Nancy Pelosi made a move on impeachment that had Trump grinning from ear to ear

Nancy Pelosi knows that she needs to impeach President Trump.

If she doesn’t, he will almost certainly win re-election in 2020.

And Pelosi just made a move on impeachment that had Trump grinning from ear to ear.

Democrats have wanted President Trump impeached since the day he got into office.

And with Nancy Pelosi finally backing their efforts, they believe they will be able to do it at last.

Pelosi’s support comes on the heels of a fake news story relating to a so-called “whistleblower” report alleging wrongdoing from Trump in a call with the President of Ukraine.

But that story has been debunked to the point that the mainstream media is even slowing talk about it.

And now Pelosi just announced she is holding off on her impeachment efforts, delaying any votes on the measure.

The Daily Caller reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding off on a potential vote approving an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, Politico reported Tuesday, citing sources familiar with the matter.

House leaders could reassess their decision at some point, the report notes. The report comes after Politico reported earlier Tuesday that House Democratic leaders are asking vulnerable members if they would support a formal vote.

Leaders are “getting a read on where these members are following a two-week recess,” an aide noted. Pelosi, who was reticent at first to promote an impeachment inquiry, is lobbying her caucus to go on the record.

“I’ll be talking about that later today, after I meet with my colleagues,” the California Democrat told reporters, referring to whether she intends to get a feel for how the moderate wing of her party feel about the idea.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy frequently criticizes Pelosi for refusing to hold a full House vote.

This is proof Pelosi doesn’t have the votes she needs to impeach Trump.

If she holds a vote and loses badly, it will be a massive embarrassment for the Democrat Party, who are hedging all their bets on impeachment.

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127 Responses

  1. Ugly says:

    AOC will need to get reelected in 2020 and by the poles, that do not look like she will!
    I have a feeling a lot of dumbocats will be going home in Jan. 2021!

  2. Steve Scoutaris says:

    Louis Farrakhan supported Barack Obama so that proves Obama is a racist by your reasoning. I use the word “reason” loosely in your case.

  3. Eileen Trent says:

    Are u one of the devil worshippers that stormed the streets after Trump was elected?! They were foaming-at-the-mouth, gnashing their teeth and their heads were spinning, cuz the
    “QUEEN OF DARKNESS” went down in flames!!! She is a High Priestess in tbe church of satan, u know!!

    Don’t believe they exist Dorothy, Tucker Carlson interviewed one on his show.

    QUESTION: Why would those that worship the god of the underworld want to destroy Trump? Hmmmmmm……..

    Oh, and they are planning to have another “spell casting” ceremony to try to destroy Pres. Trump on……Oct. 31st…….NO WAY!!!!

    Devils want to destroy Trump—-Jesus said, “if satan casts out satan how can his Kingdom stand?

    So, pkease, don’t invoke the Holy name of Jesus unless u know where of u speak…….cuz u don’t dude!!!

    TRUMP 2Q2Q W W G 1 W G A

  4. Eileen Trent says:

    Pres. Trump is playing rope-a-dope with the FAKE NEWS. Just like he keeps telling them to investigate the where-a-bouts of Hillary’s server and her “missing” emails. He has them. The same thing with Weiner’s laptop. Pres. Trump is the master chess player…..he moves the Cabal moves, but Trump is always 1-step ahead of the Cabal. He loves tormenting them!

    Ever heard of the Red Shoe Society? These people are sick!!!

    He also has the DNC server. Guess what? Wasn’t hacked by the RUSSIANS!!!

    This is the reason the Dems. are unhinged. They do not know he has all the evidence he needs to put a lot of people away for a Looooong time. Maybe some are already talking…..just sayin

    TRUMP 2Q2Q W W G 1 W G A

  5. He does not compare to the likes of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, the Rooselvelt’s, Truman, Eisenhower, Reagan, Carter, etc – true patriots unlike Trump is supported by the KKK and Neo-Nazi hate groups, the FBI has reported an increase in hate crimes since he took office, he attacks the press, democratic institutions, e.g. FBI, DOJ, has betrayed our Kurdish allies, abandoned treaties like NAFTA and the Paris enviornment accord, stirs up fear, anger, hatred, violence and racism e. g. Muslims, Mexicans, two Jewish synagogues were attacked and people were kill – their perpetrators – members of hate groups, his treatment and behavior towards women and veterans is atrocious. These do not, in my humble opinion make for a good president and he does not deserve that title because he disrespects our Constitution and really does not know it. Jesus would not approve of his policies or behavior. the blind leading the blind

  6. Mary Gill says:

    Pelosi is a perfect example for LIMITED TERMS, the woman is turning 80 yrs. old. Is she going to die with gravel in her hand? Global warning, Ha, its mothballs in Washington that is going to kill us all. Bernie, Warren, the old farts society.

  7. Mysty says:

    You contradicted yourself; you said PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS weiner’s laptop. Then you said PRESIDENT TRUMP will continue asking for weiner’s laptop… I’m a HUGE TRUMP FAN, don’t get me wrong, but I want clarification about your comments.

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