Nancy Pelosi just suffered the most humiliating defeat of her life

On Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi received one of the biggest surprises of her political career.

The Speaker strode to the floor of the House to rip President Trump.

But Nancy Pelosi had no idea she was about to suffer the most humiliating defeat of her life.

On Tuesday night House Democrats teed up a resolution falsely calling President Trump’s tweets about four members of Congress “racist.”

In the run up to the vote, Pelosi smeared President Trump as a racist.

Republican Congressman Doug Collins objected based on House rules dating back to the early 1800s that prevent members of Congress from calling the President racist from the House floor.

When it became clear the House parliamentarian would rule against Pelosi, Democrats momentarily vacated the chair and no one was in control of the House.

Politico reports:

“Every single member of this institution, Democratic and Republican, should join us in condemning the president’s racist tweets,” Pelosi said during her floor speech. “To do anything less would be a shocking rejection of our values and a shameful abdication of our oath of office to protect the American people.”

Republicans immediately objected. Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) asked Pelosi to “rephrase” her statement, and when she refused, he sought to have the words stricken from the official record.

No speaker has had their words “taken down,” as the process is referred to, in 35 years, and even challenging a speaker’s comments is considered a serious breach of etiquette. Collins’ request led to a nearly two-hour delay in the floor proceedings…

…Democrats then scrambled to find someone to take Cleaver’s place. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus, several of whom were on the floor for the debate, refused, not wanting be the one to strike the speaker’s comments. Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.), a former CBC chairman, briefly stepped in, followed by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, who read a parliamentary ruling when announcing that Pelosi’s comments were “out of order.”

House Democrats eventually voted to allow Pelosi’s remarks into the record but not before they suffered the political embarrassment of having the Speaker of the House removed from the floor for the first time in 35 years.

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78 Responses

  1. lzib says:

    Maybe you can ask for Asylum, say you are poverty-stricken, afraid of US gang violence, are in an abusive relationship, and afraid of the Liberal politicians who oppress you and are a serious threat to your physical and emotional wellbeing…It seems to work for the Illegals So why not you!

    I as a woke conservative will support your claim but I do feel a bit more virtue signaling and deeper claims of victimhood will be helpful. Oh, and you have to learn to Not Care about all the people in the US who you will be benefiting at the expense of.

    Good luck sir, Call up the Squad- they will pull up in their little clown car and see to your every need (just don’t let them know you are a US Citizen.)

  2. lzib says:

    These Dems are soooo tiresome even their own people are sick of it.
    Pelosi said to not vote to say Trump was a Racist would be ” …a shameful abdication of our oath of office to protect the American people.”

    So, I am sorry, I did not know they took an oath to protect the American people from the consequences of the First Amendment- Freedom of Speach. Wow! NOW I Know we the people have a Champion and NO LONGER Have to Hear anything We may find Offensive.

    So, Nancy, I respectfully ask to be protected from ALL Liberal Speach Including but not limited to:
    1. AOC saying Illegal Aliens are more American than Americans who oppose open borders.
    2. Omar- I am embarrassed to live in a hypocritical America that does not live up to her expectations.
    3. Lies of – America is running concentration camps.
    4. Calling everyone who may disagree with you- Racist, Xenophobe, Islamaphobe, Sexist- sigh- and on and on…
    5. Calling half the country every label in the book then putting them in your basket of irredeemable deplorable.
    We could keep listing them all day long but Nancy this is a good place for you to start Protecting us from words we don’t like!!!

    Gee, I feel sooo safe now!

    George Orwell “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”.
    So when did the Left decide speech is only free if it is speech we agree with?!

  3. Keith says:

    As a 66yr old republican and worked from the age of 11, I was wondering how I could go south of the border and come back up as an illegal and get everything given to me for free? I bet one of the squad could come up with a scheme in a green deal.

  4. Peggy says:

    Those four women pull the race card and, yet, no one gets on them for being anti-Semitic or make terrible comments about “concentration camps”! What’s wrong with that picture. All you Democrats want to do is bad-mouth Trump. What about all the illegals Obama deported when he was in office. I do NOT recall anyone bad-mouthing Obama about that. So, who’s being racist!?!?!?!?!

  5. MaryAnn Hewitt says:

    control those woman

  6. MaryAnn Hewitt says:

    Nancy you need to put on you Big Girl “panties” & take control of those 4 ?woman? Trump has everything re The Republicans under control – you are making a fool of yourself & your party – because you cannot those woman.

  7. NOBODY says:

    truthful yes, racist? hell NO! the bad people always wants to be destroy the good people

    Nancy Pelosi AS WELL AS THE TRUE other true racist needs to be removed from Government offices

  8. Dan Tackett says:

    Well said!

  9. Valli Neal-davis says:

    Nancy Pelosi and her cronies the democrats do not represent the American citizens and taxpayers and their families. These people are are only concerned about their agenda to tear down the United States and American civilization in order get votes and to stay in power the American citizens are tired of their lies and deception they are no better than these various groups of thugs trying to destroy the United States.

  10. Fair old lady says:

    To be honest in my small opinion Trump didn’t mention race in his tweet. So no not racist. A little juvenile? Yes maybe even uncouth. However it was plainly said he is not wrong about “the squad “ needs to GTFO. They are not trying to get equal rights they try for special treatment. Dear Democrats we elected Trump because of his speakership we got tired and frustrated with obama that can speak for hours and say absolutely nothing.

  11. Skip says:

    Just like their mascot that they were labeled with back in 1882 the ass. That is just what they are these demon rat vermin. Google their mascot the jackass and see how fitting it was for them to be tied to the jackass. After all these years they have never officially accepted the ass as their mascot. Go figure that. Then again they are all a herd of donkeys.

  12. Dude says:

    I just want to add that it was a Republican who told me that we only have 50 states now ! You Republicans got rid of those 7 states that had our money tree farms there !!! How dare you all act like Racists ! Why are you not falling for our fantasy and make believe stories that we continue endlessly to create on Trump? It is like you have intelligence or something? Why cant you just believe and obey as you are told from our liberal media? Your thinking things out and realizing that we keep leaving out evidence endlessly with our fantasy and make believe stories ! Knock that BS off ! You do not need evidence or proof even in our courts ! You just make something up on a person and they are guilty and need to be impeached !!! Dont you know that you do not need to have a thing on Trump or anyone else either that we want to destroy and if we want we can just impeach them for being a true Genuine REAL American.
    You Americans who do not follow and obey us DEMs do not have any say either and you need to shut up ! Only us DEMs have that leal right to have a say so. And no we do not play favorites on this either. We allow all DEMs to talk and say what they want ! WOW, that was hard again to write, but so true and funny at the same time!

  13. Linda M. says:

    Mark Mastrogiovanni: How tragically true your comment is! I truly believe we are in the end times right now. Only GOD knows the exact time, but by all the signs this country and the world has seen, I do not think it will be much longer.This is why I see the Democratic party is truly the devil’s playground. Especially since they want us to turn our back on Israel and embrace the Muslim faith…

  14. Leo says:

    Thes Democrats politicians must think all Americans are really stupid. If we can’t see through they’re crazy B.S. we must be blind. Never in my life seen a circus like this. They have place else to waste are money.

  15. Linda M. says:

    Jim Tierney: I don’t know if you read my posts to both of those wack-a-doodles but when they threatened ME with the F.B.I. I immediately starting laughing! I DO have a cousin in the F.B.I and when he read all of our posts ,HE starting laughing as well !! You see Jim, you really don’t know who you really are commenting back and forth with, do you? What I find so disturbing is the language these so called women ( Betty, Diane, Nancy Alexander) just to name a few, use. They would make dock workers blush for pity sake. I’m not a prude but they have no shame or have any self- respect..Well be prepared for their abuse. For the most part, I just ignore their stupidity. But sometimes……

  16. The Democrats are crazy on Power, they think they can say and do anything.Something needs to be done to them.

  17. Rob says:

    All Democrats need to be forces ly removed from Congress as they are anti American tratiors

  18. Dude says:

    Judy- What? You mean we are not going to get everything for free while we sit at home and a paycheck comes to us also like AOC says because we dont want to work? I thought those 7 extra states Obama said we had that we didnt know about were the money growing tree states?! You mean to tell me that we dont have 57 states? What happened to them? Why havent I got my paycheck while I sit at home and get free health care as well? Arent we going to give even more free stuff to the illegals as to reward them even more so as if they each won the lottery while the homeless count grows massively in the liberal ran cities? Why is it that you Republicans give a dam about Americans while the DEMs only care that those who have committed a felony by entering this country illegally are to be rewarded even more so for doing that? What is wrong with you Americans who want to continue to lock up people who are in prison for committing crimes? They should be given a second chance ! Who cares if they stabbed several people multiple times and have a long track record of crime- they also deserve another chance in public ! How dare you Americans try and stop gang members and other illegals who bring in illegal drugs and human trafficing ??? You Americans need to get your act together and reward those illegals and criminals so they become better people !!! Why cant you people support such criminal behavior such as Antifa and keep allowing them to destroy things? Something is really wrong with you people !!!
    WOW, I tried to be a DEM there and I got a headache over this ! I tried to think like a DEM and it was very hard to do. But I still did it so these DEMs might wake up to the picture they have been painting since Obama.

  19. Mark Mastrogiovanni says:

    There is an epic struggle for the soul of this country. The fact that the sides are even closely matched is incredibly scary.
    Alex Dr Tocqueville once said in his book Democracy in America, “America is great because America is good. If America ever ceases to be good it will cease to be great.” America is morally bankrupt but the process has been so gradual many haven’t noticed. All “we” really care about is “bread and circuses”
    and short of a major calamity that drives us to our knees to repent of “our” wicked ways I don’t see things getting better. I used to dread the idea of a major collapse caused by a cyber attack or a CME or a super volcano or massive earthquake or an asteroid or some other “act of God” but now I think that’s the only thing that will get the nation’s attention! Of course that’s the only time the even acknowledge Gods existence. We treat God like crap, we insult his name (every time I hear “OMG” I cringe)
    we drive him out of our schools and then we demand his blessing??? I blame the church for much of this. The church is strongest where persecution is greatest. God is a loving and patient and forgiving God but his patience is not infinite and its good thing I’m not God because I would have run out of patience a long time ago. The only thing that’s saved us is we’re Israel’s only real ally. I think if we turn our back on Israel we will see Gods “terrible swift sword”!

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