Nancy Pelosi made one public confession that no one could believe

The 2020 Presidential Election is in the home stretch.

And Democrats are starting to get very nervous.

That became clear when Nancy Pelosi made one public confession that no one could believe.

When mobs of Joe Biden voters began rioting and tearing down statues earlier this summer, Nancy Pelosi refused to condemn the violence.

Instead, she excused the violence, saying people are going to do what they do.

But the polling must be telling a different story after months of President Trump hammering them on law and order and the Democrats’ tolerance for riots.

That led to Nancy Pelosi on the floor of the House of Representatives denouncing rioting as lawlessness.

Democrats and the Fake News Media have tried to brush off the President’s attacks on the Democrats over the issue of law and order as a distraction and a sign of desperation.

If those two things were true, then Speaker Pelosi would not be delivering a speech to try and inoculate Democrats from the charge of being soft on crime.

The public polls tell one story.

And that is Joe Biden holding a steady and significant lead over Donald Trump.

But the public actions and rhetoric of the two candidates and their respective parties tells a different story.

The Biden and Trump campaigns are waging this fight and deploying their resources as if it were a toss up race.

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