Nancy Pelosi lost her mind on CNN when this controversy was brought up

Democrats are backed into a corner.

They’ve come up empty with the Russia collusion fake news.

And Nancy Pelosi thought she could continue to push her fake news, but she was sorely mistaken.

Nancy Pelosi’s recent interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo showed just how far the House Minority Leader is unraveling.

Pelosi had a (rare) heated interview with CNN about the House Intelligence Committee memo on the Mueller investigation, which some members of Congress have called worse than Watergate.

This memo was put together by members of the House Intelligence Committee and shows the lengths the deep state went to spy on President Trump during his campaign.

Pelosi pulled every trick in the book to try and discredit this memo, but she ended up falling flat on her face.

First, Pelosi called Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee by the wrong name.

Then she went on a diatribe about the “intelligence community” stating:

“The intelligence community is vast… It’s the CIA, the DNA…”

Yes, she claimed that DNA – the building blocks of life – was part of the federal government’s “intelligence community.”

Pelosi is clearly delusional.

She will do whatever it takes to get her hands on the Speaker’s gavel.

CNN pulled the full interview from their YouTube channel, hoping to cover up Pelosi’s gaffes.

They instead clipped the interview to the one coherent statement made by Pelosi and slapped a biased headline on it, saying the “GOP is lying to the American people.”

But the truth is, the American people deserve to know what’s in the memo.

It could reveal just how far the deep state will go to unseat President Trump.

And with the House finally voting to #ReleaseTheMemo, we’ll get our answer soon enough.


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26 Responses

  1. jAY BRODY says:

    Folks; Old Nancy as a hard time keeping up with what her mouth is saying, she has her mixed up all talked. I would seriously like to hear her say; A SKUNK SAT ON A STUMP

  2. Mike H says:

    Lots of money with the Democratic Party. It’s going to be tough to do anything with them lots of corruption money. Pelosi The stuttering dimwit needs to be removed from office look around California is almost destroyed now.

    • christine says:

      Actually, the high presence of Pelosi in Congress is a gift to the GOP. Her insane statements (and Warren’s) discredit the Dems in Congress every time they are made.

      Keep it up P & W, and the GOP will easily have a supermajority in Congress after Nov. 2018!

  3. Lawrence Wise says:

    Hopefully when the big quake comes the whole dam state of california will just slide off into the Pacific and we ll never hear from them again—but then again oh those poor fish

  4. two bears says:

    Nancy Pelosi is either blindly unaware of her deteriorating condition, or she is hysterically overcompensating to convince other wise. either way she is not attending to her avowed duties. what other organization allows a raving top level person to carry on in such a maniacal fashion. well, there was Hitler and the Nazi party enabled him until Germany crumbled around them. DNC, WHERE IS YOU SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY. IS IT WORTH DESTROYING THE ENTIRE AMERICAN PEOPLE? WAKE UP BEFORE YOU RUN OUT OF OPTIONS

  5. Dennis Heryford says:

    Imagine if we had term limits. Imagine how easy it would be to fix this “Pelosi” problem. We’d have been done with her by now. But, in relation to the “poll” offered on this site, “No” I don’t think the “memo” is enough to unravel the deep state attack on our POTUS Donald J. Trump. In fact, I don’t think we’ll ever know the whole truth, the entire depth of the left’s angst, the deep state’s desperation to rid our nation of our POTUS and insert the one they feel we “need” in there as a replacement. This is a relentless assault on our republic and it’s been happening for quite some time. They global community were promised something last election so they went “all in” and lost. Now that their veil’s lifted they’re going to continue to push, to dictate to us who they will approve of as POTUS and they’ll do all int their power to ensure it happens. Their timing is of the essence. One of their main contributors is 97 and has already signed over his will to his son to “carry on” behind him should the “deep state”, “global order”, “new world order”… whatever we want to label it… George Soros wants to ensure his lifelong dreams of destroying our republic is achieved, even after his death (if need be). I know, I know… another conspiracy theory but there’s more like him “out there”. Our United States of America is fighting for our lives as we know them. Wake friggin’ up!

  6. Stan L says:

    If I could vote for her to keep her political post I would. But, alas, a vote for her would cost a good Republican one vote…mine. Consider this folks (if you’re a Republican/Conservative); she is a gift who keeps giving. The Democratic Party’s “chain of command” apparently cannot go on without her, as slow-minded as she is. She’s the one Democrat who dares to deliver statements that most other Democrats wouldn’t be caught giving. They need her to deliver brainless statements and as long as she’s there, her disability to prudent thoughts and comments will be safely apparent.

  7. Robyn M Grannis says:

    Nancy is the gift that just keeps giving.
    She’s a wack job. If she’s the best the DNC has no worry.
    The whole party is falling apart thanks to the Clinton’s who the DNC worshiped. The DNC has done everything to them self’s. HELLO SWAMP

  8. Dianne says:

    I hope she keeps going until she drops, she does more than anyone to help the Republican Party.

  9. Jack says:

    I like her. She keeps showing the rest of us what liars, crooks, hypocrites, haters, and idiots the Democratic liberal left are.

  10. cc says:

    George soros needs to find another puppet to pay – this one has come unraveled……….

  11. william heard says:

    She is just in her own LA LA land and should just wander off into the hereafter !!

  12. Paul says:

    Pelosi is nothing but an idiot,along with the rest of the left wings.

  13. Nancy Pelosi is being fed Alzheimer’s drugs to keep her relevant.How many others are being fed the same??????

  14. Anne Gerrard says:

    As well as having dementia she needs to stay off the alcohol, which probably helped bring on the dementia. She is a disgrace to her party which is hard because most of them are a disgrace as well. The democrats are completely out of touch with reality and the American people. They live in a dream world of their own making which has nothing to do with real life.

  15. There is a rumor that Nancy Pelosi will resign and star in the series, “The Walking Dead ” for she already looks and dresses for the part!!! You are what you are??….

  16. James Stamulis says:

    She is an alcoholic and maybe the starting of dementia on top of being an anti American NWO PUPPET.

  17. Why in the world is this idiot still in government? Does nobody know she makes a fool of herself and the democrats every time she opens her mouth? However, she is a good example for the republicians!

    • Vern says:

      C’mon Brenda, she represents California, northern CA at that! The most liberal area of the USA. She is an idiot and represents her part of the country as if they were all made in her image, are they?

      • Bill says:

        Vern: don’t insult the Californians who’ve always voted against her in EVERY election. This worthless bitch has done NADA, ZILCH,, Cfor most of the thinking Californians. She of course is all about nancy pelosi and only nancy pelosi. her along with jerry ‘the clown ‘ brown, dianne feinstein and gavin newsome. With the midterm elections in June, the next opportunity to keep the ‘dumbocrap’ purge will continue, many ,God help us. Time to get rid of these no good thieves and fiscally inept crooks who’ve done nothing but bankrupt the legal citizens with all their BUPKUS\ taxes that’re driving the once great state of california into the ground, and in San Francisco, they’e succeeded, sad to say!

        • D H says:

          Bill, evidently Californians keep voting her and Brown and Feinstein and Newsome back into office. I know there’s very good, very conservative Californians much like there are Washingtonians up here in the Pacific Northwest but like your state, Washington’s being overrun by liberals and the whole state is being viewed negatively by our fellow conservatives because a handful of counties carry our state’s politico agenda.

    • Francisco Machado says:

      Pelosi is still in government because the Democrats do not have anyone better to replace her. Think about a question before you ask.

  18. Raymond Martucci says:

    Nancy pelosi never had a mind to lose in the first place. Her mouth is what controls her she acts more than she things. If it doesn’t fit her ideas she attacks it

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