Nancy Pelosi just suffered the most humiliating defeat of her life

On Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi received one of the biggest surprises of her political career.

The Speaker strode to the floor of the House to rip President Trump.

But Nancy Pelosi had no idea she was about to suffer the most humiliating defeat of her life.

On Tuesday night House Democrats teed up a resolution falsely calling President Trump’s tweets about four members of Congress “racist.”

In the run up to the vote, Pelosi smeared President Trump as a racist.

Republican Congressman Doug Collins objected based on House rules dating back to the early 1800s that prevent members of Congress from calling the President racist from the House floor.

When it became clear the House parliamentarian would rule against Pelosi, Democrats momentarily vacated the chair and no one was in control of the House.

Politico reports:

“Every single member of this institution, Democratic and Republican, should join us in condemning the president’s racist tweets,” Pelosi said during her floor speech. “To do anything less would be a shocking rejection of our values and a shameful abdication of our oath of office to protect the American people.”

Republicans immediately objected. Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) asked Pelosi to “rephrase” her statement, and when she refused, he sought to have the words stricken from the official record.

No speaker has had their words “taken down,” as the process is referred to, in 35 years, and even challenging a speaker’s comments is considered a serious breach of etiquette. Collins’ request led to a nearly two-hour delay in the floor proceedings…

…Democrats then scrambled to find someone to take Cleaver’s place. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus, several of whom were on the floor for the debate, refused, not wanting be the one to strike the speaker’s comments. Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.), a former CBC chairman, briefly stepped in, followed by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, who read a parliamentary ruling when announcing that Pelosi’s comments were “out of order.”

House Democrats eventually voted to allow Pelosi’s remarks into the record but not before they suffered the political embarrassment of having the Speaker of the House removed from the floor for the first time in 35 years.

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78 Responses

  1. Eleanor Skibo says:

    People in this country, just ramble on, just as they say Pres. Trump does. They do no research before opening their mouths and they act nonsensical when they accuse the other person of the same thing they’re doing. They can’t see, listen or think or even feel what’t staring them right in the face, either because they don’t want to, or they’re too stupid.

  2. libra says:

    Great advice Russ—Academy had a sale— spend 100.00 bucks get 20% off– I split what I bought half 610 shells and other half 45 shells for my judge.MAGA

  3. libra says:

    He cannot create the funds out of thin air–The House of Reps controls all of the money and they will not give him the funds to rebuild. Not only that–the Press which is just an arm of the Demomarxist party prints things that are at best lies and at worst treasonable offenses. That is why he tweets–it is his only way to communicate to the general population of the USA. He has accomplished so much more than Bush, Clinton and Obama put together and has been investigated using false information The Obama administration will be proved to be the most corrupt in history as he politicized the FBI–national security, the CIA and the IRS as well as the fisa courts with the fake documentary paid for by the demomarxists in order to commit a coupe and remove him from office. When A.G. Barr and the I.G. submit their reports– we shall see who has been the most corrupt in USA history.

  4. libra says:

    Obama forgot where he was and said he had been all 50 of the states but seven.. It is the Muslim states that number 57 not the USA. Just like he told the plumber he was going to TRANSFORM the USA.. I knew right then and there that he was a proponent of Marxism. I knew while he was still campaigning that I could never vote for someone whose main goal was to overthrow a republic and take us into a Marxist form of government. Obamacare was an excellent example–all of the lies told to get it–the senator that yelled LIAR during his State of the Union speech was more truthful than Obama. If he gets a 3rd term by using Michelle as a candidate–he will turn us into hammer and sickle Marxist government.

  5. libra says:

    When the word RACIST is thrown around all of the time to either shut somone down or shut them up–It begins to lose the meaning. It is a typical part of Marxists ideology–First control the language then shut your adversary down. Now, the squad is calling Nancy a Racist. Comrade Tlaib has a reputation of using her big yap in public gatherings and has been hauled out by police physically– many of her voters are questioning her mental health. The most vocal of the insulters is Omar-who will be investigated for immigration fraud, tax fraud, campaign fraud in misuse of campaign monies to pay her personal bills and legal fees for one of her divorces. A former bartender who is attempting to control the House of Rep. and does not know the meaning of truth. They have been dishing dirt on the entire USA–soon the spotlight of truth will shine upon them. They better begin to polish up their old resume’s. I do not believe the founding Fathers of this nation ever envisioned a scenario such as this shut down of the legislative branch of Government.

  6. Maria Lex says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA good bye Obama..

  7. Pamela says:

    ROB, I agree with your comment along with many other American citizens 100%. CONGRESS is ANTI-AMERICAN traitors and I have NEVER seen anything like it in my 72-years. They are the most unprofessional people that I have ever seen and I never see them accomplishing ANYTHING. What the HELL have they accomplished since they have been in office?
    We have the best President the United States of America has had in many years who accomplishes what he has put out to do to MAGA. WHAT THE HELL CAN THEY BRAG ABOUT? All they do is OBSTRUCT, cost the American taxpayers MILLIONS and exhibit HATE against our President. They are the most despicable people our government has had in power and they should be ashamed of themselves. They are UGLY and HATEFUL people who does NOTHING, ACCOMPLISHES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT COSTS US A LOT OF MONEY and does NOT serve the American public. WHY ARE THEY STILL IN OFFICE?????


  8. Pamela says:

    Joan Vidmich, loved your comment. Really original with a lot of meaning. These DEMORATS are so full of HATE that they are completely DESPICABLE. They need to grow-up and see the light that is shinning in our windows. They are like a black cloud that hangs over all of us. They can’t ever agree on anything that is good for the hard working taxpaying American people. This is OUR great country and we deserve to be treated with integrity and RESPECT. We are the ones that pay the GD taxes that you reap. They should be totally ashamed of themselves and they DON’T deserve to be called Americans nor do they deserve to be in the position of serving the American public. They are DEMONS to say the least. They don’t care at all about the American people. They need to observe the
    LAWS of th eUnited States of AMERICA and stop protecting and serving the aliens that are entering our country ILLEGALLY. We do have LAWS Nancy Polosi and the rest of your coup.

  9. Margaret says:

    AMEN !!!!! yes that is worse than racist

  10. Sue says:

    not only racist , but putting our Country down borders on Treason. None of the three should be representative of our Country. If they said anything like this in there Countries they would be highly reprimanded for it.

  11. Sue says:

    I’m with you ….The Democrats are truly stupid that they don’t realize that the Muslims are doing what the said…taking over America. It has nothing to do with Trump, it has to do with there agenda. They aren’t educated enough to do it thought.

  12. Keith Nation says:

    I guess I will just have to stay home and vote in the 2020 election and pray we can put the clown car in the crusher so as to not worry about all I worked for don’t go to an illegal felon

  13. N says:

    ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  14. lzib says:

    I guess you prefer the thin-skinned mocking passive-aggressive long-winded responses from Obama?
    And dear, what rock are you living under lol, Trump has created more Jobs in less then three years then Obama did in all 8 years. Remember “Shovel Ready Jobs” at the tune of billions of dollars? Lot’s of signs were posted but only a handful of jobs and –Wait for it–Two Projects finished one a tunnel in – yes- DC!
    We now have the lowest unemployment rate in 70 yrs, lowest for Blacks, Hispanics, Women, even highschool dropouts and they are good-paying full-time Jobs. Not the low paying part-time service jobs created under Obama! In fact we have wages rising for the first time in over two decades. Seems to me that is uplifing a lot of people.
    Since you have been living in a cave somewhere out in the wilderness – let me tell you a bit more Uplifing news.
    Since Trump got into office:
    No more Race Riots in the streets killing and burning down entire naiborhoods.
    No more Terrorist Attacks on our soil- and oddly fewer around the globe. (possibley due to Trump decimating Isis in six weeks rather then the 5 yrs of “Stretegic Pacients” Obama gave the JV team)
    No more missles coming from N. Korea (every 29 days launched under Obama.)
    No more american hostiges (Obama did nothing to get back – but did threaten American families with prosecution if they tried to negotiate for their sons return) Oh, and added bonus Trump got out soldiers remains back and is still willing working to negotiate with Kim. (remember when Obama said he would sit down with dictators? guess they need to be Muslim dictators whom we get nothing from, who chant death to america -during negotiations- then send $150+ Billion dollars to- and are later suprised they did not stop building nukes!)
    Shall I go on?
    Highest GDP in decades, strongest stock market – which yes helps average americans who have 401ks.
    Trump finnally stood up to the UN and our so-called allies who take advantage of us and don’t pay their fair share- now they do!

    So Trump speakes like the average American and Not a polished silvery touged con artist – Anyone with common sense can see he is Effective so I do not care if your little sensibilites are hurt- If it is working he can be offensive and we all have the right to be offended but he does not loose his First Amendment rights when he is sworn into the WH. So get the F over it buttercup you will not melt under the heat.

  15. lzib says:

    that is a risk we can NOT ask of you!

  16. lzib says:

    Dear, Dude, if you do not mind my unsolicited advice – I would caution you against this dangerous high-risk practice of “Thinking like a Dem” it is a scientifically proven fact, settled science, that this type of thinking is hazardous to your mental, physical and emotional well being, and can lead to serious long term deterioration and actual killing of brain cells.

    So, while I fully appreciate your valiant attempt to Save the Lefties this risky behavior is too much of a sacrifice and one we conscientious Americans can ask of you or anyone else.!

  17. Joan Vidmich says:

    POLOSI AND THESE OTHER 4 women are kookburgers…jumped out of the oven…half baked , bitter, sour, wrong ingredients for an American recipe. You freaks are in the wrong kitchen. We don’t like your taste and we don’t want you to serve us anything from your recipe book or(The Quran). We love America and we are sorry you don’t. Americans are happy with what our President Trump is serving!! We love his recipe for health, wealth and happiness. His sassy way of unscrambling the things others messed up is satisfying our taste buds. SO, we Americans voted to have a full diet of his fixing in 2016, a diet we intend to stay on. It’s a solid Trump in 2020 !! Get on the TRUMP TRAIN!!! IT’S A TRAIN FULL OF AMERCAN CHRISTIANS !

  18. lzib says:

    Humm, I would say the Dem leadership are a bunch of Asses leading a huge flock of Sheep!

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