Nancy Pelosi lost her mind on CNN when this controversy was brought up

Democrats are backed into a corner.

They’ve come up empty with the Russia collusion fake news.

And Nancy Pelosi thought she could continue to push her fake news, but she was sorely mistaken.

Nancy Pelosi’s recent interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo showed just how far the House Minority Leader is unraveling.

Pelosi had a (rare) heated interview with CNN about the House Intelligence Committee memo on the Mueller investigation, which some members of Congress have called worse than Watergate.

This memo was put together by members of the House Intelligence Committee and shows the lengths the deep state went to spy on President Trump during his campaign.

Pelosi pulled every trick in the book to try and discredit this memo, but she ended up falling flat on her face.

First, Pelosi called Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee by the wrong name.

Then she went on a diatribe about the “intelligence community” stating:

“The intelligence community is vast… It’s the CIA, the DNA…”

Yes, she claimed that DNA – the building blocks of life – was part of the federal government’s “intelligence community.”

Pelosi is clearly delusional.

She will do whatever it takes to get her hands on the Speaker’s gavel.

CNN pulled the full interview from their YouTube channel, hoping to cover up Pelosi’s gaffes.

They instead clipped the interview to the one coherent statement made by Pelosi and slapped a biased headline on it, saying the “GOP is lying to the American people.”

But the truth is, the American people deserve to know what’s in the memo.

It could reveal just how far the deep state will go to unseat President Trump.

And with the House finally voting to #ReleaseTheMemo, we’ll get our answer soon enough.

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27 Responses

  1. ij mendoza says:

    All these headlines over the years nd she’s still at it. So much for the Federal govt.

  2. CLAUDIO says:

    With respect to Mr. Brody’s statement : Personally I think that there is so much hate and evil (i.e.) Ms. PELOSI, which clouds the mind in that poor figure of a human being that without the use of her arms and hands she could not carry on a sensible conversation . I am a native born Italian and have studied for many years both in USA and ITALY . I do not remember using my arms or hands when directing a conversation or speech. Maybe she would do well in shackling her arms and hands while holding a conversation and or speech.

  3. jAY BRODY says:

    Folks; Old Nancy as a hard time keeping up with what her mouth is saying, she has her mixed up all talked. I would seriously like to hear her say; A SKUNK SAT ON A STUMP

  4. christine says:

    Actually, the high presence of Pelosi in Congress is a gift to the GOP. Her insane statements (and Warren’s) discredit the Dems in Congress every time they are made.

    Keep it up P & W, and the GOP will easily have a supermajority in Congress after Nov. 2018!

  5. Mike H says:

    Lots of money with the Democratic Party. It’s going to be tough to do anything with them lots of corruption money. Pelosi The stuttering dimwit needs to be removed from office look around California is almost destroyed now.

  6. Francisco Machado says:

    Pelosi is still in government because the Democrats do not have anyone better to replace her. Think about a question before you ask.

  7. Lawrence Wise says:

    Hopefully when the big quake comes the whole dam state of california will just slide off into the Pacific and we ll never hear from them again—but then again oh those poor fish

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