Nancy Pelosi lost her mind when a reporter asked her this Hunter Biden question

Nancy Pelosi is used to fawning media coverage.

But bad things happen when she gets asked anything other than a softball inquiry.

And Nancy Pelosi lost her mind when a reporter asked her this Hunter Biden question.

Democrats do not want to deal with the scandal surrounding Hunter Biden’s emails that many Americans believe show play-for-play corruption with Joe Biden using his office to benefit Hunter Biden’s foreign business schemes.

During a press conference, a reporter asked Speaker Pelosi about the growing scandal and Pelosi lost her mind screaming and shouting about how reporters were only allowed to ask questions about coronavirus relief.

The Fake News Media adores Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi knows this and still cannot help but meltdown when she is asked the simplest question about one of the biggest stories in America.

This is not the first time Pelosi blew her top at a friendly fake news reporter.

Recently, Nancy Pelosi berated Wolf Blitzer of the pro-Democrat Party fake news CNN as an apologist for the Trump administration and the Republican Party because Blizter asked Pelosi why she would not accept a compromise coronavirus relief package.

Pelosi does not want to answer questions that are damaging for Democrats and lets reporters know by unleashing vicious temper tantrums.

In the case of Hunter Biden, Pelosi is terrified the narrative of a corrupt Biden family profiting off Joe Biden’s time in office will take root like it did in the closing days of the 2016 campaign with Hillary Clinton and propel Donald Trump to victory.

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