplished a lot of them, but in his second term the major great wealth for the country and people will be accomplished, along with many other blessings that God wants to bestow on the country and We The people. God laid out what He has planned for President Trump to accomplish in both terms and what we can expect. Please if you have not been praying daily for our President, start today. Our prayers carry a lot of weight with God.

    • Karol, I agree with you wholeheartedly! I too, believe President Trump was chosen by God to lead America at this particular time in our history. We were very close to being destroyed, because we had forgotten Him and cast Him out of our country and society, by hiding His Ten Commandments and stopping all public prayers…which led to immorality and even killing our own children! We no longer respected authority and were even witnessing drive-by shootings at our elementary schools! Crime had become rampant, such as we had never known! It was ONLY by prayers of the faithful and repentance, that He decided to give us another chance. As you stated, He wants to bless America again because we actually established our country to be, “One nation under God.” We even fashioned our judicial system by His Ten Commandments, but sadly, we had turned from Him and had given Him every reason to turn from us!

      Thankfully, He is a forgiving Father and when we asked that He send us the right leader for our country, He sent us Donald Trump! Yes, many were surprised by His choice, because they probably expected a man of the cloth, probably like Rev. Graham. Yet, all through history, God has chosen various people who were less than holy to do His work! Therefore, we KNOW God is working through him to save our country and allow us to receive His many intended blessings. Obviously, no other person could have stood up to the constant hatred he has had to endure and still get so much accomplished! He is leading him in every decision he makes and we must continue to pray for him.

      • Jonathan Conover says:

        Does God choose the leaders of every country in the world or is he only concerned about America?

        • Mary go gently says:

          Jonathan, God doesn’t get involved in politics.

          • Jonathan Conover says:

            Karol and Thelma believe otherwise. I don’t understand why God would appoint Hitler, Pol Pot, Mussolini, Stalin Chairman Mao or any other person of their ilk to lead a country.

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      Karol, do you think God can tell me who is going to win the Super Bowl and by how many points this year?

      • Debbie Downer says:

        Some people have silly ideas about God.
        Some people have silly ideas about “social -ism” and “global warming” too.

  16. I Believe that Nancy Pelosie Should account for what she has done to President in all of her accusations.

  17. DaveR says:

    The Democrats have become the enemy of America, and we all know that this country has a long and proud history of defeating its enemies. Pelosi and Schiff constantly accuse President Trump of acting like Hitler, yet their actions in secret hearings and denying due process have half of this country comparing them to both Hitler and Stalin. The Democrats will go down in 2020, the only question is how bad…. patriotic Americans are tired of their crap.

  18. lzib says:

    This is what rushing and desperation to find something – anything- even in the smallest measure- even when their own Chosen one of Biden confessed/bragged about doing far far worse- Ends up as- you all cut off your nose despite your faces!

    Good, I hope it does have this consequence- I am sure then Nancy will come up with some crazy lie to try to move the date or even shut down the government until Feb. only hope she has no way of doing so. Let them all be there to Vote impeachment- it will not pass, and they will be caught in their own trap!

    Should be fun to watch- getting the popcorn ready. 🙂

  19. Joz Lee says:

    That would put a Senate trial in January in the crucial weeks leading up to the February 3 Iowa Caucuses.

    And that spells big trouble for the six Senators running for President including frontrunner Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders.

    The Senators, should or must must NOT PARTICIPATE / TAKE PART IN ‘IMPEACHMENT’ PROCESS. Conflict of Interest!

  20. James W Cummings says:

    Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, Nadler we most assuredly want their political heads as we want Durbin, Menendez and Leahy`s to roll and Schumer in the Senate. As far as those who were formerly elected who have done evil are concerned, We want Obama, both Clintons and W Bush as well as Cheney, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Ciaramella, Biden and assorted others to pay according to their crimes.

  21. Lucy says:

    Take a good look at Nancy Pelosi’s picture. That’s the face of a soulless person, a person whose life is dedicated to the destruction of another person’s life. No matter what her ‘justification’ is, the more she acts to destroy someone else, the more she destroys herself. I will not be surprised at the final results of such a choice in life. And this goes for every single purpose in her destructive army.

  22. Chenz says:

    Is Grammy Pelosi and little Adom and A friend still playing Impeach a president ?
    Call them up from his room, please !
    Grammy has to go back to the home!!
    Adoms whistle blowing friend needs to go home now, and little ad on gets his SPANKING now!
    HE’s been lying AGAIN!!

  23. Ms. Munchkin says:

    Quite frankly, I feel it is a conflict of interest for ANY DEMOCRATIC candidate for President to vote in the Impeachment hearings. If it is a conflict of interest, as they claim, for Trump to have Biden investigated for corruption, then it should ALSO be a conflict of interest for them to be the ones deciding his fate!

    • lzib says:

      Very True but Dems do not believe in equity or fairness its always ok for them while not for someone else…children think this way due to underdeveloped frontal lobes and the elderly like Pelosi often find senility returns them to this state.

      They all deserve what they get if their cheating backfires on them again That is Karma.

      I was watching fox news and they had Donna Brazil on there talking about fairness in the impeachment process and how Nancy and Schiff were doing it properly- So we have the lady who gave Hillary the questions before a presidential debate lecturing us on “fairness”
      lol just an example of the Liberal mindset!

  24. Raffa says:

    I have voted Democrat most of my life,I voted for Mr. Trump and will vote for the president again. God bless him and our country.

  25. jc says:

    Americans are so sensitive about foreign interference in there politics, but they ALLOW a foreign fifth column to control much of politics. Why is SOROS allowed to influence everything with impunity..

  26. Randall says:

    Well dumb and dumber , you’ve shown your intelligence is a low , just as low as people in your government positions , monster’s teaching other dumbocrates , to destroy anything possible , the swamp is about to be revealed. Their retaliation to all Republicans , yep you and me to, will be there down fall, disgruntle attitude towards Americans to reward non Americans just for a vote , even non Americans can see their horrific agenda will ruin America A GREAT country strengthened by Donald Trump . A president for the people !

  27. Tom Curry says:

    If these Democrats should win, all Americans will regret it for the rest of their lives and that means everyone Republican and Democratic and liberal voters!!! All those that hate Trump as a person really have no reason for the hate for he may have been not so good when he was younger as we all once was!!! But the man today has shown that he is 1000% that he does love this country and the citizens and that he is a patriot!!! I shouldn’t have to tell anyone this for he is the only president that has kept his promises and has brought nothing but prosperity to are country and has crated a lot of good for are country and does put are country first!!! If these Democrats should win we all will see everything he has done be undone!!!

  28. nj says:

    I will never vote for a democrat again, hope more democrats jump ship
    and vote for Trump. When it all ends more people will end up disliking
    Pelosi and Schitt the 2 yearold for all the lies, wasting American taxpayer
    money. They should be made to pay that money back.

    • Raffa says:

      I have voted Democrat most of my life,I voted for Mr. Trump and will vote for the president again. God bless him and our country.

      • Valli Neal-davis says:

        Absolutely vote maga2020 let’s take America back from the evil Pharisees out. God bless president Trump. Drain the swamp.

    • Mark says:

      When the federal does anything under malicious intent the government can be sued. File a suit under malicious intent to make them pay back the money.

  29. Christine says:

    Pelosi and Schiff have gone INSANE!!! They will find out President Trump did nothing wrong. Even if they are committing TREASON by not giving President Trump a fair chance in this other FARCE. When we hear what they did in 2016 most Americans will be disgusted and turn away from the DEMOCRATS. That is what they are afraid of. They are also afraid we will find out the corruption they all had in Ukraine. Pelosi included.

  30. become president go to jail is keeping qualified people like me from running for president

  31. DAVID says:

    i would not vote a Democrat for “Dog Catcher”

    How in the world they continue to win elections calls to question the integrity of our election system……………….. !!!!!!!

    • Christine says:

      David, You are so right. They only won the House, because of their fake Russian Collusion Investigation. We all know that was a sham. Obama, Hillary, Mueller, Rodenstein, Comey, FBI and CIA plus many others were all behind it. How DISGRACEFUL!!!! DEMOCRATS SUCK!!!! I wouldn’t vote for them to pick up my garbage.

    • BUSTERBROWN says:


    • Pineapple says:

      Our education system has morphed into an indoctrination system where the young are brainwashed with liberal ideology. Our young are NOT taught the true history of our country, but only that the U.S. is responsible for most of the worlds problems. (Thanks, Obama!)

      • Will says:

        This is true but I believe it started right after WW11 , it has slowly crept into the system

      • Jonathan Conover says:

        pineapple, I agree that I was lied to and mislead about many things in grammar school. I was taught that the person who receives the most votes wins. Also, that no person is above the law. History books never mentioned the genocide of the Native Americans. WWI vets were shot in the streets of Washington when they marched in an effort to receive pay they were promised. Read about the VIA and MK ULTRA program. The only thing I agree with Mr Trump is that the US hasn’t been so great in our history.

        • Steve Scoutaris says:

          The electoral college is a compromise to stop high population states from deciding all the elections. It’s not perfect but it’s better than the popular vote which is no different than two wolves and one sheep voting on what’s for dinner.

  32. tinker68 says:

    If Republicans take Trump’s reelection for granted and don’t vote, they win, impeachment or no impeachment.

  33. Deanmills says:

    Impeachment will cost them everything!

  34. Cg says:

    Glad they screwed themselves for being deceitful.Goodbye demon rats!MAGA 2020

  35. Cg says:

    Glad they screwed themselves for being deceitful.Goodbye demon rats!

  36. frank yelt says:

    Pelosi is the kind of person that thinks her grandkids should bring her treats rather that the other way around.

  37. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Let Pelosi and co. make true asses of themselves and get voted out of office come November next year with their “impeachment” shenanegans at their own peril

  38. Mary Stump says:

    We have 2 choices–either support Trump over the finish line and Thank GOD —or vote for the satanists and we all go to hell

    • lyn says:

      You are so right.

    • ih8reps says:

      Then I’ll make sure to see you and all RETARDicans go to hell.

      • Will says:

        Don`t worry there is a special place there for you too,, DH

      • Debbie Downer says:

        Who would you vote for then?

      • Ms. Munchkin says:

        Then YOU must really love, as you call them, RETARDicans. Because with the amount of bile you spew daily, and the hate in your heart, if you think, for even one minute, you have any chance of ending up anywhere BUT hell, you are sadly mistaken.

        Though I tend to believe people like you will be left alone in their own private sector of hell to slowly go insane with nobody to insult or hate EXCEPT THEMSELVES! Seems a fitting punishment for people like you!

  39. cissy Nobbe says:

    Pelosi has committed treason and divisive energy in America, for her own personal advantage, and those affiliated with her. If the legal system is too weak, then we must step aside, join in true united prayer, that this overwealthy, overcomfortable ego-maniac, no longer a persona embodying the true feminine mystique, another shocking and socially destructive satanic assistant, be removed in the disgrace of God’s vengeance, the only true Judge.

  40. There actions need to be looked at and addressed. What a bunch of flies and mosquitoes! It will all come back and bite them when they don’t know it is comming. These ragtops and leftists are trying to turn our country upside down. They want it to look like the streets of California!

  41. The Real M says:

    Senator John Kennedy, a Louisiana Senator, thought to be a folksy southern gentleman who may be a comedian disguised as a U.S. Senator, has fooled people who don’t give him proper respect, once again! This is brilliant reasoning and probably is a well planned move on Pelosi’s part to benefit Joe Biden. Pelosi is a shrewd politician and realizes the rest of the Dem candidates are way too far left to have a chance to beat DJT! She would sell her children and grandchildren to get rid of DJT! This could be a well thought out Pelosi plan.
    Senator Kennedy you are astute and “as sharp as your grandaddy’s tongue when you misbehaved”!

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      If what you’re saying is true then the democrats are screwed, IMO.
      Biden is unelectable. Not only has he bragged on camera about doing the same thing that democrats are accusing Trump of doing (and will get called out on it), but half the time he doesn’t know what state he’s in, and his speeches are boring. Plus, the Bernie bros won’t vote for him because he’s too centrist for them. Trump will mop the floor with Biden on stage, IMO.

      • The Real M says:

        Steve S. Exactly! Biden IS unelectable but, the rest of the Dem field is so far left, Biden comes closest to being electable! So yep, you said it, the Dems are screwed!
        The Dems know it and that is why they will do anything to impeach and remove DJT because they can’t beat him at the voting precincts!

    • mary l conner says:

      the real M—I do believe Kennedy… He has been around a long time and tells it like he sees it… Pelosi wants Biden and that’s why she did this impeachment and the other democrats fell for her crap… THEY WILL REGRET GOING WITH HER DECISION TO SAVE BIDEN… IS THIS WHY THEY WENT TO UKRAINE? most of these democrats will lose there jobs come 2020/2021… they don’t deserve to be there for what they ae doing to this country and Trump & his family………. PLEASE DON’T BELIEVE THE POLLS THT NBC IS PUTTING OUT AND FOX IS SHOWING THEM AS REAL NEWS AND THEY KNOW DAM WELL THERE POLLS ARE SO WRONG… THERE ARE MILLION PEOPLE OR MORE AND THEY POLLED 720 PEOPLE TO IMPEACH TRUMP AND GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE…. THEY MUST THINK AMERICANS ARE CRAZY…………….

  42. Debbie Downer says:

    It’s the radical leftist base that is driving this impeachment nonsense.
    Every democrat with average intelligence knows impeachment is a BAD idea right before an election.

  43. Timothy Toroian says:

    People should be able to figure out by now that if the left hasn’t found a concrete reason to impeach and one that would cause the Senate to convict THAT MAYBE, JUST MAYBE NOTHING IS THERE. And that it is a witch hunt. Remember the kind of evidence they used to hang witches, all kinds of she said or I was told, or she must be she gave me this and I got better.

  44. Carl Bujan says:

    The lying cheating democrats will take this impeachment process as far as they can take it knowing all along they have no chance of impeaching President Trump. All they are doing is wasting Tax payer money instead of working to better our country. They will still be talking and pursuing this for the next 6 to 8 months. Mark my word.

  45. Dale GLEN McIver says:

    Trump 2020 All the way It Time To Vote All Democrats Out Of Office

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