Nancy Pelosi made a move on impeachment that had Trump grinning from ear to ear

Nancy Pelosi knows that she needs to impeach President Trump.

If she doesn’t, he will almost certainly win re-election in 2020.

And Pelosi just made a move on impeachment that had Trump grinning from ear to ear.

Democrats have wanted President Trump impeached since the day he got into office.

And with Nancy Pelosi finally backing their efforts, they believe they will be able to do it at last.

Pelosi’s support comes on the heels of a fake news story relating to a so-called “whistleblower” report alleging wrongdoing from Trump in a call with the President of Ukraine.

But that story has been debunked to the point that the mainstream media is even slowing talk about it.

And now Pelosi just announced she is holding off on her impeachment efforts, delaying any votes on the measure.

The Daily Caller reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding off on a potential vote approving an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, Politico reported Tuesday, citing sources familiar with the matter.

House leaders could reassess their decision at some point, the report notes. The report comes after Politico reported earlier Tuesday that House Democratic leaders are asking vulnerable members if they would support a formal vote.

Leaders are “getting a read on where these members are following a two-week recess,” an aide noted. Pelosi, who was reticent at first to promote an impeachment inquiry, is lobbying her caucus to go on the record.

“I’ll be talking about that later today, after I meet with my colleagues,” the California Democrat told reporters, referring to whether she intends to get a feel for how the moderate wing of her party feel about the idea.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy frequently criticizes Pelosi for refusing to hold a full House vote.

This is proof Pelosi doesn’t have the votes she needs to impeach Trump.

If she holds a vote and loses badly, it will be a massive embarrassment for the Democrat Party, who are hedging all their bets on impeachment.


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128 Responses

  1. snark says:

    To ‘jd’ : CHECK “Moody’s World Forecast”.
    YOUR ‘polls’ Are moot.

  2. Jeff Noncent says:

    we are living in a delusional state of mind

  3. Jeff Noncent says:

    she is not following the constitution herself.

  4. Eileen Trent says:

    Pres. Trump at his rally last night in Texas said, “Where are the 33,000 emails of crooked Hillary? Can u believe she deleted 33,000 emails? They were supposed to be about her yoga, and Chelsea’s wedding. Really 33,000, I don’t think so, look what she got away with…..but let’s see if she gets away with it!” He is inflicting more pain on the “QUEEN OF DARKNESS.’ He is telling everyone he has them!!

    Now, Trump just tweeted out a message about Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Asking , “Where is Weiner’s laptop and all those emails of Hillary and Huma Abedin?” LOL Trump has that too! I’ve heard that the N.Y. police that actually viewed the contents on his laptop were vitually in tears at what they were seeing! Supposedly, it involved Hillary, Abedin and a young girl! Now Trump is inflicting more pain on the witch with that, too! And BTW where is Huma? Expect Trump to continue his demand for Weiner’s laptop! More to follow…….W W G 1 W G A!!

    • Mysty says:

      You contradicted yourself; you said PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS weiner’s laptop. Then you said PRESIDENT TRUMP will continue asking for weiner’s laptop… I’m a HUGE TRUMP FAN, don’t get me wrong, but I want clarification about your comments.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        Pres. Trump is playing rope-a-dope with the FAKE NEWS. Just like he keeps telling them to investigate the where-a-bouts of Hillary’s server and her “missing” emails. He has them. The same thing with Weiner’s laptop. Pres. Trump is the master chess player…..he moves the Cabal moves, but Trump is always 1-step ahead of the Cabal. He loves tormenting them!

        Ever heard of the Red Shoe Society? These people are sick!!!

        He also has the DNC server. Guess what? Wasn’t hacked by the RUSSIANS!!!

        This is the reason the Dems. are unhinged. They do not know he has all the evidence he needs to put a lot of people away for a Looooong time. Maybe some are already talking…..just sayin

        TRUMP 2Q2Q W W G 1 W G A

  5. Bill says:

    I have repeatedly stated that I do not believe the House will impeach President Trump. Many of the Democratic members of the House ballyhoo about bringing impeachment charges against him. But, they refuse to bring formal impeachment charges against the President because their votes would be on record and most aren’t willing to put their money where their mouth is. In other words, they will go around screaming and shouting about impeachment as long as they don’t have to vote. For Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and the Democratic leadership in the House this impeachment b/s has gone on far too long. In the Navy we had a saying, “Either s**t or get off the pot” and that advice would serve you well.

    • mike dar says:

      Nancy will have to at some point… the last arrow from the quiver, the hail Mary pass, she can’t but do it at some point imo. The far left ‘Squad’ and Sor0s is pushing hard.
      Either way Nancy loses, but I expect a last ditch attempt will be her only way to avoid AOC taking her leadership job come Jan 2021 voting for House leader on the Dem side.

      • Ugly says:

        AOC will need to get reelected in 2020 and by the poles, that do not look like she will!
        I have a feeling a lot of dumbocats will be going home in Jan. 2021!

  6. cindy says:

    President Trump is the very very best President this country has ever had. He has not been wrong with any decision that he has made to MAGA. He loves America and he loves all the people in America. You can tell just by the way he uplifts everyone. We love you President Trump, please don’t give up on us even though the nasty dems make it tough.

    • He does not compare to the likes of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, the Rooselvelt’s, Truman, Eisenhower, Reagan, Carter, etc – true patriots unlike Trump is supported by the KKK and Neo-Nazi hate groups, the FBI has reported an increase in hate crimes since he took office, he attacks the press, democratic institutions, e.g. FBI, DOJ, has betrayed our Kurdish allies, abandoned treaties like NAFTA and the Paris enviornment accord, stirs up fear, anger, hatred, violence and racism e. g. Muslims, Mexicans, two Jewish synagogues were attacked and people were kill – their perpetrators – members of hate groups, his treatment and behavior towards women and veterans is atrocious. These do not, in my humble opinion make for a good president and he does not deserve that title because he disrespects our Constitution and really does not know it. Jesus would not approve of his policies or behavior. the blind leading the blind

      • Eileen Trent says:

        Are u one of the devil worshippers that stormed the streets after Trump was elected?! They were foaming-at-the-mouth, gnashing their teeth and their heads were spinning, cuz the
        “QUEEN OF DARKNESS” went down in flames!!! She is a High Priestess in tbe church of satan, u know!!

        Don’t believe they exist Dorothy, Tucker Carlson interviewed one on his show.

        QUESTION: Why would those that worship the god of the underworld want to destroy Trump? Hmmmmmm……..

        Oh, and they are planning to have another “spell casting” ceremony to try to destroy Pres. Trump on……Oct. 31st…….NO WAY!!!!

        Devils want to destroy Trump—-Jesus said, “if satan casts out satan how can his Kingdom stand?

        So, pkease, don’t invoke the Holy name of Jesus unless u know where of u speak…….cuz u don’t dude!!!

        TRUMP 2Q2Q W W G 1 W G A

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        Louis Farrakhan supported Barack Obama so that proves Obama is a racist by your reasoning. I use the word “reason” loosely in your case.

  7. sherri says:

    Everyone missed it, Pres. Trump didn’t want Pelosi at that meeting & she left. Notice the meeting went on without her & there were no arguments.
    Did Pelosi threaten the Pres. life? When she left she said “you have no idea of what WE will do to you”. How did the press miss this remark. Maybe it’s Hillary hit list the press talks about. It definitely was a threat.. The impeachment rally the democrats have to hurry with..AG Barr will have his report out & democrats will be caught in many broken federal laws.

  8. ih8reps says:

    I never realized so many people have the ability for time travel and have already been to November 2020 you’ve returned to inform us Trump already won, I guess I’ll just stay home next year. NOT!!!
    We’re still a year out people wake up nothing is guaranteed.
    One thing that is true people are sick and tired on both sides the right doesn’t like all the negative news they are attracting to them selfs, the left doesn’t like all the obstruction of justice from the right.
    Today Mulvaney admitted to the fact that Trump in deed committed a crime quid, pro, quo with that phone call and then was told to make a retraction of his statement immediately thereafter by the GOP.
    The claim of who had a melt down was clear to see once the picture was released it sure looked like Pelosi was not the one having a meltdown all the president’s men sitting there with there heads down was priceless and the rage in his face you could see he wanted to attack her the only thing you could not see was the steam coming out of his ears like I said it was priceless.
    Back to next year just because you made mistake with Clinton impeachment this one is totally different don’t be so quick to think you got this one in the bag because of past history I love your passion but remember we got along way to go and the way your guy is acting anything is possible.
    Remember if your under scrutiny you have the right to remain quite anything you say or do can be held against you in a court of law, but then of course everybody to afraid to tell him that not that he’d probably listen anyway.
    People are fed up and tired of all this crap and to be honest more animosity is building up against the right more than the left.
    One year is along time maybe you still have time to clean up your act but if you don’t people will remember and vote to clean it up don’t be so cocky to believe it’ll work out for your side.

    • Eileen Trent says:

      All roads lead to Ukraine!! The “QUEEN OF DARKNESS” is pulling her hair out screaming, “Stop talking about the servers!” The Dems. know where those servers are. Trump is forcing the FAKE NEWS to report on it now. Do u really think Trump and Mulvaney didn’ coordinate on his press conf. u moron. And why would Trump care when he already has those servers?! Dems. are terrified that Trump can get them……..not knowing he
      already has them u morons. I’ve been telling u that for months!!

      Trump knows Pelosi doesn’t have the votes for impeachment, he wants it out of the House and in the Senate! Trump sets the traps, Dems stumble in….. to their own destruction!

      This is getting good…….got my popcorn and ready for the show!
      W W G 1 W G A!!! ????

    • John says:

      You should know what you are talking about before you speak he did nothing wrong so go on believing what you do. You sound like those New York people who still think he had help from Russia.

    • Boarland says:

      The right doesn’t like all the FAKE news about them.
      And the left doesn’t like to be called out on their hypocrisy accusing Trump of doing something that Biden already bragged about doing on video.

    • L Winfield says:

      Ih8 reps
      They don’t need time travel it’s plain to see eyes wide open you demon craps are just to hard headed and close minded with eyes and ears closed to see the new green deal abortion up to birth 1st and 2nd amendment
      Gone free everything is just insane just like
      your dumb ass party and if you think KILLERY
      or big mike Obummass could save you then I know you have no brain at all and the assclowns that are running would not even beat KILLERY much less TRUMP
      SEMPER. FI. USMC for TRUMP. 2020
      KILLERY much less trump

  9. Alaska Woman says:

    Trump just let a no-bid contract for the next G-7 meeting.
    He awarded it to his financially challenged Doral Resort Hotel in Miami. That should be ground for impeachment. That is use of the Presidency for personal profit.

    • Scott says:

      You are spouting off again about nothing you have true knowledge of. Go back to your hole.

    • ship says:

      My gosh! There has to be something we can impeach the president on.
      Please someone help us. We have to impeach this president. Please someone help us find something.
      PLEASE! Before it’s too late. We can’t let him get reelected.
      Trump must be stopped before he destroys the whole planet, and possibly the solar system too.

      • Mary Gill says:

        Pelosi is a perfect example for LIMITED TERMS, the woman is turning 80 yrs. old. Is she going to die with gravel in her hand? Global warning, Ha, its mothballs in Washington that is going to kill us all. Bernie, Warren, the old farts society.

  10. Tony says:

    My prediction. Pelosi will put it to a vote now that Muvaney has “slipped up”. She will get the votes for impeachment to move forward, however, president Trump will get what he wants, Reps allowed to call witnesses under oath. The truth will be revealed. President Trump is playing Pelosi like a fiddle.

    • ih8reps says:

      Go back to reading your Bible your not making your chances into the pearly gates any better supporting the Antichrist.
      Not that there is such a thing anyway Heaven or Hell what a joke.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        Many people have actually experienced heaven and others have experienced hell after death. Those who have died and come back have given us a glimpse of what is beyond this realm. Those who have gone to heaven tell us it is beyond description, peace, joy, beauty, colors more vivid than on earth! And they were angry when they were brought back, having never wanting to leave that realm.

        Then there are others who have died and gone to a place they describe as the darkest, most terrifying, evil place they have ever been! Screams that they can never forget! They have never heard such desperate, frightening, hopeless voices in their lives! And they are changed forever. Don’t give up on God. He hasn’t given up on you! ????

      • Boarland says:

        Anybody who thinks there is no life after death is a joke.
        How stupid you must be to think all life, and the entire universe just popped into existence by accident.

      • L Winfield says:

        Don’t worry tony we’re gonna
        RE-ELECT the MOTHER F———ER

    • sherri says:

      Tony, see my comment a few minutes ago.
      Pres. Trump won.

    • oldkoreanwarvet says:


  11. Dan Winright says:

    These dumbocraps do like fairytales.
    Isnt a good imagination a fine.thing?

  12. N says:

    These hypocrite libs(lying sack of Schiff) don’t know the meaning of the truth! They are at it again and just as mentally deranged as the rest of the Globalists NAZI Muslim Commie Liberal Demoncrats! Deep State, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Hollywood, Academia, Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!! ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  13. Will Penny says:

    If Nancy is wise she’ll back off , because from what I’m hearing from people , especially the young voters in AZ , there for Trump over 70% of them .

    • ih8reps says:

      Wishful thinking BOZO the tide is changing 2018 was just the forerunner for more blue to come hell in Kansas of all places elected a Democrat governor but I guess your color blind so you won’t notice anyway young or old.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        Fisa Declas brings D-O-W-N the House!!! With all the Dems. tbat will be going to prison, there won’t be enough left for whom u can vote!! IG Horowitz report coming and it is devastating for Comi, McCabe, Strzok, Brennan, Obama, Hillary, et al. ???? W W G 1 W G A

      • Will Penny says:

        I think not , Kansas , why hell ih8reps , you must still be in the Land of Oz , lost on the Yellow Brick Road , with the Tinman , Scare Crow and the sneviling old Loin , for Dorthy and Todoe have already landed back to reality and are taking the Trump Train , on its way to crushing you wicked liberal traitors . All you’ll be able to see on the Far Left side of the track , will be just a greasy spot left on the track in the aftermath !!

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        2018 was a forerunner of what?
        Do you not remember Obama lost 12 senate seats and 64 house seats under his reign?
        Before you go calling people “BOZO” and color blind you might want to take a long look in the mirror because you certainly have no clue what you’re talking about ih8reps.

  14. reality check says:

    What a T O T A L pa ck of LIES!!!! It is clear Patriot Pulse is pumping out extra propaganda the more evidence of wrong doing by Trump is surfacing. Have you not noticed how many people have been quitting their government posts because they are ready to testify against the illegal acts of this president? The transcript of the Zelensky phone call clearly shows TRUMP SOLICITED a favor, and that favor was illegal – – because it asked a foregin government to dig up dirt on ONE PATY, a leading political opponent on Trump. It is becoming clear that Trump and Giuliani were creating this conspiracy story and then pressure on Ukraine to give them dirt on Biden. In addition, Trump took many steps to obstruct justice by hiding this phone call, and also refusing to do his constitutional duty by giving documents to Congress One of many illegal acts by Trump.

    If you know anything about Speaker Pelosi, she never calls for an action until after she has counted the votes. The votes for impeachment are already there . . . now is the inquiry, gathering all the evidence. But we already know Trump committed a crime – – – we know by his own words.

  15. Vickie Ross says:

    If the dems manage to impeach the best President we have ever had. I feel sorry for the country. Some of the comments that are referring to President Trump as being communist. You need to read up on history. The President of China & Russia are communist. No freedom & rights. Cortez,Omar,Tiliab & Sanders are communist who want to destroy are Constitution & rights. I am not going stand idly by & let these people destroy what my dad & uncles fought for while in the military.

    • Marla YourelYoure says:

      I agree..Folks don’t have a clue that the liars, cheaters and theives of Demoncrats are trying to continue what they’ve been doing behing the country’s back. Not to mention passing laws to take away freedom of speech, right to bear arms, leagalize pedophilia, allow young children to be massaged, (creepy joe), eating babies. (AOC), sex slave trade..etc….and the citzens for this Democratic plan go right along with it blindly!

    • ih8reps says:

      Well you’d be much happier moving to Russia with your buddy there trumpzilla get to packing time is running short

    • Will Penny says:

      I’m with you , The liberals can kiss there rear ends Adios .

    • MARKYL says:


  16. Jeff Noncent says:

    Nancy Pelosi is not a leader period.

    • Taylor made says:

      She skunked and outplayed Trump on Trump’s stupid government shutdown, the longest in history, which accomplished nothing. Trump is not a leader . . . PERIOD. That disastrous decision do BETRAY the Kurds, get many of them killed and to ENDANGER OUR AMERICAN TROOPS and have to quickly abandon our bases, leaving munitions that had to be bombed. Trump played right into Putin’s hand one more time.

      As Rex Tillerson once said, “Trump if a f—ing moron!

      • Tony says:

        Donald J Trump is our president, Rex Tillerson is not. Pretty well sums it up.
        President Trump is always miles ahead of the lame brain Pelosi.

    • Trump's going to jail says:

      Reality check Taylor made
      You are both so correct.
      There is one fact that remains there is no known cure for S### For Brains.

    • Tony says:

      Could not have said it better Jeff. Pelosi is a crook.

    • Trump's going to jail says:

      And what are you the leader of the Turd parade of
      Turds for TRUMPZILLA.
      The fact remains she is the first and only person to stand up to that POS.
      The simple fact that she is a women is just irritating the hell out of that POS.
      When she gets done with him the IRS is next and just like All Capone he’s going to jail payback is a bitch.

  17. Pastor Stronghold says:

    The Democrats in the House will vote to impeach Trump. If it passed it goes to the Senate where it should be voted down. If it does get passed the Senate it goes to the Supreme Court where the justices determine the validity of the charges and the methodology.

  18. Crystal Anne Mourad says:

    Without a vote Nancy can investigate behind closed doors and she does not have to reveal anything or anyone to Trump and his minions. If I was Nancy I’d do it just because it makes Trump mad and frustrated. He doesn’t like to be told no or not be the center of attention! Give him a taste of his own medicine. World leaders are laughing at him…and us for allowing him to happen!

    • Pastor Stronghold says:

      Just as the spoiled children of the House hate to hear the world NO. But in the case of Nancy, she has to get past the Senate and the COTUS. I don’t think the adults will let her have her way. There will more whining and gnashing of teeth from the Democrat children in the House on election eve 2020. as they lose everything.

    • reconviper1 says:

      News flash for you, Crystal. What the house does is MEANINGLESS, the power is in the senate and there will never be 2/3 majority to impeach. Within a year most of these democrat traitors will be in prison. You see, the N.S.A. records EVERYTHING and they are on Trump’s side. He has ALL the proof of criminal activity on these clowns going back for years. Check the federal website on sealed indictments. You will find there are over 127,000 sealed federal indictments waiting to be unsealed and acted upon. What and who do you think Durham and company have been investigating for the last two years? It ain’t Trump honey. Sit back and enjoy the show, I am looking forward to Schiff, Pelosi and gang in their orange prison jump suits.

    • Guess says:

      That’s all we need is 2 Nancy Pelosi’s.

      It’s bad enough to have 1

    • David Munson says:

      laughing nervously, as they begin to realize that he is the master of negotiation, and they are going to have to give concessions on the lopsided trade agreements with the US.

    • Rick Love says:

      How adult of you. She should not do this for the good of the country, she should do it to upset the President? How completely juvenile of you to say that. Step aside and let the adults in the room decide this.

    • H Lee says:

      You have been watching too much cnn and msnbc. Move up . Go to al Jazerra, get a little education.

    • Tony says:

      And just what world leaders are laughing at our president? I want to see you evidence. Or like Pelosi and co are you just in make believe land?

  19. 82nd Airborne vet says:

    You know what the really horrible and sad thing is about all this is for going on over 3 years even pushed into the point of for years because they tried to debunk are now elected president trump prior to even the debates when he announced he was running for office. They have wasted millions upon millions of tax dollars that we pay they’ve pulled a pay check every month in the tens of thousands of dollars they’re getting rich off of our sweat blood and tears and doing nothing but trying to figure out a way to impeach our president. You democrats don’t realize the millions and millions of dollars which is probably in the billions now that it’s costing us the fact that we’re in a deficit and trump is bringing us out of it but they’re spending it as quickly as he creates more jobs and acquires more tax revenue by creating more jobs they’re spending it faster than he can create it. All on our blood sweat and tears and our hard earned dollars that we break our backs for every day going to work to try and support our family God-bless Donald Trump for making sure there’s jobs for almost every American in the country now black white red no matter what your race color or creed is there’s a job for you now if you want it but they’re trying to crush this perfect Lee tuned momentum that hes got going with our country are coneni’s booming there’s a little bit of ruckus going on in the stock market but that’s normal any time a president is doing good the democrats shift their money into the stock market to adjust it so it looks like it’s doing badd I took economics For my major in collegefor a living and I know how this is done… So people every one of us needs to Communicate with our family and friends With real research proven documentation of everything trump has done for this country as well as everything the democrats have failed to do with this country like submit a balanced budget. Disperse funds and have a vote on a border wall possibly even let in California Secede from our nation. Then we can charge every California that wants to come to the United States a Visa we can just put up a border wall from California to all the other lower 47 StatesIn charge of also a toll to enter the country with no duty free shop. As a matter of fact anything they want to look choir here we should charge him and excise tax On top of the normal sales tax. And they must walk across the border they can’t bring their car because they’re a green state and we don’t like green States The bunch of crazy liberal insane tree huggers

  20. Jerry says:

    DEM’S have done nothing for the people. Anyone who would still vote for any of these clowns are clowns themselves. Come on 2020 !!!! I can’t wait to see the tears. 4 more years, GO TRUMP

    • Terry Beni says:

      I don’t know how it can be done but the folks who are wasting our money (they collect salaries and ar not doing the job they are hired to do) should be charged with dereliction of duties. The reason they all hate Pres. Trump so passionately is that he is not a politician and in their eyes someone they cannot reckon with. The Dems should all be ashamed of themselves for using taxpayer dollars to dismantle a government which the people elected fair and square. I know their gal didn’t win but she belongs behind bars as do several of them. The list of their crimes is too long to mention or list. If Hilary was elected you can bet that if the Republican Party attempted to impeach her there would be hell to pay. Oh, I forgot the Clintons have their own way of handling disgruntled politicians–they go away.

  21. You guys missed the Meltdown?? I guess that he was smart taking his picture With Pelosi, you also energized the base on the Left. And from these acts, there is styarting to be defections, both from His staff, and other republicans

    • David Munson says:

      laughing nervously, as they begin to realize that he is the master of negotiation, and they are going to have to give concessions on the lopsided trade agreements with the US.

      • Lola says:

        The only thing Trump is a master of is “bation” and lies. This week, Trump doubled his false claims from the week before, reaching 129 false claims. On 10/15 he told a crowd rally that “there are no American troops in Syria, (but there are a 1000 USA troops in Syria, right in the mist of shelling by the Assad government).

        • Tony says:

          As proclaimed by CNN, another falsehood.
          Why would the troops be in Syria since they are fighting with the Kurds to protect them.
          President Trump gave the order and expects it to be obeyed.

    • Laura says:

      Top psychiatrists predicted months ago that Trump would begin to unravel more and more, and he is. He is making absolutely disastrous decisions, like his withholding military aid to Ukraine to get campaign dirt on Joe Biden and then his disastrous decision to BETRAY our allies, the Kurds — – – and his excuses about that are P A T H E T I C !!!!! There are people in government service that are defecting and risking their careers because they saw Trump continue to violate the law. The only real issue is how many republicans are either without honor and are putting party of their country. Most of them are people without back bones.

      • Trump's going to jail says:

        Laura and Fred
        With what you both said it’s clear to see what a powerful thing an education is.
        And having a moral compass is a trait those on the right will never have empathy is another one unattainable for those on the right.
        They carry on about ANTIFA how violent they are sure you might get beat up all you have to do is turn around and run the another way you get to go home, but when the right gets violent you can’t out run a bullet you don’t even get the chance to go home you get a body bag.
        If you believe in God or have any traits I listed above you would never vote for TRUMPZILLA AKA HITLER.

      • NANCY EVILSIZOR says:

        Laura, you’re a perfect candidate for those top psychiatrists.

  22. There will be NO second term. If you people love him so much, Move to Moscow Russia. He has destroyed our standing on the world Stage while increasing Russia.s Again, they finally come out with the Truth After weeks of lying. Trump now thinks that he can get off Scot Free. Admit it, let the cronies take the fall, and go to other ways to Help Putin. If you do not care if he takes your money or your job Just tell us that you are lawless The USA is end time Babylon. Trump acts like Hitler, and in 1994, He raped a young girl at one of Jeffery Epstein’s parties. Because The owner of the National Enquirer, The Paper hid the story

    • ship says:

      Oh put a sock in it. My gosh!

    • Jerry says:

      Russia Russia Russia, give it up Fred, its over !!! Go find your safe place Fred

      • ABC says:

        It is not over, and Trump has continually done the bidding for Putin. It is clear that Trump is compromised and Trump has been working from day 1 to take off the sanctions on Russia, to defend Putin and publicly criticize our own intelligence people, and to bring Russia back into the G-7 (where they were booted out because of aggression against the Ukraine) !!! Trump played right into Russia’s hand in Syria, and it will help ISIS and Assad also.

        • Marla YourelYoure says:

          I agree..Folks don’t have a clue that the liars, cheaters and theives of Demoncrats are trying to continue what they’ve been doing behing the country’s back. Not to mention passing laws to take away freedom of speech, right to bear arms, leagalize pedophilia, allow young children to be massaged, (creepy joe), eating babies. (AOC), sex slave trade..etc….and the citzens for this Democratic plan go right along with it blindly!

    • Eileen Trent says:

      Epstien is alive in protected custody. Cabal knows they did not kill him, and they also know he did not commit suicide!! That’s why the DEEP STATE is frantic and losing their minds!! As r u!! Epstien has devastating evidence on a world-wide cadre of EVIL players!! BTW, Trump isn’t one!! Clinton is!! Trump don’t play that way!! Why does Pres. Trump keep telling the FAKE NEWS to investigate where the server of Hill is!? He’s baiting the DEEP STATE!! Trump has the server of the “QUEEN OF DARKNESS”, and her 33,000 emails and the DNC server!! He’s playing rope-a-dope with all u dopes! LOL!! Enjoy the show and thanx for playing. ???? W W G 1 W G A!!

      • Amen says:

        You, Eileen, are as Looney as they come and have been taking off your tin foil hat and drinking the poisoned Kool Aid. You need help and meds – – conspiracies theories leak into the empty spaces like minds that are not actively learning.

        • Eileen Trent says:

          What is EVERYONE talking about NOW?!! Trump is a genious!! U r now hearing server, server, server. That’s the LAST thing the “QUEEN OF DARKNESS” wants everyone talking about! They’re talking about it now on Fox! The FAKE NEWS knows where her server is and they are being forced to reort on it! ROTFLOL And it was Trump that forced them too ,cuz he aready has it, U MORONS!! Again, NOTHING is ever truly deleted.

          And BTW Epstien is STILL alive!!! ???? W W G 1 W G A!!!

    • William Williams says:

      Fred get a life. The dumbocrats have been lying for 3 years trying to get evidence to impeach Trump and no luck. You are way off base liked the rest of the dummies. MAGA.

    • your alter ego Vietnam Vet says:

      Hey Freddie (the Dreamer) maybe you didn’t see the whole report oinly what you wanted to see. PIGlosi & crying Chuckie walked out of the meeting only because they did not want to do what they were elected to do. There were several Demmies that did stay and tried to do what needed to be done, settle the problem with Syria. There again someone put a different slant on what Trump actually said about his pulling Troops out of Syria. We have had our belly full of wars and our young people getting killed. Let them fight their own dam war. Maybe you are one of those who think Trump is w
      rong. Well send your own child to fight in the middle east then and leave mine out of it.

    • Tennessee Hawk says:

      If you hate him so much move to Venezuela. Nobody here will miss you. Have you left yet?

  23. Mike says:

    The Dummies only have a few weeks left to hold control of Congress. They have shown just how bad they are as leaders to get things done for America so now the Rep’s are going to get control back and hopefully stick it to them with some treason charges. I can only hope and pray the buttheads get run out of Washington to a local prison. No wonder AOC wants to get rid of prisons, LOL

  24. Steve Scoutaris says:

    The democrats are stuck. The rabid base wants impeachment but the establishment knows that can’t happen. So they pretend, and scheme, and do things behind closed doors, and come up with FAKE whistle blowers, and then play more games. Maybe the general population is seeing all of this for what it is and maybe not. We will only know after the election.

  25. The Demo-Nazi Pedo-Crats could really care less about electoral success in 2020. They’ve already been effectively paid off by their globalist financier plutocratic pedophile power elite handlers – the ones who operate behind the scenes and who continue to pull the strings.

  26. Bob says:

    The House Democrats and their media coconspirators are in trouble and are now looking for their next scam to try to impeach President Trump. The Russian Collusion and Mueller scam did not work; the fake whistleblower, who never witnessed the Ukraine phone call, has been proven to be wrong; and the Turkey invasion of Syria has been settled with a negotiated settlement to where the President can remove our troops from Syria. So, be on the lookout for their next scam to try and remove our great president. Trump in 2020 by a landslide.

  27. Dan'l says:

    President Trump’s job rating poll might be a hint as to how the 2020 election could go. It seems like America is sick and tired of all this impeachment garbage and all the other ridiculous obstacles the democrats throw at the President for the past three years. It’s amazing how he overcomes and perseveres….the man of steel :))

    • lzib says:

      Isn’t it interesting how quickly Nancy and company forgot about Illegal Aliens?

      Meanwhile, Trump is building the wall, fixing world/international affairs, building an ever-growing solid economy- all while the Dems are busy with their shiny object and dreams of impeachment they know deep down inside will Never come to pass…even with all the lies and framing they left initiates.

      Trump was right- He is a Stable Genious!

      Trump and straight Republican ticket 2020!!!

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      That is inaccurate and you are just making that up, Dan’1 !!! Several polls are showing the support for impeachment is increasing, like this Fox poll: “Fox News Poll: Record support for Trump impeachment
      10-9-19. A new high of 51 percent wants Trump impeached and removed from office, another 4 percent want him impeached but not removed, and 40 percent oppose impeachment altogether. In July, 42 percent favored impeachment and removal, while 5 percent said impeach but don’t remove him, and 45 percent opposed impeachment. Support for impeachment of Nixon did not reach 50% until 2 weeks before his resignation.
      By a 66-25 percent margin, voters say it is generally inappropriate for Trump to ask foreign leaders to investigate political rivals.”

      • MARKYL says:


      • ship says:

        If that poll were accurate then the dems would have the votes in the house but they don’t.
        There are some dems in the house that are more worried about getting voted out of office than doing what they think is right for the country, (impeaching Trump).
        You can’t trust politicians.

      • snark says:

        To jd’ CHECK ‘Moody’s World Forecast’.

      • L Winfield says:

        If you believe any poles you need to let me sell you some land in the okeefinokee swamp poles are only a distraction that the
        hacks put up to trouble your mind
        TRUMP. 2020 USMC

  28. Allen Morgan says:

    The best the demented Democrats can do is in the House which they control, call for an official impeachment vote, then the Republicans subpoena Volker, the Ukrainian ambassador to the U.S. and broadcast videos completely debunking their accusations on live worldwide broadcasts, and despite all the truth, they still demonically vote for impeachment and the Senate refuses. Trump stays another term, Americans prosper and refuse communism and confiscation and Democrats become an irrelevant smaller minority.

    • mary l conner says:

      Allen Morgan, Lindsey Graham can call all of them in for questioning and he hasn’t done yet… ALL he does is threaten to do it…. Democrats are the worse I have ever seen in my lifetime… NONE of them running for President tells Americans anything at the debates except knocking Trump and impeachment and HOW MUCH “””FREE”” things they are giving to the ”ÍLLEGALS”” Trump 2020!!!

  29. David D. says:

    I would like to know where Nancy gets her drugs. They are awesome!

  30. Raffa says:

    Democrats dum dum dum.The party of supper dummies.

  31. CG says:

    The Criminal Corrupt, Liar Demorats should pack their bag now, because they have always been crooked and very shorty all the Criminal Demorats will be EXPOSED AND TERMINATED.

    • travis says:


      • Alaska Woman says:

        Your idol just uses the Presidency to line his pickets.
        He just awarded a no-bid contact for the next G-7 meeting to take place at his financially challenged Doral Hotel in Miami.

  32. Christine says:

    The Democrats have already screwed their chances for winning in 2020. The so called Mueller Investigation and now the Impeachment Inquiry just shows how bad they want to get rid of President Trump because they know he will win in 2020. TOO BAD DEMOCRATS YOU DID IT TO YOURSELVES. ALL YOUR LIES AND TRYING TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION BY IMPEACHING AN INNOCENT MAN JUST WON’T WORK. IT JUST SHOWS HOW CORRUPT YOU REALLY ARE.

    • Thomas G says:

      It shows what a Stepford cult sheeple you are, because Trump has violated several laws – – three times he solicit foreign involvement in our elections (which is illegal), 10 obstructions of justice from the Mueller report, all his crimes he did with his lawyer, Cohen. Trump would be indicted and convicted right now if he did not occupy the presidency.

      • Beni says:

        You have to be kidding, I guess you only listen to the lies spewed by the fake press. FOX news is even in on it. President Trump is by far the best President this country could even hope for. I realize the Dems need an excuse for the loss they will suffer in 2020, so they will whine like they did when their gal Hilary lost. Add to that — there is no decent candidate that they can put up. Joe Biden doesn’t need any help from anywhere discrediting him, he does a good job all by himself. Why would a sitting, successful President waste his time discrediting a man that is already so low on the totem pole that no one takes him seriously. Use your brain…it is rather pathetic that the Dems cannot see beyond the nonsense that is spewed by the left and the fake news. I had to laugh at you denoting the obstructions of justice, etc. I guess you don’t follow up. None of the accusations could be proven and each time the idiots in the Dem party had to scurry to find something else. The show that the Dems are putting on right now will hopefully give them some satisfaction — because it certainly is a self-made weapon to take them down. We shall see when President Trump is elected once again in 2020!

        • MARKYL says:

          HEY BENI

      • Boarland says:

        Except you are wrong. Bill Clinton signed a joint treaty with the Ukraine back in 1999 so the two countries could share information and work together to weed out corruption.
        Trump had absolute authority to make that call to the Ukraine.
        And then, of course, Mueller said he found no evidence of Russian collusion with Trump or his staff. Stormy Daniels was a bust too.

    • Jeff Noncent says:

      Unless if the AntiChrist is risen to be on their side.

  33. Christopher Joseph Morin says:

    We are a government of the people by the people. Our constitution is clear. It was designed for open government representative of the people. This action by the House Intelligence committee is unconstitutional and harassment of not just the President but all Americans

  34. bob jones says:

    please hurry up with impeachment. that will give republicans access to behind the door investigations that mean nothing. democrats looking for a crime is going no where.

  35. Rodney says:

    I answered NO on the poll. That is not to say the Dimwits will give up. The left will continue to shoot themselves in the foot and will likely reload to continue to shoot. The hatred and divisiveness of the left has risen to dangerous levels and their thinking so clouded they use guide dogs to find their way home everyday.

  36. Boarland says:

    Impeachment is political suicide for the democrats.

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